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“A day of peaceful vigils to mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death turned ugly late Sunday night when at least two shooting incidents sent protesters running for cover and prompted more police reinforcements,” reports. “At least one of the incidents was an officer-involved shooting that occurred after police came under heavy gunfire, said St. Louis County Police spokesman Shawn McGuire. No officers were injured, the department said. It said it will release more details later.” Some news outlets are reporting . . .

an officer-involved shooting in Ferguson, resulting in the death of a young man. The video above shows the crime scene. No matter what the circumstances the OIS will do nothing to quell the protestors and/or the looters, who’ve also been active tonight.

The media’s been all over the Michael Brown anniversary “protests.” The coverage reached its damn-why-didn’t-this-happen-in-prime-time apotheosis with the report below. Ferguson’s new Police Chief is describing his softly, softly policing approach to CNN as gunfire breaks out. You are seeing the moment a man teeters on the edge of career collapse.

Get ready for more hand-wringing, race hustling, looting and violence. All because a Ferguson Police Officer shot a black teenager in self-defense. Last year I mean. Right?

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  1. All righty then-more rioting for the 300pound strong arm thug…somebody please give Darin Wilson a job! No matter what the rabble rousers will blame the po-leece…g’nite all.

  2. You can tell he’s never heard a shot fired in anger. (whats that noise ? look on his face) I would have been on the ground after that first pop.

  3. It’s just the “law abiding gun community” wanting to spread their “peace” and “love” to the non-gun civilized community.

    Sorry terrorists…

    You are NOT victims anymore
    You are the bad guys now
    You won’t take responsibility for the tragedies you cause.
    You won’t take responsibility for yourself
    You have a 74% illegitimacy rate
    You are 13% of the population but you commit 65% of the crime
    You produce nothing
    You contribute nothing
    You take and just want more
    You don’t think the laws should apply to you
    You blame others for your own decisions
    You have no concept of personal responsibility
    You don’t see the direct connection between your own decisions and the impact on the quality of life of others.
    You celebrate violence and misogyny
    You defend the inexcusable
    You beat your domestic partners
    You think you are owed something, when you’re not

    At this point you gun nuts are not victims of the bad guys,
    You ARE the bad guys.

    • Can you try to be more specific in the future.
      Oh, and great job on your ‘works cited’ section

    • It’s Willy!

      Willy thinks we’re misogynists and contribute nothing.

      What’s your job, Willy? What are you paid to do? I’m over in Afghanistan and still working toward my MD despite the circumstances. What do you contribute?

      I have a child. I bring home grassfed meat each year in the form of a few deer. When I hunt hogs, I donate to the local soup kitchen. Donate, it’s free. I get nothing. I spent on a few licenses, a rifle, a scope, some expensive cartridges that kill quickly so the animal doesn’t suffer.

      I’m the sole source of income for my family.

      What is a “74% illegitimacy rate?” Do you mean that unmarried people can’t have children?

      I’d like to see where you got the spousal abuse statistics. Actually, I’d like to see where you got ALL these statistics. This really does seem like some sort of skinhead rant about blacks and not gun owners.

      Actually, Willy, how old are you?

      • Good points, except deer eat browse, so technically not grass fed, but good eating nonetheless. Thanks for your service, keep up the good work.

    • Can Nick make it so that whenever Willy posts, it changes his name to Willy “Stormfront” Lunchmeat?

    • Meat,

      The quality of your posts is slipping. This post is so inherently bad we can’t even debate against it, because you have done all the work for us. A copy and paste from the racist stormfront??? So disappointing.

    • I thought your “98% of all guns in existence have committed murder” comment was funny,but this is pure comedy gold; copy pasting Stormfront-esque ramblings and not even covering your tracks with that 74% OOW birthrate bit. Way to show your true colors, mate. Reminds me of the days when we were regularly trolled by lower-case matt, the walking historical paradox. Good times, good times…

  4. appears to have a totally justified Chimpout™ in support of St. Michael of Swisher Sweets.

  5. If Ferguson will just allow the federal government to take over their police department like Baltimore things will get soooo much better.

  6. This entire episode beginning last year is totally disgusting. Most in the media who are fanning the flames hoping for a “story” have no interest in the real truth. That being what we now know beyond doubt; the ‘gentle giant’ was a thug, a bully and used to abusing those smaller and lighter skinned than himself.

    Then we have the race pimps inciting everyone to rampage through town and burn, steal and generally act out.

    When he attacked a LEO he was put down like a rabid dog. As he should have been. What do most normal people think will happen if they attack a police officer and try to take away his gun?

  7. We’ve got trouble,
    Right here in Rubble City,
    With a capital “T” that rhymes with ‘Z”
    and that stands for TV. (With apologies to the “The Music Man”)

  8. With all the looting accompanying these peaceful protests, it’s gonna get so Ferguson is gonna have to go completely communist in the literal sense, with government owning all the businesses, because no capitalist is going to keep operating a business in this constant loot-fest of a town. But then, of course, as Lady Thatcher famously said, the government would eventually run out of other people’s money to run those businesses, so it’s getting really simple for residents: put a stop to it, or your little city is gonna look like one of those ghost towns where they had chemical dumping, after 80% of the populace got cancer.

    If this continues, the only two sane options will be for the decent people to put a stop to it, or else just leave.

    • Absolutely accurate. Chester, PA is only 30 mins or so away from where I work, and the entire town is completely devoid of drug stores, groceries, and restaurants. They put in a non-profit ‘food share’ type store, and that couldnt even last a year against constant hold ups and outrageous employee turnover rates. Basically the only local economy the town has at this point are a defense contractor, rehab clinic, and a welfare office.

  9. Obama’s Children seem to be having a bad go at civilization. I guess it’s the fault of everyone and everything but themselves. Maybe we can blame liberals or something, so long as the honkies don’t start fighting back. It’s hard, err, flaccid being a cuckservative sometimes…

  10. “We’re concerned about their rights and being patient”…gunfight…my chuckle for the day.

    How do you loose 40 rounds and miss? Will somebody PLEASE take a well aimed shot!

  11. Ya know, “_peaceful_ protests turned ugly” has to be right up there with “the economy _unexpectedly_ went south” in the MSM’s must-have bag of templates for reporting” (read: “spinning”) the news.

  12. If fifty shots fired and a store looted is what passes for peaceful in Ferguson, then what is the definition of “violent?”

  13. “Protesting” while most people have to be at work. Who is financing these “demonstrations”?

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