MSNBC anchor Joy Reid and Florida Rep Matt Gaetz (courtesy
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I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sit there “debating” MSNBC’s Joy Reid without blowing a gasket. Her constant interruptions — interjecting false and misleading information — her snide comments and snarky remarks would make me go personal. Hey Joy, have you ever faced a rapist? If you did, would you want a gun to protect yourself? I know . . .

I’d be the bad guy for being a man suggesting that such a horrible thing that happens to women couldn’t be prevented by gun control. Anyway, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz had the, er, joy of appearing on Ms. Reid’s anti-gun rights agitprop hour, and acquitted himself extremely well.

For upholding common sense, for standing up for gun rights against Ms. Reid’s and her co-conspirators’ barrage of anti-ballistic codswallop, Rep. Gaetz is TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day.

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  1. I got 3 minutes into this video and had to stop, otherwise my blood pressure would have been way too high. Couldn’t get to the good parts.

    • +1… thats why I cut the cable. My hands are shaking and I’m having a hard time writing this I’m so mad. It’s unfortunate that normal people don’t watch that show. They could see first hand the tacticts of the left when confronted with the truth and real common sense….. fake news.

    • 3 minutes?!? Dude, I got to 26 seconds and was done. There is a reason I don’t watch this crapola and blood pressure is only one of them.

      • I didn”t even click on the video. “Fool me once….”

        Replacing tablet computers can get expensive.

      • I got seven or eight minutes into it. The more I watched it, the more this Joy broad started looking like DiFi, and that folks, is just too much for my weak stomach. One more minute, and I would.d have to go to the can and barf up everything she had to say.
        And the interruptions! Jesus, I didn’t think anyone could top my wife on that score!

    • Watch the whole thing. It is important. After watching it, if you don’t simply stand on “shall not be infringed” then we watched different videos.

      These people who worship government will not stop. There is no conversation. There is no appeasement. There is no compromise. They are bullies and theft of your inalienable individual right to keep and bear arms is what they are up to now. They will have your very soul later.

      • They desperately don’t want teachers to be armed or the gun shootings of children to subside. They need them to push gun control. What if they gave the people of Florida the freedom to defend themselves and the shootings in Florida subsided? What horror they would feel? Try it? Absolutely not. They will bitterly fight it. They cannot have their agenda underminded by this type of freedom based experimentation.

        Never mind that they don’t want to even remotely address the root problem. Why address the root problem, when they can use the turmoil caused by the problem itself to fuel their agenda?

        • Aye. They cannot use a crisis if there is no “crisis.”

          (* Full disclaimer: I do NOT support arming teachers. I support removing GFZs. If districts want to offer additional training, I’m not opposed. What I do oppose is more special carve outs; especially carve outs that will create a situation in which children will only see agents of government and/or former agents of government armed while their family, neighbors, etc are not. That plays further into the indoctrination of being totally reliant upon government.)

        • I think as the Florida shooting so clearly demonstrated, you can’t rely on government at all. They wouldn’t even go in, while they heard the sounds of children being killed. They just waited outside and listened. They did nothing while they were slain dead.

          And they want to disarm me so cops can better do their job? They’re insane.

  2. Couldn’t get past all the bigoted comments about gun owners in the youtube comments including commenters that claims to be good at law that claim that the RTKABA is really a privilege and not a right.

    • I’m watching the Florida House debate all of their silly amendments, and every single one has been an off the wall Democrat-backed one. It’s amazing watching them try to say that driving a car, getting married, and drinking alcohol are rights, but buying a rifle isn’t. It’s absolutely nuts. But, there are a few people that are calling them out on the BS. I am fortunate that my rep has been voting no on all this crap. I will remember how my reps/senators voted and will hold them accountable in the primaries.

  3. Why would he even bother to appear on this show? Trying to deal with the MSNBC figurative shooting gallery with all the pithy comments, baseless statements, logical fallacies, and inane arguments from Joy and the fellow dunces seems like a giant waste of time accomplishing nothing.

    FWIW, I did watch the whole portion of the video with the congressman. I didn’t watch the first part.

  4. That guy can’t shoot. Both of his hands were not in a proper grip. Beyond that, he didn’t even take his finger out of the trigger-guard.

    SMH, at least act the part of a Highly Trained Ex-Police Officer, especially if you’re going to tell me about why Americans should remain sitting ducks. Poaching has become a problem is the Sitting Duck community, and LEOs can’t be everywhere.

    “. . . because you actually got expertise” = “You agree with me.”

    • Rep. Robert Asencio is officially an asshole. His said that the teacher is going to freeze. WTF. Like that is any different than the typical COP. Guess what, he was a SRO also. What is up with these Florida SROs?

      • The average LEO won’t freeze because he will be outside the scene of the action with his head up his arse. or running to fetch some back-up. Very few will willingly come face to face with an active shooter.

      • And even though there is a chance of them freezing & being unable to act, that’s no different than the current situation of them all being defenseless. That’s not a reason to deprive them of the possibility of defending themselves & others, however slim you think that chance may be. It also goes against their argument of them shooting kids & having crossfire or being confused for the shooter. They’re all possibilities, but better than the current certainty of being defenseless victims. There are so many contradictions in their senseless arguments. And this video is a perfect example of how they argue like children & belittle & deride anyone who disagrees. The host’s arrogance is incredible. Anyone who would watch this kind of thing & relate to or agree with the host is a complete moron. The lack of common sense in their “common sense” arguments is astonishing.

  5. When I get a minute I’ll watch the video. I’m hoping she calls him a racist. Don’t ruin it for me!

  6. Ugh. I gotta say in the context, which was maybe slightly better than an ambush, Gaetz did very well and most importantly did not seem interested in appeasing that smug woman and her minions.

  7. Ya’ know on the other side of the coin I see Tucker Carlson humiliate leftards night after night…except Tucker is rarely wrong. The other side is rarely RIGHT…

  8. I weep for our country that idiots like Joy Reid actually have a megaphone.

    There is only one reply for people arguing against teacehers with guns…..

    ”’There are thousands of teachers across 20 states that have been carrying for years with exactly ZERO documented accidents. So shut the F’ up on that argument and let’s address the next stupid argument you want to make.”

  9. Notice how they dragged out Regan’s anti-gun statement from 1989? That is what they will do, over and over again, with Trump’s anti-gun statements. If this nation lasts that long, his statements will be repeated a 100 years from now regarding the inalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. His public statements, as a sitting president, damaged the public perception of the exercise of the right; now and into the future.

  10. Again! I’m a History Buff! The term “Assault Rifle ” is a misused WW2 German military designation for the 1st experimental rifle of its class, The Sturmgewehr STG 44. Also known as the “Storm Rifle of 1944…Or Assault Rifle” , because it was originally designed as a bridge to incorporate submachine gun, rifle, and squad support weapon with the capability to provide low recoil rounds, semi-auto and full automatic fire, and portability into one package…

  11. joy reid is a rare breed indeed

    historic even

    how so you say

    shes the first afro american retarded american journalist in the united states

    having established that what are the chances she lands a gig at msnbc

    pretty good as it turns out

  12. “You might as well stop now because we are going to outlive you.”

    There it is! They are telling you a truth. You can rarely regain the full exercise of a right incrementally. Their game is that of governments’. It is the long game. Governments win the long game.

  13. Her whole premise is nonsensical. She says “so you want a shootout at the school?” There are already shootouts at the school by mass murders against extremely well known soft targets. Why doesn’t the school shooters ever try to shoot up a bank? Or the courthouse? Or the police station, Joy?? They shoot up the school because they know they can satisfy their desired body count there.

    Honestly I don’t want an arms race either, but Joy doesn’t want to address the root problem. They say arming teachers is a bandaid. Well, banning guns is a bandaid. The root problem is the demoralization of America. Hideous child prison camps known as “public schools” which do nothing to instill any honor or values in the minds of young men. You guys blaming guns on the murderous thoughts and fantasies of these people is most definitely a pathetic bandaid. Certainly worse than the idea of trying to teach the defenseless to defend themselves or reduce the incentive of mass murderers to target the most innocent and helpless of people.

  14. It isn’t an interview or a discussion, it’s a daily dose of propaganda, it goes on all across the media every day, at every opportunity. Herr gobbels would be proud. Keep repeating the same lies over and over and they become the truth. If armed security at schools stopped the shootings most of them would be out of jobs and the others would loose their only issue. That congressman was amazing, no way I could do that

  15. You picked the topic Dipstick Bennett namely yalls racist trope (endlessly repeated without evidence) that a disproportionate number of criminals being black accounts for/explains the police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks

    And I cited indisputable evidence in the form of a peer reviewed study (what you stupidly dismiss as the ““substance” (such as it is) of this comment”) correcting your racist excuse/delusion:

    “There is no relationship between county-level racial bias in police shootings and crime rates (even race-specific crime rates), meaning that the racial bias observed in police shootings in this data set is not explainable as a response to local-level crime rates.”

    The reality of racism/implicit bias in policing remains:

    “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

    And so there is of course nothing admirable or “remarkable” as you say that the police are not even more disproportionately killing unarmed black folks

    Chip Bennett says:
    December 13, 2017 at 13:24
    Ballpark, according to FBI UCR data, the rate of black-perpetrated violent crime is eight times the rate of white-perpetrated violent crime. In that context, it is remarkable that the rate of police-involved shootings of black suspects is a mere 2-2.5 the rate of police-involved shootings of white suspects.

    Chip Bennett says:
    March 2, 2018 at 08:49
    Clean up on aisle seven…?

    And no, I’m not even going to address the “substance” (such as it is) of this comment, because it is entirely off-topic.

  16. Common folks, quite bashing this poor lady, remember……….Black is beautiful………………………some say.

  17. It is a truly amazing thing to watch a black person willingly put a noose around her neck in front of a white audience and then jump off and hang themselves.
    I will follow the advice of Malcolm X who said black people should get guns and learn how to use them. And if necessary use them in self defense.

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