Introducing Blackwater Ammo. Seriously.

Blackwater ammunition logo

Some people don’t consider Erik Prince a prince among men. Mr. Prince is the former Navy SEAL who founded Blackwater USA, the billion dollar defense contractor infamous for the Nisour Square massacre . Mr. Prince sold Blackwater in 2010 and went on to found the private equity Frontier Resource Group. And now he’s investing in ammo, resurrecting the Blackwater name . . .

Blackwater Ammo’s website is in countdown mode ahead of its debut at Europe’s IWA 2018 arms show. Our friends at Italy’s tell us that the Italian co-founder of Arsenal Firearms, Nicola Bandini, is Blackwater Ammunition’s CEO.

Blackwater Ammunition

A Maltese sporting guns distributor (who wishes to remain anonymous) is Blackwater Ammunition’s Director. Malta’s Precision Ballistic Manufacturing Ltd. is making the new company’s cartridges.

The Blackwater Ammunition brand (BWA) will enter the market with a line of center fire ammunition designed for military and law enforcement (no doubt banking on Mr. Prince’s worldwide contacts). The company will eventually sell BWA ammo targeted at civilian customers. So to speak.

What do you reckon? Does the more-than-somewhat-sullied Blackwater name hurt the ammo maker’s chances in the U.S.? Or will Blackwater Ammo be perceived as a tactical AF must-have amongst operators operating operationally?


  1. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Couple of those pistol rounds look fairly interesting from the picture. I’d like to see how they’re made, and all of the components, before I make a decision yay or nay.

    1. avatar TruthTellers says:

      They look like Hornady Critical Duty/Defense bullets, so nothing new. Whatever they are, they’re all HP’s that rely on expansion to work. I think, for handguns, the light and fast concept is better. Polycase makes light weight, fast polymer/copper bullets that don’t rely on expansion to work and so they’ll work out of even the shortest of barrels.

      And because they’re not make of pure copper, they cost less than the Lehigh bullets do.

      The rifle ammo is what interests me most. I’d love some AP .308 in my armory.

      1. avatar Jon in CO says:

        If you look really closely, the brass or copper is in between the creases on the red tops. I thought Hornady at first, but they’re not.

      2. avatar Scott says:

        I’d like to get some .308 ap myself (although I’m pretty sure it only comes in 7.62×51 which is a different round) when I look the only stuff I find are bullets that you have to load into the cartridges yourself. Considering I don’t know how to reload, that’d be a good way to blow up my rifle.

  2. avatar Jason(Possessor of 2.5 TTAG points ) says:

    No 300 blk? Impossible to be tactical AF without. Would not operate.

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      No operator operating operating operationally would be caught dead with a 300 Blackout. The ultimate poser cartridge.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        To be fair, they wouldn’t be operating at if they were dead so maybe they would have 300 Blackout…

      2. avatar BlazinTheAmazin says:

        It excels in suppressed SBR platforms… not sure what qualifies that as being a poser cartridge.

      3. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        Agree, has to be 5.56 +P that only fits in drum mags. If you ask the counter guys at Dicks they will get it from out back.

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          It’s nice to see someone here that remembers what they learned in selection.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    The kind of people who think that Blackwater’s name is “sullied” wouldn’t be buying their products anyway. If it’s good ammo at a good price, it will sell.

    1. avatar Hank says:

      Wouldn’t it be some shit if they came out with a line of pork infused rounds like that one company did. 😂

      1. avatar Gralnok says:

        I remember that. Jihawg ammo, or something like that. They stopped making it. Damn shame, if you ask me.

    2. avatar RalphThePuke says:

      Typical dumb/bullsheet post from Ralph/Puke…

      What Puke actually says is that educated folks who care about social justice, knowledgable folks who have morals would never give money to an organizer of mercenary killers and human rights violators.

      And by contrast since none of yall have any morals or know anything yall will happily give money to an organizer of mercenary killers and human rights violators… if the price is right!

      Yall are no less mercenary than the Prince of Darkness killers!!

      “The kind of people who think that Blackwater’s name is “sullied” wouldn’t be buying their products anyway. If it’s good ammo at a good price, it will sell.”

  4. avatar gwood says:

    Is the second rifle cartridge from the right a saboted penetrator?
    OK, on second thought, it’s a .50 SLAP.

  5. avatar The Doobies says:

    “Mississippi moon, won’tcha keep on shinin’ on meeeee…”

  6. avatar Lee Woiteshek says:

    The “massacre” was/is a jam job by the Obama DOJ.

  7. avatar Old Region Fan says:

    More ammo goooooood !

  8. avatar Geoff PR says:

    ” Our friends at Italy’s tell us that the Italian co-founder of Arsenal Firearms, Nicola Bandini, is Blackwater’s CEO.”

    Arsenal Firearms, who sell that double-barrel 1911?


    No operator operating optimally or operationally would operate that POS.

    Besides, “Made in Malta” doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence…

  9. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    If it works well and is priced right.
    I don’t care whos name is on my ammo.

  10. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    Well after today’s issues I had with Blazer I could use a new ammo company…. Then again the rounds and box looked kinda sketchy I shoulda checked it over better while I was in Rural King…

    1. avatar HP says:

      For what it’s worth, I shoot Sellier and Bellot as my “budget” ammo, and it’s always been very reliable.

      1. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

        Thanks for the tip. That PMC stuff kept overpressuring my 1911. It would drop the firing pin retainer and jam the slide. It never did it with the Hornady hollow points (the custom load flying ashtray type not the fancy Critical defense) or the Armscor FMJ stuff. Admittedly I only fired 20 rounds of the Hornady and another 20 of the Armscor while I burned through all 50 of the PMC, but since the malfunction only occurred running PMC after I ran the Hornady but before the Armscor I suspect it was caused by PMC being too hot or due to the stuff being a little old and slightly corroded.

  11. avatar SurfGW says:

    “Does this Ammo work well in Nisoor square?”
    “Does the Ammo give the user special permission to violate rules of engagement?”
    While I am sure there is nothing shady about this, I see nothing but bad PR and easy jokes out of making Ammo. Maybe they should consider re-naming it

  12. avatar sound awake says:

    ill buy some of theyre ammo as long as the box its in says m855a1 on it

  13. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Ha, I worked for Blackwater in 2007 what a rip off that was. Losers can suck sand for all I care, paycheck cheating bastids

  14. avatar DAVE F says:

    Name does not matter,quality of ammo does.Will the 9mm meet the specs for the BULLPUP 9. Last but not least cost. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  15. avatar Aaron says:

    so, i don’t care about the provenence. the question is why should we care about another ammo maker unless they have some advantage in cost or performance. ammo makers grow on trees.

  16. avatar Wiregrass says:

    If it’s decent brass, I might try it, to add to my reloading brass collection.

  17. avatar little horn says:

    hype and gimmicks. no thanks.

  18. avatar Gralnok says:

    Eh, sure. I’d buy a box, just to annoy a liberal. Kind of how I bought a box of G2 RIP ammo. Way too expensive a gimmick, but it does look cool enough for one purchase.

  19. avatar Roger Hedgedus says:

    Ok so a company in Ohio named Blackwater Precision sold some ammo at a local 3 gun match. The two gentlemen that bought it had
    Multiple failure to fires and left a train of ammo as they were racking their slides like crazy trying to get through the course. Felt bad and they paid too much for junk ammo

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