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Beretta’s had enough of Maryland’s ever-more restrictive gun laws and announced they’ll abandon their facilities in Accokeek for a more firearms-friendly locale. From “Beretta warned that stricter gun control laws would push the company outside of state lines, but that didn’t stop Maryland legislators. Jeffrey Reh, a spokesman for Beretta who also serves as the President of Stoeger Industries under Beretta, announced that the company would begrudgingly uproot and take its business elsewhere. He said, ‘We don’t want to do this, we’re not willing to do this, but obviously this legislation has caused us a serious level of concern within our company.’ He added that Beretta paid approximately $31 million in taxes, employs 400 people, and had invested $73 million in the business over the past several decades.”

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      • Second that! And Virginia is where Quantico and the Pentagon are. It only makes sense, unless the election goes south this year. (Although didn’t McAuliffe just buy himself a Beretta?)

        • Virginia will be the same as us in 5-10 years. Marylander’s flee Maryland to NOVA for the safer and cheaper environment, and then vote the same to make it more like Maryland. Like Californians did to Colorado.

          West Virginia would be their best bet.

        • I think northern VA needs to be it’s own effing state.
          And Beretta: GOOD RIDDANCE
          To MARYLAND, I meant!!!

        • OH well, It seems when I retire soon I’ll have to leave Virginia and move to a more free state. Hey, Perhaps I will move to a state with no state income tax.

      • Baretta should move to pro gun Nevada and provide some much needed jobs in Harry Reids District.

        They should set up their facility with the test ranges pointed at Sacramento, CA.

        That would be great irony.

      • yes indeed!! TN would welcome Beretta with OPEN ARMS!!
        Former employee of Beretta (In Maryland) I left, Beretta leaving…….GOOD!!! MARYLAND IS FULL OF NUTJOBS ANYWAY!!

        PLEASE COME TO TN! 🙂

      • I think you’re onto something John. I see Beretta headed to the Carolinas, and just being associated with the Fort Bragg area would add to the company’s cool factor, not to mention Eastern NC has a ton of locations to film promo shoots and marketing material.

    • Where are the ones in CT doing the same? Colt, Stag, Mossberg, et al. They need to move or I don’t buy a thing from them. Same with the NY companies. They all need to wake up to the fact these states hate them.

      • Move your business or lose your business. I would add Remington and Savage to your list as well. Neither have said a thing about leaving after NY trashed the Constitution.

      • Exactly, unfortunately were entering a zero tolerance time and no ass and tush kissing permitted.
        Its the consumers dollar, not hitler obamas, not these
        repressive slave blue state regimes.

    • and good BBQ and beautiful women that walk around all day every where you go in bikinis and high heels

    • Beretta’s not moving! They will be propositioned (enticed) or threatened about losing their big government contract and stay they will!

        • lol LOVE that comment. Oh yes, Beretta WILL LEAVE!! Italian Comp. they could care less about BO and Maryland’s lib laws, I worked there, they are in the business of making money!!


    • Every company I read about that leaves anit gun states gets more business for me. Add that up by all the other people that are paying attention and it should add up to more sales. Want to make sure we all support companies that stand up to the BS

      • As well as huge tax incentives, Texas will protect in state manufacturers from further federal incursions too! Please move to Texas Beretta, I would gladly come to work for you!

      • Grew up in Maryland used to be a sportsmans paradise. My whole family moved to the free states of Texas and TN when the commies took it over. Good riddance!

  1. I just purchased a US made 92FS. Glad I did and I’m glad they are sticking to the principles of the 2A and telling Maryland to shove it. I tried to find an email address to express my THANKS but cannot find anything. Wanted to say “Thank you” and that I LOVE my new 92FS.

  2. So we have MagPul, HiViz, IDPA, and Beretta, all voting with their feet. I have to support them even though I feel for the people in those states. It might not phase the politicians much but it might just very well piss off a lot of registered voters.

    • I know that if I owned a cafe or coffee shop across the street from the factory, and the factory closed due to my elected officials stupidity, you can damn well bet I would not vote for them again.

      At least we can hope….

    • Anyone notice how the Beretta factory employs only 400 people to fabricate all these thousands of pistols? That’s the nature of modern manufacturing, it requires just a few highly skilled technicians and engineers and a buttload of automated, computer controlled machine tools. And machine tools don’t vote. Our illustrious left-wing party twigged to this years ago and has realized that it’s more profitable to represent people who don’t work than those who do. With the myopic focus on the high-earning upper class by their counterparts, it leaves people who aren’t willing to be subjugated by our betters but still don’t have the means to sling seven-figure donations every election without any effective advocates. It’s more than gun control; as ever, the root of the problem is economics.

  3. Florida, the Gunshine State, and already home to quite a few firearms manufactories, with access to the exotic materials on the Space Coast, and at least three international ports for shipping and receiving of raw materials and product, would also welcome Beretta with open arms.

    Why stay in a State which sucks when you could go somewhere you’re more appreciated, you have a larger civilian customer base, AND you’ve got access to more and cheaper stuff and more space-age machine shops than you can shake a stick at for precision subcontract work?

    Come to Florida, Beretta. We love you long time.

    • What do you mean we don’t have winter? We have two or three whole weeks where it goes down to nearly 40 degrees! Brrr!

      But all kidding aside, the Sunshine state loves the Second Amendment. The “Gunshine” State… lol… I’m going to have to remember that!

      Come to the Sun, Beretta!

  4. STI, Mossberg/Maverick, Bond Arms; Texas is big enough, we can handle a few more makers. Magpul and Beretta are more than welcome in the lone star state.

    • If Beretta would please move to Fort Worth, I would love to pick up a shift in the assembly line. One job just isn’t enough anymore since we are all now saddled with paying the way for people who refuse to work, and I know everyone is running around the clock.

  5. Suck it Maryland! Not sure it if the best place, but you can come here to WI. Milwaukee really could use the boost in economy.

      • I live in wisconsin also……i would not trust us at all to treat a gun company nice at all. Wisconsin is too liberal so sadly i will say stay the heck away from us since i ove your shotguns beretta!

        • I agree with Pete. Love my home state of WI, but they are not to be trusted. Mayor Barrett is a big player for MAIG. The state voted for Obama twice, and we had to put up with Doyle for quite some time. Thankfully, there are probably more hunters per capita than anywhere else in the country, which would make draconian measures difficult to pass, but we have way too many progressive-I-know-what’s-best-for-everyone-else in Madison. Between the blue votes of Madison and Milwaukee, they have shown that they can outvote the rest of the state.

  6. Again, proud to own a Beretta. Looks like when they said “Berettas don’t bluff” they in fact were not bluffing

  7. Liberals have once again lost manufacturing jobs for their states. the unions gotta love that. Texas would be proud for Beretta to call it home.

  8. Not sure this is news. The links to this site’s sources are all ~6 weeks old. No Beretta employees at MD shooters had confirmed this as if an hour or two ago.

    • This is a very good point. This story references three others, all from the last week of February. I did a search on Jeffrey Reh’s name and all that came up was more than a dozen reposts of the article linked above, but not a single original, recent source. I’ll believe it when the moving truck show up.

  9. Come to Florida, Beretta. We love you long time. 🙂
    As long as they LEAVE for free-er climates!
    This is how the Renesance started, imagine what might happen if some gun engineers got together in a free country with-out the red tape!

    • Gun Engineers? Did someone say Gun Engineers? I personally know four Mechanical Engineers (with gun building/shooting experience) who have resumes at the ready and would LOVE it if Beretta came to the central Gunshine state. (Yep, I stole that term from an earlier post.) 😀

  10. Way to go, Beretta! I’m glad to see more manufacturers are refusing to take this kind of bullsh!t lying down. Hit these bastards in the pocketbook by taking your business and taxable revenues to a friendlier climate!

    How ’bout comin’ down to Louisiana, chere? We got crawfish!

    • Crawfish etufe?
      Mix some Free French Creole and some down home Italian Cooking
      N. O. is reborne!
      PS my next firearm will be a Berreta!

  11. I like it that a company that supplies our army with their sidearms is saying they are behind the citizen. Thank you beretta. Colt…pay attention. Remington…i gave up on you a long time ago…but i could come back instantly if you ditch ny!

  12. Beretta please consider coming to Mississippi; we love guns, guitars, girls and good old fashioned bbq.
    My ’92 would love more company.

    • 10-4!
      Untill Obuma outlaws Freedom Of Movement, any company (cough-Colt-Rem-Win-cough) can relocate at will; taking the tax dollars and high paying jobs with them.
      Most of those NE coast workers have never lived in the South, never met Polite PPL, never ‘et’ REAL smoked meat BBQ or crawdads and corn.
      Never even neted themselves a mess of crawdads off an old bridge at sunset,,,and seen the glory of God in each delicious mouthful of his bounty

  13. Would love to see them move just up the road here to PA. We have a skilled manufacturing workforce and a lot of MD workers already live in York county to avoid the ridiculous taxes and infringements on freedom. It would be nice if our state government could do something to attract permanent manufacturing companies and not just the gas drillers who will head back to OK once the wells are in.

    Just saw a buddy’s new Nano the other night. That little pistol is looking even better now.

    • PA has good PPL all right, no-one can EVER question their loyality to the Founding Documents, as long as their politicians are not in the mix.
      TX, gather the forces that will fight for Liberty. The land/location does not matter, make your coporate life a stand for the last nation where Freedom Rings a nation that is loud enough to fight off any and everything,,,PPL will listen
      Build it; they will come!

  14. If this is true, I may be looking at picking up a 92fs or cx4 storm.
    Beretta was never at the top of my list of boom sticks, but I will vote with dollars since apparently my vote here in MD means nothing.

    • Also many many Illegals.. It could be perceived as an Expressway in to the US.

      Nice state been there lots. I also love AZ’s Illegal Alien smack down laws but Holder and Odumba are still handicapping AZ in court and wasting their money as are the Illegals.

  15. One of the reasons the north won the civil war is because most to all of the weapons manufacturers in the country were located in the north. Now a lot of those manufacturers are being pushed to the south, just sayin’.

    • You’re right, that’s one of the biggest reasons the north won, but I have one small adjustment to make to your statement:

      “One of the reasons the north won the civil war is because most to all of the everything manufacturers in the country were located in the north.”

      The south had no manufacturing to speak of in any sector, whether bullets, beans, boots, or blankets. Also, there were criminal-level failings in Lee’s supply lines for the stuff they did have, such as the QM in Richmond simply refusing to send what he needed for his starving, shoeless troops because “it might be needed in the defense of Richmond.”

      Even unto the last, his QM leadership failed him. One of the last major “losses” that led to Lee’s decision to surrender did not occur on the battlefield. Less than a week before the surrender at Appomattox Court House, after the fall of Petersburg and its rail nexus, Lee and his army were fleeing west to regroup and resupply to continue the fight. The fall of Petersburg meant that Richmond would fall soon as well, losing all of its massed supplies, so Lee sent word to “send the rations” ahead of his army by rail, and they would meet up at Amelia Court House. Lee urged his starving men on — they hadn’t had a proper meal in weeks — with the promise that if they made it to Amelia Court House, they’d have a few hours to stop and rest and draw rations. They arrived at Amelia Court House to find several long trains waiting, but when they opened them they found no rations. The QM corps in Richmond, in their last effort before leaving the city, had sent him trainloads of bullets and shot and powder, but not a single car of rations. That was April 5, 1865. Four days later Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant at Appomattox Court House.

  16. This is why MOM (O’Malley) brought in extra casinos….to fill the revenue gap. This state is becoming more and more like a herd of sheep and that’s what they want.

  17. as both a MD state resident and a native of pg county (where Beretta is/is leaving from) i say good for them. Our elected officials choose to give the middle finger to both the 2a minded residents of the state and the firearms companies located here (Beretta, LWRCI, ADCOR). You reap what you sow, i just wonder if the latter two are going to follow suit, given that they are smaller companies comparatively.

  18. they adjusted the features test in the bill as a concession to Beretta to make their new rifle legal. And they leave anyway. It’s like a double F-U to O’Malley.

    Honestly, good – the people of Maryland need to wake up and understand what the legislators really stand for. Maybe now they will finally understand. And i can say this because I am cautiously optimistic that much of this will be struck down, and because the bill has many loopholes anyway.

  19. The title of the post seems to have changed from “Fed Up, Beretta Announces They Will Leave Maryland” to ” Beretta Promises They Will Leave Maryland”.

    Do you have statement from Beretta? Curious people want to know.

    • The title did change because it was misleading. We have a call in to Beretta. Sorry for any confusion.

    • Thanks for that link JAS. This TTAG post is so wrong it borders on irresponsible. Even with the changed title, the post is incorrect. Beretta has “promised” nothing.

  20. Spotsylvania County, VA already got Beretta’s distribution facility the last time the “Free” State trampled on its citizen’s rights. We are ready and willing to accept their manufacturing operations too! We have an idle facility that begs for a quality manufacturing operation.

    Bring it here, Beretta!

  21. Come to SD. Rated #1 free state in tax/fiscal policy. No state income tax or corporate tax. #2 state overall. Story on the Blaze.

  22. Louisiana would be proud to put you up!! Home of Duck Commander, Moderate weather and Great Food!!! Our Gov. will make you a deal you can’t Refuse!!!We have a long tradition of hunters,law officers and citizens who understand Gun Ownership!!!!We would be very happy to have you in our state!!!

  23. If Beretta actually does this a new M9 IS going in my gun safe. Beretta need not fear a government change of sidearm. There is too much vested interest in the M9 and Beretta is the one that makes them and the spare parts.

  24. Im sick of Maryland. They found new ways to rape us, the taxpayers with a huge jump in the gas tax. they tax everything that moves and if it doesnt move they kick it and THEN tax it. Welcome to the Democrat run utopia. Were everyone is miserable. Maryland. The little california. Good luck Beretta. I dont blame you a bit and wish you well in a state not run by these tax and spend retards.

    • MD gas prices were a lot lower until recently. I wondered if the looters had noticed the difference and made a move on it. Add that to the rise in tolls and proposals to increase them yearly. On top of that, the uniformed revenue collectors are everywhere, fleecing the unlucky few.

      MD is a rather large state that blocks in PA, VA, WVa and DE so policies enacted here cause a lot of problems.

  25. Stop voting effing libtard (democrat). Elections have consequences. I we can only hold out til’ 14′ midterms (pray we dont have another school shooting).

  26. I would love to see Beretta come to gun pro Botetourt County Va. I hate to see people in Maryland lose jobs. This is just another example of how the government is send this country down the drain.

  27. Kentucky is the place to be. Bowling Green welcomes industry and KY has the best gun laws in the country. A constitutional right to open carry and no other authority can supersede this.

  28. Sorry, I’m so late posting, but I’ve been enjoying my life in Florida, as Beretta would. Moving here is a no brainer. Besides, when you want to take a vacation, you are already here. Come on down Beretta, we would love to have you! By the way, I already own several Beretta products, love ’em!

  29. My family member is involved in commercial real estate here in Arizona,where Dillon Precison,and Ruger currently reside.Word within the industry here is that Remington in Ilion New York is looking for another place to land as well.Born and raised in n Jersey and southern New York,I have fond memories of hunting all types of large and small game with the fathers and sons from the family.Talking to old friends still back there tell me that’s all but gone.Fortunatly I moved to AZ.and had the opportunity to raise my sons the same way I was.Keep it up New York you may end up being the TIE DIE capital of the world,and remember to keep hydrated I’ve heard that’s hard work!!!!

  30. How ignorant are the people representing us??? PRETTY F**KING IGNORANT. It isn’t the gun. It is the whack-a-doodle brandishing the gun. I have never seen any of my guns jump out of my dresser drawer and run outside to shoot someone. It is the citizens of Maryland that will suffer now. JOBS LOST and we can thank BO for that.


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