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From FN America

FN America, LLC announces a safety recall for the FN 502 Tactical .22LR pistol, which was previously the subject of FN’s January 27, 2022 safety bulletin. The original concern involved a missing manual safety lock lever in a small number of FN 502 Tactical pistols that would allow the discharge of the pistol when the trigger is pulled with the manual safety in the SAFE position. While investigating this issue with Umarex, the supplier of the FN 502 Tactical, we encountered a separate concern with proper installation of the manual safety lock lever. Consequently, if forced by multiple pulls of the trigger in succession, or if the pistol is jarred, an unintended firing may happen when the manual safety is in the SAFE position.

Because the safety of our customers is our primary concern, FN is voluntarily issuing a recall to address this newly discovered issue involving the safety and advising all owners of the FN 502 Tactical with a serial number lower than LR010300 to suspend use of their pistol and return the pistol to FN for repair or replacement in accordance with the recall instructions.

For more information, please see the FN 502 Tactical safety recall at fnamerica.com/customer-support/fn-502-safety-recall/. For assistance in returning a firearm, please contact FN Support at [email protected] or call 1-800-635-1321, ext. 144, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

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  1. That sucks! I’ve run into a recall before. You’re forced to do the paperwork and pay the fees to “buy” your own gun back.

    • Umarex vs HiPoint
      My son bought an umarex looked and functioned like a 1911. That gunm had been traded and swapped so many times it would be a needle in a haystack finding the original owner.
      The reason for that was anyone owning it got rid of it, last I knew it was traded for a drum cymbal.

  2. I have repeatedly over they years warned people not to buy any new model gun unless it has been on the market for at least 2 years. The blind greed of gun manufactures forces them to appease the blind greed and demands of the stock holders so they always rush a new product to market and let the public test it for them. It also saves them time and ammo money as opposed to testing it themselves. Even the Sig company screwed up their prestigious contract to product pistols for the U.S military by not thoroughly testing their weapon and then dumping it on the military and the civilian consumers. They lost thousands of civilian customers once the dirty word got out on their defects in the new gun. Ditto for Colts new Fake Python. And of course the list of defective new gun models by other manufactures goes on and on.

    I would have liked to have bought both of the above new guns but not now and for many years to come.

    Back in the olden days of firearms manufacturing new products were often tested for a year or more before ever being allowed on the market because many gun companies were privately owned with no greed monger stock holders constantly screaming for quick and higher profits. They deliberately maintained a high reputation to keep customers, not lose them to blind greed and profit.

    The charlatans and thieves who produce most guns today know that the U.S. market is so huge and that most gun buyers are so damn stupid that they will never run out of fresh suckers to buy their garbage and they do not care if they lose customers with shoddily made and often unsafe products because for every sucker they scam and lose there is 100 more willing to be ripped off and scammed into buying their “latest and greatest” plasticky and stamped sheet metal piece of garbage.

    Caveat emptor!!!!! As true today as it was when they made counterfeit off brand swords 2,500 years ago.

    • Yup your right on that. Cutting corners to save money. Theres other aspects involved though, a newly made old model Python would probably run around $5,500? Wont sale many at that price.
      What a mess

  3. Hilarious how “gun people” will rag on Taurus but not on their supposedly superior favorites like this,Glock,Ruger,S&W,Sig et all. “They’ll fix ’em”. So will Hipoint & SCCY🙄

    • I still occasionally daily my 45cal. 24/7 pro Taurus, glad I didn’t send that one back for “recall”. They sent a settlement check after a year or so for nowhere near the purchase price. While I still have four Tauri, I won’t be buying another one after that fiasco.

  4. Having big companies manufacture shooting goods we all enjoy……nay, crave, is a blessing. Not one of you keyboards commandos could even begin to design and fabricate your own shooting goodies. No, assembling an AR, the Tinker Toys/Lincoln Logs/Legos of guns, is not designing and manufacturing your own firearm. I know numerous individuals at FN……Sales, Marketing, Product Managers, Engineers, Vision Setters. FN is a great company with great QC and manufacturing excellence certifications. That’s why they make so many military arms. However, humans are always in the mix and are not perfect. With humans in the mix, Murphy and Company seem to have an occasional break through Aw Shit event and SHTF in spite of humans’ best efforts. Now, grab your juicy and Hot Pocket from Mommy and go back down to her basement and hammer on another keyboard battle front.

  5. I actually shot one of these owned by a fellow member at the range recently. I was impressed with it overall, especially when he said they’re made by umarex. He laughed when I asked what he had into it and the big Shield red dot on it… said he’s waiting on his approval on the can transfer to clear. Off the top of my head, I figure it will pay for itself in ammo savings within about 14,000 rounds.

    • I wouldn’t call it that – I don’t think it had any zamak or mim parts, but I could be wrong. I once had a gun with a hammer block safety that broke when I droped the hammer against it for the fourtieth time or so. Parker Arms sent a new part ( easily replaced, way quicker than sending it in) with a note not to use it as a decocker. This might be something along the same lines.

      • @Pb

        I own several Umarex and GSG .22lr’s. All of them work well and are loads of fun to shoot! They can be ammunition sensitive – 40gr copper plated@1200(or more) fps for the win.

  6. “Overall * * * * 1/2
    Falling just shy of a perfect score, the FN 502 Tactical is definitely a contender for best all-around .22 LR pistol on the market.”

    That was 10 days ago…. lol.

  7. Recall??? But but…it’s a “tactical” You shouldn’t have a recall on something that’s tactical! Maybe they should have put the other super cool terms on it like commercial, heavy duty or digital!

    • Bro, chill. It’s a Tactical Recall, not a regular recall. The gun will ship back to owners in FDE cardboard with mil-spec packing tape. Everything about the process will operate operationally.

  8. I just want to see the video of the nitwit as he was jerking on the trigger and banging on shit with loaded, but “on safe” gun, when he was surprised by the sudden *pop*…


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