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The above screen cap comes from my Google alert on “ammunition.” You’ll notice that all of the media sources cited include the fact that one Darius Boodoosingh had both a gun AND ammunition in his dorm room. [Click here for the Boston Herald report.] The more salient fact: the cops found enough drugs to warrant a charge of possession with intent to distribute. But it’s interesting to note the hysterical tone of the reports. A gun AND ammunition! I wonder how often cops bust someone with a gun without ammunition. By the same token (so to speak), reporters love to report about a “loaded gun” – as if that makes it especially dangerous. As we know, a gun that’s unloaded isn’t much use to anyone. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. The interviews with the campus student on the news looked and felt staged…the words “safe” and “safety” were used no less than 10 times in 30-40 second sound bite.

  2. I’m shocked! You mean to tell me that neither the sign on the door nor the line in the student handbook prevented him from bring both the firearm AND ammunition into the dorm? What sort of world do we live in where people ignore printed signs on doors?

    Next thing I know you’ll show me a picture of someone smoking a cigarette next to a ‘No Smoking’ sign.

    What a cruel world!

  3. Not that I don’t think almost all of the MSM is bias, other than not mentioning the drugs in the headline, what exactly do you have a problem with regarding this article. Sounds like you don’t think any gun arrest should be mentioned in the news. Also, it looks like you are the one highlighting the ammo part in the screen shot, not the media, so who is the one actually making a big deal out of this.

    I guess I would like to know how you would have written the article?

    • Not an expert on social media, but if as stated he has the word “ammunition” as a keyword then it makes sense the computer would highlight it, not him.

      That being said maybe the drug dealer should have just had the gun, and pistol whipped someone. Or kept the ammo and hit it with a hammer at the time of need, or thrown it really hard.

    • I agree, I’m not hearing an hysterical tone in it. As often as people claim a gun is/was unloaded as a mitigating factor in a shooting or a muzzle sweeping or a prank, then it’s proper to draw attention to ammunition being present with the gun in this case. It reinfiorces that this fellow was serious and the gun wasn’t just some curiosity.

      • The point is that he was violating a law, controlled substances, for which he was busted. The gun shouldn’t factor into it. If the primary crime was X then the fact that he owns a firearm shouldn’t come into the equation unless it was part of the crime. What’s happening here is that he was busted for drugs but the highlight seems to be driving the narrative that he had gun, so he must be one of those nefarious dealers who shoots people. Maybe he is, but it’s a wee judgmental to assume so. The point is to paint the picture that guns only exist to serve evil people doing evil things. Also, think of how the headline would have read if he didn’t have ammo, and it was merely a show piece or a replica! It wouldn’t have made mention.

        Everything the anti’s do is meant to move the chains, we have to call them out every time. Thanks Rob. The worst thing that could happen is for us to lose the culture war and know that in the end we didn’t do everything we could.

        • Not according to the Boston herald article. It stated the cops were notified of him having a gun and the drugs were later.

  4. Gun AND ammo says to me it they were in separate places..

    Believe it or not media… I have primers, jugs of powder and a bucket of Tannerite in the same room. But don’t worry, the pointy pistol bullet ends are in another room for your protection.
    I also drank milk that expired yesterday. I live on the edge..

    • Right? Gun and ammo found in dorm…

      Maybe TTAG should have contest to think up a better headline; I’ll go first:

      Armed Drug Dealer arrested in College Dorm!

    • Innocent until proven guilty.

      The presence of enough drugs at his location that he COULD be charged with intent to sell is not proof that he had intent to sell. The article does not specify how much more than the minimum “personal use” quantity he had, nor even how much ammunition he had for the firearm.

      I dislike and do not support the sale or use of drugs as a general rule, but this is just one more way that the government can manufacture a reason to violate the Second Amendment. If 1 ounce of marijuana is considered personal use and 1.01 ounces is considered “intent to distribute/sell” then a measuring error by your supplier makes you a drug dealer and a felon and you lose your Second Amendment protections fro the rest of your life?

  5. The definition of a “loaded” gun is quite different in hopper states than somewhere like TX.

    In NY, for example, having a gun with empty mag in the trunk unlocked and an ammo in a paper box in the glove compartment unlocked is a “loaded” gun.

  6. A (criminal) dope dealer with a gun is not a good thing but I doubt he’s going to go on a shooting spree. He’s probably got it in case someone tries to rob him of his product!

  7. Good thing nobody ever looked in my dorm room. No weed, but a gun and ammo. In speed loaders. The horror! The horror!

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