Sen. Dianne Feinstein
You'd think that after decades of trying to disarm Americans, Dianne Feinstein would know a little about guns. You'd be wrong. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds via AP)
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By Larry Keane

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is at it again. She has introduced yet another piece of legislation to ban the most popular selling centerfire rifle in America. She wants to bring California-style gun control to the rest of America. Here’s her problem… with 21 million background checks for the sale of a gun last year, America doesn’t want it.

Sen. Feinstein introduced S736, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021. It was joined by a companion version in the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 1808, introduced by U.S. Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.). Not a single Republican senator or representative has signed onto either bill.

The bills would be far-reaching, expanding the failed 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, also written by Sen. Feinstein and then-Sen. Joe Biden when he was a sitting Democratic senator from Delaware. He’s now in the Oval Office, with a pocketful of IOU’s to gun control groups, including his promise to not just re-enact the ban on modern sporting rifles, including the AR-15-style rifle, but also his plan he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he would confiscate them if he could.

Then vs Now

The 1994 ban included 19 specific models of AR-15 rifles. This latest version hoisted that to 205 specific models. It increased the cosmetic features by which antigun politicians seek to classify what is an “assault weapon,” when they actually have no bearing on the operating system of the firearm.

Dianne Feinstein
DiFi’s is the oldest of old school gun-grabbers, seen here in 1994 misinforming her audience. (AP Photo/John Duricka)

The latest version would ban any rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine and at least “one military feature,” which include innocuous accessories like threaded barrels that can accept suppressors (that protect against hearing loss and are legal in 42 states), “barrel shrouds” that keep hands from being burned, grips and adjustable shoulder stocks.

They are literally making it up as they go, just because they want to ban all guns. Josh Sugarmann, with the gun control group Violence Policy Center, struck on the term “assault weapon” in 1998 after seizing on the American public’s inability to differentiate civilian AR-15s and the military’s M-16s because of their similar appearance.

“The weapon’s menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons – anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun – can only increase the change of public support for restriction of these weapons,” Sugarmann wrote.

The latest version of the bill is equally nonsensical. The list of firearms specifically named in the ban includes shotguns and rimfire rifles. One – the Remington 1100 20-Gauge Deer Gun – literally lists the firearm as a “deer gun” and not a so-called “assault weapon.”

Dianne Feinstein
Though she’d been arguing for civilian disarmament for over a decade by the time this 1998 photo was taken, ol’ Di still knew virtually nothing about firearms. (AP Photo/Khue Bui, File)

That’s not all. A bigger list of physical characteristics is also on the chopping block. It includes pistol braces, detachable magazines, shotguns capable of accepting detachable magazines holding more than five rounds and a “military feature” would be banned.

Magazines with a carrying capacity greater than 10 rounds are listed. So too are anything with a thumbhole stock or “bullet button” that was added to rifles in California. Bump stocks, already banned by President Donald Trump, would be made illegal-er, if that’s a word.

America’s Buying Guns, Not Control

The difficulty for gun control groups is that MSR-ownership skyrocketed since 1994. NSSF estimates there are over 20 million of these rifles in circulation today and they are the most-popular selling centerfire rifle in America. They’re popular for home defense, recreational target shooting and hunting. The rifles Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Cicilline want to ban were used to stop home invasions and the murderer in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Diane Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban AR-15
Here’s Sen. Feinstein using Nick Leghorn’s photo to argue for still more limits on civilian gun ownership.

The popularity of the firearm rests primarily in its modularity. It can be easily customized to fit a wide variety of body types. It is ergonomically-designed, making it easier for novice owners to master marksmanship skills. This is why they have adjustable stocks. It’s low-recoil and offered in nearly the full spectrum of calibers and has earned the moniker of America’s rifle.”

Sen. Feinstein and her gun control supporters benevolently offer a way for present owners of any of these “would be” banned items to keep the ones presently owned. There are just a few rules. The grandfathered firearms would be required to be stored in a locked safe, or with a locking device installed.

If the owner wanted to transfer the firearm to anyone else, including family members, it would require an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification. Any of the firearms that were kept by owners would be required to display DOJ-approved production dates that would be engraved on the receivers. Any legacy magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds would require serialization but could not be transferred.

The previous Assault Weapons Ban was studied by the CDC and researchers there concluded the ban on rifles and standard magazines has no impact on the reduction of crime. The FBI’s own data show that more murders are committed with knives, fists and clubs than by rifles of all types – not just the MSR, or AR-15-style rifle.

This is a naked gun grab. At a time when firearm purchases are at record levels and public appetite for gun control is at record lows, Democrats – led by Sen. Feinstein and Rep Cicilline – choose to ignore their voters, disarm citizens and destroy Second Amendment rights. Sen. Feinstein forgets what happened the last time Democrats rammed this through with a razor-thin 52-48 vote. America voted them out and demanded back their freedom.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. Just because they are smarter and wiser than regular folks who don’t know what’s really good for them…silly little peoples!! Reality check here. They cannot exercise their desire for totalitarian control over America if there is even a chance that armed little people would revolt against them. Just look at what they did to Washington DC after the “insurrection” by 300-400 people!!! The city is now garrisoned by federalized troops!! Razor wire keeps people away from the capital building! The only governments that do things like this are afraid of the people and the loss of power and control. The a$$wipes recognize that what they are doing is not now nor ever will be accepted by the American people until the tyrants can fundamentally change America1 read take our guns and ensconce themselves in undeniable continual power. Wake up before it is too late. They have 2 years to do these things!!

  2. So these mag serial numbers and gun production dates, will they have a Star of David next to them?

    They’ll ram this through just like the recent House bs. The GOP is worthless.

    • 20 POS republican Senators voted to confirm Garland’s nomination. Is there a beyond worthless? Dangerous comes to mind…

        • I’d consider constant attacks on constitutional rights beyond hostile. It’s violent.

          Violence is not defined by bloodshed.
          “using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something”
          Physically manuevering pens and pawns to destroy the constitution and all rights within it is most definitely violent.

          And should be punishable by death.
          That’s the problem. We are not “bloodshed” violent to their form of violence anymore.

    • “They’ll ram this through just like the recent House bs. The GOP is worthless.”

      TTAG isn’t allowing the link for some reason, but read this posted today at the Zero Hedge :

      “McConnell Flips Out Over Filibuster, Threatens ‘Scorched Earth Senate’ If Dems Pursue Power Grab”

      The money shot :

      “If Dems ‘blow up the filibuster,’ McConnell says he’ll require a quorum for every piece of Democrat legislation – which VP Kamala Harris couldn’t become a tie-breaker for, and that previous actions would seem like “child’s play.””

      • Yes sireeBob , the King is just about cornered. Checkmate’s on it’s way.
        One Rook, two Pawns, he owns the Gueen of Battle.
        Any move you choose
        You shall lose
        Kick the table over

      • M(B)itch McConnell is nothing but Failure Theater.
        Impotent piece of sheet.

        The Leftists are operating on the supposition that they will control the Congress and White house for the next couple of generations.

        With all the election fraud tactics that the Democrats are enshrining into law (HR1) along with granting voting rights to tens of millions of illegals their assumption of permanent power is not a fools bet.

        McConnell and his RINO party is headed for the dust heap.

      • DO IT!!!
        Let’s get the repurcussians over with already so we can get this country back on track. The sooner the better.

  3. “America voted them out and demanded back their freedom.”

    Which is why they are also pushing through HR.1 right now as well…won’t have to worry about unhappy voters after that passes.

    • ” America voted them out and demanded back their freedom.”

      You beat me to it…. Conservatives will never win another national election after the democrat (communist party USA) laws are passed and signed. They will encode voter fraud.

      America as we know it is lost.

      January 4, 2021 was the first day of “The New Dark Ages”.
      It may take 500 years to recover, if ever.

  4. Sieg Heil old bat fraulein d. fienstien…Once again the fuhrer sends best wishes. Your relentless pursuit of citizen deplorables who possess firearms is to be praised. Praised so much the fuhrer has took it upon himself to borrow from your democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control. The fuhrer simply erased Negro and inserted Jew….it was easy peasy.

    Continue on with your hard work and dedication to Gun Control. The fuhrer has taken notice and you will be rewarded…the fuhrer is considering you for supervising several concentration camps.
    Sieg Heil old bat fraulein d. feinstein.

        • ‘yOu’Re nOt ImPrESsIVe!!!’ Writes the ‘man’ who dropped out of Trump University and also can’t get laid without paying for it.

        • That’s called ‘projection’, boy. 🙂

          Look it up, and stop blaming me for your pathetic little life… 🙂

        • “When does someone ever NOT pay to get laid?”

          Oh, I remember times in my 20s when it just dropped in my lap… 🙂

        • Oh, I remember times in my 20s when it just dropped in my lap

          Yeahhhh, those were the days… Take em for ride on an old Harley and they would ride you all night long, gone with the sunrise, no questions asked, maybe see her again somewhere, maybe not….

        • Feinsteins been a Nut forever. She doesn’t have to be an agent of any other country. She is entirely the fault of California, USA. Let’s not cast blame to another country.

          That being said, Feinstein is a two faced liar and needs to be voted out. The trouble is that California has gone leftist and loves her.

    • @MontanaActual:
      That ain’t no shit
      Once had a hooker tell me ” A house wife ain’t nothing but a hooker that sticks with one guy. ”
      Then again I’ve known love ??
      Mountains crumble to the Sea, nothing last forever.

  5. We all know that the last election was decided by a son of a bitch @ a keyboard Do you really think that they won’t do it again ? Don’t let your brass get away and prepare to fight and die and pray for forgiveness for what this country has become. Right is wrong, wrong is right the nations are turned against each other

  6. And on a lighter note, Newsome (himself facing a recall) drops subtle hints to Feinstein that it’s time to take a nap…

    California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday committed to nominating a black woman to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein should she retire before her term expires.

    As the current trend in politics has shown gender, color or heritage mean nothing… He could appoint a #2 pencil with a worn out eraser as long as it has a (D) after it’s name and it agrees to vote the “PARTY” line…

    • “California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday committed to nominating a black woman to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein should she retire before her term expires.”


      Another child of a Marxist will be happy to pick up where she left off…

    • Correct!! And at 87 this is Dianne Feinstein’s last hurrah to ban the infamous so called Black Rifle. I don’t think she has enough gas this time to pass this legislation on her final attempt. But the ruling class is sure ready to put in another nut job to continue the process. Yet Gavin Newsom who will soon face a recall decides to put his two cents in which only confirms how out of touch with reality he really is

    • Yet he refuses to say the same of his aunt, the House Speaker and de facto Shadow Co-President of the United States.

  7. “That’s not all. A bigger list of physical characteristics is also on the chopping block. It includes pistol braces,…”

    The “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) will be handy in killing that provision dead…

    • Their wishlist would even ban a Ruger Precision Rimfire because it has detachable magazines, a threaded barrel, and a barrel shroud. A bolt-action rimfire!

      Any ideas on what these “Military Features” are? Or will they be undefined to provide maximum flexibility and interpretation?

      • Bolt action rifles are exempted; the bill only applies to semiautomatic rifles. For reasons that defy explanation, the bill contains a massively long list of the exempted rifles and shotguns, even down to single shots. But among the banned semiauto rifles are rimfires with detachable magazines, including, I assume, the Ruger 10-22 because it is semiauto and has a detachable “high capacity” mag. Tube fed semiauto .22s are exempted.

  8. I am fairly certain that the definitions as they now stand will also ban the M1Carbone, as it has a detachable 20 or 30 round magazine and a “barrel shroud.” Obviously the M14 and the Springfield semiauto clones are history. The Garand gets a pass. Since the definitions include Thordsen stocks (which are really similar to a standard rifle stocks when you hold them), and “anything that acts as a grip” (a clause that is as wide open as you can imagine), I have to wonder if the Ruger Mini is also on the chopping block.

    • Is it not obvious that what’s on the chopping block is “everything”?

      Has no one noticed that for decades the plan hasn’t changed? Or did y’all (hat tip to Nero) never actually recognize the plan?

      Let me spell it out for you.

      Step 1: Enact restrictions that will do nothing to actually fix a problem.

      Step 2: Increase funding and expand departments in furtherance of Step 1.

      Step 3: Scream bloody murder that the problem still exists.

      Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3.

      You can see this is done on virtually everything. Education, welfare, medicine, unions, education, the GWOT and WoD, “climate change”, immigration, real estate, investing… damn near everything.

      The entire system is set up to have two primary features: As close to exponential degeneracy as possible and the largest growth of “departments” at the fastest attainable rate.

      The government, like it or not, is a goddamn Ponzi scheme at this point and we’re all paying for it and we will be paying for it right up until the system collapses.

      The side benefit of gun control comes to those in power when it all comes crashing down because it enhances the probabilities that they can maintain that power.

    • The 7400 stands. 30-06 5rnd FUDD gunm.
      Put on that 3A 4 a fence post breaker?
      ( we wrapped 3aKev around a hedge fence post and broke it, we both said, ” uhh uhh Not Me”)
      But yeah ban the Ar’s n AK’s for sure.

  9. She felt a wee bit threatened on Jan 6 and what did she do? She called in 15,000 M-16s, M-4 and heavy machine guns to supplement the 1,000s of such weapons that protect her and have protected her everywhere she goes for decades. Interesting that none of those weapons ever committed an act against her.

      • I don’t think that changes anything.

        Soon the military will start using those items against us. I mean, they are already, we just refuse to accept it…

    • There are currently more troops “protecting” the United States Capitol than are currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

      “Protecting” against whom, exactly? Could it be they are there to defend against the real and rightful POTUS?

      I don’t mean to say he would try to retake his rightful place; I mean he lives in the Democrats’ heads rent-free 24/7/365.

    • Not really. As it is, manufacturers are required to serialize their firearms, and they keep records of a)the date of manufacture for each firearm, and b) a list of to whom the guns were shipped. The stamping of the date of manufacture is thus redundant, although it makes it easier for the inspecting officer to quickly check for compliance.

  10. You know what would be poetics justice? Hear me out before responding.

    This law gets passed. She’s happier than a pig in shit. It goes to the SC. They strike it down as unconstitutional. She watches the announcement over the TV while on her deathbed. She then does.

    Or you know, it fails then she does soon after.

    I don’t wish death on anyone, but sometimes I keep a bottle of the good stuff around just in case I hear someone died.

      • Yeahhh, DOES is a word so autocorrect won’t catch it unless you have the Super AI mind reader version like the Chinese which was built for them by Google…

    • My local talk radio station has a “Death Watch” segment in which they go through a short, 30-second routine on a regular basis, giving the status of Dianne Feinstein.

      “It’s 1:45pm, Tuesday, March 16, and Dianne Feinstein is…still breathing.”

    • I gave up pretending that I’m saintly enough not to wish death on anyone. I would never willingly cause someone the pain of losing a loved one or set myself up as some kind of arbiter of life and death; that, I can safely say. But the simple fact is that there are some people whose death would be a kindness to this nation. Those people, I *do* wish death upon.

      Maybe this removes me from the realm of “good people,” but I will admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally croaked, and I’ll do a “ding dong, the witch is dead” dance when Dianne Feinstein the Emperor Palpatine clone dies, too.

      • IMHO it’s sad that people think this way.

        It’s sad because they’ve lost a bit of their humanity raging at the symptom(s) rather than the actual problems. DiFi is a symptom, she’s not the underlying condition. As such, her death inevitable as it is, will solve exactly nothing.

        But a celebration of her death, which will occur and be public, will deepen the divide in this country even more.

        • “But a celebration of her death, which will occur and be public, will deepen the divide in this country even more.”

          They have written us off with prejudice, so I’ll extend to them the same courtesy.

          Virtue is worthless when the alternative is literally being ‘dead right’.

          They are the ones that asked for it. I love this country far too much to just hand it to those hell-bent on turning it into fascism…

        • “The trouble is who will replace her?”

          The guy from Oz gets it.

          That’s the big question and acting like assholes reduces our chances of replacing her with someone who’s less of a witch.


          I get where you’re coming from. I do. It serves no real purpose. Manipulation is the name of the game and you can’t do that if the target audience thinks you’re a prick dancing in this lady’s blood.

          You guys need to learn to think like a Lefty. It’s a handy ability. “How would I manipulate these people most effectively?” is the question. It’s shitty, it feels wrong but it is nonetheless necessary or they will always outflank you.

          And get ready for a shitstorm after that mass shooting in GA tonight… all Asian chicks at massage parlors? A white guy did it? Awwww snap.

        • Geoff:

          Oh, and since you’re actually pretty good at that PR stuff when you’re not feeling angsty, how might we counter the narratives we know are going to come out of that GA shooting? You know, racist, inbred hicks who own guns and hate the POC girls?

          There’s a PR bonanza here if we choose to take it. Fucking gold in them damn hills there, son. But do POTG see it? Can they show up tomorrow morning and beat the Left at their own game?

          I rather doubt it. But that opportunity is there. It’s even an excuse for the Boogbois to wear all their cool shit and actually look good doing it.

        • True, her successor will likely be just as vile, as it’s the culture and not the individual that’s the problem. What then do you recommend for the purpose of discrediting the ideology that put her ilk in power in her area?

        • @Mark:

          The new format leaves some things to be desired.

          With regards to your question: I’d have to dive fairly deep into Cali political stats which I haven’t done in years. But the first thing is “no blood dancing”. That’s just sour grapes and people know it. Just look at how the Right reacts to the Left partying about Thatcher or Rush Limbaugh dying. It’s disgusting, no? The middle sees it that way too in most cases but the Left can shake that stigma more quickly than can the Right, so caution is the watchword here.

          She’s a Senator. That means a statewide election. Cali’s not doing well at this point from a Blue political perspective (Newsom recall). These suggest various options for flipping the seat but they’d be specific to the state. Microtargeting, Obama style, could flip the state but candidate selection is also important because you want someone with staying power.

          A West coast Scott Brown makes little sense in the longer term.

          A quality candidate combined with proper microtargeting could get it done. Staying power… that one actually worries me long term because it seems like everyone who’s sane is leaving CA, and even some of the nuts have realized it’s not worth staying either. Off the top of my head and based on demographics I’d suggest a moderately Conservative Catholic Hispanic might work nicely (moderately conservative in the Catholic sense), especially if they have an obvious Hispanic name, like Lopez, Castro or Peralta.

          Of course such a Goldilocks person probably has to be persuaded to run, which could be an issue.

        • So public a celebration that you will find out about it in the MSN? I very much doubt that. That’s the kind of thing the left does, not the right.

        • “Oh, and since you’re actually pretty good at that PR stuff when you’re not feeling angsty, how might we counter the narratives we know are going to come out of that GA shooting? You know, racist, inbred hicks who own guns and hate the POC girls?”

          Flattery will get you everywhere.

          But anyways, on last night’s apeshit –

          My first suspicion was ‘involuntarily celibate’, but now we’re hearing he was into group sex, so…

          No idea at all. Let’s hope he talks…

        • “how might we counter the narratives we know are going to come out of that GA shooting?”

          We might as well ‘go for the gold’ –

          Use Debbie W’s strategy –

          People are terrified these days to accusations of being seen as racist.

          It has always been about keeping the ‘wrong people’ from having guns. We have literal *mountains* of evidence attesting to that. We need to connect to Colion Noir and Maj in Philadelphia and see if this is an angle worth pursuing.

          Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals – Force the enemy to enforce it’s own rules.

          The sweetest victory is using the enemy’s own weapons against them… 😉

        • Nah, you Leftist idjits have already divided the country so much, anything more isn’t even icing on the cake.

          But please feel free to continue blaming all the problems y’all caused on the Cheetoh . . . it makes for great entertainment.

  11. As was the death of Hitler, Mussolini and other Tyrants celebrated down through history. So should the deaths of modern day Tyrants. Within that celebration comes the realization that Evil has been vanquished and Freedom and Liberty has gained one more step against the Darkness. History has shown Evil cannot be negotiated with or away. It must be destroyed at every juncture and by all means necessary. If the light of Freedom and Liberty is to shine for all. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • IQ tests and age limits would be struck down by the SCOTUS, and rightfully IMO.

      Term limits is another matter. What about the good and competent ones? Would a sunset law on them benefit or harm us? Should they be allowed to run for the same office again after a fallow period?

      Is it possible such a law would be a double-edged sword?

      • “Term limits is another matter. What about the good and competent ones? Would a sunset law on them benefit or harm us?”

        It’s a double-edged sword. The sad fact is, it takes time to train people, and during that time, mistakes can be costly, and they can plead ignorance when when it may have been the deliberate sabotage of an administration with an agenda.

        No easy solutions, I fear…

      • William,

        Term limits would require a Constitutional Amendment – there is literally NOTHING in the Constitution that authorizes or supports them. My personal belief is that the Founders, as brilliant as they were, were too optimistic about the quality of voters we would see.

        I have mixed feelings about term limits, but I would LOVE to see a requirement that no one could run for Federal elective office until they had held a “private sector” job for five years (and, no, “community organizer” is not a job). I do know, from extensive reading in the writings of the time, that our Founders never anticipated “professional politicians”. But if people are stupid enough to vote for them?????

  12. One of the difficulties of/with representative governance is the question of who the representative represents (the voters to the government, the government to voters, voters unless the representative believed a greater good or principle demanded the desire of the voters)?

    The great Irish thinker Edmund Burke, and his contemporaries struggled with this from the mid, to the end of the 18th century. Burke eventually established that a representative should reflect his constituents until doing so would bring about a condition that was bad for the body politic as a whole.

    Seems in America today, representatives represent their major donors, who help the representative capture enough votes to gain and hold office. No great thinking required.

  13. DiFi and Pelosi will be doing their happy dance. Mass shooting event north of Atlanta Georgia. Now their bills will have a good chance of passing.

    • Oh, great they, at least claim to have, confirmed the Super Christian rumors. [Of course that could all end up like fire extinguishers and organized White Supremacy in DC, a narrative now falling apart completely. To the point that the University of Chicago has phone data analysis on it showing the vast majority are exactly who we were told they were not.]

      But for now, add “Christian” that to the list of things to demonize. Racist Christian White Supremacist Lunatic memes inbound.

    • CUE. “Que” means “what?” in Spanish. It is not even a word in the English language.

      But you are otherwise quite correct: if there is a major gun control struggling in its way through the halls of Congress you can set your watch by one of more timely multiple deaths via The Gun.

      EVERY. DAMN. TIME. What a “coincidence”, huh?

      • I think he meant que, like cue-ball in pool.

        Or que as in a line for something…

  14. Pennsylvania not to be outdone.
    Pa Senate bill # 429 , now in consideration
    Register all guns within 7 days , no grandfathering

  15. Hey Dianne, hows bout you take a time machine set it 1930 and go back to Germany where you came from.
    The Nazi’s could use a Jew like you, frickin traitor.

  16. “How would I manipulate these people most effectively?” is the question. It’s shitty, it feels wrong but it is nonetheless necessary or they will always outflank you. ”

    Oh, how dishonorable. If you use the tools of the enemy, you are no different from the enemy. Take the high road, even if it means consistently and eternally losing. How ’bout a tattoo that reads, “Honorem Supra Victoria” ?

  17. “Can they show up tomorrow morning and beat the Left at their own game? ”

    Who would take notice? Media is unhelpful, and a major percentage of the “audience” get their news from social media. The design is to accuse, then validate by the lack of response.

  18. Incremental elimination of the Second Amendment and our right to self-protectection, while they are opening our borders to terrorists, criminals and cartels.

    The destruction of Conservative America is the end-game…

    • No, no. The destruction of AMERICA is the end game; the Chinese aim to rule the Americas, and they have figured out how to do it without spilling Chinese blood.

      Not that they are averse to spilling their countrymen’s blood; au contraire, they are doing it in a manner that will ensure victory and rule out failure.

  19. Larry Keane didn’t read this quite as closely as he should have. Feinstein’s new ban doesn’t just include shotguns that can take detachable magazines that can hold more than five rounds; it also bans semi-auto shotguns with FIXED magazines that can hold more than 5 rounds.

    So, most shotguns used in 3-gun competitions.

  20. Authorities arrested two teenagers and charged them with second-degree murder in the death of a mentally ill Rochester, New York, man. According to reports, 16-year-old Zayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr. snuck into Steven Amenhauser’s home on Friday afternoon, sprayed him with a flammable fluid, and set him on fire. After 53-year-old Amenhauser caught fire, the two reportedly left him to die inside his home. Dude died FOUR days later..

    Someone call DiFi and tell she needs to add flammable liquids to her list, or maybe a ban on stupid teen-agers or something…

  21. “Is it possible such a law would be a double-edged sword?”

    Of course. Republicrats pushed the 22d Amendment, then came Ike and Ronnie. No matter their popularity, term limits enabled Dimwitocrat presidents to end winning streaks, just when the Dims could least afford more terms for Republican presidents.

    OTOH, limiting terms at lower levels mainly results in the replacement being a look alike; no trajectory change at all.

    Besides, if we the people are the sovereigns, then we should not be controlled such that we cannot re-elect our representatives forever.

  22. “I think he meant que, like cue-ball in pool.

    Or que as in a line for something…”

    Research that, a bit.


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