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DS Arms presents the FAL-SA59 Pistol in 7.62×51 NATO, a chopped-down FN-FAL with an 8 inch barrel and a dramatically shortened gas tube assembly. The short barrel does sacrifice 30-45% of the cartridge’s muzzle energy, but look on the bright side: what you lose in hitting power, you get back in muzzle blast! As another bonus, its 11-pound weight (with a fully loaded magazine) really helps tame that .308 recoil. I’m not sure why, but the last word in impractical pistol firepower can now be yours for $1700.

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  1. Vector Arms used to offer a similarly insane G3 pistol. I think it would be great home defense gun b/c every shot would be like a flash-bang going off.

  2. Are you saying this should be in 10 gauge shotgun ?
    Seriously, why make this pistol?
    I am sure someone will want it, but at that price tag?

  3. I keep seeing garbage like this from OEMs – rifles, chambered for rifle rounds, minus a stock and with a shortened barrel – loosely referred to as a “pistol”.

    Meanwhile, trying to find a modern carbine chambered in .45ACP or .44 or .40 is all but impossible. The closest I can find is Masterpiece Arms., and they have a six-month waiting list for those Masterpieces of Garbage.

    So, is the pistol-caliber carbine dead? Are short-barreled rifles labeled as “pistols” the new thing going?

    • You must not be looking around well enough. Lone Wolf Dist makes rifle specifically for Glock mags. Hi-Point, Keltec, Olympic Arms all make carbine in pistol calibers. You need to start doing some more Google searches before your jump online making comments


        Lone Wolf’s site is a jumbled mess.

        Hi-Point’s carbines are limited to 10rd proprietary magazines.

        Kel-Tec’s Sub2000 is limited to pistol magazines of a single manufacturer (desired compatibility to be chosen at the time of purchase), and isn’t offered in .45ACP.

        As far as Olympic Arms and all the other pistol-caliber AR clones: If I wanted another AR, I’d just get another AR, chambered in the round it was designed to fire – not some underpowered hack.

        Maybe I chose my words poorly when I said “modern pistol-caliber carbine”, even though that’s what I’m after. Just like ditching a buttstock and shortening a barrel does not a practical pistol make, neither does hacking an established and proven design to make it work with an underpowered round a carbine make.

        • So, are you thinking more like an Uzi or an MP5, but in .40 or .45? Like the modern day equivalent of a Tommy gun? What features are “must have”?

        • The SUB-2000 is only limited if you pick the Glock magazine model. That is the best one anyways but if you have one of the other models you can simply change the magazine catch out.

  4. I have never understood ANY of these “pistoled” carbines. You can’t shoot them like a handgun, you can’t shoot them like a long-gun. You can’t hit a damn thing from the hip even with a laser dot (or at least I don’t have the inclination to practice enough with one to point shoot it reasonably). What’s the point again?

  5. A gun magazine I took a look at in the grocery store did a review on this weapon. The author made a point in the article about how everyone was saying the pistol FAL is cool but “why?” No one could come up with an answer except for one person who said he could use it for Hog Hunting when he needed to go into the brush and wanted something that was not as cumbersome as a rifle. If you have a Glock or 1911, you could order a Mech Tech accessory to turn your pistol into a carbine. Ruger makes a bolt action .357 magnum carbine, and it seems that companies are trying to make dedicated pistol caliber carbines such as Lone Wolf Distributors with their G9 – dedicated glock 9mm carbine. Most states would not allow you to hunt with a pistol caliber, and so you have a defensive weapon perhaps or a range toy – take your pick. I suppose if you do not know what you bought a gun for, you could always use it to hunt hogs.

  6. Impractical? Maybe. But since when did the 7.62 become the OMFG! of recoil and muzzle blast insanity? Please. They’re relatively tame and entirely controllable, even in a contraption like this.

  7. if you can afford this then you can afford the $200 SBR stamp and whatever parts need to be swapped out to make it 922r compliant.

  8. Ok interesting point on these weird rifle caliber pistols, i used to always wonder myself what the point was. Basically of all the people i know that have bought these they fall into two categories.
    A. The guys who think its a cool little collectible widget for their gun safe and really have no practical or rational thought except “ooooh cool!”.
    B. Most of the guys i know who want short barreled rifles usually buy one of these. The reason being that its essentially already a short barreled rifle minus a stock. Basically once you have all your paperwork approved by the atf you can either cut down the barrel of a standard rifle/assemble a short barreled from factory made sbr parts rifle from custom parts “very expensive” or just slap a stock on one of these puppies “slightly less expensive”.
    Basically its a cheap jump start on a SBR.

    • Og,”You’d have to put sights on the sides of the slide.”Not my taregt market, really.This is for those folks who purchase a gun-shaped lucky rabbit’s foot for purse, pocket, or sock drawer (you know, the ones who are dismayed because the cheap bullets don’t come in boxes smaller than 50) and it should be plenty adequate for the purpose.I’d take two-thirds of Hi-Point’s business, half of Charter Arms, and a third of Taurus’s, right off the bat.

  9. Ok, so you dont like the pistol. May I ask what your experience is with it, other than testing it at the range? Because trust me, it works like a champ in the real world. Also, if you cant handle 11 lbs of firepower, then you have more problems than this weapon.


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