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Caution: The actions by Mr. Leghorn depicted in the following video resulted in a severe amount of NSFW swearing on my part.

Nick and I took our brand new Garands out to the ranch over the weekend. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by shooting “the greatest implement of battle ever devised.” Either way, Nick shot my steel target and knocked it over before I could get a chance to throw lead at it. That .30-06 cartridge really packs a wollop. Fortunately, Nick doesn’t mind a workout and ran downrange to right his ballistic wrong. Make the jump for more video from our Garand day out . . .

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  1. I don’t know what you did to the server/WP software, but it’s amazing.

    Positive confirmation that I’ve hit the button and posting without a page refresh. Awesome.

  2. “That .30-06 cartridge really packs a wollop.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the 30-06 cartridge the same ballistically as the .308/7.62×51? The video link posted with training material for the M-14 mentioned that the 7.62 has a powder that makes them both shoot exactly the same.

    • I’m sure you could load the .308 to perform like the 30-06, at least the 90-06 load used in the Garand. Winchester sells .308 and 30-06, each with 147 gr. FMJ. The 06 bullet is moving about 200 fps. faster coming out of the barrel with correspondingly better ballistics downrange.

  3. You guys are real jerks for having a good day at the range on memorial day weekend and I drove 4.5 hours to have a nightmare of a time at a range in TN.

  4. Nice slings – where did you get them? Are they the ones on Amazon? They look nice and beefy, and also ‘period’. Next video we want to see more shooting, though…

  5. I am glad that you guys got to have some shooting fun on this special day for americans.

    After I visited the cemetery and planted some flags, my buddy and I went to our local sandpit for some high-faluetin-shootin fun! I brought my favorite mossy -pump-boomstick and capped off 50 rounds of bird and about 20 rounds of buck and some slugs just for daytime laser fun.
    I did not stop till my hands were numb and my barrel was too hot to touch!

    My buddies favorite is his XDM 1911 45. and after i have capped off enought rounds he likes to use the brightly colored spent shotgun shells on the end of branches for some breeze-moving tagets!

    There is NOTHING like a day of shootin for fun!

  6. Had to sell my Garand to help cover moving costs recently…really hated doing that. Favorite rifle I ever owned.

  7. I’ve had several 30-06s one was a NM M-1 Rifle I used it to hunt jack rabbits.
    In a strong, modern bolt action a 30-06 can be hand loaded to approach 300 mag velocities OR you can buy Hornady Light Magnum ammo
    Note: hand loading ammo at higher presures is hazardous and should not be perused in a haphazardous manor!

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