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Democrat California Assemblyman Jim Cooper, who authored anti “ghost-gun” legislation and receives an F rating from the NRA-ILA, apparently forgot on March 3rd that he had a loaded firearm in his purse. TSA found it during the X-ray screening of his messenger bag, which, according to Cooper’s own office, “looks like a purse.” If you think he got in trouble for this, you’d be sadly mistaken.

According to the NRA ILA:

[Cooper] was not charged during the incident. In fact, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told the Sacramento Bee that law enforcement stored the discovered firearm for Cooper while he was on his trip and returned the gun to the lawmaker upon his arrival back in Sacramento.

Had you done this in California, you would have been jailed and/or fined. Well, probably.

The official story is that Cooper enjoys some exemption to the California ban on possessing a firearm in the “sterile” area of the airport due to the fact that he’s a retired law enforcement officer. However, bringing it onto a plane in his murse would have been a clear violation of Federal law and it certainly appears that, had TSA not caught his roscoe in his carry-on…well…Cooper had pretty clearly forgotten it was in there.

Additionally, Cooper wasn’t charged under Federal TSA laws for attempting — intentionally or not — to pass a loaded firearm through a security checkpoint, which carries a hefty civil fine up to $10,000 for a first-time offense.

Enjoying special person status and retaining your right to carry a gun in the airport, and attempting to pass a firearm through TSA screening and getting caught but not sanctioned (in fact, accommodated) are pretty far apart on the leniency scale. Looks like anti-gun politician Jim Cooper enjoyed both of these things though he’d undoubtedly lobby to have the book thrown at you.


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      • nathan…Instead of blowing smoke from that anus below your nose…Why don’t you ever click reply and go one on one? That’s what reply is for. Anytime little man…And I do mean little.

    • This is exactly the kind of justice and future that I wanted. Our representatives need guns, we don’t. Our representatives should have unfettered access to guns, we shouldn’t. This is the way it should be. Vote democrat.

    • Gun regulations have always been elitist, sexist or racist and they still are. If he is so anti-gun, why it is necessary for him to have a firearm? I am sure if 99.9% of his “constituents” saw him in the airport they wouldn’t have a clue who he was.

  1. Borrowing a line from the sarcastic parrot in the movie “Aladdin”, voiced by Gilbert Godfrey: “Well there’s a big surprise. I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die, from that surprise”. Well, not really. It is just the “rules for the elite” and the “rules for the plebs/serfs” in action, is all.

      • HA! That’s a fact now! Good one…. Instead of our future being “Brave New World”, It’s looking more and more like “1984”.
        Maybe we’ll screw things up so badly the future will be “Planet of the Apes”.

    • Friend of mine used a briefcase at the range once, and next time he flew they found a stray round. . . in Cali. Not a gun. Not a magazine. A single loose round. He had to hire a lawyer and negotiate a plea- they were going to throw the book at him. But he’s not cop, he’s little people.

  2. I friend of mine got caught up I a similar incident. No one special, except he is a citizen of the United States. S&W 642 in his brief case. It’s always there. Tallahassee P.D. sergeant asingned to the airport, “Go put it in your car. You have plenty of time to make your flight.” It all depends on everything.

    • One of my very good friends (with whom I was texting earlier today, coincidentally), is a high-ranking LEO in his department, and he recently told me his badge and rank made little difference to the TSA agents and Airport Police (who were summoned to the scene) when he inadvertently had only a single empty casing in his carry-on bag. The casing had somehow fallen into a pocket in the clothing he had worn to the range, and subsequently shook out into the bottom of his bag sometime in the past.

      He said he ultimately wasn’t charged, but the TSA and AP took the opportunity to detain and extensively grill him in front of his family, then in a side office. Sometimes badge-wearing with little meaning to their jobs go overboard to “prove” themselves and make mountains out of molehills so they can share war stories over beers back home.

      That was the day my LEO friend (who’s an otherwise very patient, church-going man) lost all remaining hope in the TSA & AP, and called them “idiots”.

      • The TSA is why I won’t fly anymore unless it is absolutely unavoidable. I’ve worked in the private security industry off and on over the years, both in management and as a site officer in my younger days. Based upon my experience, I would probably fire 80% of the TSA officers I have had to deal with. Arrogant, rude, unprofessional, and not particularly good at their jobs. Back in the early 2000’s they actually hired a couple of folks I fired for some pretty serious f-ups. SMH.

        • I have quit flying anywhere that can be reached by automobile. That excludes Canada and Mexico. You would have to furnish a private jet with diplomatic immunity and guaranteed legal representation to get me to travel to wither of those countries. As for flying in the US? Who needs it? Crowded terminals with lots of folks who believe they are the only ones in the world. Rude, dumb, ineffective security. Airlien folks who are pissed that they chose the wrong field to make their career and because of union seniority rules are stuck with their employer for life unless they want to throw over whatever years they have accumulated. Talk about serfs or indentured servants? And finally packed like sardines into the aircraft only to wait at the end of the runway for interminable periods due to flight rules. The crew starts on the clock the instant the plane is pushed away from the ramp. Before that, they are on their own time, so while the cabin attendant is smiling and greeting you at the hatch, she is not being paid. She is on her nickel. however, sitting at the end of the runway either coming or going, they are on the clock. If they sit at the end of the runway long enough, they go overtime and either go back to the terminal due to FAA rules for a crew change or the clock is clicking much faster than usual.

  3. This is one of those examples that really doesn’t need a comment or explanation!! Just needs to be seen by a lot more people.

    • Indeed. There should be multiple billboards across all of n america dedicated to calling these middling mafioso out on their crap.

  4. A man with a purse is telling you he is sexually liberated. And as I have said before the sexually liberated our s0ci@list Progressive in their political orientation. The rules do not apply to them.

    This is especially true in the not so Golden State of California. Which is as anti civil rights as Alabama used to be in the 1950s. Which is no longer the case. Because the state of Alabama is now a free state.

    The slave state of California. Where it’s okay to steal up to $950. But don’t steal from a wealthy businessman. And you have legalized marijuana were you can be comfortable in your slavery.

    • Not always. I still think we should be what our genes say we are rather than what we think is fashionable. I carry a bag. It is my basic get out of Dodge bag and contains everything I need except food and water for a prolonged trek home from wherever I am when the hammer falls. It looks like the fashionable “man bag” because that happened to the perfect size for what I wanted to carry. I have carried such a bag since I was attacked in my store in the 80s. You can guess what might all be in there from that last remark. It looks more in place than many of the other bags I looked at which all have too much of “Look at me. I am such a badazz” look. Mine is designed to fit into the urban scene more. I would rather you thought I might be an easy mark because I looked foppish and reap a very unpleasant surprise than sport the “I’m tactical” look and get jumped by a bunch of guys who wanted to show me how untacticool I was.

      Didn’t SunTzu say something about fooling the enemy? Or was that someone else?

    • Another disgusting hypocrite Gun Control democRat gets the red carpet treatment while others who do much less get the book thrown at them.
      I don’t care about his distinguished qualifiers, by all accounts he’s just another moron who cannot keep tabs on a firearm. And to add insult to injury butt kiss idiots returned it.

  5. You don’t understand. The nobility always have rights that you riff-raff don’t have. So shut up, serf, and pay your taxes.

  6. We really should make #politicianpriviledge a trending hastag. Shame them into becoming regular people again. This is the woke thing to do. Cancel Politician Priviledge.

  7. Looks like anti-gun politician Jim Cooper enjoyed both of these things though he’d undoubtedly lobby to have the book thrown at you.”

    in progressive thought that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to work – they rule because they’re better than you, and you do what they say.

  8. This it is why it is hard to understand who with a brain would vote for these people. It seems like every day we see examples of the hypocrites these people are and how they openly flaunt the laws of the land. As the Founding Fathers have said in many writings one Government becomes tyrannical it is the right of the People to replace them. They weren’t referring to waiting until the next election.

    • Hey you proposing that it would be ok to discriminate against noncitizens, dead folk, pets, imaginary “voters”?

    • “This is why it is hard to understand who with a brain would vote for these people.” And drprato nails it – people with brains DON’T vote for them, only uneducated, unthinking, indocrinated Leftist/fascists like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid do.

  9. Last fall I went through TSA’s so called security. Even being out of the business for decades, any SF or SEAL grunt could easily defeat their efforts and get abord an aircraft armed and with explosives. If we can figure it out, so can any terrorist determined to die and take as many along as possible. Won’t get into details as to how it could be done.
    As for the Dem. politician, the phrase” Rules for thee, But not for me.” comes to mind.
    In the last decade I’ve flown around the country and travelled with my weapons. Unloaded, in approved, locked and tagged cases. Not in my carryon nor loaded. If I as a retired soldier and former paramedic am not allowed to carry my weapon, no retired cop, or politician who feels they are oh so important and special should be allowed too either.
    What I’ve seen in the US for airport security is all show and no actual security or real effort to make anyone safer. the TSA rent a cops are about as ineffective as a neutered tomcat is in breeding.

    • Not to mention the variety of weapons after security and onboard the aircraft.

      I have a roll of gorilla tape and zip ties in my carry on. For years I have never been questioned. When I have beef jerky in the carry on I always see to get a bag check.

      For reference, I fly 120 plus segments a year and have pre check.

      • I got nailed once for a bottle of Gatorade in my carry on. In my haste to get to the airport I had forgotten about an unopened bottle of Gatorade that I had intended to drink on the way to the airport but didn’t. It was like those movies where intruder alarms go off in a secret government facility, in a flash all sorts of security people and air port police surrounding me about 20 overall. Searched me right there.

        There was some radio chatter discussion of evacuating the terminal. They bought in a bomb sniffing dog who dutifully sniffed my carry on. A ‘bigger’ lady TSA supervisor finally pulled the bottle out of the carry on, held it up high in the air like the Olympic torch in the Olympics beginning lighting ceremony and started lecturing me on all sorts of TSA gibberish about what is allowed and what isn’t. They then took me to a holding room and searched me again, bought the bottle of Gatorade in and slammed it down on the table and asked for my name, birth date, social security number, and address and then asked “What is this?” pointing to the bottle of Gatorade. I said “Since I know how to read I’ll read it for you, judging by the very clearly lettered label its Gatorade. I want to speak to an attorney and will not answer any more questions.” They said I wasn’t under arrest, just detained for investigation purposes.

        They then let me go and told me I could not bring a bottled drink on the plane. So I asked them if I could just go ahead and drink it then, they said Ok and I did while the watched. Then when I finished I started faking coughing a little, and turned around and stuck my fingers down my throat to gag myself so I would throw up my lunch – and I did when I turned back around. I threw up and said “I feel better guys, thanks.” and walked away leaving a puddle of vomit on the floor and on the shoes and lower pants of the ‘bigger’ lady TSA ‘officer’ supervisor.

    • That’s why they fail almost all of the security exercises run to see if it is possible to get contraband past them. Yes, it is possible and apparently incredibly easy.

  10. I have a friend who recently put his EDC gun in his bag at the gym, and then forgot it was there when he went through the TSA at Denver the next day. He got a $5K fine from TSA (discounted to $3.6k for prompt payment) and a restricted area citation and seizure from Denver. He can petition the court to get his gun back, but it’ll cost more than buying a new one. Besides, Denver never grants them, even if you used your CCW for a righteous shoot. Luckily, his CCW kept him from getting an unlawful carry citation too. He was in a suit, so they treated him fairly nicely (still cuffed him), and the agent said it occurred more often than you think.

    If you can, have separate bags for travel. Never take them to the range, never use for EDC, and never use to hold a gun when you have to take it off your body.

    • Besides the obvious if you end up with powder residue on a bag it can cause a host of problems where sniffers are employed for security. Dedicated range bags are the best way to avoid many problems.

  11. If the legislature’s in session, he’s likely immune from enforcement of most misdemeanor violations of state law, but this was a federal crime.

  12. This is just showing what kind of TRASH we have in our government. I’ll take your gun, but you can’t have mine. Hypocrites that’s what we have, and they keep showing us every day. How do these IDIOTS even hold their head up amazes me? What DWEEBS we have in this country.

  13. Why does this anti-gun nut even carry a loaded gun in the first place? I hope those who voted for him have enough sense to vote him out if not recalling him immediately. Also, this case should not be broomed… “ no one is above the law”……as we are always being reminded by our betters.

  14. This “elected thing” puts on a surprised face when he discovers that the law applies to him too, not just to all those ordinary folks. Amazing, isn’t it?

  15. If it smells like a turd, and looks like a turd, I guess it must be a liberal goat sucking anti rights for you FPOS!

  16. “I forgot it was there” the standard excuse.
    Anyone forgetting they are carrying an instrument of deadly force should not be carrying at all. It shows you are not in control of your firearm.

  17. Contrast his treatment with that of California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks), a pro-gun Republican, in the same situation at the Ontario airport boarding a flight to Sacramento. He was cited and his pistol confiscated when he forgot it was in his briefcase. Democrats are truly above the law.


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