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Welcome to Octavio’s Everyday Carry.  He hails (I believe) from a small town near New Orleans and works as a federal security officers.

The Springfield Armory XDs in .45 Auto isn’t all that unusual, but Octavio doesn’t share the rig in which he carries it.  He also doesn’t carry a reload or a light.  Maybe he’s going to use that Zippo for light?  And it’s a .45, so one shot is all one needs, right?

Like an increasing number of folks, he carries some Bose wireless earbuds.  Pretty much everything by Bose qualifies as “nice.”

Also included in his photo are his Guess shades and an SOG knife.  And a Kasasa notebook?  Hmm.  (PS, where’s the pen?)




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  1. You use the zippo to light the torch you made out of a 1,000 year old human femur with a cloth soaked in oil. 😉

  2. Yeah. A NOLA bedroom. Maybe he works in the federal court or federal bank.

    I think he needs two guns for NOLA… least that’s my tact.

  3. Most Fed. Security Guards work on military facilities. Unlike Federal LEOs they have no arrest authority. The vast majority are also Veterans due to fact Competition for Security Guard positions is restricted by law to persons entitled to Veterans’ Preference as long as such applicants are available for appointment.

    • I doubt it. After looking at his other EDC’s ( he’s possibly a security guard, based on the photo (who knows if it is him), not a fed, and definitely not FPS. I’m pretty sure that FPS is currently issuing G17/19’s like all the other Fed agencies (except Secret Service and Air Marshal’s), and these agencies are very strict on your off-duty carry. Even when I was an LEO (with a Sheriff’s office in Colorado with slightly over 500 sworn personnel), our policy required our off duty to be either our on duty pistol or our off-duty/backup weapon (from a list that we could choose from), and we still had to qualify with it every other quarter.

      Sorry, but I think this guy is just an “Internet Tacticool.”

      • Not always the same with the Fed. My Agency is one that allows you to chose what ever off duty weapon you like. I carry an XDs in 9mm myself.

      • Also as a security guard (even a federal one) they likely don’t have an “off duty carry policy” as he would not fall under LEOSA.

      • And I’m still not sure after seeing his profile picture that I’m buying the “Federal Security Officer” thing. That’s such an elusive job title that doesn’t go with any official federal job. It kind of looks like a photo of “Nick Off Duty” on YouTube, and he is with Miami PD. Also, the shotgun bandolier over is uniform shirt… (something I could see Nick Off Duty doing for one of his promo photos)

        I once met a guy that was telling me he was with the “Federal Tactical Response Team.” I asked him what that was, and oh boy, the stories that started coming out. Sheriff’s patrol car blown up in Montana, all sorts of crazy stuff. When I told him that according to the CRS it is a felony to impersonate a sworn law enforcement officer in Colorado, he simply said, “Oh…” and walked away. It happened in a park, and he was wearing an “FBI” white-lettered shirt. My antenna really goes up anytime someone claims they are some sort of elusive “Fed.”

  4. Most EDC – and bugout bag – displays these days are from people trying to prove that they spent more money on their gear than the next guy and are thus more “tacti-cool”.

    In other words. a dick-measuring contest.

    Waste of everyone’s time. Go through a few hundred of these and you pretty much know everything anyone might want to carry. After that it’s just a matter of choosing what you prefer and what you can afford to spend.

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