Bailey Nielsen AR-15 Idaho
Charles Nielsen, 58, and his 11-year-old granddaughter, Bailey Nielsen, testify before a House panel at the Idaho Statehouse on Monday. Feb. 24, 2020 in Boise, Idaho. Visitors to Idaho 18 and older who can legally possess firearms would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun within city limits under legislation that headed to the House on Monday, Feb. 24. (AP Photo/Keith Ridler)
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I feel sorry for Fred Guttenberg for the loss of his daughter in the Parkland shooting, but even that bit of sympathy has been stretched thin by his demand that everyone else in the country be rendered as helpless as Jaime was.

Very, very thin.

As Guttenberg blurted out on Twitter upon hearing of Bailey Nielsen carrying a slung AR rifle to address an Idaho House committee hearing . . .

How is it possible that this grandfather was not arrested for allowing his 11 year old to carry a loaded AR 15? Sorry Grandpa, we do not know if Bailey is a killer? My daughter died because of a teen with an AR 15. You should be in jail.

Presumed guilt is the very basis of prior restraint, preemptively-prove-your-innocence background checks. But Guttenberg ups the ante saying that Charles Nielsen, Bailey’s grandfather, should be arrested because we don’t know if the 11-year-old girl is a murderer.

Correction: I used to feel sorry for Guttenberg. He squandered that with his refusal to recognize that what allowed a chumbucket to murder 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was the virtually nonexistent enforcement of current laws against assault, death threats, vandalism, pet-killing and more. Non-enforcement that allowed a known criminal to walk freely and legally buy a gun with murder on his mind.

How is it possible that Nielsen wasn’t arrested, Mr. Guttenberg? It’s because neither he nor Bailey broke a law.

Preemptive arrests are a tool of totalitarians, police-statists and autocrats. Guttenberg definitely qualifies.

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  1. I have absolutely NO sympathy for Guttenberg anymore. He’s an unhinged jerk who is going out of his way to take out his hatred for the murderer of his daughter on the rest of us who had nothing to do with it. He’s no different than any other garden variety bigot.

    • Gutenberg is being PAID indirectly by Arabella Advisors for his activism. NO sentiment necessary for this Globalist Stooge.

    • If Fred Guttenberg had his way, all legal firearm owners would be renditioned, in hand interrogating, and the survivors of the interrogation will be herded into the showers for delousing. With Fred on the roof of the showers with cans of pesticide.

      • I really don’t think so. I think Mr. Gutenberg just wants common sense gun laws. Now what is a common sense gun law and how would it affect the thousands of people whom have used or may use a firearm in defense of self and family. I myself believe there’s a problem growing worldwide with persons wanting to take the lives of others for petty grievances. Could this be a precursor to an over populated world?

        • ‘Common sense gun laws’ are spelled out in the second amendment. This is well established and has been for quite some time.

          I don’t buy into the over population hysteria. Not only are the highest world wide population centers rarely (if ever) really looked at, few (if anyone) considers the vast wilderness areas of the world that are void of much human activity. This is more about propaganda than anything else.

    • The guy used to be just pitiable.

      Then he kept opening his mouth, and demonstrated he was a pitiable tool, a useful idiot dancing on very obvious strings.

  2. Tempted to comment, but I think all that needs to be said has already been posted on the previous related article from earlier today.

  3. Gutenberg needs an intervention, a lot of grief counselling and to shut up. He is obviously in a downward, self destructive cycle.

    • I wonder if Fred hits the bottle hard in his grief? If his handlers lose control he might be found dead with a needle in his arm.

  4. Fred, you’ve got a punctuation problem.

    Also, teenagers are called that because they have attained a number of years of life which can be described by a number that ends in “teen”. That starts at age 13, spelled thirteen.

    Your non sequitur contains an internal non sequitur. That’s like having a really big boil or something, impressive but not something to be proud of.

  5. Guns would have been all over that facility with or without little Bailey’s AR-15. Cops, Bailiffs, Federal and state officers, judges. Safe bet there were at least 2-3 dozen firearms on the premises. And yet, no one was afraid of them. Only when the 11 year old, who is every bit the citizen that all the other people are, came to the building, was Fred in fear for the safety of everyone.

    If your going to be terrified of the gun, not the person, fred, then its gotta be all the guns. None for anyone. None for Law Enforcement personnel, none for the military outside of declared war, none for security personnel, none for anyone.

    Either the gun is ‘the scary’, or the person holding the gun is, or both. But if the gun is the big bad, then Fred, you gotta ban them for every man women and child in the US.

    ….good luck with that.

  6. Meanwhile, over in the House of Representatives, Rep. Massie is providing some push-back:

    CNN didn’t carry the story — they’re loaded down with gun control stuff, tho, including a lot air time for the Baby Bloomer.

    Massie is on the right track. For years the gun-grabbers have been calling the NRA a bunch of murderers, and I think it’s time to take the gloves off. I don’t give a shit about the optics anymore or trying to appear sane and reasonable. The next time I’m face to face with a snowflake social justice warrior, I’m coming right out with it:

    “What you’re doing is getting people killed. Their blood is on your hands.”

  7. Easy. Idaho is a free state and we allow minors under 18 to carry and use a firearm so long as a) a parent or guardian is present, or b) they have a written permission slip.

    Source: ID 18-3302a

  8. I have no sympathy for anyone who wants to take away my civil rights. He is an excuse maker for the Florida cops who did nothing to stop his daughter’s murderer.

  9. I get it. Gutenberg is deranged. Losing his daughter unhinged him. Sadly, that’s what happens to people who, deep down inside, have no moral compass. They have to hate other people in order to feel good about themselves.

  10. I miss the days when people weren’t given a mass media platform for their mental illness breakdowns.

    Somebody red flag Gutenberg already.

  11. I suspect Mr Guttenberg is still in the grief phase of personal blame. In order to deflect the guilt He feels for his daughters death. By not being able to protect her. He projects his grief though anger. At the one object he feels caused his loss. This a purely emotional response. One often seen in people who loose loved ones from a criminal act. The one difference is on this occasion. As well as others. The the anger is placed on an object rather than the perpetrator. This particular type of reaction seems to be reserved for when the loved one is taken by the use of a firearm. Seldom is the type of reaction seen. Unless a firearm is used. Rarely do people blame a vehicle or any other object. If someone is killed or injured through the use of one. This is a purely visceral response. Driven by fear as much as guilt. Firearms have been demonized for political gain in the form of control. No other object receives this kind of demonization in society. Democrats learned decades ago. By following the example of many Tyrannical rulers. That people can be controlled much easier through their emotions. Rather than their intellect and the ability to reason. Which only takes the emotional impact out of the equation. I truly feel sorry for his lose. No parent should have to bury a child. I know because I have been there. I know the pain. The grief. The second guessing and wanting to place blame. It gets you no where. At the end of the day. You just have to accept that what is done is done. It wasn’t the car or any other object. It was the person. Right or Wrong. That’s just the way it is. Peace Be With You.

  12. I don’t care if his whole family was rubbed out by a roving band of AR-toting ninjas: the minute he started treading over the rights of others is the same minute that he lost any sympathy I may have ever had for him. He is now an enemy to be defeated, not a victim to be pitied.

  13. Got into a “discussion” with a friend that thought the 11 year-old carrying a loaded AR was a bad idea. “Someone can just walk up and take that AR away from that 11 year-old girl”, was the argument.

    My reply, “At what age or size of a person would it be okay?” Should a 19 year-old finance clerk in the Army, that weighs 97 pounds lose the right to carry a rifle because a 26 year-old, 170 pound guy can walk up and taker her rifle?

    Seriously, at what age and weight does a person have the right to be armed?

  14. I would not know how my reactions towards firearms would be if I lost one of my children to a person wielding and using a firearm to take my child’s life. I’m thinking it would prove difficult not to put a certain amount of blame on the gun or the easy acquisition of securing procession of it.. Logic should prevail ,as is is not the imamate object it is the individual manipulating that object.

    • I know what you mean. I too lost a family member to senseless violence. She was brutally beaten to death with a 2×4. Since then I hate all lumber. I don’t understand why anyone other than properly licensed carpenters needs such deadly things, and I fight to get all 2x stock strictly regulated, registered and then banned.

      I’m also currently suing the lumberyard where the piece of wood was sold and owner of the forest where it grew.

  15. I have no sympathy for him. Never did.

    He is a predator using his unfortunate loss as a tool to empower himself and enslave others.

    Fuck him, and fuck everyone who sides with people like him. The world is overpopulated with scum like them.

    • I feel almost bad for saying it, but you’re correct. Fuck em. I’ve been patient and polite and empathetic, and look where that has gotten all of us. The wolves are scratching at the door now.

  16. These animals have no business making laws… look how they distort the truth and pick and choose which rights are necessary and which aren’t…
    I’ll be DAMNED if these animals are gonna cause me to potentially become a statistic due to their lack of intelligence….
    COME AND TAKE IT!!!!!!!

  17. I’d like to add, this gutenberg pos , he’s a filthy liar…. who cares about his daughter… it’s HIS fault his daughter is dead…. if he and his fellow parasites weren’t planning the collapse of western civilization his daughter might still be alive….
    Trust me this mfers dead daughter is worth more dead to him than alive….I wouldn’t doubt if this was all a setup by him and his fellow rat faces….. he/ they would sacrifice their own family members to advance their globalist agenda… and guns are their first priority…
    These people know what would happen if they tried their evil plan on an armed populace…
    Who cares about his daughter…
    As far as every actual American killed in that school that day, I blame gutenberg for their deaths!

  18. I’m also not buying what Fred is selling. I suspect he needs a rectal craniectomy for a common anatomical anomaly that seems to plague those on the left. It seems the farther left you look, the more commonly this condition appears.

    • “… I suspect he needs a rectal craniectomy…”
      HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE…I just had a gut-wrenching laughter episode 🙂

      How about this:
      He needs a cranial reorganization by a tiny rotary object via an ultra-high speed delivery system.

  19. Maybe someone should “Red Flag” Guttenberg to make sure he doesn’t have any guns…The MF’er is so deranged he’s a danger to himself and others…since he thinks anyone who has a gun is automatically a potential murderer, it would be best to have the local authorities make sure he’s not planning something terrible thereby fulfilling his own sick-minded belief….Just sayin’.

    Reminds me of the statement by the Moms Demand Action woman some years back who publicly posted, “If I saw a man with a gun in the store, I would call the Police to come ‘Gun him down!’!” [The context of the discussion was regarding the safety of her children in a store.]

    These people are bat-shit crazy and very dangerous to the rest of us…

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