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I’m a big fan of Top Shot’s Gabby Franco. Gabby does NOT like me. And for good reason. A couple of months back, after some pseudo-journalistic flirtation, Gabby agreed to meet me in Miami for dinner.  The Floridian firearms instructor was less-than-thrilled when I failed to show up. I’d entered the wrong date into my iPhone. No, not drinks with the leggy blond personal injury attorney at the Marriott DelRay Beach. I thought we were meeting on a Tuesday. It was Monday. Gabby called from the restaurant. If apologizing was an Olympic sport, I was Michael Phelps. So I bumped into the diminutive eliminatee at the SIG SAUER booth here at NRA and, uh, hit on her. To her credit Gabby let me down with kind words and soothing hugs. Damn those hugs. God damn them all to hell. Anyway, nice woman. Just not to me, now. But where’s there’s an ex-wife (or two), there’s hope.

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  1. RF, when you’re lying in your urine-soaked nursing home bed staring at the ceiling, it’s those bungled opportunities that will haunt your memories the worst. Sigh.

  2. Yea, blame your smartphone. Apparently, you get so much hot “rear end,” that you don’t bother to check whether you entered the right info…or bother to send out a simple reminder text.
    You had your shot, now pass her my digits.

  3. Something keeps pulling my attention over to her center-left side. RF, you’re doing just fine after two now-ex wives. I know of men living out of their car after one wife.

  4. I’m sure the only reason RF humped the bunk — well, in the figure of speech kinda way — was because his ceaseless, tireless, 24/7 devotion to TTAG keeps him completely preoccupied with guns, gun rights and the gun-related issues of the day. We should commend him. And find him a good shrink.

  5. Maybe this shameful example of public apology coupled with lots of begging will help your cause. Stick to it until she files a restraining order… 🙂

    • She takes out an RO, he loses his gun rights. Without a hearing or any form of due process. Please cue James Brown singing “Living in America.”

  6. Let’s see if I understand…

    You messed up by missing the date. Then she called and said where are you? Did you send flowers or her favorite chocolates?

    Sorry, Robert. I don’t think you were serious for this lady. (And she didn’t either.)

  7. FLAME DELETED – No flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. If you have a comment about TTAG’s editorial stance or style, please ping [email protected]. Otherwise, please stick to the topic at hand and play nice. Aggressively if you like. But nice.

  8. She smiled for the photo, so you must have said SOMETHING right. I’m still heartbroken over her loss on Top Shot. She has class (demonstrated by her calling you when you stood her up) and she can shoot VERY well.


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