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“There was a mom, dad and 6-year-old son doing the paperwork to buy a handgun, and a guy complaining about the sight on the gun he had recently purchased. Yet these little bits of shaped metal and plastic, fired from slightly larger steel and plastic, have caused and will continue to cause unspeakable pain and sorrow. Bullets speed through the air ripping into the flesh and organs of human beings from the worst criminals to first-grade schoolchildren. I was struck by the banality of it all. Potential lethalness sold with the casualness of prescription medicine.” –  John Hubbuch in Field notes from a Florida expedition [at] [h/t JL]

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  1. Given the lethal nature of so many prescriptions medicines when misused, maybe he should re-think his comparison. The CC gun under the shirt has no bad side effects (most of us would argue has good side effects), in contrast to many prescription medicines.

  2. “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”

    – Oddball

    • That was my initial thought.

      It would have been so sweet if he had managed to stumble into FirearmConcierge’s shop, seen all those NFA toys…

      And then given FC some lip.


  3. “I was concerned that the employees would have “gun-dar” that would immediately reveal my poser status. I was relieved that my “just looking” was a successful ploy, allowing me to avoid any discussion about caliber, fire power or prey.”

    What did he think was going to happen?

    • True self preservation. If “outed” he faced a logical discussion. Entering logic into a hoplophobe’s brain could cause an implosion.

    • Nah, he lives in Oak Park, a rather well-to-do Chicago suburb which prides itself on “racial integration”, and other good, leftwinger buzzwords.

    • Hmm… there is a Robin Williams quote from the ending of “Good Morning Vietnam” that I’m thinking of, when he tells off Sergeant-Major Dickerson….

        • When said with the proper dead pan and timed to perfection, that line still elicits the expulsion of whatever fluid is being consumed by many within range of hearing it.

  4. The last line is a perfect description of government, casual banality and death masquerading as benevolence.

  5. Would he have felt better if there was a great sense of urgency and panic about the sales? Perhaps if the conversations the customers were having had been confused and uncertain of the details of their purchases he would have been more comfortable? Anything except the customers being calm, filling out the required background check information, speaking knowledgeably and spending time together as a family!

    The reality is NOTHING would have eased this guys mind except the site of every customer being turned away because they were not active law enforcement in uniform.

  6. Made the mistake of reading the full article. John Hubbuch in Field notes from a Florida expedition This guy is nothing more than a bitter old fart baby boomer, trying to remain relative by writing snide sarcastic article.
    Nothing to see here, move along.

    • Exactly. Just a negative pessimistic bitter fart. I don’t even know why we give his democratic/Marxist blog any page views.

  7. “Potential lethalness sold with the casualness of prescription medicine.”

    Would that be the same prescription medicine that, even when properly prescribed, still kills over 100,000 Americans per year? Since only about 10,000 Americans are killed by people with guns every year, the “potential lethalness” of medicine, when used as directed, is an order of magnitude higher than guns, it would seem. That’s not even counting the overdoses and abusers and kids who accidentally poison themselves with prescription drugs…

      • And that’s just the deaths. There are something like 2.5 million cases a year of adverse reactions to prescription drugs that occur either while under hospital care or require the person to be hospitalized. The number of people injured but not killed by bullets (counting both violence and negligence) is well under 100,000.

        “But the good done by prescription medicines far outweighs the damage done!” is what people will say when confronted with these statistics. Hmmmm… I wonder if there’s another class of items with a similar record…

  8. I wonder if he knows that I 95 has a northbound lane?? We are flooded with people like this every winter. A few years ago I was in my LGS when one of these chi-rack loonys came in. The clerk showed them the door after reason and the laws of ALABAMA were explained, with southern charm. It made my blood boil and I wanted to buy 2 guns.

  9. They don’t cause anything, you idiot. They are employed after the cause had occurred.

  10. the CDC says: ” The United States is in the midst of a prescription overdose epidemic.” CDC further states: “Every day in the United States, 44 people die as a result of prescription opioid overdose.”
    ok so prescription drugs are pretty bad!

  11. Wow read the whole article, this guy is just a basketcase and filed with negativity. No wonder his brother (the gun owner) “was too busy” to go with him to a LGS.

  12. The fact is 99.987 of every gun ever made will never be fire at a human, and that includes military weapons.

  13. I’ve noticed that a lot of antis don’t talk much about guns when they write against them. They talk about torn flesh and shattered lives; what thy are really speaking out against is mortality. In our culture of materialism (not “consumerism,” but philosophical materialism), death is annihilation, and it horrifies people who believe in nothing beyond themselves. So, they aren’t calmly evaluating the dangers and benefits of guns; if they thought that way they’d write more about cars and medical malpractice and heart disease. Since the gun is something other people use, the antis turn it into a symbol of their own mortality, and then try to slay the dragon. This guy’s older and he is obviously looking down a shortening road to his own demise, and it scares and angers him. To antis, they aren’t trying to take away other people’s civil rights, they’re trying to kill death. It doesn’t matter how much sense your arguments make when that’s who you’re talking to. They need religion, or therapy…

  14. Funny thing… he doesn’t realize Illinois gun stores are pretty much the same, with the possible exception of waiting periods. Illinois gun stores get crowded because you have to go there twice to buy a gun.

    • The one I was in yesterday it was all range line! It took an hour and a half to get a lane. I need land I tells ya. Yes there were a few pickups but nothing like the wait. Hell there wasn’t even space in the parking lot for everyone.

    • True. The old people he writes about so condescendingly are not likely local natives, but his fellow snowbirds that flew down out of their element to die.

  15. People that write for a living are full of crap.
    They all put some prissy spin on the world around them.
    Stick to facts, here’s one for you.
    Some people are giant A holes.some are not.

  16. Would like to comment, but it requires a f*cebook logon. I won’t support f*cebook in any way, (or even have their name come up on a search from anything I write).

  17. He tries to write like Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams with a dry sarcastic wit but ends up merely insulting the things he seemingly deliberately went to be exposed to. There are other warm places in the world. Many are not populated by the sort of people that seem to dominate the only state to have its own Fark tag.

  18. He’s confusing casualness with simplicity, when they’re not the same at all.

    The exercise of all rights should be equally simple; buying a gun should be as simple as choosing a church, regardless of whether the choice is casual.

  19. “Potential lethalness sold with the casualness of prescription medicine.”

    So he was at a car dealership? Cars kill several times more people per year than guns, yet not one person has spoken out for car control – in fact, most states have lowered the age to get your learners permit from 16 to 15 or 15.5.

  20. The guy is aware that prescription drugs are the direct cause of more deaths in this country than perforation by bullet, right?

    No? huh.

  21. John Hubbuch – gun hater, assumes people are by default, morons, incapable of taking responsibility for their possessions and actions, perpetuating the myth that people shouldn’t have the freedom to make their own decisions or take responsibility for their lives, and are imbeciles for not handing such decisions to the state for a vote.

  22. So, the world is full of dangerous things (if used wrong), and some people are pretty OK with that.


  23. Meh.

    Having grown up in the adjoining suburb of Forest Park, we all developed a certain disdain for Oak Parkers. Oak Park was essentially dry so Oak Parkers would raid Forest park bars (we had plenty of them). If a gal found out you actually were from Forest Park, you got looked down upon like you were some sort of hillbilly ditch digger (apologies to all hillbilly ditch diggers) even though they came into your town to hang out. River Forest is an adjoining town to Oak Park (actually all three border each other) but it was another “our poop don’t stink” place so Oak Parkers love to refer to the area as Oak Park-River Forest (ignoring all else including the violent Chicago neighborhood of Austin on the east side of Oak Park).

    Someone once told me, “You know, Oak Park would be a nice place if you could get rid of all the Oak Parkers.”

    He was right – this guys fits right in…

  24. Yep Sir Zog. An Oak Park goofball. The capital of left-wing losers. I lived nearby and did a lot of business in the environs. NO gun shops there. I don’t know how they can stand abutting Chiraq and Austin Avenue. No wonder his (Floriduh)brother dissed him. I would too…

  25. Obviously, this was the author’s first trip out of Chicago to visit America. Now he can go back to his foreign country and feel even more superior than he did before. How nice for him.

  26. What a douchebag.
    “stranger in a strange land” it’s called ‘MERICA you idjit!
    “casualness of prescription medicine”… when’t the last time your pharmacist casually sold you prescription medication without a prescription, ID, insurance card and 10-minute waiting period?
    Some people should have their KEYBOARDS confiscated!


  27. How parents speak to and listen to their children affects many more people for a longer period than those two people sending flying lead at other humans.

  28. HAD to zip this in before reading any of the other comments. I just asked my brother (a Registered Pharmacist with about 40 years experience) what percentage of prescribed medications are or can be lethal. His answer; ‘At least 80 percent.’

  29. So….I read the whole post this guy wrote-he’s clearly bat crap nuts…why are we giving him a platform to act crazy in public–I totally agree with most of the above comments, just suggesting that maybe we should just ignore these weirdos in the future instead of giving them recognition and legitamacy. The post that preceeded this-his expedition to “Ulta”….beyond weird.

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