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“At least 17 people were dead after a 19-year-old former student opened fire at a South Florida high school on Wednesday afternoon,” reports. “The suspect was identified as Nikolaus Cruz, a former student who had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. He said at least 14 other people were injured in addition to the 17 people killed.” Early reports indicate that . . .

the shooter pulled the fire alarm.

Relieved parents like Lisette Rozenblet, whose daughter attends the school, also said she was told that a fire alarm was pulled about the time the shots began. But her daughter’s teacher, sensing that it might be a trap, told the students to stay in the classroom, she said.

“Her biggest fear is a school shooting,” Rozenblet said of her daughter. “She is always begging me to be home-schooled because she was scared of this.”

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    • There are 3 solutions: 1. have police officers throughout the school. 2. School district hires armed security. 3. EVER SINGLE STAFF IS ARMED.

      I’m studying to become a teacher. I am going to be moving to a state that actually cares about the kids and making sure they are safe.

      • 1. Roid heads and children don’t mix there is an unfortunately growing body of evidence of this from schools that have been turning to offloading security and discipline on the local police
        2. See #1 typical rent-a-cops aren’t much better. You’d basically need specialists specifically for this task good luck getting the gov to contract the right people for that…
        3. Assuming staff don’t have thier own failings how much extra are you willing to pay teachers to take on this duty? you paying for weapons, ammo, and training on top of that?

        Not to rain on your parade but the solution is not as simple as you make it out to be.

        • Actually it is, at least outside of slave areas. Simply allow teachers who choose to do so to carry personal firearms in school. In other words, just repeal the GFSZA so any teacher with a CHL (or not if they live in a Constitutional Carry state) who chooses to arm themselves can do so

        • Are you telling us that there aren’t a lot of wacked out teachers in our schools? At first arming the teachers seems like a really good solution. But knowing a few, including some of the ones I had, then I’m not so sure.

        • Pass. There’s a lot of people like myself. Retired. Military experience. Would gladly spend the day armed at my grandkids school. I would provide my own weapons and ammo.

          All the .gov would have to do is tweak a couple of laws about liability and insurance.

          How many more willing volunteers like me out there?

        • No, it’s easier. You don’t have to arm all staff, just eliminate the schools as gun free zones. Over and over, it is proven that mass shooters do not target where they might run into armed resistance. Even Vegas, the shooter protected himself from armed citizens with distance and barriers.

        • “There’s a lot of people like myself. Retired. Military experience. Would gladly spend the day armed at my grandkids school.”


          That *terrifies* the Leftists.

          Let local cops vet the volunteers, provide retention holsters, and let them protect the kids…

        • #1. yes there are some places that don’t trust cops. that blame can be placed squarely on the dems. #2. i was referring more towards specialist rather then someone who patrols random parking lots. #3. the NRA or USCCA could provide training either free or discounted, or its up to the individual.

    • Not easy thanks to the gun grabbers.

      I work in a gun free zone (higher education) but it’s not the law. I’m nearing retirement eligibility and have saved enough. Once I’m eligible, I’ll carry anyway.

  1. Thanks Shannon Watts,

    Best place to be a mass shooter is where they can’t shoot back.

    F your gun free zones

  2. RIP to the dead and a speedy recovery to the injured. I really have no other words… I’m so sick and tired of these crazy fucks harming innocents.

    • Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Assuming he was on psychotropic meds, was he crazy because he was on them, or on them because he was crazy? And if they were the cause of this and other mass shootings, should we ban them? Millions of people are able to live normal lives on SSRIs. You would deprive them of that because a few (possibly) had bad reactions? That’s the same attitude we are ridiculing here, that drives the call to ban “assault weapons” because a miniscule number are used in mass shootings.

      • Just a quick lil important fun fact for you: Any type of ”AR” Platform rifles are NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS!!!! ”AR”- stands for “Armalite Rifles”, who as it just so happens are the creators of the original “AR”-Platform category of rifles. (So, for all you rocket scientist out there that repeatedly screw this simple definition of what is actually an “Assault Rifle”!?!?)
        So, are you PAYING ATTENTION? Well then if so, than you should always REMEMBER THIS FACT: An “ASSAULT RIFLE” is by definition in its simplest terms that I can break it down to all of you in an attempt to teach and properly educate all of you self-proclaimed sophisticated, cultured “Short Bus” riding individuals that a “FULLY-AUTOMATIC” firearm has been manufactured or modified so that if the trigger of the “Fully Automatic” firearms trigger is depressed & held down, than that weapon system will continue to cycle/fire until the magazine is empty. Or if the individual operating that firearm decides to remove their finger from the trigger mechanism to discontinue that “Full-Auto” rate of fire.
        Therefore that “Fully Automatic” weapon will cease to continue firing until the individual shooting that “Fully Automatic” firearm intends to shoot the weapon again.
        A “Semi-Automatic” firearm will only fire one-round per each time the individual shooting this “Semi-Automatic” firearm intends to pull the trigger. (All AR-15’s &AR-10’s are always “Semi-Automatic” firearms. The only legal way to purchase a “Fully-Automatic” weapon system is by filling out extensive paperwork and submitting it along with your finger-prints and passport photographs that are affixed on the allotted space on the Sheriffs Office fingerprints forms. Than you have to make out a $200 check made payable to the ATF who does a in-depth & extremely extensive background check that takes a minimum of eight months.
        It doesn’t matter with regards to a firearm that is “Fully Automatic”, because even if that firearm is a handgun or a long-gun, as long as that specific firearm in question is “Fully Automatic” it is classified as an “Assault Weapon”. Now, finally after all of that “Firearms-4-Dummies” in-depth review to the differences between “Fully Automatic”, and “Semi-Automatic” firearms. Now lastly here is the last and most mind blowing explanation. as long as a firearm is classified as a “Fully-Automatic” firearm that is also a rifle, than those specific rifles are classified as an “Assault Rifle”. (AR-Platform rifles ARE NOT “ASSAULT RIFLES”!!!!) So, now that you are somewhat up to speed on this subject matter. Please think before you speak!…
        Lastly, I felt compelled & obligated to put this information out to all ignorant people with “opinions”, and not facts about firearms. Those actions have made me so tired! So tired of hearing people make asinine & false statements regarding firearms from people who know absolutely nothing about firearms to begin with. (Just about every liberal-democrat does not own a firearm, nor have they even taken some time to go to a class & shooting range to become just a little familiar with firearms. Ignorance is bliss.)

        • You’re missing the point. The MSM knows exactly what they’re writing and they’re not doing it out of ignorance. They have an agenda and the words and phrases they use support that narrative. Most sheeple don’t know the difference and just believe what they’re spoon-fed.

        • Maybe you need to lay off the coffee and learn to read better. You might notice he put “asault weapons” in quotations because to the gun grabbers your Glock 19 with a 15 round mag is an “assault weapon” <—- notice the quotes there buddy?

          So thank you for your asinine spiel about full vs semi auto it was very enlightening. Quite frankly I'm tired of everyone using the easy cop out that an AR pattern rifle is not an "assault rifle" since it is not capable of full auto fire. Essentially what you (and everyone else) are arguing is that machine guns are EXTRA DANGEROUS (see I can type in all caps too) and deserve to be looked at differently than a semi auto rifle.


          A machine gun should be as easily obtainable as any semi auto. Period. End of story. Arguing otherwise just makes you look foolish… not that you needed any help.

  3. We protect our banks and money with people with guns…we protect our politicians and other notable celebrities with people with guns…we protect our government facilities with people with guns…we protect our children with “gun-free zones” and signs…Isn’t it time to take a realistic approach and protect our children the same way we protect our money, politicians, and government facilities??

      • So Cubans are considered white now? I suppose only if it suits a particular political slant, eh? Ted Cruz’s father’s name is Rafael Bienvenido Cruz y Díaz. Born in Cuba. Ted Cruz is an American citizen of Cuban descent on his father’s side and Irish/Italian descent on his mother’s. So…he’s exactly as Hispanic as Barack Obama is African-American.

  4. Nothing to add…keep your powder dry. If Trump gives the anti-scum a bone he won’t last a year😡

  5. Home school folks. It’s the only way for your child to get a good education instead of an indoctrination and everyone can carry a gun!

  6. Another tragic event that could’ve been avoided if this country had just listened to the civilized world and Americans that are sick of this nonsense.

    These attacks don’t happen on a constant daily basis in the rest of the civilized world.

    How’s the “thoughts and prayers” helping?

    If gun laws were passed after an NRA nutter attacked a school in 2012. None of these shootings would’ve never happened.

    So where is JamesDThePharmD on here that gloated about the EXTREMELY RARE stabbing spree in china were only 1 person died and dozens wounded. He needs to look at this and explain to me how getting stabbed and walking away alive worse than getting shot?

    This is now the 30th mass shooting that has happened at the beginning of this year.

    You people talk big about your outdated archaic freedom to kill; But you love to ignore your “right” has violated the freedoms of innocent people who are possibly dead or dying. I’m sure you can explain to their families why your “right” trumps the lives of their children to live and go to school without fear.

    And the NRA, TTAG and it’s supporters won’t care because they covet their guns more than lives. They will come up with all kinds of excuses but in the end they support murder.

    Keep denying that your “Right” isn’t a problem to anyone.

    All I’ve seen is gun reich supporters saying that the guns aren’t the problem. It’s a complete and total lie and every single one of you who falls back on NRA jargon and the tired 2nd amendment spiel are complicit in every single one of these incidents. Countries that have very strict gun laws do not have these problems. Ever.

    As you bathe in the blood of the innocent who died from a tragedy that could’ve been prevent. I will go out to mourn for the victims and go help my community.

    You can go waste your time being slaves to your archaic outdated “right” and stock up on more useless armaments while complaining about how “communists” in your sick minds are trying to take your rights away while hiding in your makeshift mancave shelters stroking your assault rifles and listening to kooks like alex jones and your russian puppet trump.

    Continue to be slaves to your “right” and Live in fear.

    I an american that loves this country and the rights & princples it stands for will not.

    • What we are beyond sick and tired of is your sides gun free zones, or call it what it is, defenseless shooting gallery. If armed guards and or armed and trained educators had been allowed to fight back the death toll would have been much lower, probably just the perp. But go ahead and tell us how more laws would do the trick stopping the lawless.

    • YOU people didn’t care when the murders and the drugs affected the minorities. Now you do when it happens in suburbia. Where’s your outcry against violence in Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc? Shut up and disappear.

    • Dude, TL;DR on your diatribe, but you did get one part right. I covet each and every one of my guns more than I care for your particular life. Because any of my guns may indeed save the life of myself or my family, while you are a threat to all of the freedoms I hold dear.

    • Hey progtard twit, ANYONE that loves this country will ALWAY capitalize “America”. See also stand with hand on heart/salute for the national anthem and when flag passes by.


      • From careful reading of some of his other posts, and a fair amount of ethanol based brain-bleach afterwards, I think he is Canadian.

    • I love how you keep telling mass shootings never happen in your beloved “civilized” countries when they do. How many shot and killed in Mexico and the rest of Central and South America today? Or the recent shooting in Spain? So what are you ignorant or a liar?

    • In 2013 the CDC established there are 500,000 to 3,000,000 cases of legal self-defense with a gun in a year. That outweighs all gun deaths, injuries, and violent crimes committed with a gun combined. When it comes to interpersonal violence guns save 50-300 times more lives than take. The argument that gun ownership is such a negative force in the US is nonsense.

    • F@$! Off Commie Troll ! Your not going to have another Revolution based on Gun Control and naive voters ! Peddle your world 🌎 Domination elsewhere!

    • As long as we’re talking stabbings, on March 2, 2014, a mass stabbing in China left 29 dead and 130 injured.
      Then there’s gasoline –
      Since 2009 there have been at least 6 suicide/terrorist firebomb attacks on Chinese buses and train stations, killing at least 200 people.
      I won’t even get into how many deaths Mao and his followers have been responsible for over the decades!


    • there it is the ‘blue name’

      the only reason to come here on days like this…to see the ape shit nutter toss ‘pooo-poo’ at the cages bars as we all laugh at him!

    • Now now, everyone, this person wants to stand on a soap box and lecture us on our misguided ways, let’s hear him out. Please, tell us, oh wise one, how would our lives be better without the primary means to protect ourselves and our families from harm?

      Keep in mind we have rules to abide by. Please link us to sites and stats that aren’t funded by Left wing billionaires. I would like to see proper, unaltered data and graphs. Ones that count all countries in their data. Facts and data that doesn’t omit variables that would vastly sway the end conclusion.

      Show me how a bad guy can be reliably stopped by something other than a gun. Show me the methods used to fend off someone, or several people, hell bent on beating your brains out, that doesn’t involve a force multiplier like a gun. How many police officers would be saved, or lost, if all guns were banned? Please account for all violence, not just the illegal use of firearms. Finally, please remember, that gun violence doesn’t include justified or self defense shootings.

      Don’t just spew emotions, back them up with hard data that has credible sources. Do this, and I might consider your argument.

      Until then, I’ll stick to my guns.

    • I would like to ask you a legitimate question, Long Name. And I will not insult, demean, name call, or troll your response (and I would hope you would have the courtesy to return the favor). My question is what would you suggest to prevent things like this? What laws would you suggest or weapons or accessories would you want to see banned that you think would stop these attacks?

    • Known discipline problem, expelled from school.

      Banned from school property.

      Had made previous threats against the students and staff.

      Apparently (?) the son of illegal immigrants.

      Known to have access to guns.

      Registered democrat.

      Clearly the answer is to take away guns from everyone who didn’t shoot up a school.

    • this fucking MAGGOT again?
      FUCK off, you gun-grabbing mongrel!
      any-one with ½-doz fully functioning brain cells knows this crap is a total HOAX!

      just GFY, you effin’ tool!

    • I don’t disagree with you but you all treat this like this is a simple solution. Why do we need to do all of that in the first place? Yes, gun free zones are terrible ideas and we could limit the impact of terrible people by having people capable of putting the shooters down more quickly, but why has this become such a problem? Why is that something we have to do? That’s what needs to be addressed. Is it mental health? We’ve poorly treated the mentally ill for a long time so that doesn’t seem like its the source. We’ve also had easily available guns for a long time, so that doesn’t seem like that’s it either. What you’re saying is treating the symptoms and while we should probably go ahead and do that for now, we should also suss out and treat the disease.

  7. You have nothing to blame except the DemoCRAPic Liberals and their social engineering projects with our public schools. THEY have created these problems as a result of THEIR experimentation with the general public…And the end result of these projects is to convince Americans to surrender their RIGHTS, or allow Big Government to grow bigger by overstepping THEIR constitutional authority to interfere in the “Regulation of constitutional liberties within the Bill of Right’s”

    • There has to be a very, very, very good reason for me to even contemplate entering a “Gun Free Zone”. If there is an alternate way that I can accomplish doing something that would normally take you into a GFZ, I take that alternate way. Period.

  8. Oh my, 17 dead. Horrendous. Every school needs to hire at least three armed private security guards and install sophisticated security systems – 1 armed guard to monitor cameras and 2 armed guards to strategically roam the halls, entry points, and keep an eye on the parking lots. The guards would rotate positions throughout the day so fatigue doesn’t set in (i.e., 1 or 2 hrs at the monitors, etc.). Large schools should consider 4 guards (3 to roam). No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The armed security officers would rotate very regularly around entry points, and constantly roam the halls in a random pattern, and would be trained to run toward the gun fire in a tactical manner. The third security guard would constantly monitor the security cameras for suspicious behavior and radio to their counterparts suspicious activities. They should also keep an eye on parking lots for suspicious activities to prevent an armed intruder from even entering the school.

    Sad, sad day. I have kids in public schools and get more worried every time something like this happens. It could happen anywhere.

  9. The availability of guns in America does make these mass shootings a lot easier to occur than in say the European nations, but the problem is that the mass shootings are a much more recent phenomenon, and did not occur in the past when gun laws were more lenient. Some people might say that AR-15s weren’t as prevalent then, but ARs and AKs were nonetheless still available, ARs going back to the 1960s and Tommy guns to the 1930s. So there has to be something else that is driving these mass shootings.

    • Agreed… and there must be a reason, a correlation on why it is most frequently a school. Soft targets as they say… I’m sure it is more than just that they are gun-free zones, that’s part of it for sure.

      There is something in the water these days where more and more wackos are seeing this as a viable criminal action. There were so many warning signs on this guy, though… all they had to do … was LOCK THE DOORS. I don’t understand why ALL schools are not locked and secure facilities. My wife’s school is, with only one usable entrance (multiple exits). That door is locked and manned by someone. No issues.

  10. Learn from utah !!

    The reality florida have nothing learned from the bar and airport shooting.
    No open carry and big “no gun zone” list

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