License plate of Seattle man arrested for hate crime (courtesy
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“A driver told officers that he was waiting in line for a car wash when the alleged suspect pulled up behind him and then cursed and honked at him,” reports. The man slowly moved his BMW forward when the car behind him reportedly rear-ended him. The alleged victim approached the red Chevrolet Camaro behind him and knocked on the driver side window to talk to him, but the driver didn’t respond. He returned to his car to take pictures of the damage. The man then looked back at the Camaro and reportedly found the driver glaring at him and pointing a gun at him.” And then ran? Uh no . . .

He returned to his car and called police, he said.

Officers arrived, drew guns and demanded that the 40-year-old in the driver seat of a red Camaro (with a vanity plate reading, “DIRTBAG”) show his hands and exit the car, the incident report says.

Truth in advertising!

The man refused to leave the car, police say. Ultimately, one of the cops reportedly opened the driver side door and two officers pulled him from the vehicle. The man allegedly pushed and hit the officers pulling him out and tried to break out of their grip.

So far, so stupid. And then the perp went all Mel Gibson . . .

He then reportedly fell to the ground, threatening to kill the cops and issuing religious epithets about another man involved in the incident. An officer told the man he would use a Taser on him if he didn’t stop fighting, reports say; when the man continued to fight, a cop used the Taser, which subdued him.

Religious epithets? Go to hell? Apparently it was something serious. So serious he’s being charged with a hate crime! Don’t you hate it when that happens? Wait. Is it illegal to hate it when that happens?

I wonder if his lawyer will claim a First Amendment defense, and how long it took for prosecutors to check the perp’s Facebook page. Anyway, don’t be that guy. Obvs.

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    • My first thought was he said something like “That guy’s a damn Scientologist!”

      I’d prolly haul off and shoot you for saying that. Them’s fightin’ words.

  1. Too bad it only required one taser.. Yes Virginia, there are people that stupid. And THESE are the people who should be banned from owning a rock let alone a firearm. And now the school shooting in Florida… A bill is in Congress that would have allowed concealed carry for legitimate persons with CC licenses across state lines. Kiss that goodbye after the school shooting in Florida. I am adamantly for the right to carry for responsible Americans. Then again, there are people that should not own firearms. Under any circumstances. Yelling, resisting lawful commands, fighting with LEO’S ?? Can anyone with half a brain defend this guys actions ? Hope there’s a video available.

    • Why would you automatically assume someone so erratic is not already a prohibited person? Certainly not because people who shouldn’t own guns never obtain them.

    • NoBs: “A (pro-Constitution) bill in Congress” and immediately another school shooting. If I wasn’t sure leftists couldn’t kill children for the greater good [like most leftist perps did], I might be suspicious of the timing of this and every other mass-shooting that “would have been prevented if only we didn’t have 2A.”

    • You said “I am adamantly for the right to carry for responsible Americans. Then again, there are people that should not own firearms. Under any circumstances.”
      Thats the heart of this issue right? Who decides who cannot have a gun before a crime is committed? Who decides? Today the democrats say they get to decide by passing laws restricting what is a right which is no less than the right to vote or speak in opposition. There is almost no registration needed to vote and we could argue many people vote poorly, but its their right. Im not arguing against what you said, just how do you implement it without taking away a right?

  2. We’re all just really lucky it wasn’t a silver Ford Escape Ecoboost with a baby Groot wearing headphones sticker and SIG sticker on the rear window because then something would really be wrong, maybe…

  3. Well, it is ash Wednesday. Maybe he hates Catholics and BMW guy had some ash cross on his forehead. Or maybe the dude in the BMW is Muslim and Camero guy lost it over that. Or maybe BMW guy had a “COEXIST” bumper sticker and Camero guy hates atheists. Who knows…. In any event, if a primary motivating factor in using violence is based on religion, sexual orentation, race, blah, blah, blah… then “hate crime”.

    • I doubt it. This is Washington State. You have to try really REALLY hard to go to prison here. Pointing a gun, no big deal. That’s a hand-slap and a deferred prosecution or stipulated continued for dismissal.

  4. ANYONE proud to sport a vanity license plate with “DIRTBAG” on it has a perception problem. The cure for such a problem is to have him hit upside his head with a bag of dirt…a 1 cubic yard bag of dirt…propelled from one of those wonderful war machines that toss pumpkins in competition today.

  5. Ugh… Hate crime… Why do we have that stupid phrase in our language and legal code? Seriously, when the hell does intent really change the damage done? Oh the perp meant to do it? Good enough for me. Accident or deliberate, no damn thought crime BS.

      • If someone hits me and takes my money, then that’s just greed.

        If someone hits me because they don’t like me, then that’s just personal.

        If someone hits me because I’m Jewish, then that’s history repeating itself. Since nobody wants to go down that road again, I think it does indeed deserve it’s own special harsher category.

  6. He’s from Washington, so he has to be a snowflake. I at first thought he was my wifes cousin but then I remembered her cousin drove a yellow camaro. Oh well, I was hoping for a few laughs at the family reunion, maybe some day.

  7. The first issue is a concern of mental illness, it is obvious that this subject has some mental problems, first indication is anyone driving a Camaro built after 1971 must have some serious issues. Next, a vanity license plate suggests he must have a form of mental retardation. OK, calm down Francis, I’m joking.
    In all seriousness, anyone who has any firearm training knows if you pull your firearm, it’s serious enough to use it. Otherwise it stays holstered and concealed. The story does not reveal if the reporting party was carrying, The reporting party/victim did the right thing, back off and call L.E. , but if this maniac got out of his car with a gun in hand, it’s go time.


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