Capital Gazette Shooting
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“It would be incredibly hard, if not impossible, to get people to rally around shotgun restrictions, and characterizing a shotgun as an ‘assault-something’ would further push the ‘assault weapon’ debate toward meaninglessness. The attack couldn’t be blamed on lax gun laws this time either. It happened in Maryland, a veritable hellhole for gun owners.

“This made the Capital Gazette shooting tactically unsound for anti-gun messaging. They would have to either call for laws stricter than Maryland’s (good luck), or claim that existing laws would suffice if enforced.” – Matthew Larosiere in After the Annapolis shooting, the anti-gun crowd’s silence is deafening [via]

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  1. In other words, it would have highlighted the absurdity of blaming things for people’s actions, and of adding more restrictions on the law-abiding in the name of stopping criminals.

    Criminal law, really is a codification of consequences for doing what society considers to be “bad things.” It can deter, perhaps, an “on the border” transgressor, but it cannot prevent.

    Adding additional laws that make the currently law-abiding into instant criminals will not stop bad people from doing bad things. But it will instantly make those former law-abiding citizens more contemptuous of the law as a whole; and it gives less incentive to keep complying with existing laws they happen not to like. This is not the stated intent; whether it is a desired intent can be debated.

    • I could not have said this better myself!! Law-abiding people have never been the problem. The hellhole of Chicago should be a great example to all who believe that some of the strictest gun laws in the country have done ANYTHING to curb the gang shootings and killings! These gangs care NOTHING about the law or anything else, except themselves. No matter what laws are enacted, THOSE people will never abide by them. They are just one of the many reasons that law-abiding people own firearms. As for myself, I decided long ago I would never be anyone’s victim, even more so in these days and times.

    • But the law *can* prevent! It has to! That’s why we’ve passed so many laws, so bad things would be prevented! It’s why we have to keep passing laws! So bad things can be prevented!


    • Yea. It’s kind of strange that so many of the shooters turn out to be socialist democrats with an axe to grind. Only one that could be a Republican that I can think of is the punk that shot up a church in South Carolina. Almost like the media doesn’t want to report that part of the story. Wonder why?

  2. Such a bad taste in people’s mouths about the blatant political bias by the news media I believe has made the public not really give a shit if a few ‘reporters’ got whacked. In my local paper, there was a notable lack of comments on the on-line edition of the paper about the attack.

    The Adam Putnam-NRA kefuffle? Holy crap, those articles racked up 70+ comments. That in a paper article that may note 2-5 comments on an active day…

    • You must be referencing the BS that came out of TBO or the Tampa times. What a load of crapolla comes out of either of those.

  3. Like throwing in an early 6.5 Creedmore post. . .

    I just want to add

    F MD you piss ant little evil blue patch of POS (D).

    • If he did use a 6.5 CM his mass shooting, we would never know about it. 6.5 CM has such a good BC and its over all cartridge length is so near .308 that it would have flattened that building and the governments of the world would have covered up its use. The last thing world governments want is the public riled up and demanding international limitation treaties on 6.5 CM. No nation which has developed 6.5 CM would ever give up that kind of power….. except South Africa. They’re the only nation who had 6.5 CM and voluntarily gave it up.

  4. Also a pump shotgun by it’s nature only holds five to seven rounds and is difficult for the left to point to a high capacity magazine. Part of the reason the Cowboy Action game almost requires a separate shotgun ammo belt is because of how bulky the ammo is. The evil left loses the optics battle right out of the gate.

      • The horror! Each bullet holds 100 bullets! You could just shoot and hit everything. It’s like a reverse funnel or something.

      • Eeks…. seeing some of the decisions which have come out of the BATFE at times (i.e.: Green Tip = illegal AP ammo, shoe string = machinegun, toothpaste = silencer, airsoft = firearm, etc.), I wouldn’t put it past them to classify shotguns as controlled NFA items, because more than one projectile is expelled from the barrel with each pull of the trigger.

  5. And funny how we don’t hear from any of the ER people pontificate about how horrific all those buckshot wounds are.

  6. According to the NY Times.
    If it doesn’t fit the agenda. Its not fit to print.
    But the little Socialist says anything in his prewritten script.
    He gets a full page right??
    Just shows more media bias and more false news.

  7. You can bet if so-called assault weapons were banned, handguns, then shotguns, and then regular rifles, would have their turn on the agenda!


    • Absolutely right. Here in California, there is a bill sitting in the state legislature that will apply the “assault weapons ban” features to all semi-automatic rifles. It no longer allows for exemptions for “featureless” rifles, and it also does not distinguish between centerfire or rimfire firearms. So, a Marlin 60, a Mini-14, and an AKM will all be treated as the exact same thing if this bill passes.

    • That’s the argument that the FUDDs don’t get; when all of the scary black rifles are banned, their prized wooden furniture rifles and shotguns will be the target of the gun-grabbers. When will the FUDDs realize that universal confiscation is the end game of the civilian disarmament complex? Only when its too late.

  8. Damn. I saw that (GUN FEED) headline (obama) photo and puked all over my keyboard.

  9. Not to mention, the Media wouldn’t want to instigate Copy Cat killers against their own.

    Mystifying and granting Infamy to School Shooters and giving them what they want? Media says yes.

    But doing the same for someone who killed MEMBERS OF THE PRESS?!?!

    God forbid, that would just be irresponsible!

  10. Yep…like that evil teen shite who murdered with dad’s 38 and a-you guessed it- pump shotgun. Low tech indeed.

  11. Reasonable theories, but I think the main reason for the deafening silence is the claim that the cops were there and all was safe in less than one minute. I think that’s a stupid claim, downright impossible, but it is the claim. If people ever figure out that one dumbass with a pump shotgun can kill FIVE unarmed people within 60 seconds, while they wait terrified under their desks, they will eventually see that being PERSONALLY armed is your only hope in that situation. That knowledge, which most of us have known for decades, absolutely terrifies the grabbers, their attempts at control would disappear instantly.

  12. It is a shame that the Annapolis as well as the Sante Fe Texas massacres did not provoke more conversation because shotguns can be deadlier than so called assault rifles. A single 00 buckshot pellet has more energy at 50 yards than a bullet from Mr Paddock’s 5.56 mm AR-15 rifle at the 500+ yard range to the concert venue. More importantly, the PC image of the shotgun exemplified by Elmer Fudd makes it far to easy for defense attornies to deceive juries into believing that shotguns are harmless. In a recent court case in Yamhill County Oregon, a jury was persuaded to acquit a marijunna bootlegger for shooting at his landlord’s children with a Remington 870. The attorney even put the bootlegger’s grandson on the stand as an alleged “gun expert” to testify that the bootlegger could not have been shooting lethal buckshot or slugs because he had a choke in the barrel. The shotgun allegedly would have exploded just as Elmer Fudd’s shotgun explodes when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot in the muzzle. Anyone who can read the label on a box of Remington Sluggers knows that Foster slugs are safe to shoot through any choke.

  13. Alot of good points. I think another reason is because there is a large chunk if not maybe a majority of gun owners (including many in the liberal strongholds) That own a gun or two but really don’t care about the 2A. Basically FUDDs.
    They are not involved in the fight and so the grabbers really only have to worry about the few hardcore 2A supporters. Once they start talking of bans on that old double barrel you inherited from grandpa, or the bolt action you use to go hunting to get away from the family, they will have grown the NRA membership by millions and made gun control a very serious third-rail for politicians.
    The grabbers are weak right now and really can’t afford to make more enemies.

    • The Elmer Fudds of Yamhill County say, “be very quiet. I’m hunting children”.

  14. I think pump shotguns are illegal in Australia, so it would not surprise me if they eventually get in the gun ban crosshairs.

  15. Pump shotgun and semi-autos are prohibited in Australia but legal in England. I saw an article that talked about closing the lever action loop hole in Australia where lever action shotguns are legal. In England they are now talking knife control. So hoplophobes will not be happy until sticks and slingshots are banned.

  16. Always remember the Socialists’ philosophy of 2 step forward one step back. The Socialist movement is global. They cannot rule an armed society, so they have to disarm us all. Also like Islam they are patient,if it takes a thousand years they intend to reach their goal of global domination. Since the late 1800’s they have been slowly encroaching on our GOD given rights known as the Bill of Rights. If you take the 2nd Amendment as written by the Founders and illuminated by their personal commentaries on the 2nd Amendment, all laws written limiting our 2nd Amendment rights are illegal. The Founders meant for us as citizen soldiers or militia if you will, to be able to defend nation, home and hearth from all enemies foreign and domestic. Therefore if I decided to walk into the friendly neighborhood gun shop and buy an M-60 or an H&K MP-5 it is my right and no man is supposed to be able to deprive me of that right. Maybe it’s time for an Article 5 To wipe away some Unconstitutional laws.

  17. Well maybe we need a pro-gun group to act like anti’s and start protesting assault shotguns that hold more than 1 round as weapons of war to get the rest of the pansy gun people off their a$$es to do something for the real 2A supporters. Because you really do just need 1 rd of a shotgun to shoot in the air off your front porch to scare off any “Bad People”

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