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The U.S. mainstream media wants to support the Michael Brown protests in Ferguson, a year after a police officer shot and killed the Missouri teen. They want to portray them as progress. Progress! Last night’s shooting upset the coverage, “distracting” people from the “peaceful protests” preceding it. OK, sure there was some looting. And a pig with a police officer’s hat. But black lives matter!  The St. Louis Post Dispatch felt obliged to put out not one, but two front pages. It’s only a matter of time before gun control advocates seize on the shooting to say that “easy access” to guns ruins peaceful protest. Yeah, right.

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  1. Obama is slacking, not one city on fire. He needs to take a few minutes from golf at the Vineyard and channel Farrakhan in a speech.

  2. You just have to love the way they cover the shooting. “Cops Shoot Man in Ferguson” – not “Cops come under fire” or ‘Police return fire and kill assailant”. They are virulently anti-gun and anti-police – and it’s quite obvious where their agenda is being dictated from. Tyranny is Freedom! Long live the King! (/sarc)

    • Dog bites man isn’t news. Man bites dog is.
      Similarly, cops come under fire during protest isn’t news. But the cops actually hitting their target: that’s news!

    • Post Dispatch is ultra biased and in no way representative of the majority that live here in St. Louis.

  3. I think TTAG gets lost in the weeds covering stuff like this… what does this have to do with the truth about guns again? All post like this do is reinforce the stereotype that gun owners are OFWG’s who think small government means “as long as you leave me alone I don’t care what you do to anyone else…”

    • There are two points being made: (1) the press, “virulently” anti-gun, will put an anti-gun spin on any shooting incident; and (2) any shooting incident is used as an excuse for more gun control.

    • Please elaborate further.

      All post like this do is reinforce the stereotype that gun owners are OFWG’s who think small government means “as long as you leave me alone I don’t care what you do to anyone else…”

      How did you reach this conclusion?

      • To me, Ferguson is about an abusive, unresponsive local government treating its citizens like dairy cows to be milked (check out the emails amongst city leaders and the fact that basically three traffic tickets were written per citizen every year) and yet the only discussions about Ferguson that take place on here inevitably feature the word “thug” and references to the daily double of Al Sharpton and “race hustling.” That the press is afraid to make potentially racially insensitive remarks has little to do with the truth about guns and only invites conversations that do our cause no favors.

        In the context of the 2nd Amendment, Ferguson means two things:

        1. The police are not always your friend because police are subject to the whims of corrupt, inept public officials and the fickle wind of public opinion — therefore, we should be allowed to protect ourselves from their active and passive ineptitude

        2. Crime happens, be prepared for anything.

        To me, that’s it… Winning converts to the cause is hindered by polemics featuring the words “thug”, “libtard”, “race hustler” etc. Telling a mildly antigun black gun (I was one 12 years ago) “These race hustlers, blah, blah, blah… liberal media, blah, blah, blah… GUNS!” Does absolutely nothing. Telling them “Ferguson shows that you that you have to be politically engaged, that your elected officials are not to be trusted, and you need to be your own first responder because the police in 2015 can’t handle what’s going on right now” is a whole lot more effective. The 2nd A needs to be a bipartisan affair – and the only way to make it that way is to appeal to women, blacks and Hispanics…

        • Agreed… As a black gun owner you’re letting them bait you and turn it into a “us vs them” in terms of race. Articles like these aren’t helping the cause.

    • Actually, that’s how BO and other Big Brother types spin their yarn and wield power. It’s quite the opposite of small government types like Thomas Jefferson.

    • @Unknown Accomplice of tyranny
      “I think TTAG gets lost in the weeds covering stuff like this… what does this have to do with the truth about guns again?”

      The truth is sometimes uncomfortable for some to hear, but it does not change the facts. The fact is that some of us responsible citizens may have to use our guns in self-defense, against the people who think it is alright for a thug to attack a cop.

      “There once was a bully named Brown
      Who bum rushed a cop with a frown
      Then seven bullets later
      He met his creator
      And his homies burned down the town”

  4. The truth is #blacklivesdontmatter unless said #blacklife is a thug whose life is rended attacking a police officer or a non black arned citizen. This makes it a crime against humanity.

    A year after thug Michael Brown died #blacklivesmatter hasn’t figured out you shouldn’t rob convenience stores, beat up the store clerk and then attack a police officer.

    • Yeah, and where are they on the whole black lives lost at the hands of black murderers?

      It’s more smoke and mirrors propaganda by the MSM and pop culture…

  5. Is there any evidence that this guy actually open fire on anyone. Was he hit in the back? I wonder if the police were A little too anxious, got spooked and started shooting at their own people.

  6. Of course they know how to play it: it’s always a “peaceful protest” that somehow manages to “turn ugly” or “deteriorate into looting” or be “marred by violence”. It always turns out the same way, but it’s always a surprise and an aberration by a few malcontents. Again, it’s like the economy: as long as Obama (or any other liberal Dem) is at the helm, bad economic news is always “unexpected”, even though it happens every damn quarter (and don’t give me that “it’s up this quarter” crap–just wait a month of two for the inevitable “the figures were revised downward” report.

  7. Cops strategy is wrong, not the cops themselves. How to respond is key. Show of force is a show of confrontation which causes everyone trouble. Then there is a reality, criminals will be criminals. Cops can’t protect from the unknown or what hasn’t yet occurred. The crystal-ball policing needs to stop.

  8. Questions for the media:

    1. Was the looter acting peacefully prior to beginning to loot businesses?
    2. Was the looter a legal gun owner?
    3. Was the gun used by the looter legally obtained?
    4. Was the gun used by the looter easily accessed?
    5. Was the gun used by the looter willingly provided to the looter by a legal owner?
    6. Was the looter eligible to own a gun?
    7, Was the looter in the process of, or had already passed a background check to allow gun ownership/purchase?
    8. Was the looter legally carrying the gun he used against police?
    9, How many legal gun owners participated the looting in Ferguson
    10. How many legal gun owners shot at the police?
    11. How many legal gun owners were being pursued by the police, at the time of the looting?
    12. Was the looter a child (under age 21)?
    13. Did the looter have any sort of juvenile criminal record?
    14. Did the looter have a record of crime as an adult?
    15. How many rounds did the looter fire?
    16. How many times did the looter reload his stolen weapon?
    17. How much excessive ammunition did the looter have at the time of his shooting?
    18. Was the looter armed with “cop killer” bullets?
    19. What is the direct connection between peaceful protest and the presence of looters?
    20. How many legal guns must be confiscated in order to prevent lawbreakers from using guns to commit crimes?

    I thought so.

  9. I’ve got a headline:

    Dirtbags mourn loss of dirtbag; looting and shooting ensues. No one shocked.

    More looting, too. Nothing says social justice like stealing a big screen TV.

    • 81,
      That reminds me of a short clip I saw on TV once, where they had special “events” for looters.
      One event was the “TV running” event.
      Contestants, (all black) had to run a measured distance with a TV on there shoulder.
      There were different classes. There was the 19″ run, the 21″ run, and the 25″ run.
      I really cracked up watching these guys running down the blocked off street, with those TV’s on their shoulder.

    • >> Dirtbags mourn loss of dirtbag

      So you believe that everyone who came to the event was a dirtbag?

      • Int,

        There are a lot of dirtbags in the crowd. Some may have legitimate grievances. Many are stealing TVs. I’d project the former and arrest the latter. See the comment below.

      • Anyone supporting Michael Brown is no different than those who support Charlie Manson.

        He was a piece of garbage that was removed. Nothing more.

  10. The big media didn’t give much coverage to the reporter in Ferguson who was beaten and robbed after he filmed break-ins during the anniversary ‘protest’.

    Post-Dispatch reporter Paul Hampel was beaten, bloodied and robbed by a group of attackers as he covered the Ferguson protests Sunday night.

    Hampel said he was taking photos and videos of break-ins along West Florissant Avenue shortly before he was attacked. Suddenly, he said, he was rushed from behind.

    “I got swarmed, beaten down really bad,” he said.

    The attackers punched him in the face, hit him in the head at least three times and kicked him in the back of the head when he was on the ground, Hampel said.

    The attackers took his phone and wallet and left. Hampel headed back to the police line and encountered New York Times photographer Whitney Curtis. He told her he needed an ambulance.

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