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A Parkland resurrection this week due to the upcoming anniversary:

The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different: They travel at a higher velocity and are far more lethal than routine bullets fired from a handgun. The damage they cause is a function of the energy they impart as they pass through the body. A typical AR-15 bullet leaves the barrel traveling almost three times faster than—and imparting more than three times the energy of—a typical 9mm bullet from a handgun. An AR-15 rifle outfitted with a magazine with 50 rounds allows many more lethal bullets to be delivered quickly without reloading.

The bullet from an AR-15 passes through the body like a cigarette boat traveling at maximum speed through a tiny canal. The tissue next to the bullet is elastic—moving away from the bullet like waves of water displaced by the boat—and then returns and settles back.

As a radiologist, I have now seen high-velocity AR-15 gunshot wounds firsthand, an experience that most radiologists in our country will never have. I pray that these are the last such wounds I have to see, and that AR-15-style weapons and high-capacity magazines are banned for use by civilians in the United States, once and for all.

– Heather Sher for The Atlantic, What I Saw Treating the Victims from Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

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  1. It’s a 22 caliber round that in some loadings I wouldn’t use to hunt deer with as I can’t be insured of a humane outcome for the game animal.

    • 5.56 is a good balance of weight, controllable and effectiveness. Don’t try and play it off as not being suitable for hunting so its not effective on humans. After all humans shoot back, deer not so much.

      • Binder, the point is more about dispelling the new liberal argument about these “new” “high power” “extra lethal” AR bullets. It’s like the modern version of the gun controllers using “cop killer bullets” for hollow points or “take down rounds” for soft points. 5.56 is just fine for its intended purpose but the lefts new argument is trying to make it seem like it’s magically more powerful then it really is.

    • Some states have a minimum of .24 caliber centerfire for deer hunting rifles.
      .223 isn’t even legal in those states.

    • How about one of my 6.5 Grendels? She’d spit out her morning latte if she saw what an AR15 in .264 would do.

          • Your comment says much. Education doesn’t make anyone an expert in ANYTHING. It means the educated individual can recite the words necessary to get other educated individuals (who got their education the same way) to pass them. Education=Recitation=Human Parrot. Eduction=Deduction, Inference From Facts=Human. At best Sher is ignorant of all the facts necessary to pass such a judgment. But ignorance is no excuse. I did not include the doctor title because her comments indicate to me it is not deserved. Human Parrot. In my experience, most Titled individuals are the same. They think their title relieves them of the responsibility for further rational thought. MANY others agree but I wouldn’t trust her with my diagnosis.

        • Say, Hal, WTF are you talking about, and who are you addressing? Your post does not seem to make any sense.

    • “The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different:”

      Yep- except for in the FMJ configuration, they were pretty much originally designed to shoot prairie dogs and wood chucks.

      I have a feeling the chick authorette would be abhorred to view the wound from a 150 gr 30-06 on a deer, antelope or other quadruped . Particularly damaging at “classroom distances”.

    • She’d break down in tears, drink a whole bottle of wine, feel sorry for herself, and continue to be a talking head for gun control. That’s what she’d do.

    • Binder,

      That radiologist should see what a .58 caliber conical will do to someone, and the person behind him, and the person behind her, and the person behind her, and …

    • “As a radiologist, I have now seen high-velocity AR-15 gunshot wounds firsthand . . .”

      Just because you are a witness to something doesn’t grant you the superior knowledge required to instruct the rest of us how we should feel about it or similar events.

  2. Nobody tell them about .308. Or *gasp* .30-06.
    But of course reality has no place in the prohibitionists arsenal.
    They know they’re spreading disinfo. The end game is a total ban on everything g after all. When they do this we should be waking up the Fudds. If they want to ban the .22+P of course they’ll want the .308, .30-06, .270, .35Rem, etc….

    • As I have stated before, a lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum and loaded with 300 grain hardcast lead bullets will be equally, if not more so, horrific. Each bullet could easily kill two, if not three people since those bullets will penetrate several feet of tough muscle and bone. And, considering that commonly available rifles hold at least 8 rounds in their tube magazines, a spree killer would be capable of killing between 16 and 24 people without even reloading.

      The firearm platform isn’t the problem. The problems are:
      (1) spree killers
      (2) defenseless victims

  3. Mz. Heather Sher should be more concerned about the 500,000 babies aborted last year or the 250,000 deaths due to doctor negligence and or incompetence than the 300 people that might be killed with rifles. We certainly do more good banning abortion and prosecuting and jailing incompetent doctors than worried about an inanimate object that “might” be used criminally

    • If you want to stop abortions, how about more effective birth control education? Young adults are going to have sex, no matter what you do. Kind of a survival trait like self defense.

      And as for medical malpractice, well I think jailing doctors is going to have the opposite effect that you expect. But please, feel fee to make your choice to use the medical system or not.

      • @binder….DUH. a rhetorical = asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information. There is always one in a crowd that doesn’t get it. And just a fact… it’s real easy to NOT get pregnant, with all the birth control options today there is no need to slaughter 500,000 babies..beside abstinence has been proven to work.

        • Abstinence works.

          Abstinence-only education clearly does not, or you wouldn’t have the abortion numbers to argue with.

        • @Casey Is said “Abstinence works” not Abstinence-only education. Please read. I think you are confusing education with intelligence, and they should never be confused.

        • Someone else’s pregnancy and what they choose to do about it is none of your business. Or mine. Or Congress’. If you wish to make the decision, then get pregnant.

          • @ Larry inTx Sorry to inform you that murder is still murder. If it’s not why do 2 murder charges apply when someone kills a pregnant woman? And it’s my business if I am forced to pay for it.

        • MB, “murder” is a word with a definition, and the definition includes the word “criminal”. You can screech about murder all you want, but abortion is not a crime, otherwise why aren’t abortions prosecuted as murder?

          Insofar as murdering a pregnant woman is prosecuted as two murders, that set of laws was instituted decades after Roe, with the stated intention of using it as ammunition in the anti-choice theatrics. When I was a kid, one murder was enough to get you fried, who cares whether it is one or two?

          The only pregnancy you have a say in is your own.

        • And MB, I believe your tax dollars or mine should not be used for ANY medical procedures, particularly elective ones. And as far as abortion is concerned federal tax dollars do not pay for them, and have not for decades, regardless of the constant lies on the subject. But if you admit the truth, you and other anti-choice advocates don’t care who pays for them, you wish to impose your own will on strangers because it makes you feel powerful, you would prohibit millionaires from having abortions as well as the indigent.

          • @LarryinTx, And you are wrong on so many aspects. Federal and State tax dollars fund the number one “murder incorporated” in the world, Planned Parenthood, founded by an abject racist who’s main purpose was to rid the world of “weeds”. A woman’s “right to chose” stopped the moment she became pregnant, because it’s not her body any longer. Don’t want to get pregnant, it’s easy not to. And if it’s everyone’s right to chose what they do with their bodies, how come drug abuse and suicide are crimes…a woman can chose to inject herself with heroin and go to prison… but but but it’s her body…right….

      • Sex education isn’t the problem. Honestly, we’re spending tens of millions if not hundreds of millions every year. I don’t know anybody over the age of twelve that hasn’t had school based sex education. They are teaching grade school children how to put condoms on. Anybody who try’s to blame abortions on a lack of sex in the United States is simply being dishonest.

        • Perhaps they should teach the consequences of teenage sex. If one of both are under the age of consent then experience the criminal justice system as a child molester and the rest of your life as a registered sex offender.

          Then for the teen mom, the interruption in your life, education, and employment brought about by the unwanted outcome. In a way, in entrenches poverty.

          I remember a documentary where some teenage girls were given a doll that acts like a newborn. After a week or two all the girls said they were glad they could give the doll back.

        • Huntmaster, so you are saying these ladies deliberately got pregnant, and then selected to have an abortion? I’m sorry, that does not make any sense to me, although I have heard it before. Is having an abortion supposed to be fun? The claim of 500,000 abortions a year, if anywhere close to accurate, is prima facie evidence that sex education is *woefully* inadequate. Abortion is overwhelmingly a response to an *unplanned* or unwanted pregnancy, saying sex ed is adequate is saying that the abortion rate is fine as it is. Choose one or the other.

      • False dichotomy: it’s not a case of either just accepting medical malpractice or not using the medical system.
        It should, instead, be a case of investigating why there is so much malpractice, and what to do about it.
        Surely, someone of your intelligence know that.

      • Trial lawyers claim 440,000 unnecessary medical deaths every year. Your 250,000 is what the AMA readily admits. If we average the two, it amounts to 1,000 deaths per day from crappy medical care. That indicates a MAJOR problem with the medical profession. Doctors who are careless and half-assed SHOULD be jailed, it would reduce the number of deaths. You must be one of the bozos creating havoc within the health care system.

        • The medical profession is owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Vast majority of MDs are middle men between the pharmaceutical industry and the public.

        • So, are you saying that the choirboys in jail should get crappy doctors? Works for me. No state cost in hiring doctors.

        • And stop having doctors working 50+ hours per shift and 100+ hours per week.

          If the hospital administrators had to work the same hours as the doctors I would guarantee the situation would change quickly, along with a sudden drop in patient deaths.

      • These hormone driven kids have the ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET at their fingertips, and have all the info ever printed about birth control (starting at pre-puberty, for many) just a click away…. Your argument is bullshit…

        • So, then, what is *your* argument? Do you assert that children are getting pregnant deliberately because abortions are so much fun? If children know how to avoid pregnancy, why do you think they keep getting pregnant is such numbers that just the abortion numbers are so high, never mind unwanted deliveries? All I see is nonsense, enlighten me as to the cause, if it is not a failure of sex ed?

    • I think it’s more in the neighborhood of 650,000 babies murdered every year. Not that 500,000 isn’t bad enough…

    • That would be 500,000 more Democrats every year, plus the ones they pop out as soon as those 500,000 reach childbearing age. Go ahead and ban abortion, and in 18-20 years, welfare-leach Democrats will outnumber honest hardworking people 10 to 1, and then you can feel real good about losing all your rights and living in a communist police state.

      • I believe abortion is murder.

        That said, I would be perfectly fine with my tax dollars being spent on abortions for Leftists…

  4. Every radiologist I know is somewhere on the autistic spectrum, really smart, no people skills, and I wouldn’t trust them to butter toast right.

    She wants to block everyone because she can’t imagine that 99.99% of people wouldn’t go on a shooting rampage.

    • Joe, laughable attempt at normalizing the vaccine caused brain damage we call autism. Not too many radiologists are non-verbal, wear diapers, and slam their heads against walls.

      • Pg2, laughable attempt to make vaccines responsible for autism, when proper research has completely debunked that idea.

        • Bill, that’s a load of crap. Cite the science that debunks it. When you find it, forward a copy to Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, pediatric neurologist and former government expert witness that testified under oath, in deposition that vaccines can and do cause autism. Also Forward a copy to Dr. Stanley Plotkin also, he’s a vaccine manufacturer and considered by the industry to be one of the the foremost experts on vaccines. He also testified under oath stating the science has not been done to prove or disprove the vaccine-autism connection. And you might as well throw in Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC researcher who stated he and colleagues buried, altered, and destroyed data in a study showing a MMR vaccine and autism link. Let’s see the science you think exists Bill.

        • Please Pg2….don’t vax your kids—my kids need less competition for college and jobs in the future…vax or get diseases that ‘were’ dead for the most part in the USA…or some small…so incredibly small BS chance in hell the vax gives autism….you roll that dice with all the immigrants bringing crap to this nation in the last 10 years

        • OBOB= backup troll trying to deflect away from the fact that vaccines are neurologicaly damaging generations of youth.

        • PG2, the definition of a troll = attacking people with off subject comments. We’ve already established you are a jerk, no need to show how sad your life must be hanging out here waiting for me to post to attack me.

          I’ve already decided not to argue with you any more, obviously the vaccines your parents gave you when you were young has affected your brain. I won’t change your mind, since you need one first for me to be able to do that. So I’ll just let you say what you want, and ignore you from here on out.

          Good luck with your future meaningless endeavors.

        • Joe finally responds and with his jr profile….priceless. You won’t argue or debate because you know you will lose. How many times has that played out?

        • Bill, so it took you a few days of looking to realize you had nothing scientifically legitimate to support your statement….so you post a search engine. Impressive😂😂😂😂😂. Good one Bill, thanks for comic relief.

        • Bill and joe, must suck to make statements you think are true, and when called out you discover that you have zero science or really bad science backing your bumper sticker statements and idealogy. Especially bad for you joe, you sell these products to make a living and you haven’t a clue about them. It’s a shame your patients don’t know how shallow your knowledge is on the potentially dangerous products you are injecting into their children.

        • Pg2:
          It must really suck to be presented with what you asked for, and then proved you are too lazy or intellectually impaired to recognize the truth when you are presented with it.
          You were presented with a wealth if information, and evidently didn’t read any of it, because it wasn’t presented in a format you liked. Tough.
          It’s people like you who are responsible for the current outbreak of measles.

      • You know I have provided you with many citations in the past that are grounded in research that show vaccinations do not cause autism. Yet you ignore them for the charlatan you are. Go wear your tinfoil hat elsewhere.

        • Stop. You’re a flat out liar. Even the vaccine overlords, Dr. Paul Offit and Dr Stanley Plotkin, admit they can’t say vaccines don’t cause autism.

  5. The only relevant thing that was said, “ I have now seen high-velocity AR-15 gunshot wounds firsthand, an experience that most radiologists in our country will never have.”. Why, because it’s breathtakingly rare.

  6. Logic fail. She wants a ban of AR-15s because of the high velocity bullet. Why? ARs can be chambered for many cartridges, including her non objectionable handgun calibers. A solution poorly tailored to the proposed “problem”. This argument calls for a ban of all high velocity rifles, including bolt action. This is more extreme than the EU. Finally she says she would never see these wounds again, which is false because law enforcement would still be using it.

    These authors and publications continue to embarrass themselves with their poorly reasoned, self contradicting arguments. At least it allows anyone with critical thinking skills to see through what they are saying.

    • “These authors and publications continue to embarrass themselves with their poorly reasoned, self contradicting arguments. At least it allows anyone with critical thinking skills to see through what they are saying.” Double fail. One, they aren’t embarrassed. Not in the least. Two, Critical thinking skills are getting to be as rare as rifle murders.

  7. What we should ban is officials who refuse to institute effective protective measures in our schools and neighborhoods, and fail to do their duty to intercede against any perpetrators.

    • Jim………. These people should be held criminally liable for not trying to protect children in their care. Also , anyplace with a gun free zone sign would be criminally negligent if violence is committed on their property.

  8. Old joke: how do you hide a $100 bill from a radiologist? You tape it to the patient. I very much she has seen any such carnage first hand, versus seeing an xray or CT scan with injuries. That does not make her any sort of expert on the subject of firearms.

  9. “…and are far more lethal than routine bullets”. What’s a routine bullet? I rather like the ‘out-of-the-ordinary” kind of bullets. Polka dots are nice. Don’t like paisley. We should give her some advice on x-rays. To be fair, our opinions are just as important as hers. (hah)

  10. Politics
    What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns
    They weren’t the first mass-shooting victims the Florida radiologist saw—but their wounds were radically different.
    Heather Sher
    Feb 22, 2018

    Notice the date. This is nearly a year old story. Maybe a year ago it would have been helpful to go on The Atlantic’s Facebook page and respond to this. Today you would have to page down thru tens of thousands of messages to even find it there.


    • There’s an article in Radiology Business where’s she’s quoted saying “Doctors are not at war with the NRA” referencing an article in the Washington Post. November 2018. I couldn’t read it….something about adblocking.

  11. Wait’ll they find out about shotguns, our former VP’s defensive firearm of choice. Also, SLUGS! Yikes.

    • Slugs are slow and die if you pour some salt on them. They’re no threat to you, especially if you have a shotgun.

  12. The Cruz boy reportedly had 10 round magazines-not 50. Since the RO was/is a COWARD the demonic boy could have had an equal outcome with a freakin’ Hi Point 9 mm. And they had 37 chances to stop him earlier. But it’s law abiding folks fault😏

    • High point 995 9mm carbine used in columbine shooting. A few points about that:

      1. The high point 995 9mm was designed to comply with the assault weapon ban. It has no threaded barrel, no bayonet lug, 10 round capacity, and no barrel shroud, no adjustable stock. The only “feature” it has is a pistol grip with horrible ergonomics.

      2. The shooter(s) had additional ammunitionbut decided they were bored.

      My conclusion would be any proposed regulations (including caliber restrictions) or AWB would be ineffective in preventing casualties.

      • I’m thinking about adding a bayonet lug on all my guns now. Especially my Kel-Tec P3AT. I figure if any gun needs a bit more intimidation and a built-in fall-back option, it’s a mouse gun.

        May have to add deeper pockets tho … have to think how to do that.

  13. The Rodney King Riots proved that civilians who want to survive a mass civil disobedience event should own an AK47 or AR15 or other Modern Sporting Rifle. Otherwise, you have placed your life in the hands of the “First To Flee” (LAPD in that instance).

    All that Parkland (& Pulse) proved was that security and police either hide or are too skeered to confront a shooter.

    • Your best friends in the LA Riots were Korean shop owners. Up on the roofs of their stores with whatever guns they had, refusing to see their livelihoods and property obliterated.

      “Roof Koreans”, maybe it sounds racist to some but it is a term of respect and admiration.

  14. Of course the Parkland shooter used 10 round magazines because the 30 round mags didn’t fit in his bag.

    I’ll give her 2 points for discovering that a 7 pound rifle is more powerful than a 2 pound handgun, but she’s still pretty ignorant. If he’d been using an AR10 instead she wouldn’t have had to treat any of the victims because they wouldn’t have made it to the hospital alive.

  15. Missing from the quote above at the start of the second paragraph is this;

    ‘I have seen a handful of AR-15 injuries in my career. Years ago I saw one from a man shot in the back by a SWAT team. The injury along the path of the bullet from an AR-15 is vastly different from a low-velocity handgun injury.’

    Seems pertinent since she is advocating for only a civilian ban on AR-15s. The wound that originally left such an impression on her was inflicted by a LEO who shot the ‘perp’ in the back, yet she has no problem with law enforcement to continue to use such a terrible weapon. That should tell you all you need to know about her political stance and her respect for the Bill of Rights.

    • So in her logic a bullet fired from a AR-15 is more lethal than the same bullet fired from a Mini-14, Savage Varmint, Remington 7600, or Ruger Scout.

      You fail physics, which is ironic as it would be a major part of nuclear medicine.

  16. Your argument holds no value,comparing an ar to a hand gun is no contest.Ofcourse there will be more volosity in a ar compaired to a hand gun the ar is bigger the bullet the barrel and just about everything if you are worried about a normal good civilians owning m16 with 5.56 bullets you will be in for a shock.

    • Correct… You are ultimately responsible for your safety and for your minor children. I see nothing wrong with arming SROs, teachers, administrators, staff, and even CCW/LTC holder parents and former military/LEO in schools anytime school is in session. Carry a gun at all times, train, be prepared and pray you never have to use it.

  17. I Got You, Babe, avoids the relevant questions: Who shot who, and why?

    Hypothetically, if a would-be home-invading murderer get wound-channeled into ineffectiveness before someone’s grandmother gets beaten to death … I’m thinking an assault-stopping wound channel did its job.

    Sonny’s other half really should declare her assumptions behind the horror, the horror…

    “These things are too powerful for you civvies to have… You lack the judgment, skill, authority n worth:

    – Judgment, to only shoot at need (and who are you to decide?)
    – Skill to shoot only what you intend (and who are you to make intend anyway?)
    – Authority to act on the world (who gave you permission? Or agency?)
    – Worth to be preserved (what, you think because you like your life, it’s yours to keep if you can?)

    And it’s disturbing to see, so just don’t.”

    Where is any particular wound channel, and why? The rest is noise.

    • She didn’t have a problem with a SWAT team shooting someone in the back. She still wants them to have AR-15s.

  18. Somebody, anybody, please send that woman a box of Franzia and a month’s supply of Xanax.

    On second thought, don’t. She might take them all at once.

  19. The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different:


    They travel at a higher velocity and are far more lethal than routine bullets fired from a handgun.

    Nope. A 44mag or 357mag in hollowpoint will do much more damage. But, yes, in general, most rifles will have more energy than pistols – Doesn’t make the AR15 special.

    The damage they cause is a function of the energy they impart as they pass through the body.

    Nope! A full metal jacket 223 will cause much less damage out of a AR15 than a 44mag hollowpoint out of a pistol.

    A typical AR-15 bullet leaves the barrel traveling almost three times faster than—and imparting more than three times the energy of—a typical 9mm bullet from a handgun.

    What is this? A let’s ban all rifles argument? Let’s make AR15s weaker argument?

    An AR-15 rifle outfitted with a magazine with 50 rounds allows many more lethal bullets to be delivered quickly without reloading.

    Yea I except the parkland shooter only used 10 round mags! Further, the Virginia tech shooter used a glock 9mm handgun and killed 37. Non-argument!

    Why don’t these guys just ban evil thoughts while they are at it.

  20. Yo, Heather, you ballistics expert you, how about one-gallon gas cans and road flares? Mucho havoc with that and they can be made to fit in brief case.

  21. Some lowly ultrasound technician to explain to this quack that there is no demonic, hydrostatic shock wounding effect imparted by a 5.56mm round from an AR-15 verses a 9mm from a handgun. The muzzle velocity of atypical AR-15 projectile is less than 1,000 meters per second. The speed of sound in human tissues varies by type but in most is around 1,500 meters per second. The velocity of sound in bone tissue is even higher in skull tissue at about 4,000 meters per second. Ultrasound diagnostic imaging devices exploit the differences in the velocity of sound in various tissue types to reveal internal organs and structures.

    If this quack wants to see some truly horrific wounds, she should peruse these photos of people who have been shot with low velocity shotguns, especially slugs.

    The captions should read, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SLUGS. ANY QUESTIONS?

    • You do make me giggle…. every time I pull the trigger and I get that satisfying thump into my shoulder.

  22. Every time someone pulls this “super fast, extra deadly” crap about 5.56 I really do wonder are they actually as uninformed about ammunition types and capabilities as they sound or are they just trying to confuse others. I really can’t tell. Given that she is a radiologist she must at least be able to read and must be able to understand basic physics related to things like mass, velocity and energy. Given those, how can you not know that 5.56 is neither the fastest nor the most energetic round available.

    Even if you do want to ban some type of firearm or some type of ammunition, why would you start with something in the middle of the pack?

    • Given that she is a radiologist she must at least be able to read and must be able to understand basic physics related to things like mass, velocity and energy.

      Such understanding is doubtful. I’m sure if she knew that kinetic energy = mass * velocity² she’d have written that, for a given bullet mass, the one traveling at THREE times the velocity would have NINE times the energy. But, please, nobody tell her that.

      • My point was not that she possesses accurate knowledge but that she must have the basic ability to acquire that knowledge. The fact that she appears to not have done so must mean that she is either unwilling to learn even very basic facts about firearms and ammunition or she does know something about those topics and is purposely obfuscating the truth. Either way, she is not a useful source of information – she is either willfully uniformed or willfully dishonest.

  23. Kat, you’re really hitting the mark nowdays with these hot topic posts! Look at all the responses, 87 as of this one and counting. I like the way you stir the pot!

  24. What’s the logic behind the complaint that ‘a caliber causes too much tissue damage or is too deadly’? Well yea, isn’t that the fucking point of a bullet? That’s like complaining a knife is too sharp or a permanent marker is too permanent.

    • Well, there are folks in the UK who want to get rid of pointy knives. Sharp edges can’t be far down their list.

  25. This twit idiot is right.

    We NEED more such Govt presented False Flags in this country so the propaganda machine, which she is a part of, can go marching on.

  26. If ARs are to be banned from civilian ownership, then make that all civilians, including non-military government officials. If the only purpose of an AR is to kill as effectively as possible then there is no civilian government role for which it is suitable.

  27. I remember that article. and it got ripped to shreds in the comments section.

    The atlantic subsequently ended comments because they are thin skinned pussies who couldn’t handle criticism. Typical

  28. It would be nice to read comments, anywhere, written by people who understand that words have definitions. A fetus is not a baby. My opinion on abortion (not murder) is not the point. Definition is critical to truth. Truth is critical to forming opinions. Your emotions do not change truth, fact, or definitions. Different point::: Le Petamone, your comment concerning abortion is proof they don’t give IQ tests to be in office.

  29. These stupid idiots are so ignorant they should have been aborted and since they believe in after birth abortion its time to abort all the democrats.

    I guess the LIBTARD never ever saw a wound..she is just a crazy anti-gunner making up CRAP as she goes…LIBTARDS just LOVE drama in their useless abortion of a life!!

    The libtard mode of operation is to make up any crazy sh!t u want and all the other libtards and sheep will think ur Jesus with the truth.

    How about a Wound from a 12gauge slug or buckshot at point black range or a RPG!
    Or a 50 bmg raufoss round or a 30-06 frag round or hollow point wound…..much..much worse

  30. Well, thanks to the AR-15, there were wounds to treat. Had that been dangerous game round/caliber, there probably wouldn’t have been any patient to treat.

    The 5.56 NATO was a round designed to get as many enemy combatants of off the field of battle, not necessarily kill them (with the idea that combat would be between sovereign nations, not terrorists).

  31. were not handing over all our guns to a bunch of people that hate us and want us either subjugated or dead
    not handing over all our guns starts with not handing over any of our guns
    that starts with our ar-15s
    this is non negotiable
    end of discussion

  32. Cigarette boats at full speed don’t make much of a wake. Not compared with heavier, slower boats. Just sayin’.

  33. ANY of these shooters could have hurt more people simply driving nearly any 4 wheel vehicle thru the after-school crowd than has been done with ANY gun. The same holds true of the Vegas shooter.

    Guns are used almost always for legal purposes. Banning guns because someone misused one is like banning all scalpels because a doctor killed a patient. It’s a unique combination of ignorant and arrogant.

    • Please, I would love to see you run over 500 people from 500 yards away. That would be a neat trick to see. For cars all you need is some concrete barriers or pipe bollards. What do you recommend we add, counter snipers?

  34. Two quotes come to mind:
    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
    We all know at least one person who makes you dumber every time they talk, whose mouth is a cavernous black hole from which no intelligent thought can escape. If you don’t know that person, you are that person.

    Dr. Sher can be that person for all of us now. Proof that an education doesn’t make you an expert in all things. She didn’t just veer from her lane – she’s on a completely different highway.

  35. I wonder what would happen is a shooter ever used a bolt action rifle made before 1899, using an obsolete caliber, and managed to rack up a body count with it? How would they spin that one? By this “Doctor’s” definition/descritption someing such as an 1891 Argentine Mauser or 1886 Kropatschek would then be no better than a large stick? Ever see what a giant 245 gr Krop bullet does to ballistic gel at 100yds?

    • I guess Dr. Sher forgot about the Civil War and the .58 caliber Minnie.

      The fine doctor should study up on Civil War medicine for some really gruesome gunshot wounds (and medical treatment).

  36. I wonder if this twit has ever treated somebody hit by a 150gr. .30-06 JSP… or 150gr. GI ball for that matter…

    • No, she hasn’t, because: A) There are only a few hundred people a year shot by rifles and they are spread across the entire nation and B) People shot with major caliber rifles are “treated” at the morgue.

  37. Actually, no bullet fired at you is routine.

    But with proper expansion it should travel more like a snowplow than a cigarette boat.

  38. Really, talk about “Dumb Fake News”. Next maybe this dumbass broad will give financial advice…Maybe she’ll tell us about the terrible horrors of medical malpractice…Personally, I could give 2 $!#T what this ignoramus has to say…Our Constitutional Rights are paramount and non-negotiable…”SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!! PERIOD !!!”

  39. Author, if you don’t want to see gun shot wounds…..change profession!!!! Evil and violence exist, irrespective of the tool used to inflict wounds. What do you think of the gunshot wounds for the millions of unarmed, defenseless civilians….including children….. killed by their governments in the 20th century? Those Parkland gunshot wounds could have….should have….been avoided had your local government agencies……police and schools….done their jobs.

  40. So damned deadly that some states ban .223 for deer hunting as a not deadly enough cartridge and thus inhumane.
    I say we all change our uppers to 6.5mm Creedmoor, a much less deadly chambering.
    Better yet, as I always proposed, let’s just drop MSRs and all just go to 50 BMG, I never heard of any school shootings with 50 BMG, it must be safer.

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