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As Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin used to say, now are the foxes! In this case, John’s pocket dump shows off a Foxx tuckable holster. A fine choice for inside-the-waistband carry. But there are some concealed carriers who have zero tolerance for IWB. No matter how well-designed and well made the holster, it rubs them the wrong way. Is that you? If it is . . .

Do you schlep your everyday carry gun in an outside-the-waistband holster or pocket carry or something else or some from column A and some from column B depending on the day and your clothing selection? How do you everyday carry?

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  1. There’s to much of me for IWB. My pants are baggy enough as it is.


  2. Whenever I purchase a new gun I usually try to find one of each, IWB and OWB, Usually I end up with about five holsters. Two that I use regularly, and three that go into the neverland holster drawer.

  3. OWB in hard leather. I’m too squishy for IWB…I find IWB PAINFUL I just wear a light jacket when weather permits or a tucked t-shirt and then an untucked button up shirt worn open in the front when it’s hot outside.

  4. stealth gear iwb holster for me w/shield in .45. However the knarly a$$ grip texture forces me to wear an undershirt unless I want the grip to chew away a more comfortable home in my gut.

  5. When I carried IWB, I found that an undershirt alleviated any chaffing caused by my EDC’s grips. I have since moved exclusively to OWB and won’t go back.

  6. I see all the OFWGs are chiming in about OWB.

    I’ll join that lot. I carry IWB with a couple of small guns (LCR, G43).

    I like OWB and particularly the Desantis Belt Side (with thumbsnap) for more comfort and a higher position.

    Ditto on a tucked T with an unbuttoned top shirt (I like Hawaiian style). This setup also works for a shoulder holster.

    Jackets are a 3 week opportunity where I live.

  7. Only pocket carry for me. Diamondback DB380 or Kahr CM9. Everything else is too uncomfortable for me.

  8. IWB in one of the long IWB holsters with two clips. Of course cargo shorts and a loose shirt kinda go unnoticed in Florida: It’s too hot to not wear loose clothes.

  9. I’ll chime in from the opposite side of the room. As a fairly skinny guy, OWB doesn’t work well at all which leaves IWB as almost a necessity. I have always loved the idea of carrying OWB but regardless of the holster I try (kydex, leather, pancake, loops, etc) it doesn’t seem to work well for me. The Bravo concealment BCA has been the best option thus far, but there is still a significant gap between the sides of my body and the firearm. I think there simply isn’t enough of “me” to make it work.

    On the contrary, IWB in almost any position works very well for me. I normally carry appendix but have a couple 4 o’clock/5 o’clock holsters that fit nicely. So in the end, as most people already know, certain positions work differently depending on body/dress type.

  10. I had/used a foxx holster a long time ago. It “worked” but I nevered really liked it. Judging from the photo it looks like they changed alot of stuff, like type of leather and how they stiched the holster together.

  11. I usually carry my nice and skinny Kahr CW9 in a High Noon “Down Under” which is a leather, single clip IWB holster with a sweat guard. It also has a reinforced top so that it is easy to reholster. I always wear a long T-shirt tucked in and an overshirt, so the result is quite comfortable.
    I also have a Kirkpatrick OWB pancake for the same gun–a very nice leather holster, which is also very comfortable but not quite as concealable as IWB, so it gets much less use.

  12. I’m not fussy. It’s OWB @ 3:00 for the range, IWB at 4:00 or pocket holster for concealed carry. Even shoulder holsters don’t bother me.

  13. Pocket carry 99% of the time. XD sub-compact with 14 rounds of 9mm on tap. I do not feel undergunned.

    Stupid dumbass Springfield, why’d they have to go and slit their own throat? This XDSC Mod.2 is the best gun on the market, but you can’t buy a new one without supporting the traitors. Dumbasses.

  14. I am now a shoulder convert. Before that OWB because they are IMO more comfortable than IWB.

  15. .. Who votes for warmer weather, damn that North wind it’s friggin ice, …. 54-1 safety removed in a cheap IWB

  16. HK P2000 in a Kramer Leather OWB holster pretty much every day. I’ll wear a Shield in a Kramer IWB during the summer with shorts.

  17. I’m 6’3″, 230lbs, and IWB a Colt 1911 LW Commander just fine in my Wright Leather Works Cobra Hybrid Holster. I’m not what you’d describe as in shape, but I can’t imagine ever letting myself go to the point that weight plays into whether my decision to carry IWB or OWB. Gotta take better care of yourselves. Also seconding the undershirt comment from above. Keeps things from rubbing ya raw.

  18. I sport a tactical muffin top but still manage to appendix carry a g26 IWB. I have to wear an undershirt or it rubs me the wrong way.

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