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Our anonymous Florida correspondent writes:

Before she flipped, Florida state Senator Anitere Flores supported firearms in national forests, firearms in vehicles in parking lots, prohibiting firearm discrimination in adoptions, the “Pop Tart legislation” (allowing tax collectors to process concealed permit applications) and 2005’s Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground bill. And that”s not all . . .

In 2010, Flores signed the State Legislator Amicus Brief in the landmark McDonald V. Chicago case, which was pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Instead filling out the standard NRA questionnaire, Senator Flores wrote a personal letter in July 6, 2016 and sent it to Marion Hammer. The letter stated the following.

I have always been and will continue to be a fierce defender of our constitutional rights,” Flores wrote. “The Second Amendment, in particular, guarantees a fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms that government has no right to infringe upon. During my years in public service, my record shows that I have acted in accordance with these beliefs and values.

Sen. Flores voted in favor of every pro-gun bill she ever saw except for two absences. And now she’s turned on gun rights and sided with Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action. The Senate President Pro Tempore now opposes Florida Campus Carry, Airport Carry, School Carry and Open Carry.

Florida NRA jefe Marion Hammer says she doesn’t know why Flores became a gun rights turncoat. It’s pretty obvious. She bashed our Constitutional rights on the rock of despotism for political career advancement. Flores wants to run for Mayor of Miami.

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    • I believe she terms out next year. Since she’s not up for reelection in the state senate, and most of the Miami constituents support gun control, this is her way of framing up to be more appealing to them in her campaign.

      • Miami sure must have changed — when I was there in the early 80s, I never met a soul who would have supported gun control. The Cubans I knew were proud of the Second Amendment as their “carry permit”.

        • Yeah, the 80’s. Most of those folks you’re talking about were born in Cuba. Now it’s their grandchildren. Plus the retirees from NY. Welcome to the new millennium. And getting older. 😀

        • Miami/Dade and Broward have become NYC South. The areas around Orlando and Jacksonville are also left leaning. The rest of the state including the great SW Florida coast are freedom friendly.

        • Jay, don’t forget Tallahassee, the pimple in an otherwise gun-friendly panhandle. Two major universities with all that brings with it are the problem. Although, there are still nearby places where, if you ruffle the wrong feathers, you’re likely to be disappeared down an unknown sinkhole or abandoned well, never to be heard from again. That’s why the intelligentsia doesn’t stray very far from the confines of the city limits.

  1. I’m not condoning what she’s doing but unfortunately this is nothing new or unusual in the sleazy world of politics.

  2. We need to target her and make an example of her, legally of course! She should face the same public opprobrium as Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin and their families have faced.

    • Term limits are incidental to this story. She would have sought higher office eventually, anyway. Higher office in her case means a liberal city mayorship. We see the same thing play out in other cases where there were no term limits involved, only the lure of higher public office.

  3. This is going to come back to bite her big time. Every single pro gun republican that sold out for short term gun control support was eventually betrayed by those organizations in favor of their democratic opponent. It will happen to her too, and then she will have to get a real job. #crymeariverbitch

  4. Cmon you newbs. This woman does nothing without the direction of the Senate leadership. This stuff is all scripted. The leadership doesn’t want the bills to pass. This woman is the convenient tool.

  5. What she is doing is going to bite her in the ass. Alot of hispanics who call themselves republicans are just liberals in disguise. They arent fooling anyone. She certainly isnt.
    But like the rest of the state. Bite us and we bite back harder come election time. People who dont as a rule vote in Dade County will come out in droves against her.
    Just as they did for Trump and getting rid of the Libitard she replaced in the senate in Dade who killed all the bills without a vote.
    Her political career will be over.

  6. Most politicians are opportunists.(Bernie Sanders) Beyond opportunism, there are those who are blatant psychopaths (Hillary). Never put your complete faith in any politician.

  7. Don’t assume that ALL New Yorker’s are LIBERAL retards. The problem is TOO many folks BITCH to their friends & family & not to theses scumbag Politicians.We need the 28’th Amendment.


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