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St. Louis County St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar [above] told reporters that the shooting incident at the Michael Brown “protest” in Ferguson, MO involved plainclothes police officers “tracking looters.” They were following a suspect who had, apparently, exchanged gunfire with another, unkown individual. When the perp ran away, the cops chased him. The perp unleashed a “remarkable amount of gunfire” at the cops. The officers returned fire. CNN picks up the story from there . . .

Detectives in an unmarked SUV turned on its emergency lights and pursued the suspect, only to be shot at, according to Belmar. The bullets hit the vehicle’s hood and windshield several times, Belmar said.

As the detectives got out of the car, the suspect allegedly turned around and fired again

Then he ran toward a fenced area, where he continued firing — until officers struck him multiple times, Belmar said.

The suspect was using a stolen SIG SAUER.

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  1. I bet he didn’t even go through a background check when he stole the Sig. How are we supposed to control these guns if the criminals wont follow the laws on the books? Oh I know, More Laws!

      • If there were fewer legal guns, then there would be fewer guns to steal. Ergo, new gun laws! Q.E.D.

        • Yes of course more gun laws look at the drug war it worked their. It not like you can get any cocaine or heroin or based products in the matter of hours anywhere in the lower 48. Since neither those are grown with in a thousand miles of the U.S. Oh wait a minute you can just like you can get a handgun in the U.K. just got to know the right people. Also yes their are plenty of gun crimes in the U.K. they just record crimes differently their if no one is charged their is no crime in other places it is only a reported crime when someone is found guilty.

      • Close the “people shooting people with guns” loophole. Wait… there is already a law for that?

        • Not broad enough! We need new, tough laws that make it illegal to kill a person with ANYTHING! If we could just get one of these common sense anti-violence laws passed violence would stop happening! If those darn right wingers would just let us do what we want…

        • Anyone for public executions? I believe that would have an effect on how many murders there are. Also, don’t drag out capital crimes for years going through the courts system.

    • Ban SIGs!! For the children! Lol

      Only reason this wasn’t an utter bloodbath is MR spent all last week serving warrants wrapping up as many of these clowns as possible.

        • Why not make a law against stealing guns? Or stealing period? Oh wait…it already is? Oh then by all means, let’s make more laws until we get some that the criminals will follow.

  2. Perp to buddy: “You know what I’m going to do to mark Mike’s anniversary?”

    Buddy: “What’s that?”

    Perp: “Go loot some stuff during the protests and fight the cops when they try to stop me.”

    Buddy: “You know that’s how… You know what? Good luck.”

    Result: About the same. With feeling.

  3. While this post focuses on the number oF shots fired and rhe weapons used the real story is to what extent gangs have taken over Ferguson. All the sound and fury generated by the racebater-Reason coalition was just a smokescreen to empower these thugs.

    • I live in st.louis not too far from Ferguson and it doesn’t really have gangs….what it does have is some bad thugs like any other city

  4. What constitutes a “remarkable amount” of gunfire? Do criminals with stolen guns carry reloads? I hope he had a good belt with proper magazine pouches.

  5. Why those Jack booted thugs! How dare they shoot a fleeing suspect just because he was shooting at them. The real question of course is why did it take 40 or 50 shots to stop the suspect?

    Our Gun safety overlords tell us the police have godlike sniper skills, as only they can be trusted with firearms. So they need to upgrade their caliber?

    • That is about the right number of shots for NYPD level marksmenship. That means that only about 3-5 shots actually hit the perp which was probably about how may was needed in the first place to stop him.

      As such, cops should be restricted to 10 round magazines because no one needs more than 10 rounds to stop someone (/sarc).

  6. What noNE of the mayor’s ‘interupters’ where there to prevent this… or WAS he one of them?

  7. This government entity is related to so many of these crooks to decrease violence you will be ordered to run away oh they already do! personally think a little search and destroy is in order!

  8. So two looters were demonstrating that blacklivesmatter by shooting at each other when four heartless detectives interrupted their peacefull protest. When one of the looters shot at the officers, they showed utter disregard for the looter’s life by returning fire. Franz Kafka and George Orwell would be so proud.

  9. These people will never learn!
    The only thing they understand is, looting, shooting, defying any opposing view, and more power for their kind.
    Now that they have a black police chief, hopefully, he will be able to turn things around.

  10. Since every single round fired hits SOMETHING, somewhere… I’d be very interested to learn what happened to all the bullets that were fired that did not hit their intended target. …if anyone was actually aiming at a specific target, of course.

  11. congratulations to the department’s firearms training program. Obviously they are dong something right.

  12. You should really change the headline of this article. I live in the st Louis vicinity ( not in st Louis, but not far away) and I’m pretty sure the headline should be “Cops return fire at suspect with stolen firearm.” I’m not one to bitch but I believe the title is misleading. Sorry to be a troll.

  13. Here’s the guy’s defense:

    1. He didn’t know the gun was stolen because he’d just bought it from someone else who said it was legit.
    2. He carried the gun because he was worried about his personal safety.
    3. He inadvertently found himself in a situation where shots were suddenly fired, causing him to run away for his own safety.
    4. As he was running for safety, he found he was being chased by car full of people he thought might have been shooting at him.
    5. Since the car was unmarked and the cops undercover, he had no way of knowing whether they were legitimate or not. Feeling threatened, he fired shots from his gun to scare the people chasing him away.
    6. In the ambiguous situation he was in, he was justified in trying to defend himself against a perceived threat.

    Given the tenor of the times, I’m betting this guy’s going to walk.

  14. A thug was killed in a righteous shooting. A town “mourns”. We’re all just a mile away from Ferguson…

  15. Police reported that two separate groups in the vicinity of protests in Ferguson, Missouri traded a “remarkable” amount of gunfire — between 40 and 50 shots in less than a minute. This was separate from a shooting involving officers in an unmarked SUV that occurred just prior.

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