FPS Russia Posts Video of Cameraman Injury (5:25)


There are readers who believe that criticizing (and criticizing and criticizing) FPS Russia for endangering himself, his cameramen and people downrange is like slating Snooki for being a drunken slut. Maybe so. But I believe that gun safety is a non-negotiable. If you want to entertain millions of people by “blowing shit up” go for it. If you make money doing so, good for you, Kyle. But shooters who flagrantly and publicly violate gun safety rules bring firearms ownership into disrepute. Be they criminals or clowns, they hurt those of us who want to protect our right to keep and bear arms, by giving comfort to our enemies. I’m the last person to scream “there ought to be a law!” But I refuse to shy away from pointing out that FPS Russia ought to know better. In fact, he probably does. And that’s a shame.


  1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

    Part of me wonders if this is just a publicity stunt. I mean, you can clearly see a piece of shrapnel heading for the cameraman, but hasn’t this guy done editing/cgi before? Wouldn’t put it past him. As they say, “just sayin'”.

  2. avatar J in Ga says:

    How does this guy get all these full auto things to play with?

    1. avatar Stan says:

      People loan them to him. I suspect he probably has an FFL and SOT at this point so he can transfer stuff back and forth. But he has friends with large gun collections.

    2. avatar Josh says:

      He makes money by the boatload on youtube. Estimated at anywhere from 150K-750K a year. He probably has all the proper licenses and lots and lots of money.

  3. avatar Stan says:

    FPSRussia hasn’t done CGI before, not that I’m aware of. He has done work for game companies that have done CGI work for him on video projects marketing their products. But as far as I can tell there’s nothing being marketed in this video except stupidity. He’s standing on top of a massive tannerite explosion, as he’s done countless times before, and this time it got someone hurt. It’s pure stupid luck he hasn’t killed himself or someone else yet. It will take him being sued before he wakes up and realizes he’s a danger to himself and everyone around him.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      It will get tons of hits… but you’re probably right. Just a thought.

    2. avatar BeninMA says:

      Fake. Remember this:


      Everything about this screams phony publicity stunt… right down to the promotion of his FB/Twitter feed before and after the clip. If it’s real, I’d expect his cameraman to sue him, particularly after FPS said on FB that “it was worth it.” But it’s all just part of the show.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    I can’t wait for the FPSRussia Memorial video. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

  5. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Ouch that sucks, yes I agree safety first. I have a feeling his cameraman will now use a blast shield…

    1. avatar Levi B says:

      They don’t use hearing protection, but you think they’re going to use a blast shield? …

      1. avatar Logan says:

        He has ear plugs, just small in-ear ones that are clear.

  6. avatar eric says:

    “so my cameraman had a little bit of an accident”

    Yes, it was clearly the cameraman’s fault. 😀

  7. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I’m pretty sure Forrest Gump had something to say about morons like FPS. He’ll only learn his lesson after he kills someone and gets locked up.

  8. avatar Chase says:

    You guys should stop hating this guy, because it makes you look stupid when you actually believed this was real.

    Anyways, he’s not a FFL. You can’t have a FFL for fun, I know I tried to get one. You have to show a legitimate business reason.

    1. avatar Josh says:

      Making upwards of 150K isnt a valid business reason?

      1. avatar Gyufygy says:

        I want to make $150k fooling around on video with guns, minus the lacerations and hearing loss, though.

  9. avatar Gyufygy says:

    Now that I’ve watched the video… What kind of dumbshit, brain dead, moron thinks watching an explosion of that size from 10 yards away is not going to end badly?! Sweet Tapdancing Moses, I knew he did some stupid stuff, but this takes the cake. I’m surprised he didn’t take a chunk. Yeesh…

  10. avatar Sammy says:

    Yet more “ammunition” for the antis. It is no wonder to me why the grabbers keep coming back like a bad penny. With guys like this in the shooting industry, they don’t need Bloomberg.

  11. avatar Joseph says:

    The only time I’ve seen this idiot’s videos is on TTAG….wouldn’t bother to look him up. He’s like watching flies fu**king.

  12. avatar Nuckingfuts22 says:

    Did anyone notice that his real American accent came though more than a few times? It was kinda funny to hear him say things with an american accent then a really bad baltic accent at the same time.

  13. All FPS is about, is making money. He does not care about responsible firearm use. He demonstrates no safe gun handling. Unfortunately, he’s got a lot of people who are fan boys and think he is a real cool guy.

  14. avatar International Jeff says:

    First, what’s the point of that shotgun? Is there a real need for a fully automatic shotgun that’s got 6 round magazines? It’s real world utility as a military weapon is near zero.

    Second, whoda thunk that pounding a metric S-ton of tanerite into a fridge and then blowing it up with the door shut would have caused the thing to throw shrapnel?

  15. avatar Just go get laid says:

    you all should go slay some poon… God it’s like a convention of whiny little brats here. ‘FPS Russia is a bad mannnn, he’s unsafe, he should give two shites about what I say’ Hey got news for you all, heres how many fcks he probably gives

    wait for it


    1. avatar twency says:

      FPS Russia, is that you? 🙂

  16. avatar Steve Mcqueen says:

    Wow there are a bunch of crying ass little baby’s on here. If you don’t like it don’t watch it morons

  17. avatar Franks22 says:

    Seriously you guys need to get the sand out of your poon. Cry about gun safety in a corner somewhere where no one can hear you if you insist on doing so. If FPS russia wants to shoot without proper protection that’s his business. This is mainly for Paul T. McCain on here. FLAME DELETED

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