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Let’s focus on [Biden’s] key sound bite. Gun vs. Jets…who ya got?

I’m putting my money on the guns. You dumb progressives can go for the jets and the points.

Now, let’s start raising the kind of facts that tend to undermine the soundbite that launched a thousand MSNBCgasms.

First up, what does a gun do? What does a fighter-bomber do?

Well, a gun gives an individual soldier – and that’s what civilian freedom fighters would be – the ability to dominate the space on the ground around them out to a couple hundred meters of open territory (let’s not argue about maximum effective ranges, or the fact that civilians have a lot of weapons that outrange the 5.56mm weapons systems currently used by the military – a weapon system whose bullets Mr. 10% Off The Top thinks fly “five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun”). In other words, a gun controls space on the ground. Coincidentally, the ground happens to be where people live. 

A jet fighter dominates air space and keeps other planes away. Few people actually live in the air. Now, a jet fighter bomber like the F-15 can drop bombs on the enemy – which is, according to Crusty, us freedom-loving American citizens. Of course, this kind of tactical employment works to support guys on the ground dominating terrain with guns. Planes don’t hold territory; they help soldiers hold territory. So, it’s an apples and oranges thing at the threshold, which is appropriate since the whole discussion Slow Joe began is pretty much Fruit Loops.

Biden assumes he’s got soldiers to support with his jets. How many? Who knows? Some. But lots of colonels and generals, the kind who add (he/him) or (zip/zap) to their official signature blocks – would salute and carry out order to kill other Americans. Hey, maybe they can win this war and finally get one in the “Win” column after three decades! They’re due!

But the problem for them is quantity. There are tens of millions of American patriots with guns, AR-15s being only one color in the rainbow of freedom-defending firearms. Real diversity is 5.56mm alongside 7.62mm and .30-06 and 12 gauge and .45 and others, all firing together for a brighter tomorrow. So, there better be a lot of airplanes to balance out millions of patriots.

— Kurt Schlichter in F-15 vs. Ar-15? Bet on the Guys With the Guns

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  1. A plane that still has to be flown, armed, fueled, and maintained. What if those who do those jobs decide to be elsewhere, or at least call in sick?

    • Or, more accurately, the people that fly, arm and maintain them have families, homes and loved ones. It changes the calculus quite a bit when the consequences for dropping bombs on your fellow citizens include “my family being killed and my home burned to the ground”.

      • Facts. People don’t seem to understand what a guerilla insurgency actually looks like when the occupying force also lives in the battle space. It’s not nice, it’s not polite, it doesn’t usually follow the majority of the “rules of war,” (whichever ones you choose to believe/abide in). It’s a nasty business with civilian targets and atrocities on both sides. I’m not advocating for such a conflict, but that’s how it would shape up. The closest the U.S. has seen to such a time was the very limited scale conflicts on the frontier with Native Americans. Soldiers often had their families with them, and settlements were as fair game as forts.

        • You two hit the nail on the head. There is no border between “us” and “them” in a civil insurgency, especially where most of the fighting is urban warfare.

        • You’re right. The American Revolution in the Carolina backcountry was an all out civil war. Neighbors who had grown up together engaged in mutual remorseless slaughter. It was a war of annihilation.

          Conservatives shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the balance of power would be only on our side if civil war comes. There are plenty of left wingers with guns and plenty of them are former military. Look at the Antifa cadres, not the everyday dopes but the ones with properly set up plate carriers, comms, and weapons who lurk in the background doing the coordinating. They know what they’re doing and they’re training their goons. Remember Spenser Rapone? I wonder what he’s doing these days? The radical left is training and organizing in a way we on the right aren’t and they have funding from radical billionaires.

          The Left, from Biden on down, mean to criminalize political opposition and they have the backing of the DOJ, FBI, and all the intel agencies. Biden’s latest demagogic rants give an indication of what the Left intends to do to us. Conservatives need to shake themselves out of their lethargy and organize themselves at least as well as has the Left to be ready for what is coming at us. Talk to your trusted friends and neighbors. It’s a difficult thing to do now that we live in a surveillance state.

      • This is true. This is also why everyone, us included, should be really careful talking up a civil war. If we’re at the point where our survival depends on murdering the families of people who fuel aircraft for a living, we’ve already lost – all of us.

        • true. some things are just not worth it. russia and china would swoop in to sweep up whatever wounded were left and impose totalitarian rule on a weary populace. end of america.

        • Don’t need to kill the ones feeding the airplanes, Just make it SEEM like they are at unacceptable risk just for showing up to do that work. And the point raised above, that those airplanes WILL be destroying the homes of some of those relied upon to fuel and equip and repair them. At that ooint Papa Bob will have to side with his family or with his “job”.

          Easy decision for any real man.

        • Yes, it is exceedingly unfortunate as well as exceedingly frustrating that actually killing these criminals infesting our governments would give them the excuse/justification to call out the military after the first few deaths. Maybe that’s their plan. But killing these criminal traitors is very likely the only way to both remove them from positions of influence/power and set an example/warning that will last longer than a sound bite (it’s for the chilluns). I believe this is called a conundrum or something. Interesting times indeed…

    • “What if those who do those jobs decide to be elsewhere, or at least call in sick?”

      Or if lowly truckers decide not to deliver spare replacement parts for those fancy weapons, and they have to sit on the ground?

      Russia estimates 20 percent of their defense budget gets stolen each year. One missing critical part on an expensive weapons platform like a jet instantly turns it useless, as the Russians have discovered when attempting to mobilize Armour in long-term storage to replace the grievous losses in Ukraine…

      • A two million dollar tank disabled for two thousand dollars of copper wiring.

        Corruption in the Russian army is degrading their logistics as much as Ukrainian used HIMARS.

        • Let’s not forget what wonders thermite can do to supply truck drivetrains and wheel hubs. Or how much noxious smoke can be created by household chemicals such as bleach and brake fluid, etc. Not every action would involve gunns, or should necessitate injury. Incapacitate the opponent’s ability to move, and that should throw a big wrench in his plans already.

        • “A two million dollar tank disabled for two thousand dollars of copper wiring.”

          Maybe 200, if the thief is lucky

          Scrap metal dealers (in the US, anyways) are required to collect ID information on the seller of semi-precious metals like copper for the local police to scrutinize. Report a copper theft, LE looks at the metal dealers to see who sold what…

        • Report a copper theft, LE looks at the metal dealers

          Melt it down make your own bullets, melts at a little over 1000 degrees C… A small kiln can achieve temps of 1100 to over 1200 C.

        • Geoff, I was referring to Russian tanks. Ones parked at the back of the vehicle pool often tend to be cannibalized for parts and whatever could be sold on the black market or eBay equivalent.

    • To expand: fuel has to be pumped from the ground, transported to refineries, processed into jet fuel, and transported to the aircraft, all of which will occur in what they view as enemy territory. Parts and armaments for said F-15 aircraft have the same logistical issues, not to mention feeding all the people required to keep them in the air.

    • The one thing more than any other. That will prevent the government from fighting back in that way. Is the same thing that has prevented our Military from winning any conflict/War since WWII. Collateral Civilian Casualties and Collateral Damage. As bad as it looks in a foreign country to the American public. Imagine the Horror in their own neighborhood. Our Society has No perception as to what War truly is. They just see videos that have sanitized to not offend anyone’s emotions, If the Real thing began happening near them. Any support for it’s continued use would instantly End and the calls to stop would be unmistakable. Regardless of the consequences. War on U.S. soil against it’s own citizens is the last thing those in Power want to see, because they know going in it’s a no win situation for them. Win or Lose.

      • More volunteers that have went to Ukraine to fight Russia have returned home with horror stories..

        The stories are out there it just the American press cover ups these returning volunteers, cause it would contradict their line “PATRIOT War”!!

        Many are US Veterans who come back complaining they were not expecting this kind of “REAL WAR” where the other side has accurate long range artillery, trained snipers, tanks and APC’s!!!

      • @Darkman
        “Imagine the Horror in their own neighborhood.”

        “They” have, and it is delightful.

        External and internal war are two completely different conflicts. The US essentially lost its collective nerve after WW2 (and Russia gets all the credit for PTSD about invasion). Going forward, “war” was about minimizing casualties (vs. win at all costs), and sending heated “messages” that are designed to persuade an enemy to “cut it out”. However….

        There will be no compassionate ROE in a civil war. Real hate exists in this country, for itself, and the appeal of revenge and destruction is never so empowering as when settling family disputed through force of arms.

        One might want to consult Sun Tzu on war: “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”.

        Sun Tzu’s precepts are founded on discipline. Random highwaymen and mobs lack discipline, and they do not wage successful warfare.

        Look around, really look. There ain’t gonna be no boogie, Lou. Waco and Bundy2 are the future: no one came to the rescue.

        • Waco was remote and unadvertised. A fair number on minimal notice showed for the Bundys and changed the course of events although I’m unaware of how it later panned out.

    • Or better yet what if they put sand in the fuel tanks or rig the ordnance to detonate on launch…

  2. The left is getting professional and federal help. Many of these antifa types now have a sense of belonging they never had before. I wouldn’t underestimate them. Just because you have an AR and watch Tucker Carlson doesn’t mean jack. The right is completely atomized still.

    • They have AR’s as well. They also firmly believe in political violence. “It’s okay to punch a Nazi.” We’re all Nazis/racists/semi-fascists/threats-to-democracy to them, and like you said they’re backed up by the state. Compare and contrast the government response to the summer of 2020 protests vs. the Jan. 6 protest. Now compare and contrast the death and destruction. The FBI pretends like antifa doesn’t exist. They also interfered in the past two presidential elections. They’re already interfering in the next one.

      • Dude,

        No sane person desires civil war. And yes, they are busy “fortifying” the next election(s) – albeit ineptly.

        OTOH, as John Stuart Mill said, “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice; a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice, — is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

        And as T. Jefferson told us: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”

        I agree with both quotes.

        • Lamp, yes, no one in their right mind desires war (see what I did there?) but on that particular note I think you omitted one other very pertinent quote: “if not now, when? If not us, who?” Food for thought as the clock ticks…

        • Rider/Shooter,

          I omitted that one quite intentionally – because that is an individual decision that every person has to make for themselves. I’m not telling anyone else when “when” is here for me; they need to decide when “when” is there for them. Like Potter Stewart defining pornography, “I know it when I see it”. (Another ridiculously stupid Leftist argument.)

          Suffice it to say that I follow a number of news sources, Left and right, and “I’ll know it when I see it”.

        • But the context of that speech was to point out the need for timely and cohesive action, an organized effort on the part of everyone involved, not to mention the “… let it be in my time…” aspect. Critical stuff as push approaches shove and we the determined age further.

    • Their passive-aggressive bully tactics are intended to manipulate you into feeling isolated and helpless, or goad you into making the first move out of desperation. Those tactics also betray their fear of giving you a banner to rally around should they overplay their hand.

    • “Many of these antifa types now have a sense of belonging they never had before. I wouldn’t underestimate them.”

      That makes them over-confident in their capabilities, and can be exploited…

      • Rittenhouse shut down an entire riot by shooting 3 of those ss/antifa types.

        The left has shit. They have a few hard core types but mostly they have larpers looking for a weekend party.

        • jwm,

          The Leftist/fascists do, indeed, have (some) AR-15s. How scared are you of the likes of dacian the demented dips*** and MajorStupidity??

          Me? I like my chances.

        • Kyle did not just put a stop to that one night’s rioting in Kenosha. No, By my readings, the Kenosha “experiment” brought the rioting accross the nation to a sudden helt within days, except for a few habitual “hot spots” like Portland.

          I’ll lay stakes at any high odds that had a Kyle surfaced in Portland and done the same, Portland also would have folded like a cheap suit dumped in the river. Wheeler would have lost his stomach for the nightly charade, or been “removed” from action one way or another.
          The one deliberate assassination I know of that took place in Portland sparked no immediate retaliation or evend efense.. the killer fled the scene, turned up three days 120 miles north, was acting his usual self again and got ventilated by local cops, as I recall, no connexion with his “wanted” status back in Portland. Had there been iinstant targetted retaliation response to that assassination I believe Aunti Fae and BeeYellEm would have been emasculated, just as Kyle did, as a side benefit, in Kenosha.

        • And BLM chapters are suing their leadership over money. Considering the leadership appropriated money for “wellness retreats and educational facilities” (aka several multi-million dollar mansions each) and then boasted about it on a public video while sipping champagne and thanking George Floyd for his sacrifice.

  3. The famine from such an event alone would probably kill as many or more than the bombs and bullets together would. Then again for horrid people that’s a feature not a bug.

    Lets be real here, it’s one thing to bomb another country (not that it’s really worked well) than it is to bomb the country in which the infrastructure you use to do the bombing is located. Or your seats of political power.

    Such things virtually never end well either and are typically a bad idea. Not always, but typically.

    • Given the opportunity the left will #MURDER you. The left has no boundaries, no laws, no ethics, no morals. After murdering MILLIONS, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Castro all died peacefully as old men, with ZERO regrets. Implicit threats turn into DIRECT ACTION with the antifa types. #SOCIALISMKILLS, always has, always will.

        • You don’t know that, no one ever possibly can. And even if they did, that ain’t good enough for that type. They need to be made to hope for that before they expire.

    • not to mention the united states is not the only thing on the planet. china, russia and indian would stand laughing on the sidelines and wait until we were all worn down to pounce. of course they would also make deals with one of the sides of the conflict to fuel carnage and establish loyalties. don’t for a second the “freedom loving freedom fighters” would turn down these offers for foreign aid. and once the battle ends? welcome to the people’s republic! all these civil war fantasies are such video game bullshit.

      • So, let’s take your argument to its logical conclusion – there is NOTHING the Leftist/fascists can do that would justify civil war??? OK, chief. See my John Stuart Mill quote, above.

        And, if you’ve been paying attention, China and Russia both have their OWN problems, right now. The fat little Korean shit, IF he isn’t dying of Type II diabetes, couldn’t invade shit.

        Civil war is NOT a good option, for anyone. In our actual Civil War, the South came out of it economically and structurally devastated. The North emerged stronger – more people, more territory, more infrastructure, larger economy. SOME civil wars devastate both sides . . . as do some “non-civil” wars. Many (most??) civil wars have an actual winner. Like OUR “Civil War”.

        We should not wish for or encourage a civil war . . . but we’d best be prepared to fight one.

      • Them playing both sides is far far more likely. Yeah it leaves a bit more ordnance laying around but you may as well weaken both sides and likely make money doing it as well.

        • ackshully, not as bad as our press would have us believe. Russia pretty well has been able to neutralise the important parts, NATO is, for now, kept at bay, the biolabs have been neutralised, Crimea and the Donbass have been kept secure, which areas have, for a few centuries already, been part of Russia anyway. And Ukraine’s forces are in pretty bad shape, despite Unka Joey’s largesse in illegally supplying them.

        • Not well at all, despite all the disinformation trolls fervent wishes. UA forces have been in ascendancy not only having ground down the advance across the entire front, but having been successfully retaking ground of late, esp. in a run up to the oncoming operation on Kherson.

          Current article on the BBC has shown the Russians to be buying rockets from N. Korea of all places. Smells like success to me, relegated to purchasing from a literal 4th world 40 years behind the curve country.

        • It’s arguable Russia’s are in as bad or worse shape, conventional forces-wise.

          NATO Javelins are picking off the best armor Moscow has been sending. The wholesale looting of the Russian military supply command has been starkly exposed for all to see, and Russia’s troops want to be anywhere else but Ukraine by now. Behind the scenes, things aren’t very rosy in Putin’s world, based on the number of generals he’s been retiring earlier than planned, and the stalemate on the ground…

        • Hey, Billy, trusting the Beeb is the same as trusting the CIA.

          Remember Hunter and the Ukrainian gas contracts? There is a huge financial interest within the powers that be to continue this shadow war with Russia.

        • Yep now the EU is warning of a dire munitions shortage!!

          US is warning of a munitions shortage!!!

          The west is disarming itself while 95% of the Russian military is still intact inside of Russia!!!

          A week of offensive in the south has resulted in Ukraine capturing one village, yes one village, when we were told they had captured four when they launched their offensive, captured a Russian military base and had the Russians on the run in Kherson..

          So what happened to the other three villages?? What happened to the Russians being on the Run???

          If you bother to look at a map, there is more of Southern Ukraine under Russian offensive, than was before Ukraine launched their offensive, this according to BBC maps of the war zones!!

          To many of the people in the West are trusting the same leftist MSM that hate our 2nd Amendment and lie about it, and just buy hook, line and sinker about what they say about Ukraine as “GOSPEL”!!!!

        • BBC’s far more trustworthy I’d imagine than internet rando’s and Russian troll farms employees spouting off b.s. without any proof.

  4. It takes more than small arms to win a war against a government. Ukraine is in the process of learning that. Even the war against the king that ended up making the independent sovereign country on the United States of America needed more than small arms. It requires the will to fight, a proper working strategy, and often means having larger weapons.

    Sometimes the weapons needed don’t even launch projectiles. We are currently in a fight that primarily involves the hearts and minds of everyone in this country (truthfully, even the world). This requires employing other kinds of weapons in the arsenal.

    This IS a war even if it has not been officially declared as such. The entire country is the battlefield and everyone that lives here are targets. This war will not be won without guns. Nor will it be won with guns alone. The outcome will determine what is to become the future of the country. Many people won’t be capable of grasping the reality of what has happened here and won’t understand just how much has changed. The truth is that this is NOT the same place it was ten or twenty years. We are losing many of our citizens and fellow countrymen to drugs and enticements of the Democrat left, progressives, and communists. Sometimes it hits very close to home with family members. People are being killed in this fight.

    Biden and the Washington left have resulted in more loss of life than Covid has taken in this country. These people have destabilized the entire planet. They MUST be voted out and removed from power.

    • The small arms are *outstanding* at making the enemy very uncomfortable outside their strongholds…

    • Russia and China would obviously help fuel and resupply the MAGA loving freedom fighters and after the dust settles it would be time to pay the piper. Goodbye United States; Hello USSR/ People’s Republic welcome to your new overlords. Same movie; new cast.

      • Tell us you know nothing about economics, the global economy, the energy economy, or guerilla warfare without using those words. Oops, you just did.

        WHY would MAGA loving freedom fighters need Russia (the USSR hasn’t existed for decades, champ, despite Putin’s efforts to bring it back) or China (who is a net importer of energy) to refuel them???? Resupply??? We have LOTS of manufacturers of guns right here in the good old USA, most of them (these days) in red states. Where is the VAST majority of our food supply grown? Oh, that’s right, the red states.

        Methinks you are not looking at this picture very carefully.

        • Now hold on, outside of this silly talk of civil war from a bunch of brain damaged fools that don’t seem to understand that F-15s and Nukes do not hold street corners and just end up with a gibbering dolt ruling over a plain of warm rubble from his bunker in DC, can we discuss allowing China and Russian small arms imports again for the milsurp collectors that missed out on the great deals on pieces of history?

  5. Modern war machinery requires a secure line of logistics to provide the fuel and replacement parts to keep them running. In a civil war scenario, the other side is within your own infrastructure and well-motivated to disrupt it. You don’t have to blow up a tank that can’t move for lack of a working engine. You don’t have to shoot down a plane that can’t take off for lack of fuel.

    • *Bingo*.

      The Leftist Scum ™ *love* to toot their horns as to how much big business (and the US economy in general) is in blue states.

      One tiny problem with that – While corporate HQ may be in NYC, the factories that manufacture what they sell are usually in right-to work red states…

      • Geoff,

        Today, most energy production, food production, and an increasing share of the ACTUAL industrial production, is in red states. The Leftist/fascists can ignore this . . . and will likely be hoist on their own petard.

        They conflate political/social power with actual self-sufficiency. More fools, they. California has Silicon Valley – how do those circuit boards taste? California USED to be a major agricultural state. The Dimocrat/Leftist/fascists put paid to that. And MOST of the “high tech” actual manufacturing has been moved offshore, anyway. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and VW have opened manufacturing plants . . . in red states.

        The “blues” have D.C. – who are free to pontificate and legislate, impotently, to their hearts’ content . . . and accomplish not a damn thing, as usual.

        No one I know is deluded about the horrific things a civil war could bring . . . except the Leftist/fascists. They actually think they could win. They are completely out of their f***ing minds.

        • It’s interesting to watch the blue states are in many cases literally attacking their own infrastructure.

          California would last about as long as water imports from Utah did.

    • “….You don’t have to shoot down a plane that can’t take off for lack of fuel.”

      Or been hit by a few 50 BMG rounds in the right spots (fuel tanks/turbine housings) while sitting idle.

      • A few? Plant one anti-materiel round in a military turbine engine, and it turns it into expensive titanium scrap metal…

    • and it is VERY difficult to go shopping for new/used tyres to replace the ones shot full of holes with a lowly .22 WRF revolver, to get that truck moving goods again. That is moot when the guy with that revolver is near enough the disabled truck to start filling YOU full of holes when YOU show up to install the cadged tyres to get that truck back in service.
      Thus one man with one small revolver and a four dollar 100 pack of rounds can prevent an hundred or more men from eating.

      Assymetric warfare is what turned the tide on 19 April 1775 as General Gage;s finest troops attempted to seize weapons and other goods at Lexington and Concord. The Redcoats were on a whinge of “NO FAIR, NOT GENTLEMANLY” as the Colonials picked them off at long range as they tried to march back to safety. They fell anyway fair or no.

      • Ambushing and wiping out Hessian mercs who were drunk celebrating Christmas falls into that category too (Delaware crossing).
        Gentlemanly means NOTHING in war. Taking the win is all that matters.

  6. Don’t forget about fod. Wondering what a go few pounds of roofing nails thrown on the runway would do. Won’t ponder on anything else right here, don’t want to spread too many ideas here. Repent, turn away from your sin. Confess JESUS is LORD

    • You’re no Christian soldier anymore than I’m the Atheist Avenger. You’re just another annoying ass who can’t shut up even when it’s the correct, polite and considerate thing to do. What the hell is the matter with you people that you see fit to push that in everyone’s face all the time? No one else here is that insistently rude or inconsiderate. Fuck off with that crap, literally no one whom you might plausibly be addressing with that is the least bit interested in hearing it. Grow the fuck up .

  7. After a multi-decades string of defeats and embarrassments they still believe in US military might?

    Elites always lack self awareness.

    • The US military isn’t the FBI or ATF. The bulk of the people that do the actual fighting wouldn’t be down with going against Americans. If they identify with any political leaning, it tends to be more conservative than the general population. The high ranking officers tend to be Democrats.

      • Don’t be too sure. Just look at the police in your community right now. I don’t see many of them protesting and rejecting their pensions to stand up to unconstitutional laws that imprison fellow americans.

        • The military is different. They signed up to fight enemies outside of this country. Police deal with citizens here. I think there’s a pretty big contrast.

        • Dude,

          Same. The military has a code of honor, not a code of silence (or at least it used to). Every active duty and vet I know (and I know quite a few) takes it very seriously. They don’t just understand the “sheep/wolves/sheepdog” analogy, they embrace it.

        • Popo will lock you up maybe shoot you but outright warfare is different. And they live in the area.same as reserves. Regular military is a different thing

    • Don’t forget in an uncivil war traitorous military members families would be fair game. Will it come to that? Dunno. Look at May 2020. A LOT didn’t happen. At least a sitting president didn’t declare war on half of America. As mentioned by a new guy JESUS is LORD. No matter what the world is on a perilous path…

  8. Years ago I ran across a great YouTube video (about 1 hr long) which delved into this topic. It was based on input from respected ex military flag officers and intel folks. If I find it again I’ll link it. But, basically, the government is at a serious disadvantage because it must, to the general population, maintain a semblance of legitimacy. The very first attack will kill the power grid nationwide. That puts an end to the government ability to communicate. It only gets worse for them from there. Even the current state of “woke” military will have a very significant issue with refusal to support attacking civilians. Not just the combat personnel, but to a large degree the support personnel. So, basically it’s the 3% rule for “freedom fighters” who will be far more dedicated than those taking orders they probably don’t agree with. I love this country and pray we never come to this. But if the D’s think 1/6 was an insurrection, they are in for a rude awakening.

    • “The very first attack will kill the power grid nationwide. That puts an end to the government ability to communicate. It only gets worse for them from there.”

      Oh, yeah. No power, and the big cities have millions on foot emptying into the countryside looking to be fed. The ‘country bumpkins’ won’t exactly be welcoming to the interlopers.

      It will be a purge like no other… 🙁

      • And yet another subject on which you are totally ignorant. Sure, there are “local” grids . . . in Texas (and we know the problems they’ve had). EVERY OTHER grid in the US is “interconnected”. Trust me, if one goes down, they ALL go down. Most educated people know that somewhere between seven and ten “soft” targets would take out the ENTIRE US power grid . . . for years, if not decades.

        You really don’t know much, do you??

        • Southern,

          As I understand it, it’s east, west, central, and Texas, plus some interconnections with Mexico and Canada. Any one going down causes it to try to pull power from the functioning grids – thereby overloading them, and causing THEM to shut down.

          Not to mention the havoc you would create with .50BMB “anti-materiel” or armor-piercing rounds into half a dozen major transformers at a few of the major switching stations. The vulnerability of the US grid is just ONE MORE example of Congress’ and the US gummint’s continuing blithering incompetence. But all the gummint “safe sites” are supplied with internal generators and months of fuel. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  9. Kurt Schlichter is either your typical Far Right nut case that lives in his own little fantasy world or he is pandering this nonsense to the unwashed.

    In reality people look out for number one and they are not about to go to prison by not obeying any new gun laws, nor are they about to lose their jobs and get fined heavily.

    In reality the majority of the American people would never support a Trumpite Nazi Dictatorship as proven by the Jan 6th beer hall putsch by Herr Drumpf’s jack booted Nazi’s that wanted to appoint Herr Drumpf as dictator for life. They were turned in even by their own relatives and friends and co-workers. Most are now in prison or on their way there. The icing on the cake is when Der Fuhrer will go to prison with them for trying to overthrow the U.S. Government.

    One must also realize the military always supports the “status quo” in power and the young brainwashed storm troopers are wind up little robots that are pointed in the direction of the enemy and always used as cannon fodder. The armed citizen today is a old fart that is overweight and can barely walk 5 yards past his pick up truck with a Confederate Flag on it. He is a complete joke even to his own family and friends.

    And remember it takes huge amounts of money, weapons, ammo and medical supplies to fight an insurrection and all this has to be supplied by a foreign country to win it and it still often takes years. If it had not been for French money and the French military and navy the arrogant and incompetent George Washington would have been hug by his dirty balls and the U.S. today would be a true Democracy with a parliamentary government. Today America “would have been” a civilized country, much safer to live in, less war like, and a country with affordable medical care.

    As one can see the Far Right phantasy of another American Revolution to install a one party jackbooted dictatorship is laughable.

    The majority of the American people will follow Biden and know damn well that the Far Right Republicans are a danger to the American people and their way of life. The Republicans have never offered or done anything for the working people of the U.S.

    • Hey lil’dtard. Here’s an interview with one of those ‘scary insurrectionist’……… 🤪

      Your contributions on TTAG make you look like a complete moron to everyone who wastes time reading that BS.

      Wear that sash and crown proudly now. You earned the title. 😄

      • What? No comment?

        Riddle me this lil’dumbfuk……
        Why is it that your buddies stealing from retail stores is called reparations, but moving a lectern 20ft in the capital rotunda is charged as theft? 🤪

    • “In reality people look out for number one and they are not about to go to prison by not obeying any new gun laws, nor are they about to lose their jobs and get fined heavily.”

      A few years back, New York state required owners of modern sporting rifles to register them with the government. The knew roughly how many were sold.

      At the end of the registration time, less then 10 percent registered their guns.

      Over 90 percent of gun owners ignored the new law.

      Now, what was that you were saying about “…and they are not about to go to prison by not obeying any new gun laws,…”

      You are a pathetic joke, little ‘d’, and we laugh at you… 🙂

      • Geoff,

        VERY similar results in the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia. In fact, in all US states that I am aware of, compliance rates with such bans showed, based of OFFICIAL statistics (which vastly underestimate the actual number of guns) show compliance rates in the high single digits, or VERY low (way under 20%) double digits. Even Australia and New Zealand are experiencing low compliance rates (although usually greater than even the “blue” states in the US) with their bans.

        Apparently, people don’t want to give up their guns, and a “law” doesn’t force them to. Strange, that.

      • As usual Geoff you cannot see the forest for the trees. In the case you mentioned the penalties are not severe enough.

        Now answer this question: How many Americans make their own machine guns at home illegally. Answer: Few do because the teeth in the law would send them to prison for 10 years and find them 1/4 million dollars.

        Sorry Hill Jack try again.

        • How many Americans make their own machine guns at home illegally

          A lot more than your limited “compliant” intellect could ever fathom…

        • As usual, dacian the demented dips***, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. I personally know a guy who owns a 3D printer, and printed off a goldfish bowl full of “giggle switches” for ARs, and handed them out as party favors at a big 4th of July barbecue. I’ve used one – they worked – but most of us are smart enough to keep them for when we might really need them. I, of course, did not keep mine. But I know the guy, and I know where to find the online programming, and I know where to buy a 3D printer. In other words, I’m not an ignorant, uneducated ignoranus like yourself.

        • printed off a goldfish bowl full of “giggle switches” for ARs

          What is this “GIGGLE SWITCH” of which you speak? Asking for a friend.

        • A ‘giggle switch’ turns a semi-automatic firearm into a machine gun…

        • A ‘giggle switch’ turns a semi-automatic firearm into a machine gun…

          Ooooops, did I forget the (sarc) tag or did you turn off YOUR sarcasm radar…

        • MAXX,

          “What is this “GIGGLE SWITCH” of which you speak? Asking for a friend.”

          They don’t exist. TOTALLY a myth. Good of you to point that out. *wink*

    • Dacian, you wretched little coward, how well did the take the jab or your fired, work against me? Still have my job, still have my original dna. Had peace as I have never had after I put my faith in JESUS. Slept like I never have after I decided I will not take this mark. Even if I die in the flesh I will be fine. Repent turn away from your sin. If I can be redeemed so can you

    • People won’t risk jail? So the war on drugs was won? Crime doesn’t happen because of the threat of jail?

      Do you ever think about what you type? Are you so uneducated that you cannot logically evaluate your own rants?

      • vlad,

        “Do you ever think about what you type? Are you so uneducated that you cannot logically evaluate your own rants?”

        May I (safely) assume those were rhetorical questions???

        “Do you ever think? Are you so uneducated that you are unaware of how stupid you are?” There, FIFY.

    • “…Kurt Schlichter is either your typical Far Right nut case that lives in his own little fantasy world or he is pandering this nonsense to the unwashed…”

      That would be LTC Kurt Schlichter (Ret) and he has more time in the sandbox than you do since you don’t have any at all.

      Seriously, you either work for TTAG as a gadfly, have mental issues, work for some 3 letter agency such as the ATF, or get off spouting nonsense like a troll. It has gotten old.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Blow, discordant and untuneful horn, blow.

      You are an incurable ignoranus, and also incurably ignorant and uneducated. You are the proverbial pigeon on the chessboard. You are so dumb and uneducated, retarded planaria laugh at you.

    • The majority of the American people will follow Biden and know damn well that the Far Right Republicans are a danger to the American people and their way of life

      Damn, you ARE a delusional nitwit… Tell your mother to increase your meds immediately. OBTW: You obviously did not get the memo, it’s “Ultra MAGA” and “TRUMPIE” Republicans. If you are going to engage in ignorant rhetoric, at least get your terminology right per YOUR “Dear Leader” aka: Braindead.

      • Lil’d takes out the trash EVERY SINGLE TIME he leaves the house. At least that’s what his dad told him before leaving lil’jer and his mom.

    • No dacian, you are the insurrectionists, not us.

      Who wants to change a Republic to a Social Democracy? That would be insurrection. Own it.

  10. I like Kurt but there are other factors which would spell failure for an attempt at a military take over of the Country. First, will he actually have the support of the military to go after fellow Americans? If they are going after us who is going after their families, friends, and relatives?
    There are over 150 million armed citizens in this country and only 3 million military and law enforcement. It is highly unlikely in the more rural areas where Sheriff’s are elected that local law enforcement is going to disobey their oath of office to protect the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. They assume all military commanders would even obey an order like that? The military might even turn against the current Government.
    This country has millions of former military and law enforcement who know how to fight and millions of others who are well prepared to use the firearms they own. When one million plus Americans are buying firearms per month you better believe they are not buying them to have someone “but them back” or confiscate them. The battle cry of the American Public will be “molon labe” come and get them and We the People will defeat any attempt by anyone to enslave us.

    • When the question of using military to seize firearms from citizens came up after Port Arthur, the senior military let it be known they would march on Parliament House in Canberra before following such an order.

      • “When the question of using military to seize firearms from citizens came up after Port Arthur, the senior military let it be known they would march on Parliament House in Canberra before following such an order.”

        Now, that wasn’t highly publicized in the US. Maybe for a reason.

      • Yes, I’d heard that before. Be nice to put our guys on the spot and get their responses on record.

  11. Rest assured Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe is showing America his true colors and they are not Red, White and Blue.

  12. Gee… given their reputed non-effectiveness on the modern battlefield, think of all the money the government could have saved by not outfitting soldiers with small arms over the years. All of a sudden the Afghan pull-out makes sense! Too bad we didn’t have that strategic genius Biden in the White House all along! 😛

  13. Many Dems believe 1/6 was an existential threat to the country when an unarmed mob of a couple hundred people entered the capital.

    Their leader, Joe the fucking retard, continues to say it would take F-15s to overthrow the government while at the same time putting out the ridiculous story 1/6 could have been the end of Democracy. The stupidity of Joe, and his plan to demonize all Republicans in this way, needs to understood by everyone.

    The same Joe Biden who did such a marvelous job as CINC retreating from Afghanistan needs to be outed as the incompetent piece of shit that he is.

    Republicans need to show commercials 24 hours a day showing Joe criticizing ’dangerous’ Americans that disagree with him contrasted with Americans and allies he intentionally behind in Afghanistan along with billions of dollars worth of arms and other equipment.

    Too bad being an incompetent piece of shit isn’t a high crime and misdemeanor.

  14. Not counting all of the F-15s and other aircraft we will expropriate (or should we say “borrow” since they already belong to the American people).

  15. Real Americans do not need to defeat the US military to win a civil war. All they need to do is kill all of the imbeciles who voted for Biden. Most of them are easy to identify.

    • Or we could go with Plan A (which I believe is feasible): strengthen red states, exit blue states and turn purple states red, and remake the Republican party into a party that doesn’t hate it’s constituents by taking out the establishment in the primaries. There’s a reason the Left hates the Republic. They’d like to do away with states and only have a federal government. The states will save us if we’re smart.

      Once that has been accomplished, then we have to completely dismantle the federal bureaucracy, dismantle the Federal Reserve, limit Congress’s ability to spend money, enforce a balanced budget, end all public-private partnerships, and end all subsidies and tax write-offs. It’s too corrupt. That will take away Congress’s power over us and put us on a path to equality of opportunity. Many profitable companies have a business model that revolves around getting help from the government. That has to end. It goes without saying that all of the woke BS has to end immediately.

      Return the power from DC to the states. Stop letting states hide their poor management with federal bailouts. States are like mini countries. If you don’t like the way one governs, then you have the freedom to live in another. People are already voting on this with their feet and moving trucks. Guess which states they’re leaving?

      • “…remake the Republican party into a party that doesn’t hate it’s constituents by taking out the establishment in the primaries.”

        The Establishment Republicans cheat in the primaries to keep Tea Party/MAGA/America First candidates from primarying their boy. They cheat the same way the Democrats cheat and that is why there wasn’t a full forensic audit of the 2020 general election in Pennsylvania. The Establishment Republicans would get caught too.

        • 100% correct. Even reliable red state governments went out of their way to monkey with the rules just to keep their boys from facing competition in the primary. It happened this year. Those people need to go. Every last one of them.

          RINO is a convenient name to describe Republicans we don’t like. The truth is, they aren’t R’s “in name only.” They’re the real Republicans. I only want to remake the Republican party because the infrastructure is already in place. A new third party isn’t a viable option. I’m looking for a realistic strategy going forward.

  16. The government intent is to create carnage, have video running non-stop on MSM. After that, how certain is anyone that a sufficient number of people will rally to “the cause”, that it makes a tactical difference?

    The US is not Afghanistan; no history of continual tribal war, no network of families with a history of warring. Indeed, no history of using the two major mountain ranges in the country for warfare (offense and defense).

    Neither “side” understands what in an internal war would look like, and neither “side” understands the implications of foreign actors taking advantage of civil war 3.0 in the US. Nor do they have a serious plan for recovery after (both likely think things will just dust themselves off, and move on as if nothing happened. (if the “insurgents” win, you think they won’t end up warring amongst themselves over who gets the spoils, and who gets to run things?)

    The people of the US are not the hardened people of Afghanistan; none of us.

      • “You were not hardened when you went to Viet Nam. None of us were.”

        Family was not in danger; did not see combat close up. The VC were organized, not a random group of strangers. And the locals in the bush were hardened by war with the French, and general difficulty of life on a subsistence level. Overall, the US military lost to primitives because the US was unwilling to win (just sending ‘messages’). In a civil war inside the US, the restraints will be removed.

        Remember, the alleged 100mil gun owners are not all defenders of 2A; we have no idea how many would raid our homes.

        People overlook that in our two civil wars, governments existed to prosecute the wars. Despite the lack of historical knowledge, fact is there was organization, and some amount of group planning. People here believe random mobs, of people unknown to each other (much less other mobs), are a viable insurgency.

        The model for government response (and public response) is encapsulated in Waco, and Bundy2. It is a tired song, but there ain’t gonna be no boogie, lou.

        • Sam, jwm, at the end of the day it is straight up an infestation and neither up here nor down your way are we just going to be able to ever vote that rot away. It’s eventually going to have to be excised or it will surely see us killed or enslaved. Look how bad they’ve got things going now/already and this is likely nothing compared to what it could really get to and likely in surprisingly short order. Us hitting first is the tactical problem, it gives them the figurative high ground. But how long do we let it go? “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

    • They just brazenly lie every time they open their mouths. They’ll say anything, even if it completely contradicts what they said two seconds ago. They’re pretending like an unarmed selfie party almost took over the country.

      • They really just don’t give a fuck anymore, do they? In fact, the more they brazenly lie the closer they get to their probable goal.

    • “If rifles are so useless against jets why do they fear us having them?”

      There’s a question that could be useful.

  17. The Federal Government murdered people in Waco and Ruby Ridge. The result was an atheist avenged those civilian murders by blowing up a federal office building. It doesn’t take lots of folks to disrupt the government. The communist Weather Underground or the Jewish Defense League are good examples.

    It’s easy to disrupt government operations. Hollywood makes movies about it. Anyone can learn from them. And they don’t have to be a newer film.

    Red Dawn, The Train, Sailor of the King. Etc, etc.

    Flattening tires, adding sugar to government vehicles, work slowdowns, and other non-violent acts.

    Or how about this??? Try voting and attending meetings. Don’t be like the Libtertarians.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward video 1 hr long

    • “Or how about this??? Try voting and attending meetings.”

      I would add, stop wasting your vote in a sea of blue votes. Make your vote count. See above comment. Swing states will determine the direction our country takes.

      • To add to what you have said. For people who are “stuck behind enemy lines” the best way for them to fight, is to send money to the Second Amendment forudation or some other proven reliable civil rights group. Or send money to a proven fighter in office. Rand Paul. Marjorie Taylor Green. Ron DeSantis. All three of them are hated by left wing gun owners.

        • Good point. You aren’t limited to your district. Dems have flooded Texas, Georgia, and Florida with out of state money.

  18. First off, ignore whatever biden says, as it either scrolls across a teleprompter or is pulled directly from his ass. The F-15 platform is an air superiority fighter and would be completely out of it’s element. The A-10 would be somewhat useful, but still not tactically relevent. If push came to shove, armed drones controlled by former basement dwelling gamers such as dacian
    would recieve their instructions and cyber money payments from a secret Oceana Defense director, and see the results of their work through sanitized C.G. broadcasts on MSM later that evening.Counting on them to have somehow developed a conscience is unrealistic at best.
    This will be asymmetrical, unconventional warfare that will be written in history as started by ” Maga extremists”

    • I agree with most of what you said, peanut butter, except for the end… history is written by the victors, and will be more along the lines of – “The Third Civil War was started by a pompous, greedy and rage driven administration, that mistakenly listened to spoon fed drivel from billionaires wanting idiots to drink their One World Order kool aid … guess it was laced with something

      • Up here in Canada the idiot manchild sent his heavily armed and armored paladin charging out on their noble steeds (so horses with two assholes) into a peaceful protest to trample an older woman with a walker and then charge back into the Kings stables again (happened too fast to tell if “To Serve and Protect” was embroidered on the livery). Maybe both our F-15s were over in Cold Lake…

        • Up here in Canada the idiot manchild sent his heavily armed and armored paladin charging out on their noble steeds (so horses with two assholes) into a peaceful protest to trample an older woman with a walker

          Yeah, I saw that and yet he is still in charge… Probably didn’t make it to MSDNC or Clinton News Network but it ran in Prime Time on Newsmax, great optics.

        • Honestly, I have prolonged dreams about getting that little shit into a remote, soundproof bunker. And I’m sure I’m pretty fucking far from being the only one.

  19. Boys sometimes you gotta fight even if you are gonna tote an asswhuppen. Dacian and his kind don’t have heart. They will tire easily.

  20. They are all the weaker for their elitism and assumptions that the entire active duty military will just do what they’re ordered.

    I feel their ignorance is quite a tactical advantage.

  21. WOW. A lot of comments here from my fellow America loving patriots. Just remember everyone : aim for the “blue hats” first. Maybe over sooner than expected….+

  22. I’m a licensed pilot and tell you what, if I’m trying to get to the plane and there’s old guys with guns standing there, I’m going to be like……never mind.

    Here’s another thing, it’s hard to take off with flat tires.

  23. Why would any American fight against his own military? That would be foolish, when leftist politicians, professors and “journalists” are the real enemy.

    Asymmetric warfare. It’s worked for American insurgents since the Revolution. It’s why the Left hates us for being armed. They couldn’t care less about soldiers and never have. Soldiers are mere cannon fodder. They care only about themselves, and they’re scared.

  24. Did a rather quick scan of the earlier comments. Didn’t see:

    “There’s a gun behind every blade of grass.”

      • Biden: There’s a MAGA asshole behind every blade of grass!

        Well, now we’re TRUMPIES! Someone must have told him that Bubba once declared we would “Make America Great Again” which he “borrowed” from Reagan

        • The DNC is still upset about 2016. They can’t understand people did not want to vote for Hillary because she is so unlikable.

        • I didn’t make that shit up:
          During his “speech” in Milwaukee on Monday Braindead referred to Trump supporters as “TRUMPIES” and a threat to Democracy.
          “The biggest contrast from what MAGA Republicans, the extreme right…the Trumpies…these MAGA Republicans in Congress are coming for your Social Security as well.”
          He also called a heckler an idiot and stated that EVERYONE has a right to be an idiot, I can only assume he was including himself…
          Braindeads a lot of things, Ozzy ain’t one of them

  25. They will defeat their opposition with massive AI drone swarms armed with lasers, projectiles, and explosives. Shoot targets in the brain when they walk out of their houses. Target lists will be determined using big data to determine political affiliation, propensity to commit violent acts, mobilization to violence, and or social influencers.
    Guns in a relative sense are straws and spitballs.

    • Let me guess, you’re skipping right past the “retired Army Infantry colonel with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College” part and zeroing in on the “former stand-up comic” part?

  26. @Rider/Shooter
    “Maybe that’s their plan.”

    It is.

    Biden didn’t speak before red lighting to show how tough he is, but to anger the bull into charging, and striking, thus, red meat tossed into the red enclaves.

    Watch for the red false flag to appear; don’t fall for it. Don’t let your cohorts fall for it.

  27. “But how long do we let it go? “If not now, when? If not us, who?” ”

    Ultimately, the cycle of empire can rarely be escaped; the US is squarely in the final stage.

    “Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create tough times.”
    – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum (allegedly), the vice president and prime minister of the UAE