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Trying to ban AR-15s is now officially homophobic. Any time somebody suggests restricting or banning them I’m now replying with shock and disgust and accusing that person of being a racist and a homophobe. Also transphobic if I can’t transition my AR to different calibers by swapping tops on the same bottom.


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  1. Thanks for the laughs. Ironically you may get some traction with this argument as homosexuality has typically been the third rail in electoral politics!

    • But we all remember when that third rail was gun control. How priorities have changed in this brave new world… order.

  2. The real question that we’re all dying to know the answer for is whether or not a multi caliber lower can play on a girls sports team.

    • I can swap out a different gender upper (I’m so not transphobic) but I still need non-binary mags for my 6.5 Grendel.

    • Did you just assume what gender the multi caliber lower is (was?)?

      You bigot! Or something like that…

      I think this is where I am supposed to call you incel and insult your junk? Something something misogynist.

    • It was. And changing tops on bottoms fit in well. I for one am proud to say I have zero pride. None whatsoever at this point. Fuck pride. Call me a bitter, non inclusive, misogynist capitalist something or other again, go ahead 😄.

  3. At the risk of outing myself, being a bottom means nothing in terms of your sexual orientation. You can be a gay bottom, a bi bottom, a straight bottom, or even a mentally ill bottom.

    • “You can be a gay bottom, a bi bottom, a straight bottom, or even a mentally ill bottom.”

      Or, a ‘Big Bottom’… 😉

      “The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the push’in, that’s what I said…”

      “Talk about mud-flaps, my gal’s got ’em…”

      • So I guess that means my DPMS pattern AR-10/LR308 is a big bottom. But I like big tops even more LOL

        • “But I like big tops even more LOL”

          So do the ‘Surf Punks’ 😉

          “Too big, too big for her top, when are those things gonna pop?

          Distracting all the surfers they forget about the Tubes, no time to waste, let’s talk about the boobs!”

      • Furries do it sideways, otherwise the tails get in the way.

        Or… so I’ve heard…

        • I tried a Chinese version with a cute Canadian accent that had an *exquisitely* snug chamber, years back.

          But I let her get away from me… *sobbing* 🙁

      • Or bi-caliber? Or striker fired for the more dominatrix oriented uppers going down on those bottoms? Too far? I’ll stop now.

  4. Unfortunately, that is not even funny. You are trying to outdo the USMC with their rainbow bullets. GAG.

  5. If it’s Black democRats have a tendency to beat it, lynch it and burn it. It’s the nature of the party.

  6. The AR15 is the perfect lgbtpedo gun… With that gas system, it eats where it sh_ts!

    • Ha! Always wondered why they put the waste facility right next to the playground.

    • “Technical Sergeant Leonard P. Matlovich was an American Vietnam war veteran. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his contributions. Perhaps, if it wasn’t for Matlovich admitting his homosexuality to the Air Force in 1975, today’s situation would be have been different. Before his retirement, he wrote a letter to his commanding officer, coming out. Additionally, he became the first gay service member to fight for gay rights in the military. He was also the best known openly gay man in America in the ’70s.“

      • This is a very revealing thread, it’s interesting to watch the conservatives ridicule the sexuality of their fellow citizens, even though these citizens fought, bled and died for their rights.

        I don’t care whether he was a top, bottom or in between.

        He was an American hero who shed blood in service of his country, fighting our enemies in three tours in Vietnam.

        Who among you has the validity and personal courage to speak against his life…

        “The son of a career Air Force sergeant, Mr. Matlovich was born in Savannah, Ga., and grew up on military bases in South Carolina, Alaska, Guam and Florida. He joined the Air Force in 1963 after graduating from high school in England, and served three tours of duty in Vietnam, and in the Philippines and at several Air Force bases in the United States.

        He was wounded in Vietnam when he stepped on a Viet Cong land mine, and he won a Bronze Star for killing two soldiers during a Viet Cong attack on his post while he was on sentry duty.“

      • So matlovich was fighting the nva and the rest we’re fighting the nazis.
        What’s Vietnam got to do with the landing in Normandy?

        • You may have missed it, but this TTAG article is not about Normandy, but rather about same sex relationships.
          (The rainbow flag is a big clue… )

          While the other commenters were wallowing in their happy place about tops and bottoms and same sex love, I thought it would be good to point out the patriotism and heroism of the rainbow community.

          Please accept my apologies, it certainly wasn’t my intention to offend anyone by discussing the patriotism and heroism of the LGBTQ community.

        • Just seems they should have picked a different month.
          It takes away the memory of the day many good men died to preserve their freedom.

        • can be a medal receiving seal beret ranger warrior hero.
          but you soak one cork…

        • “It takes away the memory of the day many good men died to preserve their freedom“

          How so?

        • Opossum, did I miss your reply?

          “It takes away the memory of the day many good men died to preserve their freedom“

          How so?

  7. We in the ATF do not have a sense of humor that we are aware of. No matter what you call it, it must be serialized, registered, and taxed. The Penalty for non-compliance is severe and will be enforced.

  8. Do you know what ‘Enigma’ was?

    Do you have any idea how many US soldiers were saved by Turing’s work?

    “The Bank of England began circulating its new £50 bank notes featuring World War II codebreaker Alan Turing on Wednesday, which would have been the pioneering math genius’ 109th birthday.

    “Often referred to as the “father of computer science and artificial intelligence,” Turing was hailed a war hero and granted an honor by King George VI at the end of the war for helping to defeat the Nazis. Despite this, however, he died as a disgraced “criminal” — simply for being a gay man.”

    • A few sexual deviants accomplished some admirable things. So what? You cheapen those accomplishments by trying to make what they did in the bedroom front and center.

      • “trying to make what they did in the bedroom front and center”

        No, that would be every poster on this article putting what they do in the bedroom front and center.

        I am merely adding the information of what they did in service to their country and freedom.

        The English Spitfire fighter pilot who shot down a dozen Nazis or the American Vietnam veteran, with three tours, a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for actually killing the enemy.

        Of course, I’m sure pointing out the bravery of these soldiers can be disheartening to those who wish to marginalize and ridicule them.

        Some would do well to check their patriotism, seems a little shallow…

        • ‘Marginalize and ridicule them.’ You mean exactly like your side is trying to do to gun owners?

          You cannot claim the moral high ground if you’re siding with the gutter rats, miner.

      • “A few sexual deviants accomplished some admirable things. So what?“

        Once again a conservative proves he is completely oblivious to actual historic fact.

        “His bombes turned Bletchley Park into a codebreaking factory. As early as 1943 Turing’s machines were cracking a staggering total of 84,000 Enigma messages each month – two messages every minute.
        Turing personally broke the form of Enigma that was used by the U-boats preying on the North Atlantic merchant convoys.
        It was a crucial contribution. The convoys set out from North America loaded with vast cargoes of essential supplies for Britain, but the U-boats’ torpedoes were sinking so many of the ships that Churchill’s analysts said Britain would soon be starving.
        “The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril,” Churchill said later.
        Just in time, Turing and his group succeeded in cracking the U-boats’ communications to their controllers in Europe. With the U-boats revealing their positions, the convoys could dodge them in the vast Atlantic wastes.

        The Turingery
        Turing also searched for a way to break into the torrent of messages suddenly emanating from a new, and much more sophisticated, German cipher machine.
        The British codenamed the new machine Tunny. The Tunny teleprinter communications network, a harbinger of today’s mobile phone networks, spanned Europe and North Africa, connecting Hitler and the Army High Command in Berlin to the front-line generals.
        Turing’s breakthrough in 1942 yielded the first systematic method for cracking Tunny messages. His method was known at Bletchley Park simply as Turingery, and the broken Tunny messages gave detailed knowledge of German strategy – information that changed the course of the war.
        “Turingery was our one and only weapon against Tunny during 1942-3”, explains ninety-one year old Captain Jerry Roberts, once section leader in the main Tunny-breaking unit known as the Testery.
        “We were using Turingery to read what Hitler and his generals were saying to each other over breakfast, so to speak.”

        Dred-head, you can thank Alan Turing, not only for making perhaps the single greatest contribution to defeating the Nazis, but also for developing the concept of computers, without which you would not be able to demonstrate your ignorance of actual historical fact for the entire world to see.

  9. An entire month dedicated to cramming the Progressive religion down everyone’s throat…

    • And the other 11 months is devoted to cramming the conservatives religion down our throats, including the federal religious holidays in direct violation of the United States Constitution such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

      “cramming the Progressive religion down everyone’s throat”

      Now that’s an interesting metaphor you’ve chosen, there’s a mental picture that I must say I don’t share with you.
      But that’s OK, whatever floats your boat

      • “Now that’s an interesting metaphor you’ve chosen, there’s a mental picture that I must say I don’t share with you.”


        • He always tries to put some sexual innuendo into things, claiming it’s what we do but look how ‘hard’ he tries at it (cue him to come in and make some futile attempt at that one now). “Methinks he (she?) doth protest overly much” or whatever it was.

      • Those are pagan festivals given a veneer of Christian symbolism by the Catholic Church. And no one is forced to observe them in the manner of a state religion, unless you consider federal employees not being able to work on those days forced observation. Funny how they’ve never complained about it.

        • I’m pretty sure the Christmas season is dedicated to worshiping capitalism. If it isn’t, then most people are doing it wrong. There’s another part of the season that most people, including agnostics and atheists, participate in. It’s the part where people enjoy giving more than receiving, and make more time to spend with family and friends. We need less giving and family and more trans ideology pushed on children. That will help our country.

        • “no one is forced to observe them in the manner of a state religion“

          “Amendment I
          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

          “The bill to make Christmas a holiday was introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Burton Chauncey Cook (Illinois). It was approved and passed to the Senate on June 24, 1870. When both houses had agreed on the wording it was passed on to President Grant, who signed it on June 28, 1870“

        • So miner. In addition to a whole lotta other fascist leftist beliefs you’re wanting to eliminate Christmas? What about your state sponsored religion? The State.

          I don’t claim a faith. I don’t go to church. But I recognize a religious fanatic when I see one. You fill the bill, miner. Your faith is in .gov. The same folks that start all the wars and cause all the grief.

        • “you’re wanting to eliminate Christmas?“

          Nope, never advocated to eliminate Christmas. Any and all should be free to celebrate Christmas as they see fit, but it has no place in our governance.

          I just pointed out that Congress passing a law to establish the federal hol(y) day of Christmas was in violation of the first amendment to the United States Constitution.

    • You’ve gone from bottoms to uppers. Just remember to open that ejection port cover before attempting any forward assist.

      • Cause ya don’t wanna bend yer op rod. Or have a failure to feed, or a failure to eject for that matter. And polish them feed ramps, chamber too cause lord knows you don’t wanna get one stuck in there… and remember, if nothing happens when you tickle that go pedal: tap, rack, bang.

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