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“A Cobb County businessman is under attack for [a billboard ad campaign] promoting a raffle offering people a chance to win a Browning rifle or a Glock handgun if they vote this fall,” reports, singularly failing to mention that the raffle entry doesn’t depend on the entrant’s choices in the voting booth. “State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, filed a complaint Tuesday with the Secretary of State’s office hoping to end the promotion, but the store owner is unapologetic. ‘It’s just getting people involved in the process,’ said Jay Wallace, owner and operator of Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna. ‘I don’t understand what his problem is. Is he afraid somebody’s going to get involved in our political system?'” Is that a trick question? This isn’t the first time the “gifts for voters” issue has come up . . .

Four years ago, that office put a quick stop to shops offering free coffee and doughnuts to those showing proof that they were law enforcement officers on duty.

Just kidding. Here’s the real quote:

Four years ago, that office put a quick stop to shops offering free coffee and doughnuts to those showing proof that they voted, he said.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was not available Tuesday afternoon, and his office offered no comment . . .

Wallace says he is not telling participants how to vote but would like them to consider the issues. He predicted the complaint won’t hold up.

“This is not any more of an inducement than an ‘I Voted’ sticker,” he said.

I reckon it’s only a matter of time before the Peach State requires an FBI background check for anyone who wants to openly display an “I voted” sticker. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Obviously only the liberal fascist and conservative fascist politicians, political parties, and mass media believe that they are the only legit organizations that have the legal right and are entitled to motivate the common people to vote AND in their case to tell people who to vote for!

    “Four years ago, that office put a quick stop to shops offering free coffee and dough-nuts to those showing proof that they voted, he said.”
    — That is pathetic.What is their official legal rationalization? Is it because it discriminates against people who choose not to vote and therefore can’t get free donuts?

    • And diabetics.

      Of course now I’m imaging Wilford Brimley pulling an Al Sharpton and leading a bunch of rabble-rousers armed with insulin. But that’s just offensive and insulting.

      To Mr. Brimley, my deepest apologies for ever associating you with that [FLAME DELETED].

      • Hey, at least guns have a low glycemic index.

        I’d follow Wilford Brimley over Al Sharpton any day, with or without donuts (preferably with). Donut in one hand, insulin syringe in the other….

  2. So the price of admission to a raffle being a sticker showing that you cast your vote (for who is not known)…how is this illegal? He should be thanked for attempting to get more people out to vote. Maybe the politician (a Dem) is afraid the people who would be more likely to be encouraged to vote are the ones not voting for him?

    • Hard to say if they’re worried about even the illusion of impropriety or cash-for-votes, or if it’s selective investigation.

      People buying guns would have to show ID, though, so it’s probably not Mr. Fort’s constituents involved 🙂

    • This. Exactly right. I should know, I’m a Democratic-leaning voter and I see many of the discussions about how particular activities favor voter turnout that benefits one party or the other.

      Raising a stink about stuff like this is just a weak albeit fully legal form of voter suppression. Both sides do this sort of thing, to my great disgust.

  3. Well lets see. It is a gun shop, and gosh darn it he is trying to get folks to vote. To make their voices heard, to get out and vote. No political affiliation, no references to a specific candidate. I really don’t see an issue here. Dems and Republicans, or independents can all enter. Why is this an issue? What motivation is presented, that tells the potential participants in the raffle that they have to vote for a specific candidate.
    For G-ds sake, get over being so damn PC. He is encouraging folks to get involved!
    I know scary thing that citizens would go and actually vote for someone.

    • Its an issue because gun buyers/owners are more commonly voting Repub than any other party. You could vote for Bugs Bunny for President and still be eligible in this contest, but dont let the fact that he isnt endorsing any particular candidate stop you Mr Fort.

      BTW Georgia as a whole has a very good record of being pro-gun. Dont let this ignoramus fool you into thinking otherwise.

  4. The republicans want a state ID so you can vote because they believe that will keep the illegals and the dead from voting for the Dems.

    The Dems are afraid that if you offer a gun, more republicans than illegals and dead will show up to vote.

    Its that simple.

  5. Over the years, I seen many incentives to get people to vote. Most all seem innocent enough.

    I am not a big fan of slippery slope arguments, but it any seem ripe for that, this is one.

    Just leave it alone. People who are motivated by a cup of coffee or a possible Glock are not the kind of folk I want to see at the polls.

    The idea of pushing the uninterested to vote is really overrated.

  6. There is no longer a slippery slope when it comes to voting and money. Citizens United pushed us off the North Face of the Eiger.

    We’re so far down into buy-a-vote land, FEC ruled last month that employers can now (thanks to CU) require you to campaign for whomever they wish (they do have to pay you).

  7. Last month they had a different promotion. Buy a ring over $3000.00 at a local jewelery store and get a free gun. I buy all my guns from theses guys and they have the best prices in Atlanta. It is a huge store with over 8,000 guns in stock. Really. Except a PMR 30! They are also located just a few blocks from Glock USA.

  8. Does it have to be a Glock? Can I get store credit?

    Although actually, I’ve never liked Glocks enough to spend my own money on one. Always been something I like better. Maybe this is a good way to get one.

  9. This is one of the stores where I buy most of my firearms. They have the best selection I’ve ever seen in one place. I’ve seen the billboards as well and they’re not confusing.

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