New York Gun Control Governor Hochul
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul poses for photographers after signing a package of gun control bills into law, Monday, June 6, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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Seizing on the opportunity to ram new limits on Second Amendment rights into law — much the same as her predecessor did — New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed 10 new bills into law today. From Reuters . . .

The legislation, passed on Thursday by the state legislature, raises the age required to buy or possess a semiautomatic rifle from 18 to 21. New York already requires people to be 21 to possess a handgun.

She also signed bills banning “ghost guns” and mandating non-existent microstamping technology.

Calling on other states to emulate her gun rights restrictions, the Governor said . . .

“This is a moral moment for the people of New York but also the rest of the nation,” said Hochul. “Follow what we did here in New York and we’ll finally start to be at the beginning of the end of all this gun violence and the massacres that are occurring every day in our country.”

Funny, but we seem to remember similar claims from the guy she replaced after he signed the SAFE Act into law in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. As Fredo’s older brother said at the time . . .

“The new law will limit gun violence through common sense, reasonable reforms that include addressing the risks posed by mentally ill people who have access to guns and banning high capacity magazines and lethal assault weapons,” Governor Cuomo said. “This legislation is not about hunters, sportsmen, or legal owners who use their guns appropriately. It is about reducing gun violence and making New York a safer place to live. I thank leadership of both the Assembly and Senate for their action on this important legislation.”

Oh well.

The legislature and the governor are also really proud of the work they’ve done to make sure that even unarmed New Yorkers will have a tougher time protecting themselves against “gun violence.”

Another law signed by Hochul restricts the purchase of bullet resistant vests and body armor to law enforcement or related professions.

And Hochul’s not finished. She pledged that this is just the beginning.

That raises a question. Why stop here? If she’s not finished, as she claims, what’s holding her back? Clearly it’s not the New York legislature. There’s literally no restriction on gun rights New York Democrats, who control the legislature with an iron grip, won’t vote for.

Come on, Governor, show your hand. What is it you really have in mind? Why settle for half-measures? Won’t the lives of more New Yorkers be saved by going all-in now?

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    • It will be nonstop endless lawfare. Time to pull out the claws and tax the left into extreme poverty.

      • I think it’s way past lawfare. Lawyers and politicians are just getting rich off this endless arguing and nitpicking.

      • Much of what CA has implemented here over the past dozen years (under Jerry “I Want To Ban Guns” Brown and Gavin “Hold My Beer” Newsom) was touted as “common sense” before the cameras, but found unconstitutional under challenge in the courts. Sacramento knows how to play the appeals game very well and keep things mired for years.

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    • Probably not I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we’re probably gonna have to fight.

      • RE: The armed guard protected hypocrite brown shirt fraulein hochul sez…”This is a moral moment for the people of New York but also the rest of the nation,” said Hochul. “Follow what we did here in New York and we’ll finally start to be at the beginning of the end of all this gun violence and the massacres that are occurring every day in our country.”

        Let’s see how long it takes for another perp to have their way with hochul’s endless supply of soft targets. She’s just another out of uniform Gun Control nazi who can go pound sand.

    • I thought courta had already ruled that 21 for long guns was unconstitutional. That didn’t stop them?

      • That was a three judge panel on the 9th Circuit. Doesn’t hold water since the full Circuit is sure to overrule the panel. They’ve done so 50 of the last 50 pro-2A decisions.

        • The 50 out of 50 was an exaggeration by the lead opinion’s author in Duncan v. Bonta (ruling mag cap limits are unconstitutional) which designed to make a point about the Ninth Circuit’s extreme anti-gun bias. Actually a very entertaining opinion, as the author goes on to describe exactly how the en banc panel will rule when (not if) the Circuit accepts the case for en banc review. However, the case has been stayed pending the Bruen decision as the latter will likely impact the analysis required in 2A cases.

    • No. But, SCOTUS can strike down the Sullivan act which would make NY a constitutional carry state basically overnight. Im sure our amazing lawmakers already have a whole host of bills to pass in case this happens. Not to mention, the governor would probably declare a state of emergency and temporarily ban the sale handguns or some stupid shit like that. I already have 2 pistols on preorder at my local FFL in anticipation of this ruling though. Fingers crossed.

    • No, not directly. SCOTUS can strike down New York’s may issue law, which would kill may issue in all eight (?) states where it’s still the law. That WILL NOT, as some say, make New York a constitutional carry state. There will still be hurdles to jump to get a carry permit, though showing need won’t be one of them.

      However, if the Court applies strict scrutiny in the ruling as the Ninth Circuit panel just did in striking down the California ban on gun sales to adults under 21, that opens up new lines of attack on a whole range of gun control laws across the country (age limits, waiting periods, magazine capacity limits and more).

      SCOTUS just announced that Wednesday will be another opinion day (three were announced today). Stay tuned.

      • Yeas, Hochul has already said she will ask for a special session of the Legislature to address any SCOTUS related changes.

        Unsure what this means, but perhaps remove the granting of permits at the county level (usually by a county judge) and have the state grant permits. And then subject applicants to a raft of requirements such as psych eval, training requirement, check if late on taxes, tolls, child support, etc., etc. I don’t know, and I don’t know if those things would even fly, but she’s made it clear that she will challenge any adverse ruling at the SCOTUS level with all the available tools she and the Legislature have.

        • Or they’ll simply follow CA’s lead and set the validation of permits at only two years instead of the usual five.

          Oh…and make you wait forever for processing. The interviewing LASD Deputy I sat with (after an 8-month wait for the phone call) told me I’d have an answer and/or my permit within 90 days of the interview. Um, let’s see now…that would be this week.

          As the saying goes, the process is the punishment.

    • Unfortunately that’s not how it works. They are deciding a very specific question. The court may decide that the ‘may issue’ carry license is unconstitutional, in which case NY would immediately institute a “shall issue” system that is as onerous and expensive as possible but technically within the court parameters.

      best case scenario is that, as Dan indicates, they decide that “strict scrutiny applies” but even in that case, these laws have not been litigated and it is very unlikely that a circuit court in NY would issue an order staying them until that happens.

  1. That miscreant governor is going to hell.

    Nueva York politicians LOVE to protect roving bands of thugs.

  2. Well drat. I guess we will complain very loudly fir a bit. Perhaps we shall file a Legal Challenge that can be adjudicated in 2030 if the supreme kourt decides to take it up and give us a small chance of having portions of these new laws overturned.

    • Yup. Canada here. For all your (most excellent) Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, along with all the saber rattling and patriotic chest pounding, don’t for one second think this crap can’t happen to you guys. It only takes a little more doing. Hey, we even signed petitions! They will never stop until they are shut tf down and suffer severe consequences. Why would they?

  3. She’s absolutely the right governor and extremely trustworthy. You must believe her. Who cares that she kept no official records of meetings with the NFL about the new Buffalo Bills football stadium? Never mind that she’s got the New York taxpayers to pay $850 million of a projected $1.4 billion cost AND her husband’s law firm is magically coincidentally represents the food vendor that is likely to get a 30 year deal there? And let us not forget that New York state authorities completely botched the existing red flag laws that would have stopped the Buffalo POS criminal.
    SHE CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE. You all just want the blood of children.

  4. When 18 year old murderers can’t buy semi auto rifles in new York, only the 21 year old and up murderers will buy semi auto rifles. Or something.

    Much like the “first ten shots are free!” 10rd magic magazine size restrictions, I guess there will be “legal” 21 year old mass shooters who legally got guns and those horrible illegal 18 year old mass shooters who stole or otherwise illegally acquired a gun. “At least the killer wasn’t 18!” someone will surely say, as everyone knows 21 year olds are rational, kind killers. “Come back and kill me when you’re 21” will be the common retort when underage shooters turn up at gun free zones across the country.

    • I’ve thought about the age restrictions a bit.
      Really depends on the individual. ,,, really wont matter much in the future anyway. 18 year olds ain’t gonna be able to afford a riffle.

  5. Why did they decide that body armor should be banned? It cannot be used to harm or injure, and is purely defensive in nature. It isn’t as if NY cops will be able to hit the broad side of a barn anyway…

    Does anyone have any idea what the terms are of the microstamping law? Does it, as California’s law does, mandate that all new model pistols must have microstamping, or does it go further, like New Jersey’s former law did?

    • They did that specifically as a knee-jerk reaction to the Buffalo killer. He word body armor, therefore it must now be outlawed for all civilians.

      How great is that?

      • It is pretty cool considering the reports I read said that guy only had a plate carrier with no armor but what the Hell it LOOKED scary.

        • No, that was the school shooter. The buffalo shooter had armor and described it in his ‘manifesto’. He took fire from a security guard and it was stopped by the armor.

      • I seem to remember back around in the late 80’s or early 90’s, bullet proof vest were illegal. I’m probably wrong, maybe they was trying to pass that, and camouflage apparel. Right around he time the Feds was going after all the militia groups.

      • You think THAT’S funny, unless something changed in the last day they only banned the purchase of soft body armor, not plates.

        I assume this is because they had this legislation sitting around and just decided to pull it out with everything else rather than tailoring it to the recent event.

        • The armor ban is the same bill I have seen pushed for a decade. See how it plays out but may need to put any further backyard armor testing on hold for a while. Pain in the ass fun hating control freaks.

      • Geez, it’s almost as if the state wants not only a monopoly on violence but on personal protection gear as well. How non inclusive of them! Unfortunately my beer gut places my shiny new level 1V front plate at precisely the correct angle to deflect any incoming directly into my throat. It does however reduce the teeter totter effect when I Go Prone (much like a spade on a crew served weapon, albeit only a single), enabling a slightly more predictable sighting solution. Gravol helps.

  6. I went online to try o find accurate figures as to how many mass shooters were below the age of 21 and I can’t find a single reputable source that breaks age down below 25. A Rand study from 2018 places the percentage of mass shooters below 21 @ 27.6% but then qualifies the percentage as being based on school shootings alone and doesn’t state if the figure is based on in the building, on school grounds, in the parking lot or on property adjacent to the school. I find it very odd that with the furor over the Uvalde massacre there is no cogent study to justify the rush to codify a 21 age as the break point for semi-auto purchases.

  7. all these pohoney “fixes” and NOT ONE OF THEM addresses or even get near to the ONLY two solutions that even might work.
    One LOCK UP the evildoers. Ninety percent of them are back on the streets within 48 hours (“I’m being generous here” armed nd carrying on s if nothing had happened to them, mainly because NOTHING has happened to them.

    Who was that famously declared tht continuing in behaviour that ha proven to not work, thinkint it WILL work, is insanity.

    Yup they ARE insane, alright.

  8. Interviewing Protestors At NRA Convention In Houston 2022. The pure insanity of their thoughts and behavior is disturbing to say the least. What I find more disturbing is they have the ability to vote.

      • You should be careful. The sexual Liberation crowd will come after you for supporting abstinence. And self-control.

  9. Alcohol prohibition worked wonderfully. Drug prohibition saved our children. Gun prohibition is long overdue.

    Do I have to put up a sarcasm thingy?

    • LMAO! Yeah you might want to put up the sign. Someone is bound to think you are serous! hahahaa

  10. Frau Hochul will have no difficulty kissing the asses of New Yorkers as they leave that disintegrating rathole.

    • I left NY one year ago. It’s been so great not worrying about how my state government will decide to abuse me today.

      Hoping for good things from SCOTUS, but not holding my breath. It’s enough not to live behind the iron curtain anymore.

  11. Sadly as Californians and New Yorkers are learning, it doesn’t matter what SCOTUS or anyone else says. They will pass feel good laws which only stop law abiding citizens.
    Then as their states spiral out of control as we are seeing, they will ask why and blame anyone and everyone accept their own policies.

    • If (big IF) the supremes will just invoke the strict scrutiny standard on the 2nd amendment, it will tear the legs out from under my wonderful little socialist paradise. Judges will be virtually forced to put an injunction on any gun law pending final review by the courts and any law passed will absolutely be challenged up the food chain.

      Not saying they wont try, I’m just saying they’ll have to work a whole lot harder.

      If John Roberts does a little his little “skittledoo” on the judgement and narrowly tailors it to some meaningless standard, yea…we’ll continue to be screwed.

    • Dang, can’t begin to guess what got my last comment under “moderation”. That is one crazy algorithm.

      Is “skittledoo” a banned word?

      • Ha! Yup; mine went in to the re-education camp too; it’s the word/words “s#ciali$t paradi$e”. Wow. Big Brother fer sure. Paranoid as well.

    • That spiraling you refer to is what many of us here are recognizing as a “flush down the bowl”.

  12. Phew!!

    Thats good, cause sure as hell aren’t any gun laws in New Jersey. Its like the Wild West there!

    – smh

  13. When Hank Jr. said “Just send me to Hell, or New York City, it’d be about the same to me,” the man spoke the truth.

  14. Chose, it wasn’t that bad the couple of times I was there. I saw things at the NMNH that I could have never have seen anywhere else. I never felt danger. But, I was always aware. If you have never been to NYC you deny yourself a privilege. I’d just as not see the American West as not see NYC. Just different things. Both have many things to learn.

    • Hey Gadsden! Nice to hear that perspective, thank you for sharing. For myself, I’m more of a simple creature, and one of the things I’m very simple about is I detest urban environments. So I do understand your point, but that’s a thing I don’t mind denying myself. There is no city I want to see up close, no matter how grandiose or how central it is/was to our great nation’s history. I’m one of those people who has plans to retire to Idaho or Missouri 😁

      I just feel so sorry for the good people that live there, being ground down under the government heel. Have a wonderful day amigo!

  15. Wait, I expressed myself incorrectly. I would like to see NYC almost said I’d like to see the American West. I have a plan for the west. It’s been a while.

  16. I’m starting to see more and more cars with California and New York state license tags in this area.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Act quickly to culturally-assimilate the newcomers or else you risk your urban areas bluing your state longer-term.

      • The people leaving NY and CA are likely to be right wing escapees, not leftist missionaries. Consider welcoming them – you may be quite pleased about their worldview once you get to know them!

        • Tell that to the Texans, especially in Austin. Or to NH’ites, as they’ve been invaded by MA. The threat of turning TX, AZ, etc. blue should not be underestimated.

  17. I’ve ordered three guns, over a thousand rounds, and a dozen magazines over the past three days, and I don’t even live in New York. The NICS check numbers for June are gonna be YUGE!

    • The wife and I always seem to buy a new gun anytime the legislature/governor does something to infringe on our rights…… at the rate we are going a second safe may be in order before midterms.

  18. More of the same. Their role for the private citizen is designated crime victim. Years ago, Mas Ayoob’s classes on the lawful use of lethal force were criticized for teaching people how to kill criminals and get away with it as if killing a violent criminal, to save his victim, was a bad thing for which the defender should be punished.

    • It’s because they can’t allow you to get away with defending yourself without justifying it first. Everyone’s gotta be involved in these civilized societies. Can’t have people governing themselves. No profit in that…

  19. The body armor law only applies to soft body armor I believe, not hard armor. They also are making it where not you’ll need a license to acquire a semiautomatic rifle. To a gun control proponent, these are totally reasonable measures, because if you argue about right to self defense, then they’ll say, “Nothing is stopping you from getting a 12 gauge pump action or bolt or lever action. But if you want say an AR-1/, it’ll need to be NY assault weapon compliant and require a license.

    The microstamping law is basically thst they are going to make a very hard attempt at getting it to work, but it will likely be a multi-year process if they can even do it. It doesn’t mean all guns must now have microstamping. It also will only apply to handguns.

    Not that I support any of this BTW.

    • Don’t expect you do but an accurate assessment of how it will probably be sold when called out. Kept a 12 gauge for years before I could get a pistol permit (gotta love residency time requirements) but it’s not always the most convenient and ready at hand option and even the weirdo NY AR’s are easier for females to use than many shotguns.

  20. I’m not even going to look into this one.

    Whatever they are doing in NY will certainly stop crime, especially gun crime – that it already does such a great job of stopping…

    Just waiting for states like this to enact a border control to keep all those pesky illegal things out of their perfect states. Like fruits, and seeds.

  21. According to the Politico/Morning Consult poll, there are five proposals that garner overwhelming support, between 80% and nearly 90%, along with big majorities across party lines. Namely:

    Requiring background checks on all gun sales is supported by 88% of all voters, including 91% of Democrats and 86% of both Republicans and independents.
    Preventing sales of firearms to people determined to be dangerous is supported by 84% of voters, including 81% of Republicans, 88% of Democrats, and 82% of independents.
    Making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks is favored by 81% of voters, including 75% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats, and 82% of independents.
    Requiring a mandatory waiting period of three days after a gun is purchased before it can be taken home is endorsed by 8 out of 10 voters, including 73% of Republicans, 86% of Democrats, and 79% of independents.
    Requiring a person to be at least 21 years old to buy a gun is also backed by 80% of voters, including 75% of Republicans, 86% of Democrats, and 80% of independents. Even 78% of voters in households that have guns support this measure.
    If Congress reaches a bipartisan consensus, it will likely involve these five proposals. There is enough support to impress House and Senate members on both sides. In addition, there is tremendous support, 87%, for a proposal related to but broader than guns. And that’s expanded screening and treatment for the mentally ill. This is backed by 85% of Republicans, 88% of Democrats, and 86% of independents.

    • If your stats were accurate these laws would have passed long ago. Polls are complete manipulated bullshit. But you already knew that.

      • I don’t think that crazy bastard knows which way is up @jwm. I wouldn’t give him nearly that much credit. Miner is a scumbag piece of shit, but I’m convinced he’s a paid shill. Dacian is an absolute lunatic.

  22. Make NY people microstamp the exercise of their first amendment rights, every letter in a word will require microstamping. Limit first amendment rights to those New Yorker’s only age 21 and over, but keep sending New York’s 18 year old kids into combat and trying to get them to vote for politicians trying to remove their rights. Require NY people to have a license to buy a computer or pen/pencil/paper.

    • Need to normalize restrictive gun licenses before you can force restrictive speech licences on the peasants.

  23. In Illinois, we got the “ghost guns” ban almost a month ago. It will do nothing to stop crime in Chicago. More restrictions on us and laws that do nothing against crime because criminals are not deterred by these laws with DA’s that let them go.

  24. New Yorkers had best pray that acts by this governor will not be as deadly as the acts of her predecessor.

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