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By Rob Fox

Dystopian-themed fashion house Bstroy, founded by designers Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams, has a hot new line of, um, uh…bullet-riddled school shooting hoodies?

Be the hottest-looking person to be put on a watch list this fall when you walk around your neighborhood rocking Bstroy’s faded navy and white Columbine hoodie, distressed to look as someone had been murdered while wearing it.

And you’ll never look more fabulous than you will while wearing, and being viciously beaten for wearing, their green, bullet hole-covered Sandy Hook hoodie. You know, Sandy Hook…where first-graders were slaughtered.


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Bstroy Season 5 SS20 SAMSARA. Photography : @nateshuls @kusumadjaja

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(It’s probably just a sick coincidence that the model they have in the Sandy Hook hoodie resembles the Sandy Hook shooter. On the one hand, this feels like something someone tone-deaf enough to make these things would do. Then again, someone dumb enough to design these is almost certainly not informed enough to know who the Sandy Hook shooter was or what he looked like.)

Based on the prices listed on fashion house’s website, you’ll soon be able to buy one of these daring fashion statements for about $250 a pop, with absolutely none of the profits going to the victims’ families or any other worthy cause.

Mostly, buying these things will probably just pay for the drugs Owens and Grams will use to inspire their next brilliant fashion idea.


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Bstroy Season 5 SS20 SAMSARA. Photography : @nateshuls @kusumadjaja

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This is like the output of some low-level, college fashion design class project gone wrong.


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Bstroy Season 5 SS20 SAMSARA. Photography : @nateshuls @kusumadjaja

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As you’d expect, the creative pair behind the new line has received a significant amount of backlash — from Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, Sandy Hook parents, among others. Owens and Grams released a statement that basically said, ”We made them because it makes you think, man.” Or something.

Get a load of this:

Sometimes life can be painfully ironic. Like the irony of dying violently in a place you consider to be a safe, controlled environment, like school. We are reminded all the time of life’s fragility, shortness, and unpredictability yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential. it is the push and pull that creates the circular motion that is the cycle of life. Nirvana is the goal we hope to reach through meditation and healthy practices that counter our destructive habits. Samsara is the cycle we must transcend to reach Nirvana.

So, yeah, these guys dropped some faux-Buddhism to justify making money from dead children. Which is probably right on-brand.

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  1. Okay, wait…this is a comedy of errors…

    Somebody came up with idea.
    Somebody approved the idea.
    Somebody funded the idea.
    Somebody create the product samples.
    Somebody gathered models to willingly and knowingly be in a photo shoot with the product.
    Somebody is marketing the product.
    **Is somebody going to actually buy the product?**

  2. How about one that looks like it was taken from someone that had his throat slit. It would have a massive blood stain around the neck area. $300 for one with a fake blood stain. $400 for one with a real blood stain.

  3. If they would have called it a protest and called gun owners a bunch of nasty names, and endorsed whatever crap the Dems are trying to pass, then they would get cheers from leftists.

  4. I’m not shocked at fashion depravity…as long as it’s “for the children”. That modelboy DOES resemble Lanza😫 You’re a a sickf””k fink!

  5. Should be a hit,pun intended with Leftard parents for their mindless progeny to make a statement,after all virtue signaling is everything to the average Leftard .

  6. Yes I’m speechless, and that’s saying something because you can’t usually shut me up. That said , how F….ng disturbing!!

  7. Do they not know what bullet holes look like? Cuz those don’t look like bullet holes. Those guys just look…..homeless.

    • Agreed. Matt at Demolition Ranch makes best bullet holes in shirts with his .50 Barrett. Funny ones, like “It’s just a flash wound!”.

  8. Dark humor is common in my line of work. The standard is that nothing is too sick if it’s funny enough. These are not funny and are likely to open some very painful wounds.

    • I for one LOVE dark humor but there is absolutely NOTHING humorous about this.

      It’s the absolute lowest form of tasteless, subhuman bottom feeding. I for one would love to see anyone wearing one of these get beat down and whatever warehouse their made in burn to the ground.

  9. I thought hit bottom of barrel. I have seen very few things that just knocked my legs out from under me. I hope maybe someone will like it. I think it is such a low blow.

  10. Sadly, the ridiculous hoodies are the best looking item of clothing that the models are wearing. With or without holes, they look absolutely stupid. I teach high school and see all sorts of silly fashions (or lack thereof) and these guys would be laughed at by even goofiest dressed in my school.

    • Perhaps, but many of these same youngsters were clamoring for Lady Gaga as she was parading around in her meat dress. ‘Cuz they thought that was cool, somehow.

  11. Well at least they’re white people doing this. I remember when folks were complaining about black rappers rapping about shooting each other in their gangster music.

    Can’t blame this one on the blacks!!!

    It’s capitalism baby!!!

      • No not everything. But on Gun Control. Yes it does.

        I believe these white fashion designers plan on making a great deal of money, they hope from all the (mostly black) gang violence in places like Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit.

        What do you think?

  12. I’m thinking I should sell Jussie Smollett Halloween costumes consisting of a poorly tied noose and a Subway sandwich for $100.

      • I don’t know, I might be tempted to hang myself just so I don’t have to eat the sub. Subway has got to be about the worst fast food chain there is. Some of their ‘Chicken’ subs don’t even contain 50% chicken.

        • A couple of years ago, I noticed that my blood pressure was starting to go up a little, from Normal to Pre-Hypertensive. I eat a healthy diet (or so I thought), so I couldn’t figure out what it was. My doctor suggested blood medication, but I’m too young to start that type of regimen, so I instead chose to start watching my sodium intake.

          I used to have two foot-long sandwiches at Subway per week, but I found that the bread *alone* in a single sandwich has more sodium than the entire recommended daily intake. Add the sodium in the meat, and you’re toast. So I stopped Subway cold turkey (pun intended, haha) and haven’t gone there in two years.

          My blood pressure dropped back to normal within 30 days and has been there ever since. Subway is NOT as healthy as they advertise.

        • Pg(two) – pgII – Gp2

          Same guy, just trying to get around the username filters. TTAG has ban-blocked the original name, and will block any comment or reply that even contains the now-blocked name ‘Pgtwo’ (insert number for the word two). So this guy keeps trying.

  13. “Fashion Designer Launches Line of School Shooting-Themed Hoodies…With Bullet Holes”

    Absolutely tasteless, but I’m quite sure that liberals find this more than acceptable…

  14. We’ll be introducing football jerseys with the shooters names on the back and the number corresponding to their kills for our Fall lineup. Look for them in upcoming rap videos.

  15. So what… it’s bad taste but that’s the point. Art is weird because homosexuals are stupid. This is what happens when homosexuals do art. Homosexuals are evil and the worst thing made by evil people. But I do not think this hurts anybody. Making fun of a tragedy or showing bad taste is not the same thing as causing one. I think this is just a publicity stunt to raise awareness for the vivir documentary that is coming out about Sandy Hook.

    • Your homophobia, or own latent tendencies, are irrelevant to the discussion.

      The only salvageable portion of your comment are the words ‘publicity stunt’. Probably though, it’s for their own aggrandizement, since it looks like they’re just trying to cash in on some subset of.the faux angst, “stick it to the man” crowd.

  16. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a silk screen place make a few hoodies then go out and shoot them? I mean….we all like to shoot right?

  17. The designer is worse than the shooter out to make money from a tragedy. Disrespectful towards the victims family’s, who approved of this? Can we put money aside & say not happening, never again try this idea you piece of shit. Find a new business venture you putz.

    God bless the family’s of all those who caught in the worst of these mass school shootings. Unacceptable. More people need to ban this before mass shootings becomes trendy. What’s wrong with these kids? How dare they start shooting for whatever reason.

    • Pg(two) – pgII – Gp2

      Same guy, just trying to get around the username filters. TTAG has ban-blocked the original name, and will block any comment or reply that even contains the now-blocked name ‘Pgtwo’ (insert number for the word two). So this guy keeps trying.

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