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“French President Francois Hollande vowed a ‘merciless’ response to the deadliest attacks on the country’s soil since World War II as ISIS claimed responsibility Saturday for a coordinated assault on Paris,” reports. “A state of emergency was declared and France deployed 1,500 troops after a near-simultaneous series of explosions and shootings brought the city to a horrified standstill overnight. The death toll rose to 127 and 200 other people were wounded.” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America doesn;t quite see it that way . . .


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    • That stupid saying gets stupider and stupider, as if only the hoplophobes wave the bloody flag. Gunnies also raise the very same bloody flag, every single time. Everybody waves every bloody flag every single time.

      To pretend only hoplophobes take advantage of a crisis to push their agenda is to willingly put on your own blinders.

      • Just as long as your moral equivalence does not blind you from seeing the trees within this forest: Bad guys with guns can only be stopped by good guys with guns and Mom’s demand has trouble, to put it mildly, seeing that “good guys” can be private citizens, or that there is even a self-evident right to keep and bear. When the French respond to this, will it not be “gun violence” that kills the bag guys? Is it not conceivable that one or two armed good guys could have acted at the outset of the concert shooting had the French had a 2A? Would this not possibly reduce the blood being spilled especially on the shirts some here are waving?

        • My complaint is directed at gunnies who complain that the hoplophobes are waving the bloody shirt when gunnies do exactly the same, for the exact same instances.

          I have no doubt that any attack of that magnitude in the US is impossible in any reasonably free state. Not NYC, not SF or LA, possibly not in Chicago, but elsewhere there would be too many carriers to let the death toll rise so high. I also have zero doubt that the hoplophobes would complain that the presence of carriers deterred a rapid police response, and that gunnies would wave the bloody flag showing how good CCW is. What pisses me off is gunnies claiming the high ground when hoplophobes wave the bloody shirt, as if the gunnies are above all that stuff.

        • So there still is no moral difference in your eyes in using a tragedy to help a cause that wishes to deny a right, endowed by our creator, and those who wish to respond to it that the same tragedy could have been greatly less bloody it not bloody at all if that right were not suppressed?

          I disagree.

      • Good point, Felix. Heck, even TTAG’s own “Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use” series is nothing more than bloody-shirt-waving for the pro-gun cause.

    • Those guns are illegal in France. Someone should of told those people shooting that they are using illegal gun. Maybe we got to pass more laws for those people to not shoot illegal guns. If you people don’t understand sarcasm, this is it. There are no laws for people to kill people. The only laws that gov’t and society pass are within honest, law abiding citizens. Those laws take from the innocent and give to the wicked. Think of these tragic events and how would it have been prevented? I give you a quick answer carry your own GUN. If a “victim” had a GUN less lives would of have been lost.

  1. No power for these so-called citizens. That would be a better response, firearms freedom.

    But the French government is going to pay lip service to its people while it pursues it’s pound for flesh in search of retribution.

  2. But the demanding mommies said mass shootings never happen in more enlighten and 2nd Amendment-less countries like France. France has universal background checks, assault weapons bans, and a a registry of firearms. This has to be a hoax since even President Zero has said the same. Why are they lying about Paris because they’ve said it over and over and over, mass shootings do not happen anywhere other than the backwards United States?

    Yeah, I’m done being sarcastic.

    • OK, not done being sarcastic.

      Good News for ISIS/ISIL!

      Breaking from Moms Demand Action

      “While Moms Demand Action deplores the horrible gun violence perpetrated in Paris, Moms Demand Action request that the news networks do not mention the suicide bombers or other explosions that occurred on November 13th. The major issues is gun violence and that should be the focus said Shannon Watts, executive director of MDA.”

      Bombs and explosives are allowable methods of terrorism according to Moms Demand Action.

      * This has been a parody, but not by much. All quotes and references to real people are fictionalized, but not by much.

  3. I can’t think of a better way for the Moms to discredit gun control then tying a terrorist attack in a country that has stronger gun control laws than NYC to their pet phrase gun violence.

  4. The moms have gone well beyond full retard on more than one occasion.

    As for France I assume “merciless” means inviting a hundred thousand more refugees to come stay with them and going after those evil hunters in the country and their vile shotguns.

    • Yep. The French “intellectual elite” will go into paroxysm’s of self-flagelation blaming the intolerance and racism of native French people towards the immigrants from these other countries as causing this mass terror attack.

      Then they’ll propose greater levels of multi-cultural classes to be taught tolerance and inclusiveness towards immigrants, demand more racial quotas in employement and housing to force greater integration and then call for greater levels of gun control.

  5. What happened in Paris is a perfect example of what happens when you deny people the basic right of self defense. There was no way to stop the carnage. By the time the police arrived it was too late. Shame on these “moms” who exploit this massacre for their political agenda.

    • Except for I’ve heard reports that when the police arrived they had to turn tail and run cause they were not equipped to handle the situation. Just like in the Charlie hebdo attacks too.

      • The story I read said the first police on scene were equipped only with handguns, and thus waited for their version of SWAT before attempting to enter the theater where most of the murders occurred.

  6. A lot of the killing was done with explosives. How is it that elightened Europe can’t seem to control their explosives? In any case, I wouldn’t want to be a Muslim in France right now.

    • Like other similar events, the press and gov will focus on not blaming innocent muslims. This has nothing to do with islam, don’t ya know?

        • “Islam is a religion of peace except for, you know, the millions of muslims trying to kill other folks.”

          No, it isn’t.

          “Islam” translates to “Complete and total submission to the Prophet (Peace be upon Him)”,

          not “Peace” as *you* know it…

        • People should wipe out all of those Muslim bastards. They claiming a religious war, gov’t should acknowledge their threats. And answer them with deportation and executions.

  7. The gunners went up on the balcony and shot down in the crowd to kill people. The TV said some men went up there to beg for mercy for their wives. Imagine the saved lives if the men would have had guns to take care of the problem.

    I don’t know what the French are going to do. They don’t know who to wave their white flag at so they can surrender.

    • Begged for the lives of their wives! Why, this is a perfect example of the modern man as published in the New York Times. “Doesn’t own a gun and never will”. Worked out just as the author dreamed.

      • Witnesses reported those “men” tried to negotiate with the terrorists to exchange their lives for the lives of their wives. This reveals such a fundamental naivete and ignorance about who is killing you that it staggers the mind. Great observation about the idiocy of NYTimes vision of what modern Western Men “should” aspire to be like.

        • Sickening.

          It sure would be nice if someone starts to whisper in their ears that there’s something they could have done …


          The French Right had better exploit this. (I’m looking at you, Marine Le Pen)

          “Ms. Le Pen expressed her condolences to the families of the victims and praised the work of emergency and security forces, but she said that France had to “finally determine who are its allies and who are its enemies.” She accused unnamed countries of having “benevolent” relationships with radical Islam and “ambiguous” ties with terrorist groups.”

    • “Some men” confronted them to beg for their wives lives?
      Meanwhile in America “some men” would have confronted them with chairs, table legs, fists or ideally their own guns.

      God help me if I’m ever killed while begging for anyones life rather than fighting for one. You don’t f@cking barter, beg, plead, pray with life. It’s all you have, the only one you’ll have and you fight, scratch, claw, spit and scream to keep it.

      F@ck. Squirrels put up more of a fight when faced with the prospect of death than many so-called humans.

      • That’s right.

        Begging for your life or the life of another is giving the other person the power to make the decision.

        Humans are the ultimate apex predator. Our single biggest evolutionary advantage has been superior tool making. Now that we have the tools to REALLY have advantage, a bunch of dimwits what to ‘regulate’ and ‘control’ them.

        It demonstrates their ultimate mindset. They are r Selected mice; in other words, they are prey. They think like prey; they act like prey. They beg for mercy from men with the will to kill, and expect mercy.

        I’m not sure it is really 100% accurate to call them “human.” I’m really beginning to think we really have two distinct “species” (or at least sub-species?) of humanoids occupying the planet.

        I can’t imagine such r Selected life-beggers lasting a minute on the Savannah or in the realm of ice-age Europe.

      • I can see one morally valid reason to beg the bad guy for someone’s life.

        It might be a good way to distract him while you (or someone on your side) prepares to deliver the lethal blow.

        • Okay, fair enough. I don’t disagree with this, but though it might “sound” like begging, it’s not.

          There’s a difference.

          The difference is the expected outcome. In one instance, the beggar is expecting (hoping) to change the action of the bad guy. The outcome depends on the bad guy. In the other, the beggar is part of the action that eliminates (or hopes to) the bad from the decision tree.

          It’s a question of where is the power/control.

    • While it has become stylish to refer to the French as cowards willing to surrender at the first opportunity I would like to point out an unfortunate historical fact or two.

      The French revolution was fought to replace monarchy with an even more tyrannical democracy and resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Frenchmen and the subsequent beheading of thousands of their intellectuals and elites. Those anarchists who survived to run the country were in no way better than the aristocracy they murdered.

      Th French have had an over-sized national ego for many centuries that has led them into unfortunate wars of conquest, wars of revolution, and wars of attrition. In the Napoleanic wars they conquered most of Europe and even occupied Moscow before the tide turned and they were driven out. More Frenchmen died on the march back to France than America lost in the entire Civil War.

      The leadership of France, being based on a pure democracy that allowed anyone with a bar majority of votes to control the political future of the nation, was pitiful and allowed them to be over-run by Germany in the First World War in which many millions of brave Frenchmen were consigned to the trenches only to be slaughtered in futile frontal attacks against German machine guns time after time after time. The only cowardice there was in not rising up against their own generals and joining the Germans to crush them.

      In the Second World War the French fought bravely despite absolute incompetence by their generals and political leaders until the Vichy government, not the French soldiers, capitulated, then many French in the Resistance continued to fight against the Germans even when faced with excruciatingly severe penalaties should they be caught.

      Bottom line, cowardice is not necessarily a national trait of the French, but political incompetence certainly is. This has resulted in many, many millions of fine, brave Frenchmen being removed from their gene pool and the result is what we see today. We can hope that this attack will turn that tide, but after so many years of socialist dementia it is hard to say if they can overcome their tendency to choose the wrong leaders and then follow them blindly into the Maxims.

  8. Call me skeptical, but I’m going to say France will make a lot of “statements” about the terror tragedy in the coming days and perhaps a few more air strikes in Syria. But in the long run (once the news dies down and the bleeding hearts come out in protection of the Muslim faith) most of what they’ll actually do is lip service. Remember Charlie Hebdo just a few months ago? Yeah, pretty much lip service their too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them reverse course and let their citizens start to defend themselves but I certainly will not be holding my breath.

  9. This was an act of war. Belittling it as just “gun violence” like MDA makes me sick to my stomach. Arm your subjects France, they are going to need it.

  10. If you include wars in ‘gun violence’ statistics you can really get the numbers up. Artillery are guns too. “Friendly fire” incidents could be classified as gun accidents as well.

  11. Shannon W should take a delegation of MDA “moms” to Raqqa and straighten those Motherf**kers out! and take Bloomie with them for good measure.

    MDA is as insane as ISIS and has completely crossed the line of decency with this one. Paris was an act of WAR!

      • Based on what I have seen in photos of their “rallies” that calendar could cut the birthrate in the Islamic World by 60% or more. Great idea for a secret weapon, Dirk!

  12. Up until the first Battle of the Frontiers in 1914 the French had the most devastating ground army in the world. 5 years of Western Front trench warfare and the loss of ~1/4 of all able-bodied men defending the length of Maginot line still lingers.

    • The biggest reason for the French Surrender Syndrome is their version of the liberal/progressive self-hating and self-loathing brain washing that teaches being a powerless, helpless and defenseless serf; dependant on the state is preferable to being a free responsible armed citizen.

  13. On top of the box or two of ammo a month I buy, anytime there’s a news story of violence ruining my prescheduled tv and news feeds, I go buy a couple more boxes.

    Powder dry, guys?

    • I was buying 16 boxes of practice ammo while this happened. Though it doesn’t count as an example of your thinking, because I hadn’t heard the news yet.

      • Steve, not all POTG may have the resources you have.

        WV there is in grad school with a new wife, a box or two may be all he can afford.

      • Sweaty, slippery skin can be an upside, you know.

        Dirk whispering sweet nothings in her ear while reaching under the sodden Burka…

        (The rest of Dirk’s Bourbon fantasy proactively *DELETED*).

  14. I’m sort of curious at to what the French define as ‘merciless response’. History has shown, on occasion, that a French response to aggression might be considered by some as….uh.. dare I say it…laughable.

    To quote General Norman Schwarzkopf: “Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordian”

    Only time will tell what their actual response might be. My guess? Only one glass of wine with your croissant. Oh, the humanity.

    • And at other points in history, the French have been merciless and beyond cruel.

      Don’t forget, the French still have the Foreign Legion. They’re prohibited from operating within France (last I knew), but I would not be surprised to see them used in a response outside their borders.

    • “merciless” in France amounts to reducing their wine allotment to only three bottles a day. Yes I know muzzies don’t drink, but they don’t drink in the same way I don’t exceed the speed limit.

  15. Perhaps if the Mom’s Demand for Action post up “Terrorist-Free” Zone signs that will make the the Terrorists go away and let the Mom’s feel better.

  16. You seem to show a lot of stereotypes about other nations. French army fought bravely (although not very intelligently – thanks to gen. Gamelin and friends) in 1940, not mentioning First World War. And about running – it was mostly British Forces who run from Dunkirk when French infantry was still fighting…

    Current French Army, including special forces is quite good (despite low funding). The other story is unfortunately the way how the sociaties (civilians) are made and tought to think… It is common in Europe – maybe with exception of Russia and some other CEE countries…

    BTW: I am not French BTW. I believe that my country fought better against Germans however we lost too…

    • The individual French fighter gets props from me, as do their fighting units.

      But their upper leadership, way up at the level of deciding whether those excellent fighters should actually fight, and even whether France should do less lethal things rather than be accommodationists, stinks far more often than not.

    • The single biggest problem the French had in ww2 was that the 35 to 45 yo”s that should have been the colonels and generals died in ww1. France was keeping 65+ yo generals in charge even though many were just to old for the job. The French had a national trauma, ww1, occur that they never really got over. Most of the fighting happened in France, within their borders.

      The brits “ran” from Dunkirk because their leaders did a no nonsense assesment of the French pols and generals and concluded that the French could not win and wasting more men and equipment that would be needed to continue the war was pointless.

      Remember, after Dunkirk the brits returned most of the french troops they pulled off the beaches, more than 100,000, to France which was still fighting against the Germans.. The brits declined to return their soldiers to France to continue a useless battle there.

      • All is true – no one sane would claim Brits were cowards because they left Dunkirk. Why then anybody claims then French to be cowards because they surrended when they realised that they lost? Let’s be fair for everybody. Stupid ideas of generals is not equal to soldiers being cowards – but still some people would be telling jokes about France and cowardice.

        It’s OT anyway. I hope only that in Europe no one will came with another “antiterrorist” idea of further “developing” gun control…

      • Genreal DeGaulle didn”t consider the surrender in metropolitan France an act of dishonor. That was a military reality. The act of dishonor was the failure of the government to carry on the war from Overseas France.

    • Delwin,

      Thank you for posting. I greatly admire people who can read and write another language.

      In very simple language: nearly all Europeans have become very submissive over the last 60 years … and it has worked fairly well for them. It will NOT serve them well going forward.

      Europeans are going to learn a very bitter lesson. When your enemies are bankers and governments who want to take as much of your money as possible, you can be submissive, depend on government, and still live. When your enemies are Muslims who hate your existence, you CANNOT be submissive, depend on government, and still live. You CANNOT negotiate and still live. You CANNOT ask for mercy and still live. You only have two choices: die, or kill them before they kill you. That is a horrible choice. Unfortunately, Muslims who hate your existence have thrust it upon you.

      The sooner that Europeans embrace the truth of my previous paragraph, the less lives they will lose.

      • Yes, Europe needs to understand that terrorism will be a daily event for next years and you cannot reason with it. The problem is that there is far too many potential candidates for terrorists among Muslims already living in Europe. What’s unfortunate, the second generation of the immigrants is most risky – their fathers came to Europe seeking work and they found it. The problems relates to “second” generation. Addtionaly no one sane wants some far right wing idiot to bomb some Muslims as a revenge because it would just initiate the vendetta scenario or governments starting massive surveilance etc.. What’s funny, there is only one thing that may help – commom right to bear arms. There is no other way to discourage the attackers or at least limit the losses than good man (or women) with the gun… But this requires some “switch” in some minds…

      • Yes, Europe needs to understand that terrorism will be a daily event for next years and you cannot reason with it. The problem is that there is far too many potential candidates for terrorists among Muslims already living in Europe. What’s unfortunate, the second generation of the immigrants is most risky – their fathers came to Europe seeking work and they found it. The problems relates to “second” generation. Addtionaly no one sane wants some far right wing idiot to bomb some Muslims as a revenge because it would just initiate the vendetta scenario or governments starting massive surveilance etc.. What’s funny, there is only one thing that may help – commom right to bear arms. There is no other way to discourage the attackers or at least limit the losses than good man (or women) with the gun… But this requires a “switch” in some minds…

    • it was mostly British Forces who run from Dunkirk when French infantry was still fighting…

      Over 100,000 French troops were evacuated from Dunkirk. Meanwhile, the remnants of the French army, cut off from the evacuation, fought a rear-guard action to protect themselves and their own damn country.

    • We must not forget how valiantly the
      French Resistance fought in occupied France and throughout the occupation before D-Day despite horrendous German “reprisals”.

      The collapse of the French Army in 1940 was exacerbated by poor communications between the Front Lines and Gamelin’s HQ which was located in a luxurious Chateau far to the rear that had minimal electronic communications equipment.

  17. Two men with firearms had over an hour with the near-complete power of life or death over a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands, indiscriminately killing at their leisure, because France is one of those places where essentially “only the police and military have guns” legally. And that is the situation Shannon wants to replicate here.

    • And I think it merits asking “why?” Why would she want that here?

      The answer, or at least a big part of it, seems obvious. With gun control comes higher crime and more crap like this attack. THEN justifications for bigger government, more agents of the state, more power to those agents of the state, more widespread control, etc.

      I honestly don’t know what Shannon herself wants. She is, after all, a paid shill. She’s just doing the J-O-B she was hired to do (and not very well, but that’s a separate discussion). Maybe she’s a true believer, but maybe she isn’t. It really doesn’t matter.

      The real question is what does those funding/hiring/running the anti-gun movement want. Why would someone, anyone hire PR people and youtube video producers to ramp of anti-freedom propaganda machinery?

      It’s a rhetorical question. The Founders knew the answer when they crafted the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights. None of what they say is about guns or gun violence.

      It’s all about control. If the terrorists have to kill a few hundred or a few thousand here or there to consolidate control, so be it. Means to an end, and individual lives simply do not matter to them.

      • JR_in_NC,

        Shannon and her ilk make the following claim: gun control will reduce the number of firearms in circulation and, by extension, reduce the number of firearms in the hands of violent criminals, and, by extension, reduce the number of individuals that violent criminals harm — as well as reduce the severity of injuries that violent criminals inflict on individuals. They admit that they cannot entirely eliminate firearms. They claim to believe that they can nearly eliminate firearms.

        Whether or not they truly believe their claims is anyone’s guess.

        They also reject the principle that disarming the populace emboldens violent criminals and could very well increase the frequency of violent attacks from violent criminals.

        I believe some of them are Stalin’s “useful idiots”. I believe others are trying to play both sides. They know that if they fail their quest to imbue government with absolute power, they pay no personal penalty. And if they succeed in imbuing government with absolute power, they believe they will secure for themselves a station among the tyrannical ruling class.

      • What’s the Left’s final endgame?

        Here it is:

        Earth with a human population under a total of 500 million. Only then will it be ‘sustainable’.

        All housing, transportation, etc, to be the most efficient possible. As in apartment building Hell for all but the elites and person transportation will be pedal-powered.

        ‘Sustainable’, don’t ya know.

        That word right there is the whistle-word of the Left.

        It’s a warning.

  18. 1. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. The president was just interviewed the other day and said that “ISIS was contained”.

    2. BTW, Geraldo has been on record as saying in so many words that he did not believe that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms.

    I wonder what he thinks now.
    Is Geraldo going to join the NRA?
    What would Geraldo have done if his daughter had been killed?

    • I think you’re right. Haven’t seen Shannon quoted on Yahoo “News” in ages. Well, come to think of it, maybe a puff piece about the “moms” on “Yahoo Parenting”–but then, I think I got that link from here too…

  19. This terrorist act may help this woman win their president election next year, MARINE LE PEN. She’s France’s version of a Trump. Wants to secure the borders, evict illegals, etc…

    But to give everyone a good laugh, here is the biometric “clip” ready for production. Sorry but if the company that is making a high tech pistol mag is calling it a “clip” along with making them for M16’s I’m thinking they should be making something else. Don’t see a big consumer base for “M16” mags like this.

    Yes note the website 😉

    • I’d love them to work with Apple and Samsung, because everytime my hands are a little wet, sweaty, greasy or so, my smartphone just rejects my fingerprint access…

  20. Despite some of you ignorami above who very stupidly claim the high ground, but are idiots, France has always had a very respectable military. And has always had a bit of ruthlessness (which is a closer translation of what the president said).

    And GIGN is a fairly tough group. France is not above utterly destroying other countries. Heck they sunk Greenpeace ships for protesting their nuclear tests

    • “And GIGN is a fairly tough group.”
      Maybe. But what have they done for you lately? Did they do anything to prevent this attack? Did that Douchebag Hollande close the borders “just in time” to stop ISIS?

      One day soon, all your euro-trash heroes are going to wake up as subjects of the imam, and wonder to themselves very sincerely, “how did this happen?”

      Who am I to stop them from committing collective suicide? Let them all hang. Every god-damned one.

    • Hard to believe the country of Napoleon and the Legion Etranger has such a wretched military reputation of late–but they did kind of bring it on themselves with the Franco-Prussian War collapse and the WWII collapse and the colonial Vietnam collapse, along with the more recent appeasement policies vis-à-vis the Muslims. They seem to have replaced the Italians as the favorite whipping boy in military matters.

    • Yea, that’s what people forget.

      And where did the French test their nukes, back when we had above-ground testing?

      In French Polynesia – a very idyllic part of the south Pacific. The rest of the world had decided against nuke testing, but the French were popping off nukes in the Pacific clear into the mid-90’s – basically telling the rest of the world “Up yours.”

  21. @Paul says: “.France deployed 1,500 troops to Paris after the attacks… ”

    Heh. Last time there were 1500 soldiers on the streets of Paris, they were all wearing German uniforms.

  22. MDA is beyond irrelevant to this discussion. As much as we in the U.S. may rag on the French at times, those were our brothers and sisters murdered by the terrorist scum. Once pissed off, the French will go scorched earth to hunt down those responsible. Godspeed to them in their mission.

  23. It’s about time for French revolution part deux,they need to round up all the camel fuckers and progressives in France and put them to the guillotine. Germany needs to elect another statesman like Hitler, build new concentration camps,round up all the other muzzies in Europe,gas them and make fertilizer out of them.The west needs to start a new crusade into the middle east,kill all muzzies and take all the oil for ourselves.

  24. We shall see what the French call merciless ……this is the country that hid the Ayatollah Hymanie in France from the Shah of Iran……then supported the Shahs overthrow and were promised and received all the contracts to build the nuclear infrastructure in Iran…….what goes around comes around….I hope they enjoy the money they made……France, Germany and one or two others have paid ISIS 128 million dollars in ransom payments…..gee ya think it paid for weapons? The only thing France is missing is obama as president.


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