Cody Wilson Defense Distributed Sexual Assault
Cody Wilson courtesy KEYE
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UPDATE: According to, Cody Wilson has flown to Taiwan.

“Before he left, he was informed by a friend of the victim that she had spoken to police, and police were investigating him for having sex with a minor,” said Austin Police Commander Troy Officer.

Officer said it was unclear when Wilson left for Taiwan, or why exactly he went there, but he didn’t board a return flight to the United States.

Austin police are now working with international law enforcement agencies to extradite Wilson back to Travis County for prosecution.

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The Austin Statesman is reporting that Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson has been charged with sexual assault after an encounter with a minor last month.

The affidavit said a counselor called Austin police on Aug. 22 to report that a girl under the age of 17 told her she had sex with a 30-year-old man on Aug. 15 and was paid $500.

Wilson reportedly met the girl through the website The age of consent in Texas is 17.

The girl told police that she met Wilson at Bennu Coffee in the 500 block of South Congress Avenue in South Austin on Aug. 15 before they took Wilson’s black 2015 Ford Edge to the Archer Hotel in the 3100 block of Palm Way.

Detectives used surveillance footage to corroborate the girl’s story, along with hotel records that showed Wilson rented a room at the hotel, the affidavit said.

The girl told police she and Wilson had sex at the hotel and that he paid her $500.

Wilson and Defense Distributed have made national news for their attempts to distribute plans for producing 3D printed guns via the internet. He’s currently iinvolved in a lawsuit with 21 states’ attorneys general who are attempting to prevent Defense Distributed from making the files available online.


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  1. Well, this certainly doesn’t sound like a setup at all. /s

    All sarcasm aside, this is so obviously entrapment that I wonder if anyone is taking it seriously.

    • His only hope is to convince the cops that she lied about her age. It’s still not a defense, but it mitigates.

      • I’ve read the article twice and still can’t come up one good 3-D printer joke about this. Come on, somebody help me out.

        • I’d bet money that the feds are going to try to nail him for any nekkid pix she sent him, despite her representing herself as being of age.

        • “I’d bet money that the feds are going to try to nail him for any nekkid pix she sent him…”

          More likely they will nail him for the dick-pic he sent to *her*.

          “Run Cody! RUN!”

        • kevin says:
          September 19, 2018 at 17:12
          Ha, Ha, no. Nice try. There is no defense even if she lied.
          A simple google search would tell you this.

          You are completely wrong and do not know what the fk you are tlaking about.

          Looking at findlaw and Lexis i see that there are lots of effective defenses mounted if the minor does look older and has claimed to be., I see plenty of cases where it it is effectively used for a finding of not guilty, and many other cases where it has mitigate level of crime or sentencing. I also found a case in California where the fact that the defendant met the woman at a bar, did allow admissibility of that fact in defendants belief that the victim was over 21.

          Statutory rape absolutely has been mitigated by evidence of “reasonable belief.” That the victim is not below age of consent.

          To be sure you cant just mount a defense or claim some mitigation in a jurisdiction where consent is 18 by saying a 16 year old “told you” they were 18. But what if they had a fake id showing they were 16?
          What if they are an illegal with falsified identity papers?

          it is an “affirmative defense” ie the burden of proof shifts, generally the defendant has to prove the presence of factors leading to a mistaken belief the victim is over consent age, vs the prosecution proving they do not know — but it absolute is an allowed defense in the established case law.

          In case you don”t have a find law account here is an not subscription note on this:
          Mistake of Age – If the alleged perpetrator honestly believed that the victim was over the age of consent, he may be able to mount an effective defense. However, the burden of proof will be on the defense to show a reasonable mistake of age through evidence such as victim statements, fake I.Ds, adult attire/appearance, and location of the initial meeting, i.e. at an adult venue.
          attorneys DOT com/sex-crimes/what-does-the-prosecution-need-to-prove-for-statutory-rape

          (this is without prejudice to the wilson allegations, which you and I don’t know enough about yet.)

        • “Looking at findlaw and Lexis”
          Cite a reported Texas case where it provided a complete defense, if you can, and I’ll admit I’m wrong. But I bet you can’t. Or you just won’t, and just posted this trying to get the last word.

          And how did you get a lexis password, unless you’re a lawyer? Which you aren’t.

        • “However, the burden of proof will be on the defense to show a reasonable mistake of age through evidence such as victim statements, fake I.Ds, adult attire/appearance, and location of the initial meeting, i.e. at an adult venue.”

          Such as a hook-up website that requires you to state that you’re 18 before you can make an account?

    • Unfortunately, from what’s been reported, it looks very bad. He set up an account on that website. He met her on the website. He exchanged nice photographs with her. Her agreed to meet with her in person. It doesn’t say who initiated that meeting. He had consensual sex with her. Gave her money. Now, here’s the thing. I can’t see anywhere where there’s a “sexual assault”. It’s true he slept with an underage girl. That’s a problem. We don’t know if she put herself out there as an adult. If so, that’ll be helpful. Also, it’s gonna be impossible to prove he paid her. Unless she recorded the transaction, lol. And why did she come forward? All this to say, he created this mess. Hopefully he’s got digital evidence saying she was an adult. I’ve never been, but I’m suspecting there’s an age verification at these types of websites in order to participate. That’s at least some assurance she presented herself as an adult.

      • Unfortunately as has been seen before, even if she did portray herself as an adult the court wont care. I kinda wonder if this is some sort of entrapment thing against him.

        • How’s it entrapment when he’s the one who has an account on the website? Once, back when I still used dating websites, I had started messaging a pretty girl who claimed to be 18 on her profile, but then said she was under 18 a few messages in. Not knowing if she was who she said she was, I told her that if she’s not an adult she shouldn’t be using a dating site and never contacted her again.

          Before he even met her, he should have asked if she was an adult. If she doesn’t answer with a “Yes” or “I am” you GTFO ASAP.

        • The court will care if he can prove he had a reasonable belief he was over the age of consent. The burden of proof would be on him as that is a affirmative defesne (like FOPA, something the defendant must prove). as far as entrapment the case law shows that you can e entrapped and guilty in this area of law.

          As far as second amendment issues, it is bad PR. But when leading gun control legislator, and awardee of gun control groups, Representative Leeland Yee was caught arms trafficking, the gun control groups did not budge. When Harvey weistein the most powerful and vocal Hollywood advocate of shredding of second amendment rights turned out to be a lifeling serial rapist, no one said this means gun control advocates are all nuts. yet my twitter lit up yesterday wiht gun ocntorl advocates saying wilson is representative of gun owners and the six million extremely active advocates of th Second amendment, which is utterly specious and hypocritical

        • …. the fact that they chose 6 million as the number of “politically active” gun owners is chilling. Honestly, that’s creepy.

      • My impression is that the “assault” is the fact that having sex with anyone underage is considered “sexual assault”, but I’m not sure about that. I did notice that different media outlets are reporting this differently. Some are saying they went to the hotel where “they had sex”, while others are saying they went to the hotel where “he assaulted her”.

        This whole thing seems more than a little fishy in light of Wilson’s position in the political world and the current situation with Judge Kavanaugh.

        • It’s sort of the same thing- under the age of consent, she can’t “consent.” So even if she was willing, it’s non-consensual sex, aka sexual assault.

        • So are you supposed to “card” hookers now like buying booze? The court may not care if he reasonably believed she was >18, but it certainly mitigates the circumstances especially if he fights it all the way to a jury trial. Wilson is a fighter and he can easily fight his way out of this. The big fight is for hearts and minds and public perception, and again, he can fight his way out from under this easily.

        • “So are you supposed to “card” hookers now like buying booze?”

          Only if you’re concerned about being a pedophile. (Or, you know, don’t hire hookers.)

        • WARFAB……If I was on the jury he would walk. When this female started prostituting herself she lost all protection under the minor statute as far as I am concerned.

        • I suspect very few working girls will allow Johns to see their ID as it generally has their real name and address printed on it.

      • He did not have consensual sex with a minor. If he did have sex with a child under 17, it’s sexual assault because a minor cannot legally consent.

        If he paid for sex, it’s a solicitation charge but that is minor and I don’t really care if people pay for sex (as long as those involved are adults.

        Why would you set up an account on Sugar Daddy? Wilson understands computers, his digital fingerprints are going to connect his IP address, computer, etc. with the username, etc.

        Why would a 30 yr old meet someone under 17 he didn’t know and go to a hotel room with that minor child. If he’s on video doing that, that is VERY hard to explain and credibly claim it didn’t involve sex.

        If he had sex with a minor in the manner, I hope he gets a very very long prison term. He’s would be proven to be a pedophile and society should punish those people very harshly. And wilson can forget all his 3D gun plans, he’ll be a prohibited person for life and never legally touch any gun ever again.

        • Did the girl tell him she was 17?

          If she told him she was of legal age, he may have an out.

          This *may* be a case of a 17 year-old who was looking to make some money and then her parents caught her at it.

          I’ve heard this is becoming more common, the girls get caught up in wanting to afford a lifestyle they cannot (expensive clothes, etc.), so they sign up for these services.

          The sick part is the way they justify this –

          They tell themselves that these are the kind of guys that they would date anyway, so why not make a buck off of it?

        • She could have said she was 18, shown him a fake ID to prove it, etc. and none of that would matter. If you have sex with someone under the age of consent, 17 in texas, you are guilty of statutory rape. There is no wiggle room at all. If she tricked him, lied, etc. maybe he can plea bargain down or get a light sentence but her lying doesn’t act as a get out of jail card.

          some states, I think texas is one of them, have romeo/juliet exceptions to statutory rape. If the parties are within 3 years of each other and it was otherwise consensual, etc. then there is no crime. This was set up to stop the moronic prosecutions of teen couples for having sex.

        • Yeah… tell me more about how such a statute could possibly pass constitutional muster. This is why I hate feminazis. The only victim here is Willson.

        • You think the “victim” is the 30 yr old who allegedly paid $500 for sex with a 16 yr old?

          Get help, smh.

          I don’t know – did she lie and tell him she was 18?

          Not that I agree with such actions or the morality of taking part in prostitution. But they both look like trashbags to me – if true. She created an account. She advertised herself. She accepted the money, and maybe even agreed upon it beforehand. She may have told him she was 18. She did give consent. Is she looking to get arrested? Is she looking at prison time? Nope!

        • She could have said she was 18, shown him a fake ID to prove it, etc. and none of that would matter. If you have sex with someone under the age of consent, 17 in texas, you are guilty of statutory rape.

          This is not really true. There is case law, including case law that affects all states, including Texas, that allows affirmative defense with certain proof the defendant had a good reason to believe the victim was the age of consent. an affirmative defense means the defendant has the burden of proof, but certain proof does rise up to the level of precluding a guilty verdict. sometimes this will result in a guilty verdict with mitigated or even no sentence, sometimes it will result in not guilty verdict. it is difficult (and should be difficult) for the defendant to show/prove, but it does happen sometimes in the cases.

          The entire reason “Real ID” is, while not mandated everywhere yet, becoming mandated is that top quality fraudulent ID have become very common, especially driven by illegal immigrants. In Europe they have had to move toward looking at age from teeeth since there are so many refugees walking around with host country issued official ID that are total lies when it comes to age.

          There is also complexity on the internet because plenty of consenting adults, where both parties are adults, like to role play. My first wife like to dress up in a catholic school uniform on occasion and have me role play teacher. It wasn’t a turn on for me, actually a bit of a turn off, but for some women it is.

          We don’t know the entire circumstance of what wilson was doing, for all we know he knew she was under age and flirted, or worse yet had sex with her knowing she was under age, or for all we know he had good articulatable reason to think she was not underage. we don’t know yet. His flight out of the country makes me think he did know but that is not slam dunk.

        • Re: CC

          No, a few states allow a defense that the person lied about being over the age of consent. That’s only a few states, most states do not allow that as a defense. The under aged hooker lied to Lawrence Taylor about her age, he was convicted/pled guilty.

          In most states, if the girl is under the age of consent, you’re guilty even if she lied, etc.

      • So the girl went on a sugar daddy site and whored herself for $500 :face_with_rolling_eyes:my god the poor victim

    • The girl set up her own account on this website, voluntarily interacted with Wilson, voluntarily (as far as we know) had sex with him, voluntarily took $500 (did she ask for it?), then decides to call the police after the fact? Anyone know why she decided to call the police?

      • Do you think you would have sex with someone that young? Regardless of a possible set up, don’t have sex with minors. It’s not hard.

        • Yeah… because every woman I ever slept with had a gigantic “Do not open before” date tattooed on her thigh.

        • I’ve worked with a 30+-year-old woman who could pass for under 20. Good makeup and bad lighting can have a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance.

        • You need guidance to know a girl is 16 or very close to 16? Maybe you haven’t been with any woman, work on that. The 16 yr olds I dated in high school were no where near the 25 and 30 yr olds I dated when I was older. If you don’t know the difference, you obviously haven’t been with women. Sorry for that, maybe it will work out someday.

        • Do you think you would have sex with someone that young? Regardless of a possible set up, don’t have sex with minors. It’s not hard.

          Reductionist statement – oversimplified. The events are not that simple.

          Did she lie to him and say she was 18???

          What did she do? She went to a website for people over 18 and requires you to be over 18 to have an account there. She advertised herself. She agreed upon a price. She did the deed with consent.

          It isn’t as simple as “don’t have sex with minors.”

          When I met my future asian wife, when she was age 26, she could have passed as a 17 year old. Some girls who are 17 could pass for 25. It’s not simple, especially if under false pretenses. Good thing my asian girlfriend at that time was honest and wasn’t 17 and looking to have me imprisoned for fun and entertainment.

        • Regardless of a possible set up, don’t have sex with minors. It’s not hard.

          No – the correct statement is:

          Regardless of a possible set up, don’t have sex with prostitutes, and if your girlfriend looks young, ask her for a notarized copy of her birth certificate.

        • It’s not that simple. Where I am from I can promise you that there are 30-year-olds who look like they’re 12, and 12-year-old who look like they’re 30. I don’t know when you went to high school, but things are definitely different now; quite often, you cannot tell just by looking. Besides, she had to have presented herself as being 18 years old or older in order to set up an account on this website, so I’m not buying this crap about her being a victim. She went to the website willingly, lied to set up an account on this website, and then went to meet a strange man to have sex with him willingly. No, she is not a victim in this.
          I would be willing to bet your entire paycheck that this is nothing but the government trying to find a way to destroy Cody Wilson.

        • You need guidance to know a girl is 16 or very close to 16? Maybe you haven’t been with any woman, work on that. The 16 yr olds I dated in high school were no where near the 25 and 30 yr olds I dated when I was older.

          This is a strawman. Are you saying you can slam dunk tell the difference between every 16-year-old and every 17-year-old (very frequently the price difference in age of consent in Us states?

          You can walk down a line of of ten 16-year-olds and ten 17-year-olds and accurately pick out every one?

          It is fully legal for a 100-year-old to have sex with a 17 year old in Texas. This is not about telling a 16 year old apart form a 30 year old, but about telling one apart fomr a 16 year old.

          Obviously if you are an adult, be you a 30 year old or an 18 year old, you need to be careful, and take whatever reasonable effort to ascertain age that the case law shows youmust. But your presenting this as about telling the difference of a ten year age spread, when for all we know the girl was 16 and a half, is not an accurate way to frame this.

          I have daughters, so if Wilson committed a crime I want him locked the fk up. but lets frame this accurately with the facts we have so far.

      • I don’t know the girl’s history but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this isn’t her first rodeo with the police. There was probably some kind of official contact with an officer of the court (probation officer, counselor, etc) and she told the story of having sex with this guy. After that, it gets ugly.

      • Reading comprehension. It’s a thing.
        “a counselor called Austin police on Aug. 22 to report that a girl under the age of 17 told her she had sex with a 30-year-old man”

        Girl talked to a counselor. Counselor called the cops.

        Wilson’s goose is cooked.

        • Yeah… unlikely. Statutory charges are unconstitutional unless you can prove that Willson knew the age of the whore in question.

        • “…Willson knew the age of the whore…”

          Now, Serge – The nice term is “independent contractor”…

          (If it looks like a ‘ho, spreads like a ‘ho…)

          *snicker* 😉

    • They’re doing the same thing to Kavannaugh. Anytime the left comes up against someone they can’t beat, that person ends up with a rape charge. The only one to succsesfully shrug off this tactic so far has been Trump.

      • The fact that sexual assault charges seem to have become the standard operating procedure for discrediting political opponents is doing a disservice to women everywhere. The political party that claims to be the most concerned about women’s rights is numbing the public to these kinds of claims. This can only happen so many times before people will always assume there are ulterior motives when a woman claims sexual assault.

      • Really– a sit for rich old guys to meet up with sweet young thangs to have sex and shower them with gifts and cash. What’s a sugar daddy if he doesn’t pay up (handsomely)?

    • How is it entrapment? He registered an account on and went looking for company. Nobody made him register, nobody made him pick the girl, etc.

      This is not entrapment. This is stupid guy hooking up with an underage prostitute.

      • Yeah. Prostitution is not a real crime. It’s only illegal because childless THOTs long past their expiration dates don’t like competition.

    • That’s not what entrapment is. Even if she was a cop, which she isn’t, it still wouldn’t be entrapment in terms of solicitation.

      He done shit the bed here. If this is true, his best defense is “well I thought the prostitute was over 18!” which is… really not a good place to be, legally speaking.

      • Nope, his defense and a good one is you have to be 18 to register on the site according to the TOS on the site. So if he accepted a “date” on said website it was under the impression that the person was 18. This is nothing more than a setup.

        • Think about it. If they convict him, then he will be forced to register as a “sex offender” and NEVER be able to even touch a firearm for as long as he lives. That will really put a damper on DD won’t it? I think that is the ultimate plan of the anti-gun people in all of this.

        • Knowledge or intent isn’t relevant with someone below the age of consent, even with deceit. Solution? Get married and stay faithful. The only real solution.

      • If you go to war with the worst people in the world—who also happen to be the richest and most powerful people in the world—avoid compromising situations and exploitable issues. They’ll burn you down.

    • Would also explain why Cody Wilson was Selling as Fast as Possible his Program for a Nontraceable Firearm, if this charge was Looming Ominously Over His Head (i.e. Pending Legal Fees)…

      • That…or the fact that the left has fought him every step of the way, trying to squash it, and it’s just a matter of time before they find some other way to infringe on his rights like they do with everything else they disagree with, and he’s just trying to get something out of it before they figure out how.

        • So Cody Wilson’s resole was to Tweet with an Unknown Girl Online without knowning anything about her. Except what she told him! That works both way’s, what did Cody say to the Girl to Impress Her into a Sexual Encounter?/! I’m Rich and I own my own Business and that I’m only in my 30’s…

        • “That works both way’s, what did Cody say to the Girl to Impress Her into a Sexual Encounter?”

          500 dollars in 5 100 dollar bills.

          Cash speaks louder than words…

    • Well, if she registered on the website, she tried to pass herself off as at least 18 years of age. Has no one brought that up yet? Clear as day, if you go to the site, click “Register” and then click the radio button next to “18”, it obviously does not allow registration at any younger age.

      I didn’t even complete the entire registration process and I was able to confirm that much…

    • I would like to thank the sexually liberated who told everyone they needed to just loosen up. And told everybody to stop listen to those old-fashioned Christians who told everyone they should wait till marriage before engaging in sexual activity. It might seem old-fashioned. But that kind of attitude has kept a lot of people out of trouble.

      And for those that wish to partake in the fun?

      You will be held accountable for your actions in 2018. In criminal or civil court. And abortions will not save you.

      • Anytime someone the left doesn’t like comes along, they mysteriously end up with a rape charge.

      • A girl under the age of consent goes to a sugar daddy site used to facilitate meetings between adults for intimate relationships.

        Said sites TOS would require their users to be 18 or older. This girl is under 17 and under the age of consent. She had to lie to create a profile and carry the lie through the act.

        Wilson, having signed up for the site knowing users need to he 18 to use it IAW the TOS would have had every reason to presume she was of the age of majority.

        So the question is now did she seek him out on the site having fraudulently joined it.

        • Anything she did might be a mitigating factor but it doesn’t affect the charges. If he had sex with a minor, he’s done. She may have looked 25 and said she was 25, he’d still be guilty.

        • Yeah, she’s a trollop. That said, age of consent laws are strict liability. If you bang someone who is underage, you’re in a world of legal trouble.

        • “So the question is now did she seek him out on the site having fraudulently joined it.”

          It sounds to me like that is what happened. She was looking to make some money, saw his pic, and said to herself “this is the kind of guy I would date anyway”.

          So why not get paid for it?

          Then she ran her mouth to the wrong person, the therapist her parents were likely paying for, because she is a messed-up in-the-head 17 year old kid.

          A very good (and *very* expensive) criminal defense lawyer *might* get him a ‘not guilty’ verdict…

        • Yeah, she’s a trollop. That said, age of consent laws are strict liability. If you bang someone who is underage, you’re in a world of legal trouble.

          Hi – because of laws crafted by morons, I need to see your birth certificate before we start dating. Need a notarized copy please. Thanks. Otherwise, your lie = my prison. Real fair.

    • Let’s just say that I’m pretty open to the possibility that a self-described “crypto-anarchist” might not be the most scrupulous, responsible, above-board person in the world.

      • Interesting point. Anarchy is from a Greek compound of the alpha privative and the noun arche meaning rule or authority, combining to suggest the lack of a governing structure over this universe and its inhabitants. God is showing this poor deceived soul just how wrong his hopefully erstwhile philosophy is.

        • The state is a false idol. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, yet all that is in Caesar’s possession was taken under threat of force from the people.

          The immoral act Cody Wilson is accused of has nothing to do with any anarchist philosophy.

    • Totally. Yes it was a dumb move on Wilsons part. For the life of me I can’t understand why he would need to be on a site like that to find someone but how could he not know that with his ass in the Govt’s crosshairs they wouldn’t be snooping on everything he did.

      Then again I put cheese in mousetraps and nearly every night I get one.

    • He wanted to use sugardaddy .com and then chose to meet with a teenager no older than 16 years old. Maybe Shannon Watts put the girl up to it which should bring a separate lawsuit. However, that wouldn’t change the fact that Cody Wilson still chose to have sex with a young girl and either didn’t care to verify if she was old enough or ignored the fact that she was not. Then paid her $500 for whatever reason. I really hope this is all a false accusation but this sounds pretty bad.

      • It’s gonna be impossible to prove he paid her. And although I have no experience with those websites, I’m almost certain there would be an age verification to join/participate. And that age isn’t gonna be 16. Essentially, she presented herself as an adult. Otherwise, I don’t see a “sexual assault”. I hope he’s got good defense lawyers.

        • Nope, she testifies that he paid her, and that’s enough. How else would there be proof?
          Not that it matters- paying for sex is an infraction, maybe a misdemeanor. Statutory rape is a felony that gets you registered as a sex offender for life.

      • He paid in cash according to the girl. Wouldn’t be that hard to connect money to him if the police have it.

      • Unfortunately, this is my new paradigm anytime a sexual misconduct allegation is leveled against anyone, simply because sex has been weaponized. If a woman decides she regrets the encounter, you go to jail. If she wanted it and you said no, she lies and you at least have to shell out for a good lawyer. If what has been going on for these last two decades tells us anything, it’s that political agendas rule the day, and that people in power will do anything to see their agenda to fruition. I have no doubt the guy has some less than virtuous predictions, but I also have no doubt that this weakness is being exploited to remove a political thorn. Bottom line, if you’re going to fight leviathan you better have your voices in check.

  2. Did he take a cell phone pic of her fake ID? He forgot to run the background check beforehand and obtain the signed and notarized affidavit proclaiming legal age, consent, and freedom from communicable disease with release from all liability and any and all future claims for damages or compensation. Great world we live in.

    • There is some sort of weird irony that this all could lead back to the hookup website not requiring ID or background checks for its users.

      I’m sure the media is going to have a field day with all aspects of this case.

  3. You know, when the soviets wanted to get rid of political dissidents, they would charge them with pedophilia.

    Just saying.

    • Is that why we haven’t seen you much around here recently, Vhyrus? 😉

    • If there is a real (not faked) video recording of Wilson taking a young woman to a hotel room and closing the door, the only question is whether or not the young woman was at least 17 years-old. If she was under 17 years-old, that makes Wilson a pedophile.

      Pro-tip #1 for males:
      Do NOT, under any circumstances, go into an isolated location alone with any female unless you trust that female implicitly with your life — because that is EXACTLY what you are doing.

      Pro-tip #2 for males:
      Find a wonderful woman and marry her BEFORE having sex. That virtually eliminates any risk of the woman charging you with sexual assault.

      • Wrong. Marriage provides no protection whatsoever against being unfairly accused of abuse or rape. Happens every day. Best advice is have yourself neutered before puberty. Still not an absolute solution.

        • Don,

          No, YOU are wrong. Notice my comment stated, “Find a WONDERFUL woman and marry her …”

          The odds of a WONDERFUL woman unfairly accusing you of abuse or rape are statistically zero.

          • Perhaps he meant accused by a third party.

            But even so at least you’d be innocent of the charge and could likely prove it.

      • If she was under 17 years-old, that makes Wilson a pedophile.

        No, it doesn’t.

        A pedophile is someone who is (perhaps primarily or exclusively) sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Having sex with someone who is under the local age of consent is not, by itself, enough to classify someone as a pedophile.

        • DonS,

          I did not bother to look-up the legal definition of a pedophile so you may very well be correct.

          And from a practical standpoint, there are 16 year-old young women who could easily pass for 20 years-old and I would not consider someone a pedophile for attempting to have a relationship with such a young lady — assuming that the male suitor truly thought the young lady was 18 years old.

        • By that definition most homosexual catholic priests are not pedophiles since most had sex with 16 year old and older boys.

      • Not a pedophile, that is a sexual attraction to prepubescent children. I think the word you were looking for is ephibophile which is the sexual attraction to mid to late teens usually 15-19 year olds. Sometimes younger or older depending on physical maturity (early or late bloomers).

      • No, it does not make him a pedophile. Really wish people would stop it with using the wrong word.

        A pedophile likes prepubescent children. That generally means 11 years old and younger.

        A hebephile like them from 11-14 (early pubescent).

        An ephebophile likes them from 15-19 (late adolescent).

      • Just go fag. And then when your “wife” talks back to you, you can give him a black eye and not feel abusive.

    • Had this girl approached him at a starbucks or some such your theory might have some validity. But he apparently went to a hook up web site and had an ongoing transaction with her.

      On the surface it appears that he’s just another Jared. I wonder how much of the donations made to support his cause have gone to underage hookers?

      • So a guy goes to a website explicitly stated for adults of consenting age and meets a girl who claims to be of consenting age and he’s a pedophile.

        I really hope you’re not a prosecutor or a judge.

        How stupid have men become that we would institutionalize a system where a woman lying about her age makes the man a felon?

        • I was referring to this incident being a set up. In order to have set him up you would have had to know which site or sites he was using and then hope he took the bait.

          Very unlikely.

        • When you refer to a man as a ‘Jared’ that has very specific and damning implications. Unless there is evidence that he knew she was underage or specifically targeted her for being underage I am going to assume this is a case of ‘Girl lied, guy gets tried’.

        • “When you refer to a man as a ‘Jared’ that has very specific and damning implications.”

          The V-man *gets it*.

          Jared was seeking underage. Wilson signed up for a website where the terms-of-service specifies the participants must be 18 or older…

  4. It seems to me there are two possibilities.

    1) Cody Wilson is a total idiot who was so driven by thinking with the wrong head that he was willing to destroy everything he has been working towards for at least the past 5 years.

    2) This is a targeted setup intended to destroy him.

    Given the willingness of the gun grabbers to lie so casually and frequently, the second seems more likely, but the first is a common failing of men.

    • It’s called “exploitable issues.” Ironic that the pedophile elite who set him up used statutory rape as the axe blow. Twisted irony.

      Wilson’s message to the rest of us—

      On a lonely Friday night, curl up with a hot cup of cocoa (or a cold beer) and a good book.

  5. Talk about desperate holphobic human disarmament industrial complex narrative.

    As Zimmerman clearly cites, indeed, age of consent in TX is 17. So where is this “child’ and “minor’ they’re talking about, as if to pretend this is something nefarious.

    When TWO parties mutually agreed to have sex, especially when allegedly a ’17’yo created an account on to whore herself?? WhereTF’s the #MeTOO DAT so SEXUAL ASSAULT!

    Total propaganda:

    Detectives used surveillance footage to corroborate the girl’s story, along with hotel records that showed Wilson rented a room at the hotel, the affidavit said.

    The girl told police she and Wilson had sex at the hotel and that he paid her $500.

    The pair left the hotel around 9:20 p.m. before Wilson dropped the girl off at a Whataburger on Slaughter Lane, the affidavit said.

    How is ANY of that “sexual assault”?

    The girl herself described it as “The girl told police she and Wilson had SEX at the hotel and that he paid her $500.”

    They went to the hotel together, and left together, and he dropped her off.

    All sound mutual and amicable. Services rendered.

    And really, how the hell is that any different than taking a ho out to a $500 dinner & hotel date?? What’s the difference?? xD

    Where’s is the ‘crime’?

    Still, suppose IF what they claim is so, and he did use, of course, it’d be ideally more preferable that he wouldn’t consort with such ‘services’ and characters, given that he has heavy federal and state and MSM scrutiny already targeting him, who are just itching to find some dirt to sink him.

    Also, to be “chargeD” would mean an arrest would follow. So… where’s the ‘arrest’??

    To have someone file an affidavit is “TO charge” as in: to ACCUSE.

    To “BE CHARGED” more refers to a govt agency/agent-filing, prelude to an actual physical arrest, no??

    Hoplophobic MSM assholes simply cannot wait to trash him.

      • Then how did she sign up at the website? Don’t they have age verification? So she lied and presented herself as an adult.

        • I don’t know I don’t go to those websites. Maybe she doctored or had a fake ID when she did age verification

        • 1/ Why in hell would you want to date or have sex with a 17 year old when you are thirty? It screams problems all over, and it is morally questionable at best.

          2/ if you believe because she signed on a “17 and over only” website it means she is not under 17, you’re stupid.

          3/ I am convinced many of these weirdos looking for something legal (age of consent being 17 in TX) wouldn’t have an issue doing it with a 16 or 15 year old either if they knew the age. When you are perverted and crazy enough to engage legally in a romantic or sexual way with a teen as an adult, it is probably not hard to go one step further becoming a criminal and pedo.

          I have no sympathy for this clown, although it is very likely he got set up. There are enough good looking women in their mid 20s and up for a 30 year old to have any valid excuses hunting for a 17 year old.

        • Yep. From SugarDaddyMeet’s Service Agreement for when one signs up for the service:

          “1.2 You must be at least 18 years of age to register as a Member of or to use the website. Membership in the Service is void where prohibited.”

        • If you’re a 30+ male, who thinks that you can accurately estimate, within +/-5yr, the age of a young female when she is all done up with her warpaint etc then you are delusional.

        • neiowa,

          You are correct. I recently saw two gals in sixth, that’s right SIXTH grade who looked like they were 19 years-old. There are plenty of 16 year-old young women who could easily pass for 21 years old.

        • Sugardaddymeet’s age verification consists of you writing in your age when you register at the site. I just went there to look and thats all they want. It is a site that obviously caters to young girls and older men hooking up.

    • “…that a girl UNDER the age of 17….” before you write a novel work on your reading comprehension it will save some room in the comment section!

    • Paying a “ho” for sex is a crime in most states to begin with, doesn’t matter the age. Your arguments and questioning of this story are laughable.

      • She admitted to accepting payment for sex, thus she is a “Ho” as you so succinctly put it. So we have the unreliable testimony of an admitted criminal and some grainy security footage as the basis for this claim.

      • I thought you liberals were all for prostitution? You know in France the age of consent is 15, and prostitution is legal, and you can legally purchase a 15 year old for sex. And you liberals just LOVE France. So socailist and progressive. So yeah. How about that.

        • I believe the age of consent in Spain is 12 years of age. Libertarians support children prostitution correct? In Thailand adult child sex is socially acceptable gay and straight. Libertarians are sexually liberated correct???? I read that in Reason magazine all the time.

          Reason was very supportive of Mary Kay Letourneau sex. Look it up, Get educated.

  6. Hmm. Given the huge and far reaching consequences of Cody Wilson’s crusade, I can easily see where a Big Money Progressive would happily fund such an endeavor to stop him.

    Nevertheless, this particular method would be next to impossible to pull-off. How does a “fixer” get Wilson to go to that website in the first place??? Next, how does a “fixer” get Wilson to schedule a meeting with an underage girl? Finally, how would a “fixer” convince a 16 year-old girl to have sex with a stranger???

    At this point, it seems to me that some Progressive hiring a “fixer” to make all that happen is even less likely than Wilson simply seeking out underage women.

    • Yes. I’m older and less computer literate. But I wasn’t even aware of this type of site til this post. He must have been hanging around that site to hook up with her.

      I’m glad I’m an old married guy. I got a million problems. Paying teenage whores ain’t one of them.

    • It is possible that someone else portrayed him on the web site, and convinced him to show up at the hotel for a reason that seems plausible to him. In that scenario, actual sex and money changing hands wouldn’t be necessary, just the accusation that they did, because hey, he showed up.

      This is still the very early “first accusation” stage. We still need to see his response and wait for more details to come out. This could go either way.

      The one who states his case first seems right,
      until the other comes and examines him.
      — Proverbs 18:17

      If he actually was an idiot, he deserves every bit of scorn he will receive from people of the gun. But until things shake out, jumping immediately can lead to a case of friendly fire.

      • Oh, now there is an interesting idea. All the computer, Internet, and website stuff as well as the underage girl’s testimony are super easy to fabricate/fake. Faking a video wholesale is NOT easy. But why do that when you can simply have a Cody Wilson look-alike walk past the cameras at night from a distance? That would be EASY to do and cheap! Pay some schmo $2,000 to pick up some girl, pay for a hotel room, walk past distant cameras, walk into the room with the girl, stay in the room for 30 minutes and chat, walk out past the distant cameras, and drop off the girl somewhere. And pay the girl $500 to spend 30 minutes chatting (NOT having sex) in a hotel room with a Cody Wilson look-alike.

        The only question I have is, why not simply pay a “mechanic” $5,000 to knock-off Wilson? That would be a lot simpler than paying a Cody Wilson look-alike to spend 30 minutes in a hotel room talking with an underage girl.

        • Why? Because then you just make him a martyr. It’s easier smear and shame and trash any reputation as an upstanding citizen fighting for civil rights. The FBI tried a smear campaign against MLK with evidence of adultery. The entire thing smells fishy to me. Waiting to hear/read something form Wilson himself regarding the accusations/charges. But it feels like the entire SC debacle, when you run out of options, just scream “R___ist”, racist, rapist or whatever.

      • It’s easier if you think of having two fixers, and have her as one of the fixers. Make up a fake account on that SDM site for him, lure him in with a fake tinder for the girl, and make up fake correspondence on the SDM site and her phone, then hack it into his phone/computer also (which is entirely possible).

        Or maybe he was looking for a college chick or high school senior and believed she was over 18 because the site said everyone has to be over 18 to join. I’m not 30 yet, but I’ve dated a couple 19-year-old girls in my 20s, but not from some sketchy hookup site. Maturity can be easy to fake, and young girls are getting more and more whore-ish every year. I’m really not into girls calling me “daddy” or whatever, especially when I’m on friendly terms with their dads. Ugh.

    • I would also add that he apparently used a fake name when he signed up, so anyone who thinks the girl was looking for Cody Wilson to entrap needs to rethink it.

    • Yeah… “kids”… I’d bet you that if I lined up a half dozen 16-25yo ho’s in full warpaint, you would have no idea which is which. Women don’t come with expiration dates tattooed on their thighs.

      • Maybe but I’m not going to go on those sites looking for girls. I’m not going to pay for sex and I’m not going to have sex with girls I don’t know personally. I’m not judging any man that does but that’s not for me. Also knowing that these young broads looks older, us men need to protect ourselves from unscrupulous females. We might have to start having them sign consent agreements soon.

      • Mostly right—however, comparison of thousands of manuscript “witnesses” reveal where edits/errors crept in and so could be identified and excluded.

        Hopefully however the divine (primary) authorship of the Bible won’t have to be displayed to you as clearly as it has for our poor ally Cody.

        • You are inherently incorrect. The only true word of God was written with a finger on stone tablets. The rest, including an unknown probably long list of lost or purposely unincluded scrolls were all written by men, either as they understood God’s or Jesus teachings, or made up completely out of whole cloth. We won’t even get into the inherent cognitive dissolution between the old and new testaments.

          • I’m sorry but I will have to continue preferring the testimony of Christ and His apostles concerning the divine primary authorship of Scripture to what you allege about it.

            As to the dissonance, that is readily explained, though not in a few words in this site.

            I will also have to affirm that if the Bible is not what it claims to be, nothing is True. Given a little time, I could prove it to you.

          • Listen, Don. I could in time reconcile your intellectual objections to the Bible, because I’m much more familiar with it than you and with many of these sorts of objections as well. But I am confident that your objections to it are not intellectual but moral, that is, it interferes with your autonomy and your sin and so you seek to discredit its inherent authority over you and your life. If there were some way for us to correspond I would suggest it. But I can’t think of one. So, I’ll just pray for you.

        • Oh really? And where is there peace and agreement in this world? Shall we ask the Catholic victims of priestly pedophilia? The bible is not perfect, or even arguably God’s word, complete and intact or not. There’s a lot of good in there, but since men wrote it and men interpret it, it’s not an absolute, except to people like you that use it as a handy executioner’s sword.

          • SOrry neighbor but you prove my point. It was in departing from the Bible’s commands about sex outside of lawful marriage that the Catholic pedos went afoul. Their conduct is condemned not endorsed in the Bible. Recall also Christ’s condemnation of religious hypocrisy.

  7. You’d think that with the amount of exposure he has had on TV, he wouldn’t need to use a pay-for-play website to meet women. A screen shot of his face with the Vice logo in the corner should be enough.

  8. Woman lies while prostituting herself = sexual assault?
    Unless she was like obviously 12 or some shit. Pulling up my grandpa pants I’ll say it: girls in school today do not look anything like the girls did when I was in school.

  9. A setup is still possible, even if unlikely.

    The powers that be in this world are hell bent on disarming the American people. They have pretty much all the money in the world to push their agenda and eliminate opposition. Such parties as these could obtain the technology necessary or even array the government lackeys in their thrall and with the ability to monitor Wilson’s computer activity and put an underage girl up to it. That she came forward apparently sua sponte with this allegation supports the setup narrative. However, the nature of the site is unknown to me. If it is geared toward hook ups between adults it supports the setup narrative again. If it is something even more nefarious then monitoring his internet activity would reveal this exploitable issue and they could situate their bait before him accordingly.

    • With the recent revelations about the NSA and all its built in back doors and big tech cooperation, believing this couldn’t be a setup seems naive. But, just because it could be a setup doesn’t mean it definitely is.

      What a mess. Whether it’s legit or not, Wilson’s life will never be the same.

  10. The whole sugar daddy thing right now is popular aomg college age girls. The majority of these men are looking for young women, not underaged women. Why did the girl report this in the first place? She knew she was underaged, she knew she was violating the terms of service for the website and coincidentally had sex with the current antichrist as far as the gun control facists are concerned. I have no doubts this was a set up, that one of his enemies (and most likely he/she is working for one of the state AGs suing him) found out he had a profile on that site. There’s way too many coincidences and the sugar daddy thing is way too popular now for this to be random.

  11. Sexual assault? My grandma was 14 when she got married, my second wife said she was 16 when she first got married. I’d think sexual assault would be like, “No, Don’t, Stop, No Don’t Stop, not now, no don’t stop. I’d say ole CW is going to get fckd the hard dear on this go round

  12. Damn boy you screwed up! You’re on your own on my end. No go fund me contributions. Of course you were set up…so what?!?

  13. He’s being set up, almost certainly. But his best bet is to talk to the website, and get them involved. The terms and agreements on the site clearly state that you must be 18 years of age to register and use the site, so it’s implied that she was of age. If I were him, I’d tell them to bring their legal counsel to bear on my behalf, or face a countersuit faulting them for their part in all this. If not for them, he’d have never met her, most likely.

    • I suppose the defense could attempt to impune her credibility as a witness by pointing to the fact that she fudged her age to join a web site.

      But the prosecutor will portray her as a confused young girl whose emotional problems led her to do what she did (She had sought counseling, after all). She will show up for court with no makeup, pigtails and a minimizing bra, dressed to make her look like she’s 12.

    • I highly doubt the website owners will do anything of the sort. They will hide behind their attorneys instead.

  14. This is obviously a setup. Everyone has secrets, skeletons, fetishes, that would ruin them if they were made known. This sort of bullshit is a divide and conquer tactic that reeks of a smear campaign.

  15. You know, I’ve never paid for sex and never been arrested for it. Funny how that works out. Sounds like Wilson is getting exactly what he deserves.

      • Yeah, because paying a 16 year-old $500 for a 20 minute quickie is what the revolution is all about! Johns of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but $500.

  16. Some are so righteous here. If he were in a nearby state, the sex, if it did happen, would be completely legal. Cody is from Arkansas, where the age of consent is 16. Many states have 16 as the age of consent.

    • Well he wasn’t in a nearby state.

      Why even risk that though. At 30 were you sexually attracted to a 16 or 17 yr old? Even if she looked older, at 30 were you dating or hooking up with 20 yr olds?

      • He’s 30, not 60. There’s nothing bizarre about a 30 year old guy hooking up with early-twentysomethings, especially if he’s attractive. What planet do you live on?

      • “At 30 were you sexually attracted to a 16 or 17 yr old? Even if she looked older, at 30 were you dating or hooking up with 20 yr olds?”

        Yes to the first question. I was attracted to them when I was a teenager, why would I suddenly stop just because I became older?

        For the second question: I started dating my wife when I was 40 and she was 20. We married 18 months later, soon we will be married 5 years. People have tried to give me a hard time about our age difference; I just shrug my shoulders and continue with my life.
        My mother and father were 18 and 36 when they started dating; they married within a year.

        This whole outrage about older men being with young women is cultural shaming, not biological reality.

    • Hooking up with a 16-yr-old prostitute might be legal in some states, but it would still be morally reprehensible and out of the realm of possibility for a 30-yr-old man with a moral compass.

  17. The only reason prostitution is illegal is because the feminazis don’t like free market competition.

    If the website has a minimum of 18yo TOS, Wilson should have a solid defense. There is literally no reasonable way he could have known he was committing a crime.

    • You’re quite a demented person. I’m not even joking, you have some severe mental issues going on and should seek help.

      Btw, you’re an embarrassment to gun owners, you’re unhinged.

      • He’s a red pill MRA basement-dweller who can’t get laid and hates his mother, hence the constant harping about “expiration dates” and “dried up, childless harpies”. He thinks it gets a rise out of people because that kind of approach gets a rise out of him. Just bask in the fact that you KNOW this serge asshole isn’t an operator, he’s a lonely little boy inside.

  18. Cody’s IQ just went from 200 to 75. Why in the world would he trust a girl on a website for gold diggers to be honest. Just because the website said she had to be 18 doesn’t mean anything. He let his dick do the thinking now he is in one hell of pickle.

  19. You people who are ready to crucify this guy are a bunch of prudish hypocrites. Setting him up would have been child’s play.
    First off, he is a 30-year-old single guy looking to hook up for sex, because that’s what single guys in their 30’s do. So he’s computer nerd that maybe doesn’t care for the bar scene and decides to use one of the many ADULT websites set up just for that. Tens of thousands of people do the same every day. No crime in that.
    Do any of you have any idea how easy and cheap it is to find out what websites someone goes to online? With just a few bits of information, like your name, age, and your town of residence, along with $50 I can find your email addresses, what social media you belong to and your criminal record.
    In my 60 years on this earth, I have met women in the late 20’s that could pass as high school girls and 14 & 15-year-olds that could pass as college grads.
    Now how hard do you think it would be for someone who has it in for you personally to pay out some cash to a hacker to search the web for some vulnerability to exploit some site you may be using to meet people to coax you into meeting them in person? Now, just insert an underage hotty that looks 21 that they have paid off, and next thing you know you’re off to prison. So maybe $600-$750 and you are no longer a problem for them.
    Should he have used better discretion? yes, But it looks much too much like he was tricked into a criminal act by deception, set up just to take him down.

    • This is why I think prostitution bans are unconstitutional and underage charges have to prove knowledge. This is what happens when you let dried up childless harpies write laws.

    • Nice writeup . However….
      If you’re in the public eye as Mr. Wilson is you need to live, act, and think a certain way. Looks like he didn’t and they got him.
      Cody crucified himself.

      • Yeah sure sure. BUT I think we can all (or those of us who have been involved/aware of the political work) agree that President Trump has been unbelievably nieve of how the DC swamp works. Of the burning white hot hate he would see from the Obumver/Clinton progs staffing the Fed gov;t. The was no need to lop of heads on his 2nd day in office. Same deal

        • Donald Trump didn’t go to Washington to Drain the Swamp, but to Dredge the Swamp. By Deepening the Swamp, the perception of the Swamp getting lower when he’s actually adding more to the existing Swamp…

  20. Well, if she registered on the website, she tried to pass herself off as at least 18 years of age. Has no one brought that up yet? Clear as day, if you go to the site, click “Register” and then click the radio button next to “18”, it obviously does not allow registration at any younger age…

  21. There is a reason it’s called jailbait.
    Don’t pay for sex with girls who look very young whom you met on a questionable website.

  22. “Hurr Durr….Don’t sleep with underage girls.” (Average comment seen here)

    Uhh….have you seen what the average 15-18 year old female looks like these days? It EXTREMELY hard to tell without looking at some I.D. Most of them look like they are in their 20’s.

  23. Aaaaaand now he’s in Taiwan, apparently he didn’t take the return flight after doing his business there. Not a good look.