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By Dennis DeMartina

This is getting ridiculous. While it may come as no surprise to most, the Australian Government was forced to admit this week that their recent attempted gun grab has been in the works secretly for over a decade, thanks in part to documents from the Firearms Policy Working Group meetingsThe arrival of the Akkar Mammut “triple threat” shotgun, pricey but popular with Aussie shooters, expedited this gun grab. Because, apparently, one extra barrel equals child-killing death machine assault gun . . .

As the huge backlash from Australian firearm owners continues against the government, and less than 12 hours after the release of the previous article outlining the dictatorial actions of Tony Abbott on the Adler shotgun, it seems I may have hurt the feelings of “journalists” in the Aussie media who are desperately trying to retain control of the anti-gun narrative.

The Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph (affectionately known as “The Anti-Gun Herald” and “The Daily Tyranny”), wheeled out not onenot twobut three desperate hit pieces in one day. Each was poorer than the next, demonstrating that even mail room staff are afforded the opportunity to try their hands at “journalism” at the SMH and the Daily Telegraph. Who said starting from the bottom was dead?

Of the three, however, there was one that lay deepest in the gutter, a masterclass of discrimination against firearm owners. Completely “terrified” that the number of legal firearms owners has increased by 10% across NSW, the SMH and Australian Greens MP David Shoebridge (more on him later) teamed up and decided to make public the location and number of firearms owners in Sydney. And that they are shockingly being used legally! (Firearm ownership is also going through the roof in Melbourne, because of “heirlooms” apparently).

Stopping short of advocating for all firearms owners to wear yellow stars (which I assume in this instance would be a picture of Shoebridge’s mug) the article features an interactive map where you too can locate where firearms owners reside by suburb. One can only imagine the outrage from progressive types if this kind of map showed the locations of ethnic minorities within the community. But hey, it’s the party of tolerance, AKA The Australian Greens, and as we should know, it’s not bigotry when they do it.

If Tony Abbott is claiming “national security” as his reason for intervening in the Adler dispute, then Mr Shoebridge and Mr Fairfax are quite blatantly aiding and abetting criminals who now have a “how to strike it rich” guide to stealing firearms. That greatly jeopardises the security of firearms owners and their families in Sydney, who are also not allowed by Australian law to use these firearms for self defense.

The SMH and Shoebridge should quite clearly be investigated for how exactly they got this information as I sincerely doubt it was “freedom of information”. And of course, the map clearly showed the location of every illegal firearm. We’re sure Mr Shoebridge and Fairfax staff would feel just delighted if their home address was printed, particularly given the lengths they went to protect their staff previously.

Although it appears obvious that this was an out-and-out fear campaign to try to sway public opinion, some may have missed that this was also a pathetic “we know where you are so hand them in” intimidation attempt against firearms owners.

It just goes to show, when it comes to tyranny: “One does not simply register their firearms.”

However, even more embarrassing for Shoebridge was that although firearm ownership has soared in Sydney, firearm and violent crime has not increased and is in fact down in most categories within Sydney last year. More good guys with guns, less crime? Who would’ve thought?! How terribly inconvenient for Mr Shoebridge and his usual baseless, emotive claims. He has big shoes to fill however, with gun-grabbing mentor Greens Senator Penny Wright recently resigning. He is however continuing the time-honoured Australian Greens’ tradition of glorious failure when it comes to firearms. Perhaps he’s troubled by the Greens’ being caught up in the recent Australian MP’s expenses scandal? Or the fact he’s a complete hypocrite by calling for drug sniffing dogs to be removed at music festivals because of “criminality”. Or an idiot for trying to ban toy guns.

Firearm owners took to Shoebridge’s Facebook page to gently remind him how heinously wrong he got it and the usual deleting of comments he didn’t like followed. Shoebridge’s conduct also drew the ire of Sporting Shooters CEO Tim Bannister, who took him out to the proverbial woodshed. Shoebridge later went toe-to-toe with Sporting Shooters President Geoff Davis on ABC Radio, channelled his inner Piers Morgan, and the usual game of “talk over the top when you’re losing the debate” transpired.

And of course, Shoebridge completely ignored the fact the Australian Federal Police reported this week that they have admitted they have “lost munitions and restricted weapons.”

To the surprise of no one, the ABC show was titled: “Gun law reform: are we forgetting Port Arthur?” How could firearm owners forget? That’s the crime that was never investigated properly. The crime for which the suspect was sentenced without ever standing trial (the first time in Australian history that has happened). And the crime for which every firearm owner in the country was part of the verdict and told to hand in their property. Who could forget any of that?

As this Aussie eloquently points out, Australian firearm owners remember and have had more than enough.

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  1. “It just goes to show, when it comes to tyranny: “One does not simply register their firearms.”

    Read and learn from a “Democracy” down under.

    • Okay,

      Australia is not a democracy, nor a republic. Is it a dictatorial oligarchy?

      The infographic shows fairly clearly that whatever the government is doing, it isn’t in line with what the people desire. And that is after the government spending a lot of time and money “educating” the people on what they should want.

      Sadly, the same could be said about the U.S.

    • No need to look all the way to Australia for that. Not even a year ago in New York the city government of Buffalo started preying on the families of deceased gun owners by sending cops to demand the guns be surrendered to them. They of course used the State of New York gun registration lists cross referenced with death records and they can then pry the guns from the cold dead hands of their owners.

  2. Perhaps if WE hadn’t saved their asses in WWII, and let the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy invade their continent, they might be more unwilling to disarm their population today…but just like the British, some people never learn…

    • I didn’t do anything to save their asses in WWII. Tell us about your part in the effort.

      • Oh knock it off, that was a collective “we” meaning the USA, and specifically the US military, but you knew that and were just being a smart mouth for no reason.

        • You are mistaken, but I am indeed guilty of going off topic (as often), so I will let it lie.

        • ActionPhysicalMan,

          My dad served there as well as in combat in a dozen battles in the Pacific including the Philippines.

          The fact is there was a) a complete collapse of British military power in the Pacific, b) Australia’s experienced and best equipped military cohorts were deployed outside of Australia either captured or stuck with no transport and c) It was Britain and Australia who believe an invasion was imminent — in Jan 42 they begged the US to assume responsibility for the protection of Australia and the US agreed at the beginning of Feb 4, and the evidence is that this changed the Japanese planners –who were considering an attack — estimate from three divisions to more than ten divisions

          Australia was paralyzed with fear over a Japanese invasion. US entry in the war and US troop arrivals nipped the preliminary Japanese planning in the bud as the estimates by the Japanese general staff for troops need rose from three IJA divisions needed to ten to twelve divisions needed.

          Japans implemented alternate plan was to isolate and force Australia into capitulation through naval action and it did start that. US military victories at Midway and Coral Sea battles ended that threat. The US naval victories ended the planned bombing campaign by Japan of Australia, which Japan had already begun (bombing of Darwin)

          So on one hand you can claim Japan never developed a full operational plan to invade Australia, but the peer reviewed work in Japan and Australia indicates the REASON they did not was the US

          • and we all know why Japan never thought even about invading the US right. if you don’t know maybe you should be doing a little bit more history. they didn’t invade the US or even think about doing so because they knew that they re American people as a whole are an armed community and that if they showed up there would be a guy behind every tree with a rifle waiting for their asses.

    • You are not taught that the Australian army and militia handed the IJA/SNP their first defeat in PNG in the battle of Miln Bay in September 1942

  3. “If Tony Abbott is claiming “national security” as his reason for intervening in the Adler dispute”
    Hmmm, makes me wonder that maybe, just maybe, a government fears an armed populace because they fear repercussions of trying to do whatever the hell they want and not being able to get a way with it.

  4. Oh, no!
    A drilling turned upside down! The Horror! The Horror!

    (drillings rarely had three matching shotgun barrels, but when they did, they had the single barrel below the double barrels, at least up until now)

      • Baikal could probably pull it off. They have a simple method to regulate their doubles barrel shotguns and combination guns (jack screw), so that would keep the costs down.

  5. Perhaps they should begin banning the real deadly things, you know, like the plants, animals, and insects. Purt near everything in those categories is out to get you.

  6. Gotta love countries like Australia where self defense is outlawed. The Greens clearly value the votes of the least desirable criminals over the safety of their productive citizens. I wonder how many undocumented self defense incidents occur where the good guy just rolls the remains of the perp in plastic and feeds him to the many hungry critters that share their country.

  7. “Gun law reform: are we forgetting Port Arthur?”

    The crook politicians Down Under played the Australians like a well-tuned fiddle. Heartstrings were tugged and the people just acquiesced to the gun-grab. Since then the crooks of all parties in office have, while colluding with the Aussie mass media, repeated the meme of “we’ve had no more Port Arthurs since the ban”. What they failed to say was that the Port Arthur attack was a rather isolated, if incredibly tragic, incident. Australia wasn’t noted for mass shootings prior to the gun grab and thus, not surprisingly, after the gun grab. Australia is THE prime example for what can happen to an uninformed/misinformed populace. Thank you to all the websites like TTAG for helping to keep us in the loop, and to all the organizations that put the rights of the citizens at the forefront. Stay vigilant, and oppose ALL gun control efforts, none will ever be good enough, they only lead to confiscation.

    • It’s because some people believe that “black swan” events cam be prevented. It’s shows that they don’t understand.

  8. I was in Perth last week and I am still confused how a couple were car jacked at gun point in the middle of the afternoon there. It was on the news (briefly). That can’t happen with strict gun control can it?

    I’ve been down under five times in the last 3 years. Every single time there has been news stories of shootings or other crimes with guns.

  9. I know this is totally off topic kinda but does have to do with gun control. Walmart is getting out of the Tactical line of Firearms now. I was in a Walmart last night and was informed by the manager of the sporting goods area that all AR 15 assault type of bullcrap shotguns and everything like that is on a / sale I bought a 600 dollar Mossberg 930 tactical shotgun last night for $399 regularly 560. they’re not caring anything Black anymore is what the manager told me, which I thought was a huge crock of s*** just to give you ladies and gentlemen some info walmart has raised the white flag.

    • That’s pretty good for a 930-I have to go a ways before I find wallyworld with guns…oh yeah you aussies need to get your shite together. Before being overrun with aloha snackbars looking for virgins…

  10. I live in florida anyone out there notice the same thing in there local walmart? Question mark drop me a line here

  11. The Akkar triple isn’t actually that popular here, plenty going up for sale, “Fired 1 packet only”, and the honest reviewers know why: it’s front heavy. There’s no getting around it, or away from it, it’s front heavy and awkward.

    Now the Adler, promises to be nearly as swingable as a standard U/O. Will be great for fox & pig hunters. In Australia a common fox hunting method is to fire with birdshot from the back of a moving “Ute”, and pigs are commonly taken at quite close range. I’d like to get one to see if it can handle twin or quad loading for IPSC, which is still a fairly unpopular sport here, more so with longarms.

  12. The claim Australia’s suicide rate decreased with draconian 1990s gun control has been shredded by a dozen peer reviewed studies — which show it did not and that self inflicted death by other means associated with suicide, but less often technically ruled as suicide, skyrocketed.

    These studies have shown that ABS has seriously been under reporting the number of suicides. The Queensland study reported that this under reporting had increased during the period under study and that the under count negates any apparent decrease in suicide deaths shown in ABS statistics.

    AUSTRALIA has dangerously miscalculated its suicide statistics – by as much as 30 per cent in NSW and Queensland – leaving a silent and growing epidemic of mounting deaths.
    The figures are in stark contrast to years of backslapping by state and federal governments, congratulating themselves for reducing suicide rates from a peak of 2700 in 1997.
    The Herald can reveal the suicide toll is as high now as it was in the 1990s – if not higher

  13. “Australian firearm owners remember and have had more than enough.”

    And there is absolutely NOTHING they can do about it.

    In a system where the people are servants of the government, what the people want doesn’t matter one whit.

    • that’s why I made the comment ridiculing the question would Australian gun control laws work in the United States? and I kind of blew up, because we’re nothing alike it’s like apples and oranges yeah they’re both through yes they both grow on a tree and that’s about where it stops. my suggestion to any law abiding Australian that wishes to own a gun collection they come and move to the United States of America, and become a US citizen instead of a Australian subject aka servant!very very tired of these gun control morons, enough is enough. the people of the United States do not want any more gun control, because they no statistically proven in fact that it doesn’t work. the only people that are hurt by this are law abiding gun owners. and if you want the truth since this is the truth about guns, the anti gunners think that all law abiding citizens and law abiding gun owners have the crazy gene and that one day will just snap and become a spree killer. that’s their explanation for civilian disarmament, when it’s been proven that spree killing is such a low percentage of violent homicide in the United States that it barely registers on the pie chart. we have more drownings in the state of Florida by children falling into pools and lakes then we have had death from spree shootings and I’m talking all this pre shootings put together, and I’m only talking about 1 year in the state of Florida. just something to think about. not to mention the 540 some 5000 malpractice desk that occur every year in the United States from Dr making bad decisions and mistakes that cause peoples death. that number is from 2014, the number of malpractice des due to doctor’s mistakes in 2008 was just over 50,000 people. that’s a half a million people dying because doctors aren’t doing their jobs correctly, but you have these anti-gun groups like moms demand action thinking they’re going to save the world bs.

      • does malpractice deaths numbers God charboiled. 2008 54,000 plus people died from malpractice death in this country, 2014 541000 deaths. that’s only a half a million people increase in those short years gee I wonder how our medical system is doing since Obamacare is rocking it. this is what I’m talking about a half a million people died in one year from Dr making ignorant mistakes from pharmacology all the way to writing the wrong instructions to a nurse for a patient

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