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Voter ID Arkansas (courtesy

“Voters can take their guns with them Tuesday at some polling places in Benton and Washington counties,” Arkansas’ rap music website reports (JK). “Guns were not allowed at polling places until state law changed last year, dropping ‘any polling place’ from a list of where concealed handguns are prohibited under Arkansas Code 5-73-306.” Can you imagine the consternation carrying causes amongst the doyennes of civilian disarmament? Remember that . . .

plenty of “Super Tuesday” states have polling places that allow concealed or (in some cases) open carry. Despite all that campus carry kerfuffle — where anti-gunners’ suggest that guns are a threat wherever emotions run high — polling day pistols are not problematic, at least in the Natural State.

“Arkansas is a pretty rural state in the scheme of things,” said Bill Ackerman, Washington County Election Commission chairman. “Many of these families who now have a permit [to carry] — they are knowledgeable when it comes to firearms. We don’t anticipate any problem.”

Legally, thousands of concealed guns could show up where people vote. Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler wrote in an email that there are 12,101 active concealed weapon licenses in Benton County and 9,339 in Washington County.

I know we should vote our guns but does that mean guns show up and vote? Nah. Didn’t think so. If they did, I bet GLOCKs would vote for Trump. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Should I search the NWA’s online columns, to find out their thoughts about actual gun-related violence at polling places, such as the New Black Panthers standing guard outside Philadelphia polling places, and actively intimidating would-be voters? Because (strangely), they didn’t mention it in their hyperventilation otherwise disguised as an article.

    • … they didn’t mention it in their hyperventilation otherwise disguised as an article.

      Hyperventilation … I love it!

      (still snickering)

      Chip I want to buy you the beverage of your choice if I ever find myself near your neck of the woods in Indiana.

      • Hey, I’m always down for adult beverages with a fellow TTAGer. Catching me in my neck of the woods (Indy area) is difficult, though – at least until my current project is finished.

    • I don’t see it that way. You’re not going to find info any info on what happened in Philadelphia because nwaonline is a local news agency. I live just south of benton and Washington counties and see their news quite often. The article is pretty well put actually. it states facts (polling places are no longer necessarily gun free zones) and then gives two opinions. 1. the violence policy center in California thinks this is a bad idea. 2. the local officials and police think it’s nothing to worry about. I will side with #2 and then when the election is over we can see who is right. I have a feeling the violence policy center will come out on the short end. $ .02

      • If the story is so ostensibly local, how did they manage to reach out to San Francisco to get input from the Violence Policy Center?

        Is it unreasonable to think that such a story might have included some research into whether any polling places that allowed carry have ever experienced gun-related violence? OR whether there has been gun-related violence at polling places at all? (Certainly, such research would have turned up the NBP story from Philadelphia.)

        • you’re probably correct. I assumed (probably incorrecty) that the quote from San Francisco was a generic talking point pulled from their Web page. maybe not. I am probably being a bit of a homer too, it’s not like rural northwest ar makes the news too often. I would like to think that my local media is less biased that what I see nationally, and at least they got the opinions of those directly affected by the new legislation. What I personally got out of the article was, Statists in California don’t want you carrying your peace. Local arkansans reply move along, we do our own thing. just my (biased obviously) view.

  2. Yep. The right to vote and the right to KABA.

    The Second should really be the First. Because those with power never give up control as voted by the First without the threat of controlled use of the Second.

    • I think we’d be a lot better off if voters had to go through the same sort of screenings as gun owners. If it’s not safe for you to buy a gun, it’s not safe for you to be voting. For the children!

      • It wouldn’t bother me at all to require voters to pass the same civics test I had to pass to become a naturalized US citizen. The test wasn’t even difficult. Anyone who pays attention to the news already can guess most of the correct answers. Of course, we have quite a few people who can’t even place the Revolution, the Civil War and Viet Nam in the correct centuries.

        • My comment was largely sparked by a voice I heard on the radio earlier today. A woman in SC saying something like, ” Oh I like Bernie, but I’ve always liked Hillary, we’ve girls have got to stick together”. We sit here and agonize over who will best defend or at least not strip away our rights and our individual votes carry no more weight than this foolish woman who probably spent 10 seconds thinking about her vote.

  3. My gun club hosted elections for years while we shot trap. Then someone got their pants in a knot and we weren’t allowed to compete on election day.
    Apparently someone said it was intimidating.

    • look, if your intimidated by trap shooting, you should either resemble a box of clay targets or GTFO of America.

      They even made a list of things the Govt cannot infringe upon, hundreds of years ago, and #2 on that list is one you should lookup to be familiar with.

  4. It makes a hell of a lot of sense to pack heat while voting. In many places around the world, and evens few places in the United States, voting is very dangerous activity. Voter intimidation is real, and I’m honestly quite surprised we haven’t seen violent left wing attacks on polling stations in recent history here in the U.S.

    • I don’t know that they attacked anyone, but the Black Panthers certainly used the left’s definition of “violence” when they patrolled polling places in Philly during the first Great Election Mistake.

  5. We went to vote early at our local village offices, which are posted for no carry. For early voting you have to show ID. My wife accidentally pulled out her concealed carry permit instead of her driver’s license. The lady at the table almost freaked, “Are you carrying now?”, she asked. All we could say was, “Nope. Not carrying. This office is posted as a gun free zone. The only folks with guns here will be bad guys. Do you feel safer now?”

    We really need to get rid of Gun Free Zones!

  6. Every public place must legal acceable permitless white all legale owned weapons (knifes too) under constitutional carry white the choose to open ore concealed and the nfa must removed too white the only exeption at the point destructive device abc substances !!

    • I agree with what you said, once I figured out what you did say. The Grammar Nazi would have a field day with you…


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