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The deadline for the California state legislature to pass bills out of chamber is next week. Anti-gun state legislators are ramming through even more gun control legislation for legislative action with that deadline looming.

California already can rightfully argue they are the strictest gun control state in the country. Gov. Gavin Newsom is even pushing for a Constitutional amendment to do away with Second Amendment rights. That’s not stopping them from rushing to implement even more gun control in the waning days of the session.

It will be a whiplash final week for bill movement. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening in Sacramento.

Senate Bill 241 passed out of the Assembly and is headed to the Senate. The bill requires California firearm retailers and their employees to undergo annual training courses which are implemented by the California Department of Justice (CalDOJ). The training requirements include “how to recognize and identify straw purchasers and fraudulent activity;” “how to recognize and identify indicators that an individual intends to use a firearm for self-harm;” “how to prevent theft or burglary of firearms and ammunition;” and “how to teach consumers rules of firearm safety, including, but not limited to, the safe handling and storage of firearms.”

The firearm industry rejects the bill’s mandates and penalties but agrees these are important aspects to owning and operating a firearm retail location. It’s why NSSF has provided training, education and resources to industry members and promotes the Real Solutions. Safer Communities. initiative.

Rather than forcing expensive and time-consuming requirements on retailers, NSSF provides access and materials from the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign to reduce illegal “straw purchases,” Operation Secure Store retailer security program and Project ChildSafe safe firearm storage initiative. Each of these programs, as well as others, have had a real, meaningful impact on making communities safer without imposing costly mandates and red tape on small businesses.

Assembly Bill 1406 passed both the Assembly and Senate and is heading to Gov. Newsom for signature. AB 1406 would expand the existing 10-day waiting period on the sale or transfer of a firearm to include a possible 30-day state waiting period.

The existing 10-day waiting period is already being challenged in court as unnecessary and that violates law-abiding Californians’ Second Amendment rights. After all, rights delayed are rights denied. A successful National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification already reveals whether the buyer is prohibited from owning a firearm or not, and a federal background check window exists for the minute percentage of NICS checks that come back in delay rather than approved or denied.

Senate Bill 368 is another bill that would impact firearm retailers and also make it more difficult to help reduce the tragedy of firearm deaths by suicide. SB 368 is heading to Gov. Newsom for signature after passing out of both the Assembly and the Senate. The bill adds additional requirements and red tape for firearm retailers to navigate should a person experiencing temporary mental health challenges decide to give their firearm to the dealer for storage. Similar laws in New York and Massachusetts end up discouraging individuals from pursuing this option and often the firearm dealer is left in a difficult place to navigate penalties and possible violations due to the firearm transfer mandates.

Assembly Bill 1089 passed both the Assembly and Senate and is heading to Gov. Newsom’s desk for possible signature. AB 1089 prohibits anyone, including a gunsmith or hobbyist, from manufacturing a home-built firearm and requires those individuals to register as a state-licensed firearm manufacturer. Building firearms at home has been common since before the founding of the country.

One of the most egregious pieces of legislation to see significant movement in Sacramento is Assembly Bill 28. AB 28 already passed both chambers and is already on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for possible signature. AB 28 has made a wave of national news already and would impose an 11 percent excise tax on firearm retailers and manufacturers for all sales of guns or ammunition. The Associated Press reported, “California’s proposed tax would not apply to people who buy the guns. Instead, the state would make the businesses that sell guns and ammunition pay the tax. However, most of the time businesses will raise prices to cover the cost of the tax.”

Senate Bill 2 creates a new arbitrary system and criteria for firearm permits making it immensely harder for citizens to obtain carry permits. This is Gov. Newsom’s response to the Bruen decision. Since he didn’t like the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, he took the same tactic and sought legislation to make it nearly impossible to legally carry a firearm in California – even if an individual has a permit. The bill would make nearly every public place in California a “sensitive place” and deny law-abiding citizens from carrying a firearm.

While there are still only a handful of days remaining, the firearm industry is also watching to see if legislators move a California state Merchant Category Code (MCC) bill (AB 1587) to track individuals who make firearm purchases using a credit card, as well as a microstamping bill (SB 452) which would require the state to study the unworkable and flawed technology on new firearms in the state.

NSSF will be closely monitoring the situation in Sacramento.

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  1. If you live in California and you love firearms, rights…and vote Democrat… You are a complete, moron and get the government you deserve.

    • IIRC, in England, a sharp-pointed knife is illegal, even in the home. All knives have to have a rounded point. But it’s for the children, you know.

    • I bet Newsome sniffs his fingers afterwards ,sort of practice to be just like his commie hero,”Pedo Joe”,the groper, and sniffer president! Both of them the sort to lick the colonoscopy tube clean,after use!

  2. “Anti-gun state legislators are ramming through even more gun control legislation…”

    This entire article can be summarized and reduce to a single sentence: The sun rose in the East today, and Sacramento did what it always does.

    • Personally I don’t see how armed conflict on the national level can be avoided the way things are going. Hopefully I am wrong and another civil is avoidable in the near future.

      • I can’t tell if they are passing anti-gun legislation faster than it can be beaten. It certainly *seems* that way.

        At what stage do people decide that clearly unconstitutional laws require the removal of lawmakers? I hate comparisons, but how would “everyone must wait 30 days to publicly post information of any sort” fly? That would clearly be unconstitutional. Yet freedom advocates are going to take the 30 day mandate and wait months/years/decades/forever to hopefully have it overturned.

        I get the “fight it out in court” mentality. But our time on earth is limited. There is no way to compensate people for the time their rights have been stripped. So why is waiting for the courts seen as the better alternative in clear cases of unconstitutional laws?

      • Nikita Tesla,

        “… the way things are going.

        There are three fundamental root causes.

        The first root cause is ruthless and vial in nature: many members of the Ruling Class are intent on humiliating, exploiting, using, abusing, and consuming the Working Class.

        The second root cause is lack of accountability: the ruthless and vial elements of the Ruling Class keep getting away with their tactics which emboldens them to keep going and even escalate.

        The third root cause is simple psychology: various entities see what the ruthless and vial elements of the Ruling Class are doing on a wide scale and figure that is must be okay if they do it as well (akin to “confirmation bias”). Still other entities support ruthless and vial actions because they want to be part of the trend (“bandwagon effect”).

        Reversing our nation’s trajectory is going to require a Herculean heave of almost indescribable magnitude.

        • There are options and will quickly become less herculean when the bandwagon sees results. Bud light is the tame end that I hope becomes the model.

        • “…root cause is ruthless and vial…” Ruthless and vile… unless you’re talking about the laws being a test tube.

        • Neowa, since you are probably sitting alone in your mom’s basement the only thing you are likely smelling is your own BO, your used baitin’ Kleenex, and the festering dirty dishes your mom hasn’t taken back up to the kitchen to wash for you yet.

      • It wont be only 2 sides, there will be several groups engaged both with the govt. of the day, and other groups with their own agendas. It will ultimately be bloody, and pointless. Lets find a peaceful solution to our national angst,or—–kill the commie bastards to defend our Constitutional Republic.

        • Violence could likely be widespread but initially targeted against individual political enemies and groups representing the various sides although indiscriminate crossover and blowback retributions will likely snowball as order generally breaks down. I wouldn’t expect whole armies to take the field against each other like in the first US Civil War unless or until the regional military commands fragment and take sides. Instead I would think it would be more like various terrorist guerrilla groups flailing at each other and also at military, industrial,. agricultural food distribution, and communication targets. Yes, it would get very ugly very fast once order breaks down and that could happen quickly in many areas. The purpose of such chaos would be to destabilize and create power vacuums into which a likely successor group could step into and take control. The goal of us ordinary folks might just be to survive and keep our loved-ones safe and alive until some sort of order is reestablished. Hope of any “good guys” winning is small since anyone coming out on top eventually will just be the strongest tyrants Then again that is exactly just what happened last time.

        • If any kind of organized revolution is actually undertaken, it’ll need to mirror the original American one if any return to our Constitution is the goal. What I constantly see kicked around here and elsewhere by BOTH sides sounds like the French one, or the typical banana republic coups which continue on a back-and-forth path as nauseum. Leave me out of those.

          As for the actual military: I put quite a bit of faith in the actions of the grunts who hold the rifles and lower weapons systems. They want to return to a civilian life some day. The problems lie in the career ranks, particularly the Academy types.

  3. Aptly named Commiefornia. And HOW does a Gatshop determine which potential gat owner is getting a gat to off themselves?!???🙄

    • “HOW does a Gatshop determine which potential gat owner is getting a gat to off themselves?”

      Those would be the whites and Asians. The blacks and browns would be the straw purchasers. OK- government training over…

  4. democrat members of the NM legislature are asking the tyrant to resign to avoid impeachment and being removed from office.

    • Darkman,

      I want to say that the state accused something like 16 men in conjunction with that kerfluffle–and I thought some of them have already completed their trials with mixed results (juries finding some guilty and others not-guilty).

    • That’s okay. I’m sure the federal agents that goaded and bullied a handful of mental patients into this plot made lots of overtime and that’s really what counts.

      Eventually they’ll run out of these people and we’ll get feds arresting feds for fed plots to attack feds.

      • Eventually they’ll run out of these people and we’ll get feds arresting feds for fed plots to attack feds. And that would be a bad thing???

  5. Newsom is setting dealers up for the final accountability for purchases. With the mandated training the dealers will then become arbiters of competency and thus liable for any deaths. Families will be able to take down dealers one at a time.

  6. “AB 28 has made a wave of national news already and would impose an 11 percent excise tax on firearm retailers and manufacturers for all sales of guns or ammunition.”

    Two words : Poll tax.

    ‘Nuff said… 🙁

  7. Maybe someone can answer this for me. When one of the organizations like SAF wins a lawsuit in California for example, does the state pay damages and court costs? I see so many challenges, and I know legal fees are high, but how can the pro 2a crowd make headway in court without going broke.

    • Typically only attorney’s fees and costs are awarded, and of course the amount of those legal fees is always litigated.

    • Strategic target selection with federal district court level as the long term target. Every state/district has different issues and each has potential to be used for or against us throughout the process. Beyond that find a way to make it trendy re social media likes or financially attractive (advertising) for donations/sponsorship however it can legally be accomplished.

  8. Not mentioned in this article (since it is a law that was passed previously), firearms dealers are mandated beginning January 1, 2024 to have video cameras showing all entries, the display area, and any area where a firearms transaction is completed, video to be maintained for three years. I assume this will force most kitchen table FFLs out of business, and perhaps any number of small shops. Big 5 has already stated it is pulling all firearms out of its stores, WalMart pulled firearms years ago because of documentation issues and the requirement that a licensed dealer be on duty all hours the firearms counter was open. The new CCW law, which is based on the same model as the NYS law, will make it essentially pointless to get a CCW because there will be so few places to lawfully carry (until the injunctions takes effect); the law provides that everywhere except the street is a gun free zone unless express permission is given, whether that be a private business or a private property. All is going according to plan with this new round of mandates intended to increase the cost of doing business and the cost of firearms and ammunition.

    • *until the injunction takes effect and is stayed. No enthusiasm to enforce it outside of actual criminals but it’s absolutely in effect.

  9. Maybe we need provisions where when a legislature brings or passes unconstitutional bills, WTP can immediately remove them from office. The oath clause and all…

  10. Why even live in such a Communistic sheet hole? That’s what amazes me,they keep voting for these jack booted cretins knowing nothing will change. The rest of America keeps praying for the Big One that will shift the entire state into the Pacicfic Ocean to feed the sharks

    • @C.Williams:
      What is now ShallowFornia used to be a paradise on earth. It was square miles of avocados and sweet smelling lemon and orange trees. Parents brought us here in 1955 to escape the racism, croneyism and corruption of Pennsylvania.
      We used to show up at a local school to show our ID and vote. NOW, vanloads of “mailed-in votes” show up in the middle of the night and MUST be counted. Voting machines made with Chinese manufactured microprocessors “compute” the results.
      Stop assuming because our crooked gubmint claims only Leftists win the elections here that WE actually voted for them.
      And NO, we didn’t vote for the corruption in the first place either.

  11. There are no go places in America, Californicate is at the top of my list. The list keeps growing.

    Just think what democrats (communist party USA) will do when they have control of POTUS, house and senate….no limits on what they can do on a national level.

    Be Prepared !!!

  12. Funny and revealing their ignoramus mindlessness: pass a bill outlawing the Second Amendment. The Amendment would have to be repealed by 2/3.

  13. Just a reminder to everyone.
    It was a proud h0m0sexual lawmaker. Tom Ammiano California state senate president. Who wrote the law making rape and stalking victims, wait an extra 10 days to get a gun.

    It seems the white h0m0sexual man thinks women and everyone else, should wait to get a gun.

  14. Serious question: What was the penalty and was it ever truly used against a politician that broke their oath of office in the late 1700s ?
    Meaning the time frame used in the Bruen ruling.

  15. I have a hunch the Leftists will continue this onslaught against the 2nd Amendment for the foreseeable future. They seem to like to get hammered by the Supreme Court. One way to stop this is to sue each member of any legislature who votes for these bills that violate the 2nd Amendment, Heller, McDonald and the Bruen decisions. So far no one has have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

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