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Seems most people who carry a knife stick to folders, but Will Duncan in Tennessee carries a fixed blade knife. This particular knife is a Gryphon Terzuola with a full tang blade, a DLC coating, and a checkered, durable handle made from DuPont Zytel.

The gun is the ever-popular GLOCK 43 with a Taran Tactical base plate.

You guys who daily carry knives: do you have edged weapons training or do you believe it is unnecessary?

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  1. One cannot carry a fixed bladed knife in California unless it is carried openly. I have heard of arrests where the the poor schmucks shirt inadvertently draped over art of the knife handle. The cops didn’t care that the sheath was fully visible–it was “concealed” as far as they were concerned. (I have a feeling the cops were looking for an excuse for an arrest because they don’t like it when people are carrying hunting knives–unless they are hunting.) And one cannot carry a fixed bladed knife in the City of Angeles AT ALL unless you are filming a movie. In most of the state however, it is perfectly legal to strap a sword on.

  2. Carrying a fixed blade knife is probably the only thing that is legal in CA. I do carry a fixed blade, mostly a Mora Companion, when I’m in the boonies.

    But around town I like to keep a lower profile. Don’t draw attention to myself. Having a big knife on your belt might spook the muggles.

  3. I carry a knife as much as I carry a gun, which is pretty much always. I have a few different kinds, switchblade, foldout, and fixed. I have had formal knife training, but any good knife training course will tell you “in any knife fight, expect to get cut.” I think some training with it is appropriate, like with any weaponry. I think it’s a good option to have for certain up close and personal attacks.

  4. Snody Ltd neck knife. Bade by KA-BAR. pinky loop , zytel sheath. For edc. SOG seal team elite , when in bad areas.

  5. As to the question posed:

    I posit that minimal training with a blade is a very good idea. Necessary? Probably not, lots of people have died at the hands of an untrained idiot with a blade.

    If you want to be proficient though you need to understand the differences in knife design and how they’re meant to be/can be used. Folder vs. OTF vs. fixed blade or double vs. single edged.

    For example a lot of traps for knives may work well against a single edged blade but get you cut badly when used against a double edged blade.

    You also have to be aware of how easy it is to switch hands with a knife. This can work for you (if you switch hands) or against you (if they switch hands) during the fight.

    There are also a lot of considerations in how to deal with a knife. Some people seem to think it’s the same as a fist fight but it’s not. In a fist fight you might exchange a punch for a punch, in a fight against a knife the same movements exchange a punch for a slash across the face or neck. This, again, can work for or against you.

    So, while not necessary if your idea is to deploy the blade and simply go apeshit, which can and does work, it’s probably a good idea to get some basic instructions before considering a blade as a serious weapon.

    • I think I was 8 or 9 when II saw my first knife fight, (ironic it was two Hispanics). I thought it was going to be like a fencing match or something off TV, nope they just went ape shit on each other, lordy the blood was flying…. ( I’ve got a lot of story’s) lol. I got in a heated discussion with some black fellows over slavery and racism, one fellow pulled a knife on me me, I said” Hey that’s a nice knife,,, how much you want for it?” We all got a laugh out of that and I didn’t get stabbed and kept my mouth shut from then on.

    • In some things, minimal training may be worse than no training at all. Anything involving knives and fighting may be one of those things.

      A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

  6. Rule No. 9) ALWAYS carry a knife.- Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
    My mentor says: Carry a gun, carry a knife, AND a set of handcuffs. If you wound an assailant, and there may be more than one, cuffs will potentially take the wounded perp’ out of the fight. But if he’s conscious, de-escalate use of force and just put his lights out. Prevents yelling, giving away your position.

    • “But if he’s conscious, de-escalate use of force and just put his lights out. Prevents yelling, giving away your position.”

      What do you think you’re doing, breaking into an embassy? You think you’re Sam Fisher, mall ninja, who has to take out sentries before checking on the JC Penny’s? Have you ever “put his lights out” before? You know it’s not easy to knock someone unconscious without risking brain damage, right (especially for more than a momentary time)? So are you planning to kick his head in while he’s on the ground or try a strangle? Oh that’ll play out real well legally. Also, in a defensive gun use when you’ve put the guy on the ground, why are you not GTFO? Wasn’t that the point? Instead you’re going to close within grappling distance of a guy who was dangerous enough to shoot?

      When you’re quoting fictional characters from network TV and dreaming this stuff up you need to slow your roll, operator.

  7. I Do Not Like Handcuffs, especially black ones

  8. I always carry at least one folder. Even when I’m hunting and also carrying a fixed blade.
    Regarding training. I was very fortunate to take classes and be mentored by the late Al Mar. (The knife designer). Those were good times.

  9. Yeaaaaahhhhhh…there’s something wrong with the CCW people who feel the need to carry a concealed dagger in addition to a gun.

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