Finally, the Commonsense Gun Control Compromise We Really Need

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US Supreme Court fuck civility
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Here is my proposed gun control compromise following the latest attack on children that millions of us did not commit. Ready? You gun fascists can kiss my Schumer and we keep our guns. In fact, let’s also repeal the National Firearms Act and impose national constitutional carry. I think this compromise fairly balances our respective legitimate interests regarding guns. Our legitimate interest is maintaining the capacity to deter and defeat tyrants and criminals. Your legitimate interest in limiting our ability to do so is non-existent.

— Kurt Schlichter in No Compromise on Guns

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    • Look at how knee jerk Gun Control discriminated against age in NY. It zeroed in on the Second Amendment Rights of 18 year old individuals who one day are here and the next day gone to war, or Afghanistan under the exit command of an imbecile. What’s next? A couple of seventy year old individuals going bananas and it’s no guns for people in their seventies?

      There has never been one thing good about Gun Control. It started in racism and it landed in genocide therefore it is impossible to find one shred of good in such evil. History clearly confirms Gun Control is sick and sicker when used for problem solving. The only people who want it are tyrants, criminals and gullible, politically inept history illiterates.

        • Back to Mexico. Back to Africa. Back to Derkaderkastan. Bring the Army back from foreign soil all over the planet and put it on our southern border to stop the invading army of illegal aliens, like the Uvalde shooter, who was fleeing from the Border Patrol and went into the school to take hostages. Let in no more Third World “refugees” who come here to murder and plunder and send back all the ones who have been let in. Revoke the paper citizenship of all post-1965 immigrants and their children and grandchildren and ship them all back. ALL of them.

          That will solve around 98% of the violent crime problem in the US, and it will stay solved.

          You are probably reaching for the keyboard to say “that’s un-Constitutional!” Nonsense. If you’re allowed to propose throwing away the Bill of Rights, I’m allowed to say we should do away with the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments, which have caused nothing but terror and bloodshed ever since they were ratified, and which were not present in the original contract ratified by the states in 1789. And it doesn’t infringe upon the rights or even impose any inconvenience upon anyone other than people who never really belonged here in the first place and who never should have been brought to this hemisphere.

          You will claim that you find this objectionable because you object to violence, because you object to violations of human rights. This is a lie, a tactic. You object to this plan because you are gleeful every time one of these Third World terrorists kills Americans. You dance in the blood and shout for joy. These incidents are inevitable with wide-open borders and birthright citizenship instead of blood-right citizenship, and all these incidents are useful pretexts that you and your kind need to justify stripping us of our rights and replacing us in order to build the utopian multicultural rainbow future that’s been so successful in Rhodesia, South Africa, Germany, the UK, and Sweden. You’re every bit as guilty as the Uvalde shooter, the Pulse nightclub shooter, and Sheikh Omar Rahman, none of whom would have set foot in this country if not for people like you. Innocent blood is on your hands, and you planned it that way, because you get to wave the bloody shirt and demand that we burn the Bill of Rights.

          I grasp that you don’t like living here. I grasp that you don’t like our laws or our customs, or us. Why don’t you stop wagging your finger at us and just leave? This is our nation. We were born here. Our ancestors built it from nothing in a wasteland. It is of us, by us, and for us, and we have a Constitution. You don’t like that. Leave.

        • This must be the Fake Miner, the real miner would never lie.

          Miner49er June 3, 2022 At 17:30
          “Fake Miner, you attached a video, which is something I never do.”

          Oh, what a tangled web miner weaves, when he practices his deceit.

        • To Pepe the Frog: hear fucking hear. Actual, honest, no bullshit solutions. Good man. Frog. Whatever.

      • that case in California should give us a better idea of the future of this age-based restriction…

  1. DAN … can’t agree with this any more myself. We’re trying to guess which excuse the DC Follies is going to use to justify not putting premium security officers and building security enhancements in schools, along with why the deny returning our once-functional mental health system. We’re trying to figure out how they will deny these truest remedies to school security while voting for magazine bans, firearm bans, bullshit background checks without mandating govt. agencies comply with data input, age restrictions, etc., ?

    I still say do the schools with security personnel and mental health facilities first. Afterwards TOTALLY OUTLAW the Democrat Party and any news media outlet that uses govt. propaganda that communist Soetoro and his man-wife signed in to law for no good reason.

    • “TOTALLY OUTLAW the Democrat Party and any news media outlet”

      Yep, the Conservatives favorite position, just shitcan the constitution and the first amendment, all while whining about the second amendment.

      • Funny, isn’t it the democrats and thier cronies removing free speech from conservatives????
        Food for thought minor 69er

        • Yes we do Ron.

          The Constitution and the First Amendment is the antithesis of my Marxist philosophy.

          The left understands that and we are currently taking the necessary steps.

      • MINOR Miner49er. Why not? Isn’t that what you Leftists want to do with Conservatives? Silence us forever? So you can gain total control over the populace like Karl Marx preached?
        The Left doesn’t understand anything but their own control agenda.

      • As opposed to you Leftist/fascists, who only want to excise the parts of the Constitution they don’t approve of, amirite, MinorIQ???? You’re happy to piss all over the 2A (and even lie about it, like your idiot argument that Article I, Section 8 expressly authorizes universal federal gun control). Take you hypocrisy elsehwhere, MinorIQ, we saw through your lying bullshit years ago.

  2. Funny how that term “gun fascists” means completely opposite things to different groups. Gestalty. Come to think of it most everything is that way today thanks to the language relativism that has been pushed onto our kids for two or more generations now.

    “The meaning and definition of words is dependent on my emotions and if you can’t intuit my emotions to decipher my meaning then you’re a bigot. Sure, my emotions and my definitions may change annually, monthly, daily or hourly but it’s your responsibility to keep up with it.”

  3. “. . . also repeal the National Firearms Act and impose national constitutional carry.”

    With respect to the NFA`34, getting Congress to repeal it is a lost cause. If a bill were introduced to amend the NFA`34 it would likely be hijacked to impose more gun control. That’s a dangerous path to start down.

    Getting a case to SCOTUS is, I think, the cheaper and faster route. And, a route that is controllable; we pick the issue. I don’t think it matters whether the issue we pick is significant in-and-of-itself. Rather, what matters is what damage we could do to gun-control.

    Purely arbitrarily, suppose we picked the $5 tax and registration on AOWs. Who cares? Yet, what if SCOTUS ruled these unConstitutional? That would matter.

    I think that the soft underbelly of the NFA`34 is the question of whether the power to tax is a Constitutional power to destroy. And especially so when the subject of the tax is Constitutionally protected. If you can slap a 2000% tax on a silencer then you can do so with respect to printing presses, bull horns and radio transmitters. Will SCOTUS dare to write this into Constitutional law in America?

    National Constitutional Carry. I’m OK with reaching that goal; but not by a Federal law. We will learn of Justice Thomas’ pleasure in 3 weeks. That will probably doom May-Issue. It will probably also raise barriers against a permitting process that is prohibitive; and, again, our path is through the courts.

    Congress just isn’t going to pass a Con-Carry law; and, if they did, we should expect to not like it. The worst problem is that it lets Congress’s nose in the tent of “the police power”. The power to legislate for public safety, health and morals is reserved to the states by the 9th Amendment. Carrying a gun in a state is public safety. It’s not inter-state commerce.

    • Let’s play with their heads.

      They have a hard-on for age 21, let’s agree with them. Age 21 for *everything*.

      Including voting. Think they will go for it? 🙂

    • constitutional carry seems to be progressing just fine…half-way home…but you still need one for reciprocity to kick in….

    • Just liken the NFA tax stamp to a poll tax. It’s a direct analogue: the taxation of a constitutionally-protected civil right for the express purpose of discouraging the exercise of that right.

  4. Why Italy has less gun crime and it may surprise you why?????

    Italy does have tough gun laws but they also are a socialistic country

    A social safety net

    After 12 years of living in Italy, I can definitely say that the country has its flaws. But one thing Italy has going for it is a fairly broad and dense social safety net, which takes care of its most vulnerable citizens. We have a national healthcare system that, while imperfect, ensures that people receive medical attention, including for mental health disorders and needed medications—largely free of charge. (Critics of universal healthcare will argue that we pay higher taxes, and we do. But we don’t pay for private health insurance, and no one sacrifices treatment, loses their home, or goes bankrupt because they can’t pay their medical bills.)

    Studies have established a link between social welfare programs and reductions in violence, perhaps because when people’s most basic needs of shelter, healthcare, and sustenance are met, they are less prone to violence. In Italy, the national healthcare system—combined with rigid protocols for gun ownership—make it less likely that violent or mentally disturbed people will fall through the cracks or get their hands on guns

      • Yup dacian’s tour group sent him out to get gelato and when he came back everyone had left.
        He should write a book, “Tweve Years In Paradise and Why I Came Back To America. “

        • He hasn’t left the basement, err Revolution Command Central, in years. The world outside is too scary.

          He dedicated his life to a revolution that never happened.

    • OK, would you care to expound on the real reason Italy doesn’t see a lot of stupid violence? Browse the wikipedia – There are those who say the Carabinieri are badass – I’m not really one of those. But, the fact is, Carabinieri patrol all over the country. They still carried Thompson submachineguns when I was there. I can’t say whether they still do – the EU may have frowned upon Thompsons on every other street corner. Or, maybe the EU is alright with that.

      Most importantly, if/when a Carabinieri spoke, you LISTENED, because no one was going to investigate even half seriously after the soldier blew you away.

      Senseless violence had no future in Italy, unless you consider the grave a future.

      • Currently, the Carabinieri use Beretta PMX submachineguns and the Model 92S 9mm handgun. They may not be on EVERY street corner, but are certainly visible throughout Italy.

        • Small riot in Crotone, in 1978, organized by the Communist party to protest our US ship in port, allegedly with nuclear weapons aboard. Commies demanded to come aboard and inspect for nukes. 7 of us went out on the pier with M14s and removed the rioters from the vicinity. We reach the end of the pier, and there are ~18 Carabinieri in line abreast. We face off with them, and I’m sweating ice cubes because we are outnumbered and outgunned.

          Then, we all heard the sound of the Chief gunner’s mate setting up the M2 machinegun on the bridge wing behind us. Now it was the Carabinieri who were sweating ice cubes.

          I remember observing that you could have rolled a watermelon through the muzzle of the Thompson pointed at my face . . .

      • Well, lil’dtards mom took him to the local Olive Garden for his birthday dinner last night.
        In his disfunctional mind, that makes him an expert on all things Italy. 🤪
        He’s entered himself in the 2023 Giro d’Italia bike race too. Gonna pump up the tires on his mountain bike so he’s competitive. 🤣

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. You posted this gibberish about Italy on another thread. Seems you think if you repeat your leftist propaganda enough, someone will believe it?
      As I said on the other thread, if you like Italy so much go.

    • Hey, dacian the stupid, why not just trot your worthless @$$ over to “civilized” Italy, and leave us TF alone????? We wouldn’t miss you, and I don’t care that it would piss off any intelligent Italians (if such exist), since their opinion doesn’t matter a shart to me. It’s a twofer!!! Stop threatening us with a good time, dacian the stupid. “Stand not upon the order of thy going, but go!” Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!! Bye-bye! How can we miss you, if you won’t f***ing LEAVE, already????

  5. According to the Politico/Morning Consult poll, there are five proposals that garner overwhelming support, between 80% and nearly 90%, along with big majorities across party lines. Namely:

    Requiring background checks on all gun sales is supported by 88% of all voters, including 91% of Democrats and 86% of both Republicans and independents.
    Preventing sales of firearms to people determined to be dangerous is supported by 84% of voters, including 81% of Republicans, 88% of Democrats, and 82% of independents.
    Making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks is favored by 81% of voters, including 75% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats, and 82% of independents.
    Requiring a mandatory waiting period of three days after a gun is purchased before it can be taken home is endorsed by 8 out of 10 voters, including 73% of Republicans, 86% of Democrats, and 79% of independents.
    Requiring a person to be at least 21 years old to buy a gun is also backed by 80% of voters, including 75% of Republicans, 86% of Democrats, and 80% of independents. Even 78% of voters in households that have guns support this measure.
    If Congress reaches a bipartisan consensus, it will likely involve these five proposals. There is enough support to impress House and Senate members on both sides. In addition, there is tremendous support, 87%, for a proposal related to but broader than guns. And that’s expanded screening and treatment for the mentally ill. This is backed by 85% of Republicans, 88% of Democrats, and 86% of independents.

    • Knowing just a little bit about polling and how it works I can categorically say that 100% of polling organizations DO NOT poll 100% of the specific demographic to get there results.

      They poll a sampling of the demographic and extrapolate the results.

      So to say 80 or 90% of ALL VOTERS agree on a particular issue, especially when the poll is conducted by a Leftist group like Politico, is an bald faced lie.

      We do not know the size of the sample demographic, its make-up of political affiliation, nor the nature of the (probably leading) question(s) asked.

      In other words, a poll on anything related to guns conducted by Politico, is almost certainly a load of bullshit which is just the sort of thing Damian likes to shovel every day.

      • “So to say 80 or 90% of ALL VOTERS agree on a particular issue, especially when the poll is conducted by a Leftist group like Politico, is an bald faced lie.”

        That’s true.

        Polling is the worst thing that can be done for politically focused issues. As this one does, it falsely inflates by implying a demographic group that does not exist represented by the “poll” because their sample groups are too small to be statistically significant.

        For example, asking four voters about an issue upon with three of them agree does not mean 75% of all American voters agree with the three, it means 75% of the four had common agreement. So like this poll, for example, in the media its presented like 75% of all American voters agreed when in reality all of the American voters except for those four were not represented in the poll in a statistically significant manner.

        Idiots like dacian eat that stuff up.

        • If the sample is less than 30 and you’re not punching the statistician in the face then the problem is you.

      • We do not know the size of the sample demographic, its make-up of political affiliation, nor the nature of the (probably leading) question(s) asked.

        Technically speaking, the sample isn’t a demographic, it’s a sample that that should cover the various demographics contained within the population being sampled.

        Further, from a pure statistical point of view we don’t need to know any of of what you’re saying we don’t know. This is the point of statistical sampling and normalization, what we don’t know doesn’t matter and we normalize to find the things we don’t know.

        If we sample correctly we should get a representative group that covers the real-world at least 95% of the time. If we do this repeatedly we can find the outliers and eliminate them. While we can never truly know sigma (the true standard deviation of the population being sampled) repetitive sampling will generate a series of numbers for “s” (the population standard deviation) which will be a very close approximation of sigma if you did your work correctly. It might change some numbers in your calculations several places past the decimal but it will get you close enough to the population SD that it doesn’t really matter for the purpose of polling data.

        We can go further in the direction of eliminating such errors (type 1) too but it produces other errors (type 2) were we get false negatives so leaving your p-value at .05 (5%) and sampling repetitively as a method of hypothesis testing (along with t-testing) is preferred.

        The confounder is people lying to you about whatever issues you’re asking about. There are ways around that too but they’re time consuming and therefore *expensive*.

        Polling groups don’t usually do any of this because they’re not getting paid to find the truth. They’re mostly getting paid to promote a narrative preferred by whoever is paying them. You can see that in the internals (when they’re released, if they’re not released you should assume the poll is garbage and ignore it) where they quite obviously are not trying to normalize their sample but rather create a preferred sample.

        Such behavior is understandable in rare circumstances but “building the sample” is generally stupid. A large sample employing random selection of random selection will produce a normal distribution and the people “building” those samples know this. What random sampling of random sampling doesn’t do is produce politically predictable results (for the purchaser or for push-polling purposes) which is what such companies, mostly, are selling.

        And how do you know that the things they don’t do work (other than math)?

        Because this kinda math is how they make the finest scotch and make it so consistently that master blenders and tasters cannot tell the difference between bottles. T-testing was actually developed by a guy working on QC at the Guinness brewery because t-testing works well for smaller batches which is why it’s now used for small batch blended fine spirits.

        How to figure this out is known. Doing it is expensive and generally doesn’t produces the desired results so most groups don’t do it. It’s a genuine rarity to hear someone like Scott Rasmussen say that he doesn’t give a shit who wins as long as he’s right. That’s a quant nerd without an ax to grind right there, which is rare in polling.

    • darcydodo…By all accounts you are mentally ill. It takes a mentally ill individual sitting on a perch looking down their nose and assuming Republicans and independents want anymore demoCrap than they already have. Around 1994 when there were mass quantities of Gun Control illiterates you may have gotten knee jerk support for your insanity. Today it’s a different ballgame. In other words you pompous pervert riding around on the coattails of murdered school kids…you want ’em you come and get ’em.

    • Poll this:

      The majority of Americans believe schools would be safer if teachers were given the option to carry a firearm, a new poll has revealed

      The poll, conducted by The Economist and YouGov, asked nearly 1,500 citizens from both political parties if they were in favor of giving guns to schoolteachers

      Among all surveyed, 51 percent said they support the idea – with the 31 percent saying they ‘strongly’ favor it, and 20 percent voting they favor it ‘somewhat’

      Meanwhile, just 37 percent said they oppose such a measure, with 14 percent saying they oppose the idea ‘somewhat,’ and 23 percent saying they oppose

      • I’m not entirely in favor of giving guns to teachers. I think they should buy their own. If government (school district, city, county, state, whatever) purchases the weapons, then teachers should turn them in when they leave the school district.

      • if you think some teachers don’t carry you’re kidding yourself…remember coming back in September and the janitor saying I had a new desk…said it used to belong to the basketball coach and they found a .38 snubbie in one of the drawers…

    • Complete and utter horseshit. When you read a poll, you have to ask some questions about the poll itself. Who wrote the poll? What is that person/organization’s political agenda? Where was the poll taken? What was the methodology? Who answered the poll? Was the poll really random, or did they line up people with a known preference?

      I’ve read about polls such as you cite. Complete and utter bullshit. Nowhere near 90% of Americans favor a universal background check. It’s ridiculous.

      • There was an episode in “Yes Prime Minister” where the PM wants to reintroduce national service. First poll is extremely favorable. A second poll with rewording of the questions is overwhelmingly negative.

        Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are good educators on how government and public service really work. Another series is Utopia.

    • So who will get to determine if someone may be dangerous? As we have already seen in those states with the “Red Flag” laws, they system can and will be abused by vindictive ex spouses, upset employees/Former employees, and a few who just want to stir up trouble for someone they disagree with.
      age limits? Sure, raise the age of majority across the board. Not responsible enough to buy a rifle? Then not responsible to vote, sign a contract, enter the military, purchase or drive a car, and any other legal rights you have as an adult.
      More BG checks, or some sort of extreme/enhanced checks? Sure, because the current version has worked out so well. How many of those who have committed some mass murder shooting passed the current BG checks? And how many street thugs and other criminals are going to get a check when they already know they would not pass one?
      Safe Storage requirements? Sure, as soon as the government foots the bill for a gun safe. You want to mandate certain approved equipment to exercise a right, then you had better be willing to provide it.
      I’ve owned firearms for 60 years. Not once has anyone ever asked me to participate in a poll on firearms rights or my opinions on gun laws. Nor have I gotten any call about opinions on healthcare, welfare/social safety nets, or even national politics. Been polled a couple times on local politics and issues, but I doubt whether or not I support some local bridge or drainage project counts for much.
      So, tell us again just how you propose to get those who are dangerous to themselves or others to seek help, or comply with your new laws? Because everything you are demanding is either already available under current law. Or completely unenforceable without both a national forced registry, and dictatorial/unconstitutional police powers at the federal level.

      • The purpose of “red flag” laws is to allow the purple-haired spiteful mutants from the local college campus to call in an anonymous report on you when they drive through your neighborhood and see a Trump sign in your yard and get you a 2am visit from the SWAT team. These laws are not used to prevent crime or make the public safer. Divorce lawyers coach bitter women to do this to their husbands so that they can wave the police report under the judge’s nose and justify the demand for full custody of the kids. This is their entire purpose.

        No one ever calls the anonymous tip line to report the mentally ill teenager who tortured the neighbors’ cat to death at the age of four and has only escalated his aggression and violence since then. No one ever calls the tip line to snitch on a drug dealer or a gang member, and even if they did, the judge wouldn’t sign off on the warrant, because that’s “over-policing black and brown communities” and that just wouldn’t be PC.

        These “red flag” reports are always handled in a secret Star Chamber and there is never any due process, never any legal recourse, written into these laws for the guy getting his door kicked in by Ossifer Friendly and the boys at two in the morning for a “wellness check.” This is intentional. The purpose is not to protect or serve the public. The purpose is humiliation and intimidation.

    • Those figures are based on the fact that the people who are being polled don’t understand that what you are calling a “Universal Background Check” is the same system we have now that doesn’t work.
      They say, “STUPID is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.”
      Do you think that criminals are going to obey your “Universal Background Checks?” ROFLMAOBT!

    • dacian, you remain too stupid to insult. A “Politico” poll????? You wouldn’t find anything MORE biased, or less reliable, than “Politico”, FFS????? As I’ve tried to explain to your brainless, worthless @$$ before, pollsters can create a poll to say WHATEVER THEY WANT, just by little tricks like how they word the questions, or even things like who the have ASK the questions, or their tone of voice – but you’re too stupid and brainwashed to even comprehend what an uneducated, brainwashed buffoon you are. Go micturate up a cable, dacian the dumb@$$.

  6. How about a 1000% tax on electric vehicles. Add in automatic impeachment and removal for any politician that proposes or votes for any bill / law that is unconstitutional.

    • Don’t forget reparations for tax payers who have paid to keep the EV market, and the entire “green” energy sector going.

    • I agree with that sentiment! Further let’s revive tar & feathering for Dims n Rhino’s who infringe on our rights…I will NOT submit😡

  7. Common sense gun control… is me controlling my gun using common sense that the guy trying to kill me will do so if I do not stop them by controlling the use of my gun to invoke survival common sense to stay alive.

    • Common sense gun reform… is what happens when I re-holster after using common sense to control my gun to stop the bad guy from killing me.

  8. Let’s not forget the commonsense gun compromise offered by the late Mike Vanderboegh, either. He said:
    “If you try to take our guns, WE’LL KILL YOU!”

    Don’t hate on me for a quote. You know that’s the proper way to respond to tyranny.

    • I was unaware Mr Vanderboegh passed. That’s too bad. And yes, the truth only ever hurt the dishonest. I’ll absolutely put as many in the ground as I can. And hey, if I’m not alone in that, we will win. Easily. Even up here in Canada, the person fiefdom of the idiot manchild in Ottawa, long may he suffer. Oops, did I say that out loud? I meant reign. Honest.

  9. “You gun fascists can kiss my Schumer”

    Ridiculous. Men don’t have a Schumer. Only women have a Schumer.

  10. It’s like alcohol in the context that no matter what any government may try to outlaw it, we know how to make it, and we will want to. This is why Prohibition did nothing except make bootleggers and criminals far more common, and set up the major crime syndicates we see today.
    There are literally hundreds of millions of firearms in the US. What we need is to: 1) accept that firearms are here forever, i own some that are as much as 100 years old that operate and fire just fine, they are not going away – ever; 2) enforce education in our schools, at an early age, for firearm safety; 3) allow businesses to have gun free zones only if they back it up with armed security and the necessary defensive infrastructure; 4) write firearms laws that take into account the realities, like semi-autos are just that, not assault weapons, silencers serve a legitimate safety role, barrel lengths and cosmetic things like bayonet lugs don’t matter, etc.; 5) institute constitutional carry nationwide; 6) people who use firearms in the commission of crimes, or who are prohibited from owning them and found in possession, go to jail, upon conviction, for at least a decade; 7) military officers, currently in service, and upon retirement or honorabe discharge, are required to purchase and maintain an issue pistol with proper ammunition for as long as they are able-bodied – and to carry such pistol with ammunition while on military duty (with exceptions, of course); 8) establish real, regulated, trained militia in each state and put them in our schools and other places where security is necessary to protect our communities. This is not the same as National Guard, it’s everyone able-bodied between 18 and 45 or higher. You get the idea from all of this.

  11. “Green energy is a horse and buggy
    2nd Amentment is your right to not Darwin your self out by not having effective means of self defense and never having a King Lord over us.
    Thank you George Washington and our founding fathers and brothers

  12. Honestly, the money shot from that article was this:

    “But you are supposed to be dazzled by the stars and submit. You can be sure there are GOP dummies just aching to, held back only by Mitch McConnell – the frustrating Murder Turtle who nevertheless is no dummy – whispering in their ears that screwing us over on guns is just about the only thing that can turn an electoral environment of $6 a gallon gas and public school groomers into a Republican rout.

    No, this is not the time to go soft. This is not the time to indulge the perennial Republican disease of craven spinelessness in the face of Democrats and their regime media minions screaming lies about them. This is the time to say “No.”

    No compromise on our rights. Not now. Not ever.”

    • “But you are supposed to be dazzled by the stars and submit.”

      Their fascination with people paid to deceive them and the public in general (actors playing characters in media) lecturing to them is something I have a very difficult time wrapping my head around.

      You really see it when a country music act steps off the reservation on gun control and they literally rush to get them in front of a camera as fast as they can, them sincerely thinking “This will finally do it!”.

      How can we leverage that against them?

      • “How can we leverage that against them?”

        Build culture.

        I’m not a huge fan of Ben Shapiro but he’s absolutely correct about this. Conservatives don’t build culture because they don’t tend to get into the businesses that have the capacity to do so.

        Conservatives don’t own tech companies. Conservatives build stuff which is cool and all but it’s not going to win this fight.

        Also keep in mind that Country Music, like any other type of music is a business run by major corporations that lean hard to the Left. You can always stop buying the product and support truly indy artists (not on indy labels, which are almost all owned surreptitiously by the same big recording companies, but truly independent artists).

        Ponder Tom MacDonald for a bit. There are some folks in Nashville trying to bring that model to Country.

        • Oh, and when I say “build culture”, keep in mind that there are many ways to skin a cat.

          For example, how much math do you know Geoff? Today’s high schools don’t teach basic pre-algebra or significant figures. I deal with crying 20-something year olds over this pretty much daily.

          22 year old freshman (thanks Covid) crying their eyes out because they don’t know basic math and can’t afford $200/hour for a tutor.

          I just had two girls tell me on Monday that they can’t do significant figures in intro MCDB. I ask if they took chemistry in high school and both did. One in Missouri and one in California. Both reported that their high school chemistry teacher skipped sigfigs because they didn’t understand them and therefore couldn’t teach them.

          Holy fuckin’ shit. But I ain’t exactly shocked here.

          See, about eight weeks ago I had a dozen 20-somethings explain to me that they’d, quite literally, never heard of y=mx+b. Never heard of it in all their time in middle or high school and so when it came to linear regression they were completely and utterly lost which means they can’t run a chi-square test within a genetics class.

          Tutor and mentor. The kids want it. They know the school system fucked them. I wonder how they’d start to look at the people who rescued them? Maybe like someone they can talk to about other stuff?

          The “kids these days” know there’s a lot of fuckery about and they know they don’t know the right answers to much of anything. They just know that there’s something deeply wrong and it bugs the shit out of them. Mostly they hate the progressive bullshit but they also don’t like you because they spent 18 years being taught not to.

          You can change the latter because math and basic science are a good “in” because it sure as shit ain’t gonna be some gender-fluid social studies teacher/professor laying down the math, chemistry or biology.

  13. Well my son was right on one thing , liberal tho he is, “Dad, just watch and see how fast they ban AR’s when the blacks all start buying them.”

    • “I am on board providing the Hughes amendment is also repealed.”

      THAT is what I want.

      The mechanism for legally owning full-auto exists, I WANT IT BACK.

      Apparently, it was passed violating procedure rules, can we leverage that?

      Can we get that done via lawsuits?

      • John Cornyn should have walked into the discussion room and dropped a repeal of the NFA draft on the table.
        No more consessions that fail to address the root cause.
        The current 2A negotiations should result in an INCREASE in 2A rights for law abiding citizens.
        Anything less is a loss.

        Anti-2A RINOs need to be sent packing if they cannot understand Shall not be Infringed.

  14. Here is a percentage for you 100% of all polls are comp!eted by people who couldn’t think of anything better to do at the time than answer poll questions. On top of that, most gun owners are justifiably suspicious when strangers start asking them about guns.

  15. Well, we are halfway there with 25 States having approved it already. Blue states are another story and many are unlikely to follow any time soon. Besides the way things are going this might just be resolved with the civil war the Left is pushing. Any group of people who can be so obvious about what they are trying to do cannot expect Patriotic American Citizens to sit still and let it happen. We will fight and they better believe we are not going to be fooling around or afraid of law enforcement or military who engage in unlawful orders. They want to take our rights away and our response should be simple, “Molon Labe”.

    • The Left in the US has wanted a civil war since the 1960s. Go find “Prairie Fire,” the “revolutionary manifesto” written by William Ayers, Barack Obama’s mentor and best friend. They were bold enough to write this book and publish it over fifty years ago, back before the Long March through the Institutions, back before they created the Deep State. They’re chomping at the bit. They think they don’t have to hide any of it any more and they want it right here, right now. They remember Grandpa talking about how much fun it was to rape and torture and murder those kulaks and they want to do it themselves, here and now. The mask is coming off. They believe they’ve consolidated control. Announcing intent is part of the psychology of power.

      Given how sketchy the election results were in 2020 and how brazen the fraud was then, I am not so sure they won’t pull off another election night “miracle” with more truckloads of ballots, 100% filled out with the straight Democrat ticket, “found” after Republican observers are sent home. Even before 2020 many precincts in places like Detroit have recorded 350%+ voter turnout, year in and year out, with zero pushback, zero investigation, and zero arrests, for decades. Anyone who questions the 2020 election results is labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and an “extremist,” and that’s with all the video that people like Ruby Freeman made of altering and duplicating ballots and put on the Internet. They haven’t stopped boasting and gloating about it. Has any of them gone to jail? Is a Department of Justice full of Obama and Clinton appointees sitting on their hands and smirking, perhaps? They’ve already set up mandatory mail-in ballots. Don’t be too shocked if you stay up on election night and see the same midnight vote dump we saw two years ago. They got away with it and there were no consequences for anyone but the ones who assembled peacefully and lawfully in Washington to protest the fraud on January 6th, 2021. Maybe we aren’t voting our way out of this.

      • One bright(ish) spot is that, like children or the obsessed or the greedy, they cannot help themselves and will always overreach, especially when emboldened by a ‘success’ here and there. As more tune in this could easily be their undoing, as long as more continue to tune in, that is. The second bright spot is that we are still armed, and I say this from Canada. Fuck tyranny. To death.

  16. The Second Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America 🇺🇸. 27 words, 115 letters.
    If that’s overly complicated for them allow me to simplify it, 2 words 7 letters

  17. How about we set up a You Fund Me Account to provide airfare to the country of their choice for dacian the Dunderhead and MINOR Miner49er, with the proviso that they not return?

    • How about they fund themselves? I want to go gun shopping.

      I don’t really need another gun. I just want to piss off a liberal.

      • Not a single handgun left to be found in any store in Canada. In the space of three short days those with a “Restricted” (handguns) Possession and Acquisition License (your ‘PAL’ 🤢🤮) bought up every handgun in the country. Tens of thousands of them. And not one of them was because any of us ‘needed’ them. Well, at least not yet…

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  19. How about this, I keep and bear arms, like the Constitution says I am free to do, and everyone who says I can’t, can SCREW OFF!


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