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Talk show host Glenn Beck is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at this evening’s prodigiously titled…let me make sure I get this right…NRA Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience. He and Larry the Cable Guy should make quite the one-two punch. The NRA flacks describe the event as an “inspirational evening filled with music, laughter, fun and excitement.” To us it looks kinda like an old timey tent revival for OFWGs (and gals) except that it’s held in a football stadium. In any case, we’ve managed to schedule a (brief) interview with the Beckster this evening and will be asking him about his guns, what he likes to shoot and stuff like that there. According to the title of the video above, shotgunning seems to be the only sport he excels at. From the footage, he appears to be more than a decent five stand shooter and that’s OK by us. Who’d a thunk he’d be a lefty? Of all things? Whatever the case may be, we’ll report and you may deride as needed.

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  1. “old timey tent revival”? Yeeesh….sounds appalling. I think I’d pass…have to clean my guns tonight. Or something.

    • I wouldn’t pass up an old timey tent revival if I knew Larry the Cable Guy was going to be there.

      I won’t claim to be a fan, but I bet it would be a hoot and different.

  2. Since you bring it up, what is a “neo-con” anyway? It’s one of those pejorative’s, like “military industrial complex”, that causes me to dismiss whatever else the user of the phrase has to say.

    • a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms
      low tolerance for diplomacy
      readiness to use military force
      emphasis on US unilateral action
      disdain for multilateral organizations
      focus on the Middle East
      an us-versus-them mentality

      I think I’ve been misusing the term. I should have said fascist I guess but whatever.

      • matt greg, right on!
        you forgot:

        – privatization in the warzone
        – deep affiliation with higher ups in the defense industry
        – confusion over national defense and military spending

        fascist is correct. Neo conservatives are the epitome of corruption, imperialism, and greedy wrecklessness that has pretty much brought the US down in decline.

    • The real definition of “neo-conservative” harkens back to the 60’s. You can read up on the evolution of “neo-conservative” thinking by going back and reading _Commentary_ magazine, or several of the high-brow magazines used by self-styled “intellectuals” to pimp their foreign policy ideas for the US from the 60’s until now.

      Most of the leaders of the “neo-conservative” faction are/were, in fact, socialist or socialist-leaning in domestic policy, but they saw that the socialist movement in the US post 50’s was going to be more isolationist and more anti-Israel than they wanted, so these people realized that they’d have to dupe the Republican Party into carrying their positions.

      There are people who proudly proclaimed in the past that they were neo-cons. If you do the reading I’m suggesting, you’ll find them quickly enough.

    • Well, it seems the Neo Cons are not for small government.
      I think they are for Corporatism and Military Industrial Legislative Complex.

    • “Since you bring it up, what is a “neo-con” anyway? It’s one of those pejorative’s, like “military industrial complex”, that causes me to dismiss whatever else the user of the phrase has to say.”

      Hmmmm, I take it you dismissed Eisenhower’s speech…

      The military industrial complex is very real. you have to be asleep at the wheel to not know about it.

  3. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not gettin’ anywhere near Glen Beck if he’s carrying a gun. Why? Because that boy is just plain nuts, and I’m not.

  4. Meh, i actually like the oddball.
    Btw whats with the Ofwg crap. I am an NRA member and have been to the convention in pittsburgh. I may be many things but i am not old or fat.

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