Florida Homeowner Shoots Pair of Armed Intruders Dead
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A dramatic 911 call tells the tale of a Brevard County, Florida man who faced down a pair of  intruders. The two goblins pointed a gun at the resident’s mother in her own bedroom. At that point, the resident produced his own gun and fatally shot both intruders.

Alvin Smalls, aged 20, died in the bed of the homeowner’s mother, giving new meaning to “rest in peace”.

The second man, Amir Lynn, 18, managed to make it out of the house, albeit just barely. He collapsed in the street, mere feet from the getaway vehicle. Lynn desperately wanted to get make his escape, but the gunshot wound proved too much. Well, that and Smalls had the keys to the car.

Cops and paramedics found Lynn and tried to resuscitate him. Paramedics’ efforts proved unsuccessful.

Florida Homeowner Shoots Pair of Armed Intruders Dead
courtesy clickorlando.com

Lynn’s mother arrived at the scene soon afterward. Deputies had to cuff her when she stormed past the crime scene tape demanding answers.

Florida Homeowner Shoots Pair of Armed Intruders Dead
Courtesy FloridaToday.com

Ironically, Smalls’ brother had also died on the same street last year. That homicide case remains open.

WKMG has the story:

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Two men shot and killed by a homeowner in a Titusville home invasion Thursday have been identified as Alvin Smalls and Amir Rashad Lynn, according to deputies.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said Smalls, 20, of Titusville, and Lynn, 18, of Mims, broke into a home on West Court in Titusville and got into a fight with the residents.

A man grabbed a gun to defend himself and shot the intruders, deputies said.

The 911 call from the victim revealed that he was asleep at the time of the break-in and was woken up by the intruders, who he said were holding his mother at gunpoint.

The 911 audio from WKMG can be heard here:

Florida Homeowner Shoots Pair of Armed Intruders Dead
courtesy WESH

Fortunately, the un-named homeowner chose the benefits of firearm ownership over membership in the “un-armed victim” fraternity. It may well have saved not only his mother’s life, but his as well.

As for the bad guys? They learned an important lesson in civility before they became part of next year’s Giffords’ Gun Control Scorecard rating and the effort to impose victim disarmament upon America’s law-abiding citizens.

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  1. Always more to the story…always two sides…or more…
    but these two don’t appear to be stand-up , law-abiding citizens
    prior crimes? probably
    violent? drug related? probably
    aspiring rappers? probably
    college bound? probably not

    • Who are you, Milton Berle???

      Stop stealing my lines!!!

      Oh, yeah: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 😀

  2. The ‘grieving’ mother knew where her son was killed while the investigation was ongoing? Did she know where her son was going and what he was up to so as soon as she heard it thru the grapevine there’d been a shooting she went right there to try and get her payday?

      • The home-invasion location and “Mims” are about 3-5 miles from each other. They definitely had to travel in their car to commit the crime.

    • Family showing up like this isn’t uncommon in my experience. At first I wondered how they knew.

      Generally the answer is “cell phones”. Someone sees someone they know get shot and it goes “grapevine” as to who it is that was shot and where they are. Someone calls a family member pretty fast.

      Usually the robbery boys in given area are known to just about everyone. If they get dropped on a sidewalk their identity isn’t a mystery to many people in the area for long. Before cell phones it was word of mouth.

    • The cops need to investigate her as well, if she knew what they were doing, then she looks like accessory to murder or conspiracy at the least.

  3. Now we wait for the families of the dead intruders to take to the media demanding the homeowner be convicted and tried – in that order – for cowardly defending himself and his mother against equally armed little angels who wouldn’t really hurt anyone…

    • Queue press statement from Ms Lynn that if they had just handed over the money no-one would’ve been hurt and no-one had to die.

      Shannon will recruit her soon as another victim of gun violence having lost two sons.

      But criminals should consider death or injury as occupational hazards not under OSHA.

    • They tried that when little Artie Buford got greased here in NE Ohio. EPIC fail.

      It was the first widely publicized self-defense shooting by a CHL holder.

      At the time of the failed robbery attempt, Artie was on probation for, wait for it… ARMED ROBBERY.

      The general consensus was “If you don’t want to get shot, don’t try to rob people.”

      His mutant “family” were astonished and horrified by the singular lack of sympathy for repeat armed robbers. His “posse” was so incensed that they vandalized the victim’s home… whereupon it got a rotating guard force of Cleveland cops and NAACP members.

      Some people are just too stupid to live… in civilized places, they DON’T.

    • Don’t forget the obligatory balloon release and tee shirts with the “victim’s” pictures at the memorial service.

  4. I wonder where they got the idea that barging into someone else’s house was O K.

    Mom barged past crime scene tape demanding answers. Distraught mother and its a horrible, horrible circumstance.

    For her and her kid there is nothing to be done, and for her only pain now should she realize: teach your kids not to barge.

    • Criminal aside, any mother would want to hold her son during his moment of death. Her anguish must be felt as a real grief. I think she should have been allowed. But I understand the police would not have wanted anything “planted” on his body that would have skewed the evidence. Still, I wonder, would they have stopped and handcuffed a grieving white mother?

      • Being a medic on scene at several instances with dead adult children and grieving mothers, yes. Black white brown, they’re all stopped.

      • “Criminal aside, any mother would want to hold her son during his moment of death.”

        Any mother worth anything at all, yes. As would a father.

        “Her anguish must be felt as a real grief.”

        Sorry to sound cold, but … not by me it doesn’t. Nor by the police, nor by her son’s victims. I wouldn’t deny her her grief, but nor would I consent to share it. Rather, my sympathies are pretty much entirely with the victims here … he (presumably) didn’t ask to have his home invaded, and he (almost certainly) didn’t start the day expecting to have to kill two people. His mother didn’t ask to be held at gunpoint in her own bedroom, and have one of the criminals die on her bed. They’re both going to have to live with that the rest of their lives.

        “I think she should have been allowed. But I understand the police would not have wanted anything “planted” on his body that would have skewed the evidence.”

        I disagree, not only because of what you mention, but also because there’s no telling what else she might do. Attack the homeowner, maybe? Bottom line, the son was already dead, there’s nothing she could give him comfort-wise, and neither the police nor the homeowner are responsible for her grief.

        “Still, I wonder, would they have stopped and handcuffed a grieving white mother?”

        Now that really depends on what she was doing and how she was behaving, doesn’t it? Her behavior could have ranged anywhere from pleading, to assaulting an officer. The article didn’t give enough detail to say; but the photo is suggestive that it was on the more physical end of the range. I’d suspend judgment on this, rather than jumping straight to the race card, thank you.

        • Last time I stopped to help at an accident on the highway, the police had to restrain the entire family so I could work. That’s one parent and two kids above 20. It didn’t matter what color the people were, there’s trash in all flavors.

        • And just in case anyone forgets: IT WAS AN ACTIVE CRIME SCENE!

          NO unauthorized, persons not connected-to-the-investigation are allowed on-scene per departmental policies—and that includes officers not actually investigating.

          There is a responsibility for the first officers on-scene to CONTROL the scene and RESTRICT ACCESS to unessential or non-critical personnel.

          Further, a log is kept of all persons entering and leaving an active scene/investigation location. This is done PRECISELY so that contamination does not occur, and proper investigative proceedures may be accomplished.

          And just out of curiosity—are those CURRENT photos of the deceased—or are they (like Trevor Martin) several years prior? Thus giving an image skewed toward some bias of “innocence”?

          BEFORE: Live by the sword—die by the sword.
          NOW: Live by the gun—die by the gun.

          And Oh Yes, I can hear the stupid “He din’t haf ta go ‘an kill ’em” Bovine excrement.
          Should have taught them better.

        • Don’t hold Marcia’s biological INSTINCTS against her. It’s just something inherent within all women that aren’t defective. It’s the same biological predisposition that sees black males, who represent a minuscule fraction of the population (3% between the ages of 15-26), committing the majority of homicides in the US. Both demographics are helpless to prevent these biological behaviors. Women are unequivocally more nurturing and young black males are unquestionably predisposed, genetically, to feral and savage behavior. And no, feelings don’t matter, only facts do.

      • I would venture to say that anyone would have been restrained and if needed, detained to preserve the scene of a double homicide. Taking for granted of course, that the authorities have at the very least common sense. Not a given though. I pray that the lady finds some peace in something else, as theatrics won’t be doing anyone any good anyway, regardless of race.

      • So just how out of control do you have to be to require cuffing? And as noted by others how did she get there so fast? And where was she during the upbringing of her child when it was time to have the ‘talk’ about not invading other peoples homes?

  5. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    That mind was probably lost at 2 or 3 when no one disciplined it and taught not to steal.

  6. Like the Houston home invasion a week or so below we will find that the the Invaders and the invadee knew each other.

  7. I lived in a rough neighborhood on the Westside of Long Beach, Ca. The gang bangers knew that if they tried anything funny, they would get shot. It is funny that all the neighbors knew each other and their kids and would help each other fix cars, boats and have fish fries and barbeques for one and all.
    All races and types lived there. The gang bangers would help my wife with groceries from the corner store. I look back on that time of my life as the nicest neighborhood – but – coming home from late shift, I remember seeing those choirboy gang bangers carrying a shotgun – probably going across the freeway to answer another gang.

  8. Thats some pretty good shooting in a stressful situation. 2 boogers holding a gun on Mom, 1 drt and one shortly after, AND MOM DIDN’T GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE! Seriously, thay is some good work right there. Just to stir the pot: I wonder if this guy had any training?

      • Practical street training probably. His duck and run skills are probably off the charts as is his awareness skills, like noticing a menacing car driving by with the windows rolled down.

      • I’m sure all he did was point the gun and pull the trigger, because according to your dumbass that’s all anyone needs for a skill level.

        • Sarcasm aside, you just encapsulated the very reason that minimal training is necessary to effectively use a firearm in MOST circumstances.

          If you point the gun in the right direction while it is loaded (and cocked if necessary), and pull the trigger, the bullet will A/leave the end of the barrel furthest from you and B/in the general direction in which you have pointed it. That bullet will continue to go in a relatively straight line (not counting drop or wind drift, something not critical at 10 feet, I assume) until it hits whatever it was pointed at (C), or something in its immediate proximity. It can’t HELP but do that.

          That’s what makes guns so easy to use; They point naturally, they’re designed to fire easily, and that is what makes them such good weapons in the hands of the untrained. Ask any small child to demonstrate.

        • Show us a training course, anywhere, taught by anyone, that will train you for this type of encounter. Show us a training course where you’re shooting a perp (or two) in a bedroom whilst avoiding a live human on the bed.

          Or let’s make it easier: find a course where you can train in a shoot house with live spectators in the room as you engage one or more moving targets.

          Hint: You won’t find one.

          • There are many force on force classes using simunition in shoot houses with these kind of scenarios (in a restaurant setting, banks, home, convenience store, etc) where they use employees as perps and innocent bystanders. Tactical Response does them, regularly. And I think Sealed Mindset (run by a former SEAL, may still do them. Just look for force on force training or places that use simunition and you’ll find it.

        • jd has swallowed the progressive kool aid of mandatory training. Judging from the comments he makes here he never has actually touched a gun.

    • He obviously had no training. If he had Mom would never have been in jeopardy. He would have met and engaged them at the point of entry.

        • That’s no excuse. A good, highly-trained Home-Defense Operator Who Operates Operationally is always be partly awake, ready to leap into battle at the slightest hint of trouble, able to engage multiple perps on the front stoop long before they can make entry, with long guns staged in every corner of the house and two under the couch-cushions in case of. . . whatever.

          What, don’t YOU train like that?

        • This is the reason to get a dog. Not a purse rat, not a floor mop. A real guard dog.

          Get a livestock guarding dog. They seem to only half-sleep at night.

          Get 120+ lbs of dog on your side, and it buys you time to wake up and get ready for what is coming through the door.

    • Its a good example for the People’s Republics that want to mandate 9999+ hours of expensive training before allowing a citizen possession of an “assault whatever”.

      I doubt this homeowner was just back from training at Gunsite Academy. Probably emptied a few boxes of White Box at a local range a couple times a year.

      Training is great- but don’t believe the gun grabbers who want us to jump thru hoops so that our “betters” will deem us worthy.

    • He didn’t have to play sheepdog on the weekends, he reacted to the situation and it was his Mama! Saved himself a lot of money by not being a tacti-nerd, wonder if he has a beard? 5-11 clothes, ink and aggressive graphic Ts?

  9. The home owner now needs to sue the family’s of the dead THUGS for a new bed, cleanup costs for the house, & the terror they caused to the home owners,
    Live like a THUG,,, Die like a THUG…!

  10. They always have that beyond space and time look in their eyes. As if literally nothing is happening in their brains.

    • Those are dead eyes. There’s no remorse, no kindness or anything behind those eyes.
      If there was, it was to get something from somebody, that’s all.

    • The “diversity” class love them their pot. Can’t stay away from it.

      Two less freshmen for Florida State this fall. And who is going to deliver lunch to the old folks on Wed?

  11. The homeowner had to know Smalls since he was able to tell the 911 operator “the person who owned the vehicle is dead in my bed”. Obviously he looked out the window and realized “that’s Alvin’s car”. No excuse for home invasion but it does raise questions.

  12. what? no rocket science genius in training? no hwas a good boy,just wanted to excel. the preachers pet? we have to wait for obummer to shoot his mouth off? boy-child must have spent some time on the combat interditiction course… good for him…

  13. The brother of one of the robbers was shot in a drive-by on that same street last summer. He hit in the neck in his mother’s driveway. Died a week later, no suspects:

    The street, looks like a nice neighborhood:

    So the mother lives on that street too, that’s why she was there so fast.

    The obvious question is what sort of drugs were involved? Who runs drugs in that area? Hell of a lot of burglaries are about paying for drugs or trying to steal drugs or steal guns or stuff to sell for guns and drugs. So which is it and who are the gangs around there?

    That’s where to look first I’d say.

    Pleased the victim and his mom got thru uninjured. Sad to see the impact on the woman who lost two sons. But that’s not the victim’s fault, it’s her sone’s fault and whatever criminal scum they were running with.

  14. Biggy Smalls cousin?!? And mama shows up minutes later…nothing to see here-move along😄😊😏One hopes there is no retaliation😩

  15. The eyes are the window to the soul. Always look at the eyes. Same with most higher mammals especially dogs. Look at shrillerys eyes; no soul, death. Look at Trumps; life, caring, sometimes calculating, or upset but always life. Same as a smile, look at the eyes. Real smile lights up the eyes. Not so much for nanny piglousei or chucky the hand puppet of nannys. Never saw a real smile on mich the mooch odumbass.

  16. “Lynn’s mother arrived at the scene soon afterward. Deputies had to cuff her when she stormed past the crime scene tape demanding answers…”

    Typical. As in it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. I’ve been at numerous incidents where you have to wonder where the little shitbag learned his ways and IN COMES MOM when you put said shitbag in cuffs demanding you let him go, he dindu nothing…

    • Can’t blame mom. They are her babies. They came out of her. In her eyes, they are angels. It must suck to see your babies laying out all dead and cooling off. It’s not they dindonufin, whatever they did wasn’t so bad as to get shot down. (she thinks)

      • I’ve had to call a lot of parents to tell them their ‘child’ (i.e. under 18) has been arrested. The reactions run the gamut from parents who get pissed off at ME for arresting their little angel for breaking car windows to some parents who make me think the kid would rather be in jail than get released into parental custody given how pissed mom is at them.

        The one that sticks with me is when I called a woman to tell her that her son had been arrested for getting into a drunken fight in public. Her response was “(sigh) I have TWO sons, which one was it this time?”

  17. “unnamed homeowner”

    “We’re not into naming crime victims, we just air pictures of their houses so shitbags know where to go to victimize them some more…”

    • Probably not. Most of the time these are cowards, not professionals. With their buddies on the slab or incinerated and gone, fully recognizing those folks aren’t hesitant to shoot and are apparently good at it, takes a lot of the enthusiasm out of “getting revenge” It’s funny how having your friends shot up does that to a person. It’s the same thing on the battle field where snipers blowing your friends away when they don’t know where the shot even came from…well that’s rather unsettling and a powerful tool in warfare.
      Even stupid people don’t usually mess with folks that will shoot you and have proven it. IMHO

  18. Amil Lynn was a gut boy. He was turning his life around and had left his life of crime and was going to attend the university of the 13th grade in the fall.

    Such a tragedy.

    Just kidding – 2 savage spooks are taken out of the gene pool.

  19. “The two goblins pointed a gun at the resident’s mother in her own bedroom.”

    John, was that really necessary?

    How about ‘thugs’ instead?

    • Goblin is defined as a demon in human form that assails human beings. Seems to fit the bill pretty well.

    • Is goblin anymore ‘problematic’ than ‘thug’ now?

      Any word used to describe violent criminals will immediately be deemed racist by certain sectors of the country and call themselves most liberal. Almost makes you think they’re projecting, right?

      Then again I must be the only person in the country that didn’t use ‘blackface’ in the 1980s so what do I know.

    • The current owners will move out. New tenants move in not knowing the history of the premises. Crooks use the same Intel, with the same reliability, as the police which is typically other crooks. New tenants are killed in a reprisal attack based on bad info. Relatives and friends of those killed do a reprisal attack of their own also based on bad info. The cycle continues.

  20. This story is horribly written! Goblins? Also, at least one sentence makes no sense. Do we have a 10-year-old copy editor?

    • This is modern “journalism.” Copy editors do not exist, and proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are optional.

  21. A win across the board.
    Life of the woman saved.
    Lives of future victims are now spared.
    Costly prosecution and incarceration avoided.
    Cost benefit analysis favorable in not having exponential welfare piglets at the government teets.
    A message sent to local homies about poor choices, consequence and repercussions.

  22. The liberal gun control freaks will definitely use these 2 deaths as an example of how gun violence needs to be controlled through “(un)common sense” laws.

    • Out spreading the good news of Jesus and volunteering at the library and orphanage.
      Tragic. (Dripping with sarcasm)

  23. The armed home invaders FOREFEITED their lives by their own actions, the homeowner did not take any lives.

    • anyway one looks at this case, this was a civic-improvement,by the home-owner. the many hours of practice at the combat range, {or in the service} payed-off big-time, mom didn’t get dinged,the perps droped like a stone , and the removal in the neighborhood of two lumps of rotten meat that would have done this many times till something like this happened. now the local cops have a good idea just who was the major problem in this neighborhood, now post the pictures of these two now good-boys on the local light-posts so the local thugs can see just what stupid gets you…

    • In the good old days out West, the goblins would be laid out a plank on Main St as a warning to others. Another good tradition lost.

  24. They both JUST got their GED’s, were working EXTRA at McDonald’s and were going to be assistant managers soon all to help their baby’s mothers out and be good dads to their many children…..

  25. For those new to guns and gun rights, “goblin” was the term used by Col. Jeff Cooper in his extensive commentaries to describe a generic violent criminal. It has no racial connotation.

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