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Octavio returns with his “Tan Tuesday” from Everyday Carry.  He hails from a small town near New Orleans and works as a federal security officer.

He writes:

I like good quality stuff that won’t break easily. Everything I have is always black this is my first color combination that deviated for nice combination

Instead of a Springfield Armory XDs in .45 Auto, today he shows us a FDE GLOCK 19.  Again, Octavio doesn’t share the rig in which he carries it.   Just like last time, he also doesn’t carry a reload or a light.

Like an increasing number of folks, he carries some Bose wireless earbuds.  Pretty much everything by Bose qualifies as “nice.”

Also included in his photo are his Gucci shades and an SOG knife.  And today, instead of a Kasasa notebook he has a Word notebook?  He likes his notebooks, but still no pen.



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  1. So is he showing us his official carry gun? Or is he changing his personal self defense gun daily? Like he does his socks and delicate undies?

    • Due to the grip angle, for me it was an adjustment to go from a XD9 to a Glock 19 (before I did a grip reduction). That FDE does look nice.

    • I doubt it, but depends on the contract. Most of these have the ability to take the gun to and from work with only very limited stops. Most of the local contracts are some flavor of glock. These guys run the security at most the federal buildings rented out by GSA and FPS dose the contract compliance for the security contracts and calls for assistance.

  2. “Pretty much everything by Bose qualifies as “nice.””

    Bose active noise reduction (especially in their aviation headsets) is hands-down *superb*.

    Bose in reproducing high-fidelity music rates a solid *meh*. Their midrange is solid, the low-end is kinda indistinct and the highs are uninspiring with a noted lack of ‘air’.

    Listen to a pair of 901s and hear it for yourself…

    • Yeah, I was just reading about all the features of that G-Shock. Holy cow! That’s a lot of watch for $225 (Amazon). Looks pretty indestructible as well.

        • I wonder what you get more in a $5,000 Casio watch compared to an $800 one. I guess you get to tell people that you’re wearing a $5,000 watch.

        • Hannibal: “ I guess you get to tell people that you’re wearing a $5,000 watch.”

          Right after they say that, I bet you’ll get to be the one responding to the report of a robbery that just occurred…

        • @Hannibal you actually get less features when it comes to some of the other lower priced models. I have a G-Shock Gulfmaster that sells for $570 and it has an altimeter, barometer, compass, depth meter, thermometer, tide graph, sunset/sunrise times, solar charging, and atomic timekeeping. The MR-G is awesome but it doesn’t have all the sensors that other G-Shocks have. They use premium materials and it’s handfinished so that drives the price up. Sort of like a Rock Island 1911 compared to a Nighthawk or Ed Brown. It’s all in the details and exclusiveness.

  3. Metarie isn’t really a town. It’s a community.

    If it was a town or city, it would be in the top 10 of LA.

    Looks like this guy likes watches more than guns.

  4. Meh, why spend $5K on a watch, when your $300 phone can do the same thing faster and easier than any watch (Hold button B, while clicking button E 6 times while facing magnetic North and hopping on your left foot to access the barometer function)😂. After 40, good luck seeing the display on the watch. At least my $75 Casio 5 Alarm has big hands I can see without reading glasses. Suffers from “No Spare Mag Because Ize A Crack Shot” syndrome it appears😂.

    • Well the phone is going to need to have daily power to keep it going but unless you’re using a smartwatch you won’t have that problem with a watch. On my G-Shock I can access all the sensors with one button and only needed to calibrate it once. It’s solar powered and the battery lasts for 10 years. It’s more of a survival tool to me than just a watch. Also it’s not just about how they function. It’s about how they make you feel wearing them. Just like how you could buy a Hi-Point that can shoot bullets just as well as a gun costing 10x as much. Custom handmade 1911s have their place just as luxury watches.

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