From The Darkest Depths Of Uselessness: FN-FAL Pistol

DS Arms presents the FAL-SA59 Pistol in 7.62×51 NATO, a chopped-down FN-FAL with an 8 inch barrel and a dramatically shortened gas tube assembly. The short barrel does sacrifice 30-45% of the cartridge’s muzzle energy, but look on the bright side: what you lose in hitting power, you get back in muzzle blast! As another […]

DS Arms: The ‘Right Arm Of The Free World.’ Only lighter.

I’ve always had a fondness for the venerable FN-FAL design. It’s been called the ‘Right Arm Of The Free World,’ having served in dozens of armies since production began in 1953. It probably should have won the 1955 U.S. Army trials that replaced the M1 Garand with . . . a warmed-over M1 Garand. But […]