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If there’s anyone who needs a carry gun for personal protection right now it’s George Zimmerman. The man who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin—initiating lamentations and demonstrations against perceived racism—has received numerous death threats. He is, in fact, in hiding. With his wife Shellie. Who has a concealed carry permit. Who’s about to lose it. “The Florida Division of Licensing bought a legal notice in the Sanford Herald Sunday, officially notifying her that it was on the verge of suspending [Mrs. Zimmerman’s concealed weapons permit],” reports. “It is taking that action after Special Prosecutor Angela Corey charged her with perjury, a felony, something that allows the state to temporarily yank her gun permit. If convicted, she could lose it permanently.” Oops.

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  1. In this whole mess that is the george zimmerman circus I would bet that Corey has a better case against mrs. z for lying about the money than the originol case against gz.

    and of course let’s not forget that Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury and walked. I’ll bet mrs. z doesn’t catch the same break.

  2. Wow well I guess she got herself in hot water now.
    I can understand removing a CCW temporarily in cases of a felony, but then again I also understand the need for them to protect themselves just to make it to trial!

  3. Let this be a warning to the armed community out there:always have a secondary CCW permit from another state ready to go. Not only is it good for reciprocity purposes, but if you have a DGU and it turns out the DA is on the local Brady chapter, you won’t be screwed if your home state’s CCW permit is seized or revoked.

    • Having a concealed carry license from another state is great as long as the state where you reside honors non-resident licenses from other states. Unfortunately some states do not honor such licenses.

    • Your thought process is as screwed up as your advice. Losing your primary license means you do not carry! If you have a secondary licenses issued from another state, and you carry on it, after losing your primary, places you in felony land! It is this type of nonsense that gets people into trouble. Who the hell told you to think? Morons should be banned, and put on public display as what not to be.

      • You are not a felon unless convicted of a felony. Having your license revoked does not automatically make you a felon.

        • True.
          The FL Dept of Agr is being requested by Corey to pull the permit, there has been no trial and verdict felonizing his wife.

          Will the police be providing round the clock protection for the Zimmerman’s as a result?

      • Which is my point. When people think “felon”, they think “murderer, rapist, arsonist”, they’re not thinking “perjurer”. She’s accused of lying at a pretrial hearing about her financial affairs. She’s not a danger to the community.

        • Perhaps she has a propensity to take risk? I normally find that anyone prepared to break a small law is more likely to break a bigger one. Or it could be I am channelling my inner Judge Death.

        • @Juan:
          Really?! So someone who speeds is more likely to commit murder? I think you may want to rethink your statement.

  4. Regardless of whether or not Mr. Zimmerman committed a crime, how can his wife possibly be charged with anything in connection to the case? First of all, spouses are not compelled to testify against their spouses. Second of all, why would she be required to provide any information about anything which could incriminate herself or her husband?

    And regardless of whether or not she committed perjury, why would that be a reason to revoke someone’s concealed carry license?

    Our legal system is out of whack and needs some major adjustments. The really sad part is that I fear those adjustments are not possible through peaceful methods.

    • I’m not a lawyer but I’m guessing that when Mrs. Z lied in the court documents connected to GZ’s bail hearings she opened up a whole new criminal case against herself that can probably proceed regardless of the outcome of GZ’s case.

      I’m hoping Ralph or one of the other lawyers will weigh in on this and tell me if I’m right or wrong.

    • Florida doesn’t have spousal immunity; a spouse can testify against the other spouse. Regardless, she wasn’t testifying against her husband, she was testifying about the couple’s finances at a bond hearing, and “neglected” to include the $130k+ they had been moving around among various accounts.

      Her CCW permit is being pulled because she’s charged with a felony. Since the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services issues the permits in FL, it makes sense to have an easy to apply bright-line rule for eligibility; felony charges = no CCW permit.

      • Perhaps some forward looking state like Florida will change the restriction to “violent felony” instead of the wide sweeping “felony”. Isn’t it “cruel and unusual punishment” to take away a person’s ability to defend him/herself for merely fibbing about how much money is in the bank account?

        • Isn’t it “cruel and unusual punishment” to take away a person’s ability to defend him/herself

          No, it’s not. This is from District of Columbia v. Heller: “The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons . . .”

        • I figure this is how they’ll get people to surrender their rights. Just turn everything into felonies. If the republicans really wanted to limit the democrat vote they’d turn possession of weed into a felony. Is it overkill? Of course it is, but it’d probably skew the voter numbers a little back to the right.

      • I’m thinking the same thing, and I’m an LEO. Innocent until proven guilty is one thing, and she didn’t commit a violent felony. They have been receiving numerous death threats, and I have this crazy idea that the law isn’t woth dying for.

  5. Innocent until proven guilty? Due process?

    Man, Shellie Zimmerman should call the NRA or SAF and get on this.

      • She’s being deprived of a “right” without being convicted of anything. It’s hilarious because it’s not a right if it requires a permit..and in FL there really is no strong right to keep and bear arms. Our state constitution says you can keep and bear long as the state agrees you can.

        Everyone thinks we’re really gun-friendly. We are, for now. But it’s subject to change at some point.

        • Michael, a conviction is not required to satisfy the Due Process clause. Which is why accused felons can be held in jail pending trial before they’re convicted of anything.

  6. Had she told the truth at the bond hearing, she wouldn’t be having this problem now, just saying……

    • Agree she acted stupidly, but the temptation to keep some travelling money hidden must have been overpowering. She and her husband are clearly in the sites of a malicious prosecution that has been publicized to the extent their lives are in danger. Trust in the law hasn’t really paid off for them to this point.

      Hope she kept back enough money for another cc weapon on the side when they take hers.

  7. Let’s look at the very beginning here for just a moment and then let’s consider how all of this has been getting out of hand from the very beginning.
    First-If it was suspected that George Zimmerman had wrongfully committed a crime the police would have arrested him after the post shooting interrogation.
    Second-Let’s not forget that this teenager that already had issues with acting out made a decision to attack Zimmerman just because he was asked a question.
    Third-Let’s not forget that all of this happened in mid-February and this stink started a month later in mid-March at the behest of the “Just-Us Brothers” and their racist band of fomentors “The New Black Panthers”. From there this whole incident went straight to hell in a New York minute!
    Fourth-Let’s not forget that Zimmerman had the injuries to substantiate his recounting of the incident to the police and therefore backing up his unalienable right to travel in public unmolested by anyone. And yes after he rightfully confronted the deceased in a peaceful manor and then went on his way!
    FIFTH and LAST-If Mrs. “Z” was not represented by her husbands counsel, how can she be expected to believe, or trust anything that law enforcement has to ask her considering how her husband had been treated up to that date? Now put yourselves in their place for a change without the knowledge you have now on this case.

    The loss of any life is a regrettable tragety no matter who or what the circumstances, but again has ANY of you ever tried a little empathy here? Ask yourselves what would you do if you were assaulted in the very same way George Zimmerman was? What do you believe in your heart and mind would you be thinking? Most likely the very same thing that George was thinking-I’m about to be killed!

    Wake up people! This is nothing more than the example of “Not letting a good crisis go to waste” ala Rham Emmanual and the Obama administrations war on the Constitution and 2nd amendement. Trapping Mrs. “Z” and taking HER CWP away is another tragety waiting to happen!

  8. Shellie wouldn’t have been required to determine and report their finances if Corey hadn’t brought charges at the bequest of Al Sharpton. There is a pretty long string attached to the pony in the pile of dung on this one.

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