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Koeberle Bull, a mother from New Jersey, is being hailed as a hero for taking action that may have stopped a school shooting. It all started when Ms. Bull received an extremely insulting Facebook message from a complete stranger.

The message read, in part: “There’s no such thing as white privileged you f—ing autistic f—. I hope your black children gets hung for you being so stupid…Act your race retard.” Ms. Bull is a widow whose late husband, the father of her three children, was black.

Ms. Bull could have written off the message as meaningless trolling, but when she saw that the sender had a gun in his profile picture, she decided to make sure he wasn’t a real-life threat. As it turned out, the sender, named Dylan Jarrell, was from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky – more than 600 miles away from her. Nevertheless, Ms. Bull called the Kentucky State Police and spoke with an officer who took her report very seriously.

With very fortunate timing, police found and stopped Jarrell right as he was pulling out of his driveway with, lo and behold, mountains of evidence that he was about to attack innocent people.

“A firearm, over 200 rounds of ammunition, a Kevlar vest, a 100-round high capacity magazine and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject,” said the Kentucky State Police.

Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

“There is no doubt in my mind that as a result of this investigation we saved lives,” Commissioner Rick Sanders said to the press. “This young man had it in his mind to go to schools and create havoc. He had the tools necessary, the intent necessary, and the only thing standing between him and evil and doing evil is law enforcement.”

Jarrell has pleaded “not guilty” to making terroristic threats and is currently being held in the Shelby County Detention Center. He has also been charged with harassing communications.

In response to being called a hero, Ms. Bull said, “I’m not a guardian angel. I’m not a hero. I’m a mom.”

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  1. Hope to see a followup. No doubts he was a loose cannon, but don’t see a lot he can be convicted of based on waht we’re privy to.

    • I’m sure that the preliminary charges are just to hold him in jail while they investigate. Expect more charges to be filed soon.

      • I find it hard to believe that such person would not only make a detailed written plan of attack on a school (what’s so complicated that it requires one?), but that he will take the plan with him, in case he forgot some important detail on his way to the school.

  2. LIKE THE SAYING GO’S SEE SOMETHING—-SAY SOMETHING you never can tell you might just stomp on some cross-threaded idiots plans for world conquest..

  3. Let’s be real here. This was absolutely dumb luck. Just as he was pulling out they stopped him? Come on. Now you’re going to have every paranoid person on the web being trolled calling police depts 2000 miles away hoping to get their trolls swatted.

    Am I glad she called and they stopped little trailer boy? Absolutely, I just don’t want to see this reporting thing go completely the other way on us, especially with people who own guns say something someone doesn’t like.

    • I’m sure they looked at the Facebook post in question first. Or at least hope they did. I know I would before I called in SWAT.

    • Don’t go a trolling when you have pictures and/or videos of yourself online with guns. Once you post your guns online you become a target.

      There are laws around the world that allows the government to arrest you if you “troll” people online. America calls them terroristic threat and harassing communication laws; these laws allow the FBI to arrest you for your speech.

      People are pushing to get rid of anonymity on the internet so they can arrest anyone that posts things they don’t like. In China, you must have your ID linked to your online accounts for them to track and archive your posts. In America, people willfully give up their personal information.

      • Personally, I stay off of social media completely. There’s nothing good that ever comes from it. I have a YouTube account only for subscriptions. I don’t post my GPS coords every time I go somewhere, I don’t tell everyone where I live, who my friends are, who I’m married to, and I definitely don’t post pictures of my guns and me on the internet for everyone.

      • Yeah, you mean like when all the TTAG commenters subscribe…And I’ve noticed quite a few SJW Trolls on this site now…Also, came a across a couple if recent “non-Pro2@” articles that suddenly became broken links…Come to think of it, Theres the usual SPAM ads on this page. Currently there’s an ad with a picture of a short EDC dagger type neck knife with the caption; “Should this gadget be *BANNED* from civilian ownership!?” Everything will reverse back to the statist ideals that having legal weapons– is linked to PRE-CRIME…So, I think when it comes down to “media platforms” now a days…Big Brothers are watching! As they used ti say on the old X-Files series: ” Trust No One ☝!”

    • Yeah I am hoping there was more to the investigation and more online evidence actually found out some history before the cops were dispatched and car searched. Otherwise, you have mean comment + gun pic = search of your car.

      One gun, vest or plate, 1 drum or quad stack mag, and half a can of ammo alone doesn’t mean intent, for many that might be bug out or car backup or a small range day.

      Maybe he had his diary and kill list in the car, be who knows, not defending him. But I would be cautious of reported mean comments and a gun photo alone leading to police action, as there would be possibility for abuse, false reports on gun owners, etc. Basically the same issue as a grvo/erpo.

      • I always think about how horrible the news could make the everyday contents of my car seem… Duct tape, zip ties, garbage bags, latex gloves…

        • Geez, or mine….chewing gum, Kleenex, disposable lighter, flashlight, toothpicks, travel coffee mug, cellphone charger, pistol, spare mag…..oh, the horrors!

        • Awe hell fake news could make me into a criminal mastermind. They’d make sure to point out I had “prepper food supplies” (water can, fuel can, fire stuff, med stuff, chili, and Vienna sausage). They’d point out the 2-3 firearms and “high capacity clipazines” oh and my surplus flek jacket and raindrop mag holder would be called “tactical, paramilitary, assault gear”. And then they’d probably forget to mention I was detained for something like a burned out tail light and then released.
          The story sounds good and all, but the wrong time and fake news can make anybody sound like the devil.

      • Depending on the day, I’ve got a 10.5” AR, 5 mags, two trauma kits, a handgun, spare mag, two knives, a small go bag, and 2 ASP’s between my truck and my body. They definitely wouldn’t like me. I’m not saying that crazy little bastard was a dindonuffin, but the contents of the gun, ammo, and mags are not sufficient for anything.

        • Likewise, calling SWAT on him is not a heroic act, at least in my view. Mofo sure looks bent, tho, doesn’t he? Good guy to keep an eye on, for the cops.

      • I have a feeling this is what helped do him in, all from the story posted above –

        “…and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject…”

        and this…Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

        • While that evidence may provide a solid basis to prosecute and imprison the young man, the initial justification for the search which produced that evidence is extremely thin at best.

          As another commenter hinted above: a mean comment + a photo with a firearm does NOT equal probable cause to search someone’s vehicle and home.

    • I agree, if the facts are as reported. In that case, this was luck and on any other day would have been a hassle for almost no reason.

      But the facts may not be reported accurately if the media simply got them wrong or if they were given an incomplete set of facts to try and preserve the integrity of an investigation or if there was some sort of parallel investigation.

  4. Terroristic threat and harassing communication laws are speech control laws that Americans are not aware of. The government claims they can regulate speech if it crosses state lines. When you use the internet it cross all kinds of lines.

    If you ever post anything aggressive to a person on the internet, especially if it was sent to a government worker, don’t be surprised when the government raids your house. If they have any information that you are armed they might no-knock you.

    • I didn’t see where he threatened anyone with that post. It looks like he has bad taste and hopes for some strange things, but that’s free speech. I can hope I win the lottery tonight, but that’s as far as hopes will get me. Now if he stated he would hang her children then yeah that’s a threat. Maybe even if he stated he hopes they get hung and that he has a rope to do it or something then maybe. As it reads I see no threat or probable cause.

  5. Do we call her “Stop a School Shooter Jane” or something now?? She called the cops on a completely innocent man she didn’t know.

      • So only people from Stormfront are worried about probable cause, due process and presumption of innocence? Maybe those guys aren’t as bad as I thought.

        • There’s likely a lot more to this story then what’s reported. Keep in mind the media is intentionally left out of detain facts, and, the media also chooses to omit certain facts to drive an agenda.

        • Probable cause: You were not there. Maybe he gave consent to search the car, maybe he was smoking pot and it smelled, giving them the right to search the car, maybe he was prohibited to own firearms, which was revealed to the cops when they ran his tag or DL, and the weapons were in plain view…

          Presumption of innocence: That’s in Court.

    • Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing unconstitutional about police being able to investigate a threat. During said investigation, it’s determined that the threat was legitimate, prosecution is warranted.

      • Investigation is fine. I’d be concerned about the constitutionality of the search, but it looks like he consented to the phone search and I’ll bet the police obtained at least tacit consent for the car search, even if he felt obligated to let them. They’re pretty good at that.

        • “…and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject…”

          and this…Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

        • “they’re pretty good at that”. Either you are smart enough to understand their question asking for your consent, or you are a complete dummy.

        • Once they find the written plan, and the means to carry said plan, they have enough to ask for a warrant regarding the phone and most likely any electronic device own by the suspect. the written plan of attack alone gives probable cause. The investigators will take your phone, put it on airplane mode, and try to crack the password once they get the green light.

  6. Good job stopping an azzhole but I don’t see a lot to hold raciss white boy…I guess we should start picking up EVERY lowlife who slams Trump or Republican’s😄

    • “…and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject…”

      and this…Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

      • I’ve got a detailed plan to overthrow the US gov’t saved in my PC. Multiple drafts with annotations from myself and the people I’ve had review it. Its the novel I’m working on and my editors’ notes. My computer search history also contains information on building improvised explosives devices, youtube videos on synthesizing noxious and explosive and hypergolic compounds at home, how to make gunpowder, all sort os “nefarious” sounding things. To be clear, I have zero intent or desire to harm anyone or overthrow any gov’t anywhere, and have committed exactly zero crimes. I’m a curious person with a scientific background, and I’m a writer currently working on a fiction project whose plot revolves around an coup attempt in america. None of this is criminal, none of this should give the gov’t permission to violate my rights.

        • Are you also spreading hate and threats on the net? All the points you make are valid. But remember jarrell wasn’t flagged in a random search. He brought the fire down on himself.

  7. Uh, can I see what the so called evidence of his said strike plan was?

    Honestly, this sounds like a day at the range, not a shooting spree.

      • Yes, I hone my tactical skills in full tactical kit. The closer to reality the training is, the better you’ll perform when the real deal arrives.

      • If you have body armor and you don’t take it with you when you go out, it’s not likely to do you much good.

        Everything they describe is completely legal except this “detailed plan of attack” — and even that may be legal, depending on its actual contents. Local news sources add that he was questioned about threats against a Tennessee school back in May (but, obviously, no action was taken), and that he had “threats of violence” on his phone, which, I honestly find unsurprising for a dumb, high school drop-out (GED) who liked to trash-talk on the internet.

        Maybe he was a real threat, maybe not. I am curious what a jury would decide. He’s being appointed a public defender, so he’s not going to have a top-flight defense. Something like 90% of criminal cases end with pleading to lesser charges and never get in front of a jury. That’s probably what will happen here, whether he’s guilty or not.

        BTW, he doesn’t live in a trailer. He lives in a normal house on a residential street in a town. I find the “trailer trash” comments offensive. I live in rural Appalachia and am familiar with rural Kentucky. Mobile homes are an economical form of housing for a lot of very nice, decent people I know. When people use the term, it’s intended as a slur against people who are largely poor, rural and White and it’s not any better than any racial or ethnic slur. I know I’d rather be broken down and have to ask a stranger for help in the deepest backwoods of Kentucky than I would in most big cities.

  8. IF… IF… this is all true.

    She basically hit the billion dollar lottery. Chances of that happening are basically NEVER which sets off my fishy alarm.

  9. Yes, this had a good result, but I’m not entirely okay with this. Telling someone you despise them is not against the law. Having photos with guns is not against the law. He didn’t make any comments that he would do anyone harm. I don’t see probable cause.

    • Agreed.
      Though I like the result (people who prey on and hurt/kill children deserve to burn in the hottest circle of hell) the fact that he got the cops called on him and subsequently a warrant issued against him because he mouthed off some stupidity online and Ms Jersey DoGooder saw ‘he had a gun in his profile pic’ doesn’t sit well.

    • “…and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject…”

      and this…Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

      • The internet searches should (do?) require a warrant for the police to go cyber snooping on you. What was their probable cause for obtaining such a warrant?

        Did the was the “detailed plan” spotted by the cop in plain sight through the window? Or did they find it through an unlawful search?

        Lots of stuff we don’t know. Enough to be uneasy about.

        • In many jurisdictions you can obtain a warrant in less than an hour. They may have discovered what was in his internet search history after he was arrested. For such a crime, or suspicion to commit such a crime trust me your phone and computer is one of the first thing that will get secured and seized.

  10. Harassment, yes. Hate crime based on the harassment, maybe.
    Terroristic threats, either he did something that wasn’t mentioned here or they’re just making up silly charges.

    Conspiracy/intent to engage in terrorism, that might be more fitting, if the stuff they’re so excited about isn’t his daily loadout.

  11. Threats may or may not be illegal, but this behavior is felony stupid from the git go. One other thing, ANYONE, can read these posts, left, right, pro-firearms, anti-firearms, forever. If they can obtain a warrant, they can and will, know everything about you; your address, your shoe size, your friends and what THEY ate for lunch last Tuesday. These posts don’t fade away. Don’t think it’s right, VOTE, change the politicians and get the laws changed. Until then, we all have both belly buttons and unfortunately, sometimes; racist, hog-ignorant and vulgar opinions. Both are protected equally by the First Amendment, for all concerned, both are better kept on the DL unless asked. Just sayin’ -30-

  12. I am guessing that he was already on law enforcement radar when this woman contacted them about the Facebook harassment and the gun picture. A local news story says that he was a suspect in a previous school shooting threat, last May. That is why the police may have responded the way they did from what would otherwise just be a jerk mouthing off on Facebook.

  13. For everyone posting…yeah, but, no evidence…etc etc –
    “…and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject…”
    and this…Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.

    There was apparently more to the story than just some whack-a-doodle with a gun pic being an internet jerk. Show some intelligence and read before you comment.

  14. The whole thing seems to me like a staged event. I smell a rat. Why would he zero in on a complete “stranger” 600 miles away.

    • For the same reasons complete strangers who may be hundreds of miles away troll and insult each others on many websites/social networks, and on many topics.

  15. Just recently, I had to call the local police in my town/state.*(re: Socialist, Liberal-Progressive, Left-wing, Utopian police-state.)* A car accident in front of my apartment building. I didn’t know if any hit the building itself. But, it looked pretty close. And the situation outside had deteriorated and had become very heated. I could hear yelling and people gathering. So I called 911, the police dispatcher asked me to carefully peek outside to observe the situation. I gave them descriptions, vehicle ID’s, etc. Suddenly, amongst the people, someone saw me looking out our buildings main entrance. An unidentified individual yelled; “Fuck Off! Mind your own business and get lost!!!” I immediately retreated back into my building. I informed the same to the 911 police dispatcher…They said they could hear it on my phone…The 911 police dispatcher asked me if I saw any weapons or anything in anyone’s hands or on their person…I informed them I could only see some smartphones. The police asked me to stay by the secured, windowed door to observe and notify them as soon as i see a P/o or a cruiser…A 5 mins, and multiple police cruisers arrived. The local police immediately started to gather everyone up and immediately “confiscated” anything in anyone’s hands or person…

    • It is common practice for 911 call takers to ask about weapons, as well as whether people are/seem to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  16. “A firearm”
    That’s not evidence.

    “over 200 rounds of ammunition”
    That’s not evidence

    “a Kevlar vest”
    Not evidence – just a prepared guy.

    “a 100-round high capacity magazine”
    Definitely NOT evidence. I got these just laying around.

    “and a detailed plan of attack”
    Ok – you got me here. This is the evidence here. The actual evidence.

    “Jarrell’s Internet search history also included searches about how to plan a school shooting.”
    Yeah – that’s evidence. Seems we are painting a picture here and it’s not looking so good.

    • If you make it obvious that you are about to commit a crime, therefore what you were about to use in order to commit such crime becomes evidence. If when they searched the car all they found was a purple nerf gun, it would make things hard for the prosecution. Having a real firearm, enough rds to kill many, and protective gear makes it more legit.

      If you have a pray bar in the trunk of your car it’s not evidence of anything. If you are at 3am in a neighborhood where you don’t live, don’t know anyone, with gloves on and the same pray bar in your hands it may become evidence that you are a prowler.

  17. “He has also been charged with harassing communications.”

    I’m sorry what???!?

    He’s a keyboard commando troll. An internet Dbag. As common as sand on a beach – shouldn’t charge him with being a dbag troll on the internet. Grow a pair people.

  18. Great job for the KY police, for taking a crime tip seriously. They are better cops than the FBI. And better than the California cops in the Erin Hernandez case. There are teachers with guns in schools here in Kentucky. The exact number in unknown. And they are still rifle teams in some of the schools here.

    • I don’t live in district 4, but KY rep Thomas Massie has been a tireless and outspoken advocate for arming schools and gun rights in general. I encourage everyone in his district to show their support for him by coming our Election Day.

  19. I too was going to commit a mass shooting, after observing my chosen place of attack the DMV’, I realized shooting a mass of people who had been praying for death the last four hours was just no fun at all


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