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  1. This doesn’t fit the narrative. As Barbrady would say ” nothing to see here November along.”

      • My wife and I are in agreement here Jeff , November along is catchy , you may have started something new here .
        Well , I got chores to do this morning , I’ll just be Novembering along .

      • To the people saying this wasn’t a mas shooting.

        I think the MASS of people who got SHOT would probably disagree.

        And, if they weren’t dead, they’d probably tell us that they wish they had a gun to fight back with.

        But, kinda like Socialized medicine, the recipients of gun control can’t tell you how much it sucks because they’re DEAD!

        Statistics are irrelevant. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has the right to fight back. Every individual stripped of that is 100% screwed. Ask the parents of these gun-control victims what percentage of back-to-life the statistics have restored their children to…

        • I agree with you, while gun owners don’t need to tote them in peoples faces and go around enforcing their opinions, I believe they should at least have the choice to defend themselves

    • This article is serious derp. This was a terrorist attack. Many actually. Not a mass murder by a manually unwell citizen. BIG difference no?

      • So … no one strolled leisurely unopposed through a public mall of disarmed citizens shooting dozens of people at-will?

        Dan, PhD in Imaginary Hair-Splitting

      • A Psychologist just said last week that “our” mass shooters may be unwell but they arent’t crazy.

        Under stress we say, “think I’ll take a walk, get a hooker, etc. These folks focus narrows so that they see shooting up a school as their only direction. This applies to terrorists. They don’t consider running for office or starting their own super PAC. They don’t engage their “enemies” to air and resolve grievances. So it’s the same. Our lone wolf 18-26 yr old actors adopt an ideology but that’s not why they do it.

        CNN reporter said yesterday that Nations are in denial that restrictive gun laws prevent these actions.

  2. Not sure I categorize this as a mass shooting. It was a series of attacks. This wasn’t some punk adolescent kid pissed about Facebook. These were trained killers who are fighting a war. They need to be hunted down and killed.

      • Don’t forget hashtags! Those raise awareness from the safety of your own home! #selfieforparis [/sarc]

      • That’s right, they want to call ISIS “Daesh” so as to not offend Muslims by daring to imply that ISIS is about the religion of Islam.

        …Except ISIS is all about Islam. The goal of their war” is to force their brand of Islam on you and I and everyone else. They won’t stop until they are all killed or until moderate Muslims intervene.

        They throw gays off of building tops because Islam tells them to.
        They force women into sex slavery because Islam tells them to.
        They (everything they are doing now) because Islam tells them to.

        They are Islamic fundamentalists who read the Koran litterally.

        Christianity had it’s similar problem with the Spanish Inqisition, but Christianity rose above it. Time for Islam to rise above it’s own horrible scripture passages. (don’t forget the bible says to stone gays and adulterers)

        • hello guys i am Muslim and i am against the terrorist i am too upset on Paris attacks as well the terrorists doing in whole world but its not that meaning that’s Muslim doing that all so please don’t blaming on us we are also victims of the terrorists in Islam teaching us don’t do war don’t killing innocent people do good with the whole people if they doing with you bad Islam is religion of peace terrorists don’t know whats Islam says us i hate terrorists i am against the terrorist and i challenging terrorists that if you are brave and straight people then why you killing innocents people what you want from people even the terrorist dont leave in our country kids they ware killed last year 135 children’s in school i am Muslim and Muslims are not terrorists and i hope you will understand better that whose doing such attacks and i have message for terrorists i am Muslim and you are Muslims or non Muslims i don’t know but i just say that use the name of islam and the reason of yours blunders blaming on Muslims we also don’t know who are you and we Muslim want peace Muslims have tolerant and Muslim have humanity Muslim have honesty Muslim never kill some one by no reason if they are Muslims or non Muslims even heart don’t want kill fat animals its all the quality of Muslims and this all qualities i have not seen in terrorists so now whose the terrorists please tell me now

        • Actually, Daesh is something the ISIS/ISIL terrorists don’t like to be called. It upsets them that the name is starting to gain traction in the news media. It’s considered an insult.

        • @yaqoob khan – If you re-read my post you will see that I did not blame all Muslims. Are you going to tell me that yelling alluah akbar and death to apostates while murdering innocent people has nothing to do with the religion of Islam?

        • @Out_Fang_Thief – maybe so, but why are French politicians saying ISIS is “offensive?”

          I’ll answer it: because they don’t want to offend Muslims by saying that what ISIS is doing has anything to do with Islam when it is mostly to do with Islam.

          So let’s not call it what it is so we can’t adequately address the problem…

        • Wrapping yourself in an American flag before going out and doing dumb shit, doesn’t in and of itself make dumb shit all about America.

          No doubt the Jihadi cult has become a sizeable, and growing, force in many Muslim societies, but their tenets are very, very far from what even 30 years ago was considered mainstream Islam. And still very far from what the “popes” of Islam insists their religion is about.

          If you just walk down the list and enumerate beliefs about how to live a proper life according to the Jihadis, they have an awful lot more in common with Norse Vikings (maybe that’s where Breivik in Norway got it from….), than with Qom or any “Holy City” interpretations of Islam. In Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan proper, where most of the crazy emanated from following the Soviet, then Western, meddling in the affairs of those ancient warrior tribes, pretty much the only thing that changed with Islamifcation, was that whomever used to be the pagan God of killing or whatnot, was renamed Mohammad. And the Goddess of fertility renamed Fatemah. Then, back to killing, and breeding more killers, as usual.

          Which is fine enough; they’ve been doing that stuff for long enough that it obviously works for them. It only got problematic after the response to the Soviet invasion, was for the shaky tinpot regimes of the Middle East to try drumming up some legitimacy and deflecting domestic unrest, by encouraging their young hotheads to go fight a “holy war” against an “attack on Islam.” Of course, when that war was over, the hotheads returned back home, punch drunk on the success they achieved against a superpower by replacing the rather meek and complacent Islam of their upbringing, with a much more virile warrior cult version.

          Look at the sheer amount of beheadings, killings and other madness ISIS, Al Queada and their ilk have done in the Middle East, North Africa and other places; against other more traditional Muslims. What the West has seen so far is not even a drop in the bucket of what Muslims have had to endure. So it’s not Them (Muslims) against Us(The West.) It’s lots closer to the same “Barbarians” that once sacked Rome, coming back down from the mountains and steppes for another sacking party. As they’ll do again to whatever “civilization” succeeds us as well, once that “civilization” degenerates enough to be an equally corrupt, soft and easy target.

      • So what if God of Israel were to move his tribe…would we all be happy and peaceful… Probably not…now there never can end..

    • It’s the wrong “type”… so the President is still correct, yes? Just hand over your guns, the government will protect you… after 5-10 minutes…

    • They count mass killings differently in Europe. Regardless of how many people are killed in an incident, it is counted as one incident. When their numbers are compared to ours, we are comparing apples to oranges.

    • The Us gun control groups are representing this as a mass shooting so as the Presidential said, “we should be politizing these shooting.”

      France is much closer to their utopia. No 2nd Amendment – check. Background checks on all firearm sales – check. Strict limits or bans on assault weapons – check. Firearms registered – check.

      But do not fret. The world’s leftists will soon spin this as the West’s fault and another sign of our intolerance and bigotry. Hell Slate or Salon probably has already published one. It’s November 14th at 8:40 CST. Mark the tape.

    • When it’s a white person it’s a mass shooting, when it’s a brown person it’s a terrorist attack. But remember the media is not racist!

      • I distinctly remember Long Island Rail, Appalachian Law, and Virginia Tech shootings were not dubbed “terrorist attacks” and were all committed by killers of color.

        But hey; if facts upset you, by all means keep making up your own.

        • Your anecdotal evidence on incidents almost no one has heard of are not facts. And the VT shooter was Asian. You know very well what I mean by brown person.

          If a shooting occurs with massive casualties it’s a mass shooting. If it was politically motivated then it’s also a terrorist attack. These are not exclusive terms as the media would have you believe. I get that the bias doesn’t bother you since you probably hate Muslims, but this bias effects you too, since the term “mass shooting” is used to demonize gun owners and push the anti gun agenda.

      • @Rooster
        In fact, I would further and argue that the Jihadis out there are motivated by both the desire for glory and the compulsion to punish the society through transgression. This same narcissistic lashing-out motivates mass knife attackers in China, acid throwers in India, sicaros in Mexico and fire starters in The Philippines. Unfortunately, the Jihadis, just like the nazis and the cartels have both the local history and organizations to channel all the violent, narcissistic misfits into an *organized* horde of barbarians.

    • Two men had roughly an hour to shoot down scores of people until the police intervened. Whatever their motive, that was a mass shooting. And it’s the situation Obama and the vast majority of Democrat politicos want to create in this country.

      • If two guys seriously had an entire hour without intervention, it’s almost be more correct (if perhaps a bit insensitive) to call it a mass slaughter. Of sheep.

    • I agree that what happened in Paris is qualitatively different from many of the “mass shootings” we have here. The ISIS attacks were organized, and it’s looking like they utilized a specialized pan-European supply chain to get their weapons and explosives into place. This was not a crime of adolescent frustration/drama.

      • Unarmed victims were shot down with small arms for an extended period of time until the police intervened. I’m not seeing a significant difference vis-à-vis self-defense and gun rights issues.

      • Mass shootings in general are extremely well planned. Most mass shooters simply didn’t just snap one day, they logical choices of armament and targets sometimes even months in advance. Columbine also puts the notion that mass shootings are only single disaffected individuals… they can easily join a group. I simply do not see a distinction, sorry.

    • @JOe: Probably terrorism but the point is well made that it is still a mass shooting. The motive may be different but the results are the same. For this to happen in a country that has far more restrictive gun control laws than we do and far fewer guns proves that Obama’s statement that “this does not happen in other civilized countries” is based on propaganda rather than facts. And it still took the police far too long to respond, which tends to be the rule rather than the exception. And a few citizens with firearms could very well have saved many lives.

      • “Far too long too respond” it is very rare that the police actually save anyone’s life in response a call for help.

    • It was massive and a shooting. Good god, is there some special definition of “mass shooting” that only applies to lone-nut US gun owners? How very convenient that would be.

    • Coming to a stadium or mall near you . Like in Maryland , California , NY , or Washington . Probably not in Dallas , Texas ; Charleston , WV ; Anchorage , Alaska , or Little Rock . These asses would get through have a magazine in our local ( no guns allowed ) Mall , and be met with live return fire from ten directions . I would send my wife around to flank and two directions would be coming from us . If my brother and sister in law happen to be with us , count four more there .

      • I wouldn’t count out dallas… of course I also don’t claim dallas as part of Texas. In fact, I usually call that entire county “Not-Texas”

        • I think he might have been referring to that attack on the art exhibit in one of the Dallas suburbs. The one where the two attackers were shot.

        • Note that they are threatening Washington , DC , probably work , just like Paris , gun free zone and city of victims , They always talk like how much they want to be like the Frenchy French , well , here comes your chance boys and girls .

    • The large number of unarmed victims in the Bataclan concert hall made that a mass shooting. It was very similar to the Aurora theater shooting – except there were multiple, sane perpetrators.

  3. To some extent he’s right: THESE type of mass shootings don’t happen in other countries. Over there they are much much worse…

  4. How many soundbites can I fit in, lets see…

    You guys have it all wrong. This is just another instance of “Workplace Violence”. The fact that the perps were Islamic extremists is just coincidence. There must have been an offensive episode of Scooby Doo airing the night before…. yeah… that has to be it.

    “If Obama had a son he would look like” one of the Islamic extremists that killed all these people

    In any event, “what difference does it make”? Its not like all the wounded in Paris were told if they wanted to keep their doctor they could keep their doctor.

    I truly could go on forever…

    • Don’t for get that ISIL (or commonly known to the entire world as ISIS with the exception of Pres Obama and his press secretary) is only a “JV” team.

  5. You are taking his comment out of context. He wants his subjects to be totally dependent on the state for food, medical treatment and protection. Once in awhile we may have to take a bullet (knife, ied or suicide bomb etc) from a muslim terrorist (drug dealer, illegal immigrant, renegade cop, drug addict, professional thug, social security worker etc) because it is all about central control not about individual initiative. When the truth subverts government control it is not the truth. Now please get back in line, wait for instructions and do what you are told. And do it with a smile.

    • I believe you nailed it Dean , exactly right . Progressivism , Communism , Socialism , Nazism , Maoism , even Islamism , are all centered in Collectivism . America was built on the Christian foundation of individualism . Notice the difference between Catholicism and Christian Biblical principles of personal ( individual ) relationships with God ‘ in Jesus Christ ‘ . The Gospels do not teach us that we need a Priest , Rabbi , Mullah , Ayatollah or Obama , to commune with our creator , but the blood of Jesus made Him our intercessor and we are individually and personally saved through his perfect sacrifice .
      I am not trying to alienate anyone here and spout off that only this or that will give one eternal salvation , it is certainly not my call , but I personally do strongly believe in the Gospel approach to life and the strong message it implies of individualism and the undeniable connection between Christianity and Americas founding on the same foundations .

      • Is was American Christianity that gave us the constitution with the second amendment. Not even the mother country of England has it. Not even the former English colonies have it. Canada, India, Australia, etc. None of them have a second amendment.
        Thank god for the American christian founding fathers.

        • Mythology. I know you want to believe that, but it isn’t factual. Crack a real history book once in your life. Learn that save for John Jay, all the FFs were ‘deists’ at most generous – that is, they used the idea of a “god” to sell the idea of “natural rights” to the unwashed masses who believe such fairy tales.

          We have the 2A because a bunch of guys thought that people have inherent rights, not ones dictated by governments, or religions.

        • 16V ,
          You are simply wrong and it’s probably a result of our Progressive education system for the last 25 years . My daughter was better than a 4.0 GPA all through school and I had to re-educate her through proper reading materials for years to deprogram her from these fallacies . Read some of David Barton’s books or read some of the FFs own words before spouting off this regurgitated garbage .
          Good luck !

        • mark s, You’re simply regurgitating the brainwashed crap of your ‘belief system’ or whatever you want to call it. Your unsupported allegations mean jack-squat to any decent student of history.

          Read the FFs, they aren’t by any measure your definition of “Christian”. I’m sorry about whatever you think happened to your daughter, but that isn’t germane to the discussion at hand.

          Here’s a link to Monticello, and the org’s validatable Jefferson quotes about “religion”. Read the reality, and disabuse yourself of your illusions. Jefferson was very aware of the corrosive effects of having religion anywhere near government. We were NOT founded as a “Christian Nation”, get the eff over that nonsense, it’s just ridiculous if you actually know anything about the FFs and why we founded this place the way we did.

          • 16V ,
            My daughters situation is germane to this conversation because , being young and indoctrinated , like yourself , she believed very strongly in her argument , as you , and needed to broaden her horizons , so to speak .
            I understand how difficult it would be , to think so strongly about something and having probably argued your point many times as you are here , to friends and adversaries , to your point of view , and to discover you were misled , you would necessarily be irritated as to your quandary .
            I feel no need to convince you , as I did with my daughter , because you are not my natural concern , but I would recommend you read David Barton’s founders Bible and discover for yourself the truth behind the founding of America as a limited government with individual freedoms , establishing a republic , based on Judaic Christian scripture and structure , where government was limited by the citizens personal responsibility to regulate themselves under scripture based laws and adherence to the creator of those laws .

        • David Barton? Another whack-a-doodle nutter who sells fantasy, like Deepak Chopra. This? This is what you offer as refutation?

          Yup, I’ve been indoctrinated by the actual history of the US, I’m very familiar with it – it’s my family history.

          Get a clue, read the FFs, not some steaming pile of propaganda.

        • 16V ,
          Like I said , you can only help yourself , maybe in a few years we may dialog again , but you have some growin up to do . Until then , keep learning my son and keep an open mind as you do , you should be OK .
          God bless !

  6. Obama really needs to be careful what he says here. His foreign policy failures are the reason that ISIS even exists today. He left a total power vacuum in Iraq and ISIS filled it in. Now they are expanding.

    When Islamic terrorists hit the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11, President Bush vowed to go after those responsible. He attacked them in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He made it very undesirable for a person to want to be on a hit list put out by the US. That alone probably stopped a bunch of other attacks on our country. Attack the US and you and yours are going to be bombed into oblivion.

    Now we have ISIS attacking France. The French should immediately go after every top ranking ISIS commander. Anyone associated with ISIS should be afraid for their life. Anyone offering aid or comfort should also be made afraid. They need to make these kinds of attacks too costly to be repeated.

    If they fail to respond massively, they will simply be showing weakness and will be inviting more attacks.

    • “When Islamic terrorists hit the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11, President Bush vowed to go after those responsible. He attacked them in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He made it very undesirable for a person to want to be on a hit list put out by the US. That alone probably stopped a bunch of other attacks on our country. Attack the US and you and yours are going to be bombed into oblivion.”

      You are missing a few very important stretches of history. Bush didn’t go after the perpetrators in Afganistan and *our friends and partners* in the gulf states with anything approaching adequate force, instead the twerp went after Saddam who was not only *not even remotely responsible for 9-11* but was extremely effective in keeping violent Jihadis like AQ out of Iraq. Our invasion and subsequent botching of the occupation created the power vacuum for ISIS to base in Iraq and Obama doubled-down on that stupidity by destabilizing Syria and failing to partition Iraq before withdraw.

  7. It’s worth noting that the Obama, in his remarks, appears to make a clear and favorable reference to the French Revolution:

    “Paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. Those who think that they can terrorize the people of France or the values that they stand for are wrong.”

    And anyone wonders why they want to disarm the population? Citizen Obama, anyone?

    • If enough citizens were armed with Billy clubs and would have thrown them as if they were organized and proficient they may have saved a their Souls

  8. “From the start, our goal has been first to contain them (ISIS), and we have contained them,” Obama told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos in a Thursday afternoon interview…”

    Add this to the list of Obama’s brilliant statements.

  9. This is not mass shooting, it’s mass murder by religious Islamist fanatics who’s goal is the ending of democracy and an individual freedom of choice, while the world is held hostage to an insane ideology of submission and slavery.

    Our culture of democracy allows this particular mass murder because elected representatives have no clue about Islamist, what motivates them, nor how to deal with subjugation disguised as a religion. They rather limit law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves than do what’s necessary to end this threat to all of humanity.

  10. The response to this attack in the US will have nothing to do with gun control. There is already a DHS narrative stating that the intelligence failure allowing this attack was because of advanced encryption communication software in civilian hands. So called “dark communications.” The answer is more government and less freedom as always.

    The net result is that there is going to be another assault on the privacy of law abiding Americans because of this attack in Paris. BTW, wasn’t the President just crowing about how ISIS is contained and on the run? Who is the captain of the JV team?

    • Presidents of country’s don’t rule the World.. Oil co.s and illegal drug dealers do…Our addictions to both have put us were we are..this is a slap on our..the Worlds wrist for allowing the Tali Ban to stop all poppy seed production in Afghanistan for 2 years…they lost a lot of money.. And they want the Worlds’ wanna be rich and famous to realize don’t do it again… O
      K. Bill and Mel

  11. The putz in chief won’t even use the word MUSLIM. My son-who speaks Arabic and spends his day looking for “chatter” at DoD has already put the French flag on his FB page. Hope he doesn’t un-friend me because I posted ordinary Frenchman should be armed…anyone catch the news that the gendarmes were confiscating guns???

  12. “I ask you to keep all your trust in what we can do with the security forces to protect our nation from terrorist act”, French President Hollande, 11-13-15.

    Horses, meet belatedly closed barn door. Horses? Horses? Where’d you go?

  13. I’ve already seen the comments on BooktotheFace saying “it’s not the same! They were not citizens of their country like our mass shooters!” That makes it even worse in my opinion. They were not citizens and were easily able to obtain weapons that were banned from purchase to the citizens of Paris and France as a whole. They carried these weapons illegally through the streets of Paris. Just like the Charlie Hebdo attackers who purchased their weapons from a train station in Belgium. So, tell me again how strict gun laws prevent this from happening?

    • From the indications we have so far, it appears they smuggled their weapons and explosives in from clear across Europe. The terr’s probably broke the gun laws (and international laws) in no less than four countries.

      But we’ll hear political hacks tell us we need more gun control laws – because the ones we have are obviously doing such a great job.

  14. What if this happened in a theater in a non-gun free zone in Arizona or Texas? Would the outcome have been different? Hard to say, but it potentially could have been better if a few people in there had handguns.

  15. Gimme a break.

    We have more of them than most places – because there are better firearms freedoms here than in most places AND a bunch o’ crazies. We need to address “wild and crazy guys,” without attacking the Constitution, but it’s disingenuous to claim that we haven’t the Lions’ share of “Hmmm… maybe I’ll go shoot up a mall” types.

    Yes, “these types of shoitings” do happen elsewhere; the worst one recently was that maniac who shot up an island full o’ kids in the Land o’ Vikings.

    However, gimme a break. ISIL isn’t comparable to Adam Looser, a latter day Hitler wannabe or the Batman shooter.

    Please confine y’rself to the Truth and avoid false syllogisms, however attractive or amusing they might be.

    • Again, the motivations aren’t what matters here. Nor the fact that they may or may not have snuck the guns in from elsewhere. The relevant points are that a couple of guys managed to equip themselves with firearms in a country with strict gun control and use the guns to kill large numbers of legally-disarmed victims. And in particular, that they had a lot of time to do it in before the only legally-armed good guys (the cops) could make the scene and intervene. Now I’m reading that one of the guys was a French national who was already well-known to the police. The French gun-control laws didn’t do squat to protect the victims, just like the gun-restriction laws here pretty much don’t do squat to protect victims. And that’s the point.

  16. Big difference between local wanna be loosers and well organized can move my weapons across many lines..

  17. how dumb do you got to be to compare a coordinated terrorist attack to lone moody young males whose fragile masculinity can’t handle girls telling them no and think a shooting spree is the answer

    but it sure gets the page views and comments from idiots posting “but that don’t fit that narrative!!” with no self awareness as to their own bending reality to fit their own narrative of victimization

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