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“On October 3, Mark Carman posted a YouTube video in which he equated gun rights with motorcycle ownership,” reports, “arguing that the licensing requirement for the latter provides some standard to guide licensing requirements for the former–and the White House responded by inviting him to come visit on November 16 and 17 . . . Carman is scheduled ‘to meet one-on-one with Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama,’ and to address Congress in a bid to secure more gun control.” It gets worse. Here’s the official press release, revealing that’s behind this PR push, revealing their new civilian disarmament arm . . .

t’s been a real “call to action” month for Mark Carman, who describes himself as “Just a guy.” When his video went viral and his personal Facebook swelled to 6000 friends with thousands of personal messages, Carman confesses he didn’t know what to do with all the posts. So he just started answering them. Carman’s essential message? “Folks, we’ve got a problem” with gun ownership laws. This message hit people hard coming as it did on the heels of the October 1st Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon.

Within days of the viral video, Carman discovered his promise to “make some noise” had been heard by responsible gun owners (RGOs) like himself and non-gun owners (NGOs) alike. Volunteers emerged with perspectives as unique as the parts of the country from which they responded, but all unified under one objective: To reduce gun violence in America.

With Carman at the helm, a diverse volunteer team brainstormed a name for this newly birthed grassroots organization — ACRGO (American Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership).

FAST steps: A font and graphic design for the ACRGO logo, an ACRGO dedicated Facebook to relieve the burden on Mark Carman’s personal page, an ACRGO website putting forth an official Five-point Mission Statement, a collection of factual resources on firearms made accessible to the public, and countless volunteers monitoring and moderating discussions on Facebook to uphold the main value criterion of legitimate debate: Civil Discourse not Civil Discord.

By October 14th, Mark Carman had completed the paperwork necessary to receive an official document from the Commonwealth of Virginia certifying ACRGO as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Mark Carman, sponsored by MoveOn Civic Action, wrote and circulated a Petition addressed to President Obama stating that signers of the Petition support the President in stopping illegal gun sales. The Petition urges President Obama to “close the loophole that allows criminals to buy guns without background checks…” The first step of a multi-step legislative proposal Carman believes will keep gun-owners and non-gun owners equally satisfied.

Mark Carman’s video, supporters, and petition got the ear of the White House, where Carman will be speaking under the new ACRGO banner on November 16th and 17th, representing a true coalition of gun-owners and non-gun owners who are mobilized and ready to use the democratic practice of civil discourse and legislation to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in the United States.

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    • And only 120,000 views. Anything popular enough to get to the White House, would easily be over 1 million. Simply put, NO ONE CARES.

      I think the guy needs to go on a diet because a gun is the least of his health worries.

      • Still laughing that gun_lover_ou812 there has his youtube comments disabled.

        His video’s first question was: “You know what that is?”

        Yes, … it’s the world’s most completely New and Unused, Ever, semi-automatic handgun. I mean LOL, it might has well be an artist’s drawing for all the time that gun has spent in a holster or at a range.

        When Carman visits the White House, hopefully it’ll be while Obama is outside for his daily “skeet practice”. They can compare notes on how much they “love owning and shooting their guns.”

        Regular guys. Like us. Gotta love em.

        His next question: “take a look at it, is that firearm safe?”

        As they don’t discharge unless manipulated to do so, that no one’s finger is on the trigger, and that as we can tell it isn’t pointed at anyone, yeah, guy, whether unloaded or Loaded, it’s Safe. Yesterday, Today, and for all Tomorrows.

        Even which is to ignore (or to be illiterately unaware of) the FOUR RULES. I’ll post them here since Mark_Carman,Trained_Gun_<3 has apparently never heard of them in his many long years of firearm enthusiasm:
        `The Gun Is Always Loaded
        `Never Point The Gun At Something You Are Not Prepared To Destroy
        `Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It
        `Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target

        And the critical failure with anything Carman has to say in his video is the presumption that criminals care what some law 'says' or 'requires'. Um, Hello, they're Criminals. Duh.

        To sum up Mark Carman, regular guy, gun lover: "All I know is that I'm just a guy .. oh, and that #4. We categorically support … the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Brady Act) of 1993"

        Sheesh. With money like Bloomberg's you'd think they could come up with better shills.

  1. Well, to be fair, if you came up with a magical law that “prevented criminals from getting guns without background checks,” Barry would probably invite you over to. Because you’re a wizard, Harry!

    • Dramatically reducing the number of criminals who has access to guns, is no harder than simply ripping out the 99% of the various fed, state and local penal codes that have nu business being there in a free society to begin with. More freedom always lead to better outcomes than less. Except for the scum feeding off the sufficiently-indoctrinated-to-voluteer-for-it dronelings, of course.

    • Well, to be fair, if you came up with a magical law that made all non-elites criminals for having firearms or other rights (freedom of speech, religion, assembly, sexual preference, etc), Barry would probably invite you over too. Because you’re a wizard, Harry!


  2. “Just a guy”. Yup. Just a guy. Definitely not planned out entirely. So some guy just posts a low quality blog-like video and somehow gets signal boosted to left wing outlets, which then leads to him getting MoveOn funding, which then leads to a White house visit with the president. All within a month. Yea ok… Nothing in politics happens by accident, if it happens, it’s because it planned out.

    • This is such a blatant sabotage setup, the left must believe we’re all as stupid as their followers. They realized they couldn’t win in a direct fight because we actually have steadfast principles and the majority of the country on our side, so they’re trying an Ailinskyesque double agent thing to get a seeming ally pretending to agree with them, right down to “affirming” the right to bear arms and linking to the Constitution.

      This joker’s about as pro 2A as Bloomy.

    • Am I the only one who thinks this jackwad looks like he came from the same shallow end of the defective gene pool as ‘Mike the Gun Guy’ Wasser-whatever-the-hell his name is?

  3. “MoveOn Civic Action, wrote and circulated a Petition addressed to President Obama stating that signers of the Petition support the President in stopping illegal gun sales.”

    No shit. Really?…ink on paper to take action to stop something that is already illegal. 53 years on this rock and this is the MOST utterly stupid thing I’ve heard anyone say or do.

    When will this insanity of thought stop? Criminals care about the law ONLY WHEN YHEY ARE CAUGHT.

  4. A new anti-gun group with a supposed gun owner/Fudd at the helm, that’s probably funded by Bloomy?
    What loopholes exist that allow criminals to buy guns? Oh yeah, the “we don’t obey laws” loophole, but they’ll CERTAINLY follow the law closing that loophole…. right? Or maybe it’s the “Yee” loophole that has the very same politicians championing gun control selling the very guns they want to keep out of criminal hands to the same criminals they say they want to disarm.

  5. All I can say is vote and get everyone you know out to vote. At a minimum, the GOP must come out of the next election with control of one house, preferably the Senate. If gun rights are important to you, then the only choice is to vote R, even if its not the candidate you like. Voting R, doesn’t guarantee anything, but voting D or not voting, certainly will.

    • Stop imagining that the GOP isn’t filled with people who don’t like guns. It’s too simple to blame Democrats and liberals. Additionally, by blaming the left your alienating a whole pro gun demographic that could help the cause. Just saying.

      • Why doesn’t that leftist “pro-gun demographic” rise up and actually do something to “help the cause”, instead of slavishly voting inveterate gun-grabbers into political office and then complaining that they feel “alienated” from the gun-rights community? The R-party is probably not filled with people who love guns–but at least, unlike the other party, it isn’t filled with people who actively want to outlaw guns.

  6. To his point of selling it without any background check. Yes he could,m however, if it is used in a crime, then tracked back to him as it would be. Then he goes to jail for at least selling a firearm without the proper paperwork. I think.

  7. You got to love the White House timing on this. I am sure that public support for gun control is going to skyrocket after Paris. / sarc

    Also the President can invite him to the White House but the invitation to address Congress comes from the Speaker. Good luck with that.

    • Yeah, that’s gonna make a great conversation. “Sorry I’m late, I hd to give a press conference offering condolences for the terrorist slaughter in Paris. Now then, let’s discuss your plans to make Americans as disarmed as Parisians.”

      Great one.

  8. I must’ve missed the day when motorcycles were added as a Constitutional right. I love how his list of points in the video description says he affirms the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, then two points down, says background checks should be mandatory. Pick one, genius, either it’s a protected right or it’s a privelege, can’t have it both ways.

    “The first step of a multi-step legislative proposal Carman believes will keep gun-owners and non-gun owners equally satisfied.”

    Since when do Americans care about keeping anti-rights Marxists satisfied? Did we find a solution to end WW2 that kept us and the Japanese equally satisfied too? No. We don’t negotiate with enemies of freedom.

    This article assumes a lot, assuming any of us care about anti-gunners any more than the dirt on the bottom of our boots.

    • More and more I have to question why the government must always go to its default position on so many human activities, regulate? This bozo wants gun ownership to be regulated like motorcycle ownership. So I ask, why is motorcycle ownership/operation regulated the way it is? Why do people need permission from the government to do so many things? Why do we need a license to marry? What business is it of theirs? Instead of seeking to make gun ownership follow the example of these other regulated areas of our lives, perhaps we should rethink why they must be so regulated.

  9. I don’t have to have a license or registration to buy, sell, ship, transport, carry(If I am so equipped) or use on private land. Lets do the same for guns 😀

    • Also, no background check or ID required for purchase from an FFL or private sales even across state lines. Guns delivered straight to you door and purchased off the internet.

      It’s not that I agree this idea is constitutional but it might be better than the current system. You only need a license to use on public property. The license would be accepted in all states.

  10. He’s such a high drag low speed operator… Used his ruger to block our situation awareness while he’s tactically speed reloading his trap

  11. I just saw this. On the American Coalition for Sabotaging Gun Ownership website, under Important Links, the first link is actually the US Constitution. How utterly ignorant to his own hypocrisy must this guy be to link directly to the document he’s desecrating, the document that soundly indicts him as a traitor and enemy of freedom.

  12. Lenin had a term for people like this: “useful idiot”.
    This guy must be the founding member of Gun Owners For Gun Control.
    The GOFGC is looking for a few dumb people.

    • It’s such an uncharacteristically honest name. Where else but in America could there exist a group of people in favor of their own oppression and destruction?

  13. I suspect when he started getting attention, he started attracting promises of funding from all the usual suspects.

  14. So he got an invite from Obama, huh? Maybe he and “clock boy’s” dad can get together and discuss what went down in gun free Paris.

    • Riddle me this: By what Constitutional authority can the President of the United States invite someone to speak before Congress, an entirely separate branch of government? Hell, Barry can’t even speak before Congress unless they invite him.

      • In fairness, I believe the presser said he would speak to “members of Congress,” not necessarily address the assembled Congress. You know there are Representatives and senators who will meet with the guy–and you know which party they will be from.

  15. I’m sorry, rights don’t need licenses, bud. Time for you to go back and read the federalist papers and do some study of history!

  16. I bet his ideas are already in effect in Paris [reads laws in france] Yep, and then some.

    Helplessness does not beget safety. Quite the opposite.

  17. Yeah not gonna’ get much traction after Paris. At 1st I thought this OFWG was Mike “the gun turd” Weisser…Satan has many guises…

  18. I remember watching this video in Oct. He truly is a FUDD of the worse kind. He doesn’t know anything about gun violence, crime, etc., and doesn’t want to learn about them, because he knows IN HIS HEART (he feels) that he is right on this issue.

    The things that makes him such a powerful enemy of gun rights is his calm, self-assured, and heart-felt delivery. We need to watch out for this guy and his new organization, because he is very convincing in the way he speaks. If I knew nothing about gun control/rights, I would fall for what he is saying.

    • “I would fall for what he is saying.”
      I would not. When I see a guy like him shooting his mouth off about how much he loves his guns, I have to think, here is an old man on Social Security, bored and lonely seeking attention. Who apparently does not watch much You Tube of real gun guys who know how to educate in an entertaining way. He was so close the that frigging camera, I have a distaste for space invaders, people who stand way too close when talking to you, downright uncouth.
      I would feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so pathetic seeking 15 minutes of fame.

  19. Same kind of guy who would have turned in his neighbors for harboring Jews in their basement during ww2.

    Sucks up to the powers that be for whatever reward they offer because he wants to be one of those in power

    • “I like Jews and am in favor of Jew rights, but this new leader’s idea of making them wear Stars of David just makes sense. Can’t Jews just be responsible citizens and wear the stars? They’re being paranoid if they think it isn’t just common sense.”

  20. Another Quisling anti-American getting his name in the papers to make his heart go pitter pat, looks like this hypocrite is very Liberal , I know better than you and I’ll hit you with a rifle butt to prove it! a regular dwingelanden!

  21. I honestly think he gives the Govt too much credit on its ability to know who owns guns.

    Our govt is best characterized as a 10k armed octopus that is retarded with epilepsy. The arms all move along mostly on their own, and the occasional spasm flops them around while the brains are too busy trying to figure out what it wants to eat for dinner but it can only speak to a few arms at a time and does not know how to wipe its own ass.

    And I work in one of those arms, sigh……

    and no offense to the mentally handicapped people with epilepsy who I may have insulted, on accident.

  22. Does this guy have any proof that he actually has guns, or is he just one of those “I support the Second Amendment, but…” types? Either way, he needs to be doxed.

  23. I read this on Breitbart a day or so ago and left my comments.

    We’ve all been warned by NRA, GOA and others Obama is going to be going after our firearms one way or the other before he leaves office. As with the comments made by Obama tonight post Paris, it is clear Obama is constructing a propaganda plan to have a national registration via background checks, ban all semi-auto, (for certain AK-47’s). No? Observe some post Paris comments which have been overt to call out the name of Kalashnikov, AK-47 assault rifle and weapon, etc., you all know the game. Slap on ammo controls then move to have firearms restricted from population, make sales slow and expensive.

    We will have few options in the next presidential cycle to stop this. Choose wisely.

  24. Ugh! It’s like all the arguments we make, but he comes to the opposite conclusion.

    Lets play a game, and let’s say we did pass all those laws. How long would it be before they pass laws to make it so expensive to perform the biannual training, that it effectively becomes a ban? How long before they twist the physical requirements that you must be super human to own a firearm?

  25. Requiring a background check on all gun sales would be of little use without gun registration.

  26. ACRGO’s GoFundMe page has raised a pathetic $5,375. Can’t barely get Carman a new purse and matching heels with that.

  27. Paris shows that advanced Western civilizations with tight gun control have little gun crime, unlike the USA.

  28. You know if they’re going to play this game we need to play it too. First stop: get all the NRA members to sign a petition getting and this guy specifically labeled as a terrorist via petition.

    Petty and stupid, of course. But it sends the message that needs to be sent. And we might as well use the same trashy tactics against the anti’s they try to use against us.

  29. So, our president wants congress to disarm all of us civilians so that the terrorists won’t come shoot us, right

  30. This dude needs to move to NY or NJ and he’ll get everything he ever wanted. People need to understand that there are places in the country that have laws like what he’s calling for and they don’t make an impact in crime. Laws like this only make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to arm themselves.

  31. Expect Obama to claim AR15s will be the weapon of choice of the Syrian Jihadis he is flying over here, which is why they must be banned now.

  32. I actually went to the site and clicked on the “resources” tab. Amazingly, they had a Hickok 45 vid about [actual] gun safety, and a really good vid explaining how semi-autos are not “machine guns” or “assault weapons”; it actually quotes an ATF brass hat explaining that “assault weapons” is kind of a meaningless phrase. I admit to being a bit nonplussed.

  33. Mark Carman is a liar. He says there are no laws to govern him selling a firearm. A lie. He says it’s not an infringement of the 2nd Amendment if we just have some “rules” in place. Another lie. He claims the 2nd Amendment is about the militia and the Supreme Court made it an individual right in the 1970’s. Another lie. No wonder he got invited to the White House.

  34. Just another fat white man who wants to deny me my civil rights. I’m sure he has guns. That is how the elite racist works. He just knows what is best for the blacks. If you can just take away their guns everything will be ok.

    He even has help from sellout blacks who help deny law abiding black people guns in a poor area. Guns they need to protect themselves against criminals.

  35. He even has help from sellout blacks who help deny law abiding black people guns in a poor area

    A certain president of a rather large country comes to mind. One familiar enough with the challenges inner-city Chicagoans face to know better. Leaving them defenseless is immoral.

  36. They keep talking like our 2nd amendment is a privilege. Comparing vehicle ownership to gun ownership as if its the same. When our daddy’s and grand daddy’s took us out to shoot they taught us the basics on how to avoid shooting our feet and anyone else, common sense gun safety, proper firearms handling in general… MANDATING training for a gun owner is absurd, I think every gun owner should be Aces with their fire arm to the tilt because you’d be prepared but why not, gives you a reason to shoot. However, who’d mandate this? Who enforces this? What about the 500 mil (or more) firearms in circulation?

  37. And right after he flat out denied all but the most peripheral relationship with MoveOn.

    It seems my utter absence of trust was very well placed.

    • He’s a lying liar who lies.

      Chris Eger: Are you affiliated with’s new Gun Owners for Gun Control group?

      Mark Carman: No. I have participated in a petition sponsored by but we are not affiliated with MoveOn for any other purpose. We have tried to be very clear in our position. Our agenda is exactly as outlined in those previously referenced five points.

  38. OK, tried to watch it. how in the world did that go “viral”? I guess he’s supposed to be sounding thoughtful and folksy-philosophical and all that, but mostly he sounds like someone who keeps forgetting what he’s trying to say or having difficulty reading his cue cards or something. That halting, slow-motion delivery is just mind-numbing. Or is it just me?

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