FULL CONCEAL foldable pistol
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TTAG doesn’t normally get so lost in the weeds that we publish a press release about a gun company signing with a PR agency to send out more press releases. But I reckoned you’d like a look at Laura Burgess PR Agency’s newest client: FULL CONCEAL . . .

I’m not sure why a company selling stealth went ALL CAPS for its name. Or why they named their product after BMW’s legendary sedan. But the idea of stashing an iPhone 7-sized GLOCK 19 origamied next to my iPhone 7 has a certain appeal. Especially if it doesn’t need a software upgrade.

Las Vegas, Nev. (January 2018) – FULL CONCEAL™, innovators behind the first concealable full-sized, folding semi-auto pistol, has announced a partnership with the public relations and marketing firm of Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM). LBM’s extensive media contacts and deep reach into the shooting sports market will increase FULL CONCEAL’s brand awareness through the sales channels to the end user.


“The genius behind the FULL CONCEAL M3 (Model 3) Pistol design is what the conceal carry market has been after for some time, being able to comfortably and practically conceal, as well as easily deploy, a full-sized pistol safely, all while providing more than standard ammunition capacity (firepower),” Laura Burgess, president of LBM explained. “We are looking forward to bringing these unique products into the general public, including the personal protection, outdoorsmen, survivalists’ markets and government sectors to give them an option to get the best of both worlds, exhibiting full concealability and maximized firepower.”

“FULL CONCEAL introduced its first product prototypes at the TriggrCon, held this past July in Tacoma, Washington,” Mike Full, inventor, founder and CEO of FULL CONCEAL stated.

Since then, we have received tremendous interest and support throughout the firearms industry for our M3 folding semi-auto pistol. After a lengthy prototyping and testing period to develop a very safe, efficient and effective new firearm system, we began shipping the new M3 models to retailers in November of last year. We are looking forward to gaining more exposure through multiple markets and continuing to develop new and unparalleled products that provide our customers new options they would have never considered before with any other product.”

The concept of the folding semi-auto pistol was driven by a need to have all the benefits of a full-size pistol, including firepower and round count, yet still be a concealable pistol that is quick to deploy.

While many conceal carry pistols compromise on caliber size, ammo capacity, grip control, sight picture, short barrel and recoil, the ingenious M3 design keeps all the benefits of a full-sized pistol, and further maximizes the ammo capacity to (21+1) rounds of 9mm, while keeping the entire weapon system to the footprint of an iPhone 7 Plus cell phone (approximately).

Intended for users to carry a live round in the chamber and be ready to deploy quickly ready to fire, the M3G19 has a proprietary folding trigger that provides an additional safety feature that mechanically prevents the M3G19 from discharging (with a live round in the chamber) while folded. FULL CONCEAL’s M3G19 for the GLOCK 19 is available for $1,399.00 MSRP.

“We have new products already in the works, all of them engineered to meet the demands of our public with focus on safety and reliability. We are looking forward to meeting distributors, retailers and the media at the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas,” Full said.

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    • Did you watch the video of the 1-handed deploy?

      Doesn’t seem so stupid anymore, at least not as silly as their first prototype.

    • Not a great idea – from a DGU point of view, too long to deploy when the thug is standing right in front of you.
      But it is an idea… and proof that nothing can match American ingenuity.

      • Everything takes too long to deploy when someone has a gun pointed right at you.

        Don’t become fixated on a narrow percentage of incidents.

  1. That price tag, the additional moving parts, and the extra steps to get this thing up and running make it a non-starter for me. I appreciate what they are trying to accomplish, though. It would be great for an extremely formal event where it is difficult to conceal a firearm in the traditional places.

  2. “while keeping the entire weapon system to the footprint of 4 STACKED iPhone 7 Plus cell phones (approximately)”

    Fixed it

  3. It’s a cool concept, but no one is going to buy it at that price. They should put their engineering toward a PCC, instead.

    • Colibri charges too much for the rights, and the 4.2mm ammo is seriously hard to find. Maybe Larry Potterfield can make some out of old .25ACP and hog’s lard.

  4. It’s high science, man… it’s an art form.
    You an artist. Yeah, it’s what we do, right? Yeah.
    Hat’s off for going there… especially knowing how the gun community is about that shit. Wait… about what?

    You serious? You don’t know?
    Everybody knows you never go Full Conceal.

    You went Full Conceal, man. Never go Full Conceal.
    Went Full Conceal… went home dead. And broke.

  5. What could possibly go wrong during deployment? lmao

    Pretty cool tech and innovative thinking – just not for me since I’m not a double-naught spy.

    Whatever happened to that folding thingy that magpul came up with…..that was cool and I want one.

    • Oooh. We think alike.

      Have you seen the fold up gun from Robocop that looked like a radio? Apparently that was a prototype of a real gun. They went on to make a few before ’86 killed their business. Some looked like radios, some like books, etc…

      I always wanted one of those, sadly I was born too late.

    • “double-naught spy” – Been watching those old Jethro Clampett reruns?

      “TRIGGRCON” whatever that is. A firearms trade show In Bellevue/Puget Sound is likely to cause some serious panty wetting/vapors in Berkley of the Northwest.

  6. Neat.

    One could get it to go with that fold up submachine gun Magpul tried to market several years ago.

    • Ah, yes, the FMG-9. Still waiting though. I don’t think they ever tried to market it. It never went past the prototype phase.

  7. I would get one of these for the collectors market. I actually bet it makes a decent investment when the company goes toes up. At the very least you’ll have Ian or whoever takes the torch of Forgotten Weapons show off your gun!

  8. It turns me off to be subjected to a press release about a press release company that has been hired to do press releases. Advertising isn’t a subject about which I want to be advertised to. Just show me the advertisement for the product itself, don’t make like your hiring of an agency to shill for you is newsworthy. This could be a cool product, but I’m less interested with this layering of bullshit than I would be if I had just been given a link to the videos of product demonstration by faceless engineers.

  9. It’s interesting I’ll give you that…mebbe James Bond can carry one!😄😄😄😄

  10. It’s pretty cool I guess but I still feel that, in terms of actual real world usefulness, it’s about on par with that secret agent poison pen from Archer. The one where the cap comes off for, like, no reason.

    You know, the one that forced Archer to explain that when they’re dead they’re no longer escorts. At that point they’re just hookers.

  11. This is just lazy reporting. If I want to read a bunch of press releases, I can go to Ammoland. Very disappointing RF. I expect more from TTAG.

  12. i would place the utility of this design concept just behind the Boberg ultra concealable semi automatic and just ahead of the Heizer two shot pistol. Each are nice ideas, but I think this one is a solution in search of a problem.

  13. If your goal is to disrupt the visual pattern of a gun, fine. But if you’re trying to solve the ‘concealment’ issue on person, this not only fails but makes things worse because with a normal gun you have lots of accessories (i.e. holsters) already in existance to deal with the problem.

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