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“Yitz,” a surgeon in New York, sends his Summer Carry for today’s pocket dump.  From Everyday Carry.

For a guy who can afford about anything he wants, the utilitarian nature of his choices in EDC speak volumes.

Really, the watch is the only exotic thing he has.  Baume at Mercier Capeland…   about a $400 watch or so.  He carries a Buck skeletonized folder, a SIG P365 with a reload.  He carries it in an Alien Gear Shape Shift 4.0 inside-the-waistband rig.

The Flowfold front pocket wallet is another very non-pretentious wallet.

Indeed the only thing Doc Yitz should consider is a small pocket tactical flashlight.  After all, bad guys prefer to ply their trade in less than ideal lighting.

Thank you, Mr. Yitz.

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  1. Wait a minute. A doctor who lives in New York and carries a handgun? I’ll bet we can count the number of doctors who live in New York and carry a handgun on one hand.

    (Aside from the two physicians who occasionally provide content for this website, I did not think any other physicians carried handguns around in their daily lives.)

      • ‘liljoe,

        Nice to hear that you are armed for your own personal protection.

        Of course there has to be more than a handful of physicians who are armed for their own protection. Unfortunately, it seems to be a minuscule fraction of all physicians. I wish it was a majority — or at least that a majority of physicians would support being responsibly armed for self-defense.

    • I’ve known more than a few who carried. One of “backed me up” one night till backup arrived. Because of their profession, they tend not to let it be known. But I’m an old guy, so I don’t know if this is true with the younger crowd of doctors. Kinda like being a Republican Actor in Hollywood.

      • B72512GA,

        Because of their profession, they tend not to let it be known.

        Kinda like being a Republican Actor in Hollywood.

        I think you hit the nail on the head.

      • Had a rent a doc at a rural PA facility put his feet up on the desk one night and accidently expose his ankle holster. Since it was a rural hospital and the gun nut level of the staff started at “married to a hunter” and went as high as “I shoot coyotes with my AK” it was just a conversation starter. I’ve heard stories of docs in Philly changing employers over such indiscretions.

  2. Sometimes I think about getting an Alien Gear holster for my 75BD… every time I think that I read someone saying how much they absolutely and completely hate Alien Gear crap.

    Ah, 1st world problems.

    Nice SIG. When I see that thing on sale it whispers my name. So far I’ve managed to drown it out with the whispering of other guns but… one day it will win.

    • strych9,

      I purchased an Alien Gear inside waistband holster and I cannot wear it because it digs (hard) into the crotch of my leg when I sit down.

      I am seriously disappointed in that. I really liked it otherwise.

      • strych9,

        Notice how far down the “front” edge of the holster extends down below the front belt clip: it easily extends as far down as the muzzle of your handgun, which is WAY lower than the bottom of your belt.

        Now sit in a chair while wearing a belt and see how close your leg is to the bottom of your belt. For many people, the bottom of their belt almost rests on their leg. That means the bottom of the holster will be digging into your leg something fierce when you are sitting down.

        As far as I can see, that Alien Gear inside-the-waistband holster would be excellent if you carry in the kidney (4 or 8 o’clock) or small of your back (5, 6, or 7 o’clock ) positions when seated. But it doesn’t work for appendix (2 or 11 o’clock) or hip (3 or 9 o’clock) positions if you sit down.

        • The model pictured is for strong-side carry around 4 or 5, give or take. It is not an AIWB holster. With the Shape Shift, I believe there is a modular change that can be made so that the holster shell can be AIWB with a different backing and clip configuration.

        • That is correct, there is a separate backing for AIWB.
          I wear this at 430 and it’s very comfortable that way. I haven’t tried the AIWB configuration though.

    • I have the Cloak Tuck 3.0 and shells for a LC380, XD9, Sig P229 Elite and a Shield. It’s super comfortable at the 4:30 position. I got to try the Shapeshift and found it to be bulky for even a Shield.

      • SoCalJack,

        I always wear my handgun on my hip at the 3:00 o’clock position so I have not tried my Alien Gear holster at 4:30 o’clock position. It sure looks like it would be very comfortable there as you stated.

    • I have the Clock Tuck 2.0 or 3.0 (I forget). I generally like it anywhere from the 2:30 to 3:30 position, but I have noted that with a G43, when I’m working outside and doing low work (think something like wide stance squats), the muzzle does tend to dig in a bit after while. I’m actually thinking that might be less of a problem if I had something with a longer slide.

      Otherwise the hostler is pretty comfortable in the car, at a desk, and generally going about the day.

      I’m Interested in the shape shifter, but it looks a little bulky, so I’m hesitant.

      • I have also been interested in the Shape shift. They have a 30 day test drive so I will probably order one Friday to try with a couple of hand guns I hope to pick up this weekend. Maybe I’ll submit a review or something.

    • S9 – I don’t use my AG holster. Too uncomfortable, especially during summer. For the ultimate in comfort, it’s DIY.

      I went with minimalist Blade-Tech kydex IWB. I carefully filed down all the pressure points and bent my own kydex belt loops to give me just the right draw angle. The targets at 30 yards say it works.

      YMMV. G’Luck, sir.

  3. Must not be a very good surgeon…….I mean really….no Rolex…..or high-end car key.

    Just kidding……kinda.

    • People who dress and accessorize like millionaires very rarely ARE millionaires. Those who are good at accumulating wealth are also pretty good at not spending it unnecessarily, as it turns out…

      • Could be true. But I see see a lot “MD” personalized license plates in my travels.

        And they’re not on a Toyota unless its a Land Cruiser.

        Their money to spend….no problem with that…bit most Doctors I know want everyonemto know who they are…..except a couple of Chinese hearts surgeons I know. They do drive toyotas.

      • My wife has a friend who owns a spa. She employs 2 “Doctors” (they are real doctors but they must have gone to Bill’s school of medicine) who do botox for her clients. You would not believe how much those guys make. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess right at 7 figures. It’s obscene and hilarious at the same time.

        I wouldn’t let either of those guys dress an ingrown toenail on me.

  4. Agree with above on watch, plus he, didn’t include his car keys , because in his words, “ they change daily ,” so I guess his money goes to his fleet of cars .

  5. 1. Nice set up.

    2. “For a guy who can afford about anything he wants…”

    Well, not exactly. Statistically speaking, doctors have much higher amounts of debt and, also, live more lavishly then the average person. Most people confuse an ability to product a high income, giving one a greater ablility to amass large amounts of debt, with wealth or overall net worth.

    Make $1M, spend $1M, then you’re broke. Make $100K, spend $50K, then you’re not broke.

    • Yeah…money is tight everywhere.

      All those doctors having a hard time making their Ford Focus notes.


  6. I don’t know why you all think doctors are majority ant gun.
    In my hospital, the departments of Anesthesia and Surgery are a bunch of gun nuts.
    Our Pathologist is also pro gun.
    I know that my department chief keeps a gun in his truck and in his office.
    I would guess that others carry in the hospital as well, against the hospitals rules.

    • I train Jiu-Jitsu with several physicians, who also carry guns… you wouldn’t know it just looking at any of them, but they’re savages.

    • It’s similar to how many across the US think that gun owners in slave states voted for Anti-2A politicians and dont do crap to fight for 2A rights.

    • Same reason people think cops are anti gun; their professional organizations are very anti gun and pretty much full on communist.

      Rank and file doctors and cops are much more pro guns than the AMA, or police chiefs

  7. 4 of the doctors I have gone to since moving to the town in FL I live in, all carry guns, As matter of fact the receptionist and female pharmacist also carry. SO it’s not as strange as you may think. My spinal surgeons both knew I carried, as they always wanted to see what I had, one guy I actually got into shooting. I also had a NYC license for 25 yrs in NYC, due to the fact that I owned and ran 5 Hair Salons with 200 employees, and in the 70’s -90’s they were mostly cash businesses, so I had deposits, Payroll, overnight collections etc. It did require an enormous amount of letters, and paperwork from my bank, accountant, attorney etc and 3 interviews, to initially obtain. But all of my managers of the 5 stores had or were able to get licenses in Nassau County easily, we were in Nassau and NYC primarily.

  8. At our local municipal range, I can name a dozen physicians off the top of my head, more if I looked at the membership roster. Only a couple I can name are very Anti and outsooken about it (just shows the ignorance and assholism in the Anti’s IMO). I had a little of same isdue with my Alien Gesr digging, until I looked at the keepers and adjusted the forward one down, and that took care of the problem. I’ve had mine for going on 6 years, and other than that adjustment issue, have had no problems with the holster. Haters gotta hate as I see it. I use a Bianchi 101-16 OWB during the hot months as I find an IWB better for cooler months.
    Good Simple and solid EDC rig. I agree with a flashlight. Even a Streamlight Nano should be on your key ring or in your pocket. As for watches, a $10,000 Rolex and a $25 Casio look the same when smacked against a hard surface😂. For me a high dollar watch is an ostentatious display of wealth and doesn’t fit in the concept I have of a “Gray” character at all.

  9. It’s been fun seeing all these comments.

    A few points in response to the above comments:

    I used to carry a light but the pocket bulk annoyed me, I now rely on my phone. I wear the AG at 4:30 and it is quite comfy for me. Upstate NY has a very, very different attitude towards the 2A than NYC.

    My unpretentious edc reflects the fact that as POTG, we prepare for the future. While I can’t quite afford ANYTHING want, I can (and occasionally do) certainly treat myself to status symbol items (watches) but prefer to save for the future and invest in private, religious schooling my thankfully generous size family.

    I dont have a fleet of cars, just 2 family hauler SUVs: a nice BIG one for me and one for the Mrs.

    Plenty of “Members of the Tribe” (Jews) like myself are tooling up and training, as our past has taught us not to be complacent anywhere. As a matter of fact I train regularly.

    I make a point of speaking about the 2A in front of people at work and synagogue and with friends and neighbors to help de-stigmatize firearms in less-than-friendly NY.

    Thanks for all the input!

    And specialist38- my patients think I’m a great surgeon 😀

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