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Adam Lanza

According to, “Police were warned that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter had threatened to kill his mother and students before the 2012 massacre, according to newly revealed FBI documents. The agency on Tuesday released more than 1,500 pages documents on the investigation into the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 26 children and teachers dead.”

Click here to read the FBI docs. We’re poring through them now.

I want to know when the tipster talked to the police, exactly what was said, which police officers knew of the threat, whether or not and how they logged the tip, and what, if anything, they did about it.

Part of the 1500 pages the FBI has released regarding the Sandy Hook investigation.

Somehow I don’t think that information will emerge. The FBI docs are heavily redacted. The media seems just as disinterested in — and gullible about — the local police’s actions as it was in the killing’s immediate aftermath.

Meanwhile, that same mainstream media reports that Adam Lanza’s obsession with mass murder was no secret, at least to one interviewee . . .

An unidentified woman said she was in contact with Lanza for more than two years on a gaming website dedicated to the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. She told investigators that Lanza kept a “spreadsheet, meticulously documenting the details of hundreds of spree killings and mass murders”.

She described him as “depressed” and “isolated” and someone who viewed death as an “escape from his joyless existence.”

Make that two interviewees. quotes a different source who adds this crucial detail to the above account:

She said Lanza believed mass murders were a symptom of a broken society and may have believed he was “saving” children from the “harmful influences” of adults during the school shooting.

Part of the heavily redacted FBI report on the Sandy Hook shooting that was recently released.

I wrote it back in the day, I’ll write again: Adam Lanza was an obviously and profoundly mentally ill teenager who was rejected and neglected by the mental health care system, the Newtown school system, his father, his mother and now we learn the police — all of whom knew of his condition. Many of whom knew Adam Lanza had access to firearms. At least one of whom knew he planned to murder his mother and kill innocent children.

And yet the “debate” following Sandy Hook focused on gun control. Go figure.

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  1. This doesn’t strike me as any different from the “terrorists” that the government helps create and facilitate and then *ta da* capture and tout as a huge win for the “War on Terror” (trademarked) crowd.

    • Fast & Furious – we can’t get these weapons off the streets until they are ON the streets (and it’s taking impossibly long). . . Let’s export them to Mexico !

    • Yeah… it’s not like muslim terrorists have been fucking with our country since the 1800s or anything… I hate to break this to you, but the “war on [islamic] terror” has been going for over 200 years. Go look up the Barbary corsairs.

      • Hmm, we had roughly 150+ years of peace with those Muslims. Then we start meddling in the Middle East while supporting the terrorist state of Israel. Then we create AQ and ISIS. All the while the FeeBI is entrapping morons with fake bombs. But worry about the pirates along the North African coast from 200 years ago, that’s the ticket.

        • At what point did we have “peace” with the muslims? Was it when they supported Imperial Germany in WWI? Go read a history book.

        • what a load of crap. The Jews have been living in what is now Israel for thousands of years before islam was even an opioid-induced figment of mohammed’s imagination.

          and the Islamic world has NEVER been “peaceful”. Arabia was turned Islamic by the sword. Arabs turned Persia (Iran) Islamic by the sword.

      • Yes we have historically been at war with muskims since inception. Barbary pirates until finally invading them hence….shores of Tripoli.
        Then muslim moro terrorists during Phillipine insurrection where the Marines got another history addition with real Leathernecks for sword cuts and we got the .45 acp as they soaked up .38 colts when high.

    • willingness to believe wild conspiracy theories says more about the person than it says about the supposed “conspiracy”.

      or, it says you are a troll trying to discredit this website.

    • Punisher – your post conflating this dangerously mentally ill boy and his lack of attention from the authorities and responsible adults around him with actual terrorists, and excusing/defending them (what’s with the not-do-sly “terrorists”? It’s TER ROR ISTS, no quotes, just ask the hacked up, burned up, blown up, tortured dead they leave. No quotation marks for barbaric terrorists, please.) and blaming “the government” for creating them and their mayhem, is, I hate to say, nothing short of disgusting. Stupid, too, but somehow I don’t think honest stupidity explains your comment.

      You even throw in a bonus layer of vile with “the government” “ta-da” capturing “terrorists.” It’s all so fake and funny to you? “The government” is a purposeful misnomer/bogeyman. “The government” doesn’t capture anybody. It also doesn’t bleed or die trying. SEALs, Marines, Police, honest FBI agents (?), our military and police do that. Your take is “Ta-Da.” You are so smart, and not a little smug, to be able to see reality through the bloody fog! Such puke.

  2. Like I said, same thing with James Eagan Holmes in Aurora, CO. It’s an evil POS (D) INSIDE JOB, to fit the gun-grabbing agenda. If they didn’t pay the aholes to do it, they certainly set up all the parameters and waited for it to play out.

      • You didn’t finish the second sentence?

        “If they didn’t pay the aholes to do it, they certainly set up all the parameters and waited for it to play out.”

  3. “profoundly mentally ill” BUT NOT RETARDED ! His level of mental jacked-up-ness was obviously not a hindrance to him getting around (much less running circles around his parents, the FBI, and CT 50).

  4. Come on! ITs all about the Authoritarian Political Control agendas…Always has been …It was just another Infringement to curtail American Liberty and Freedoms….Target :The 2nd Amendment….

  5. …So, In speaking about Red Herrings…Any word out from Las Vegas yet….? Any more False Flags, and Narratives…? Any Digital actors , or VFX’ed CCTV footage….?

  6. she was in contact with Lanza for more than two years on a gaming website dedicated to the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.

    A gaming website devoted to a school shooting? Am I the weird one for finding that odd? Like a golfing website devoted to halibut?

    • Perhaps, the game was in reference to this:!

      It also could relate to Doom (The old shooter game from the mid 90s) as both Eric and Dylan were avid players. The former even designed a multitude of different maps and environments for the game that are still floating around the net. Oftentimes simply known as “The Harris Levels”. There are various theories and speculations surrounding these.

      Columbine (The incident) in and of itself, has a rather bizarre cult following. Various different types of people compose such a group. These types range from those that witnessed the events near firsthand to deranged fanboys/girls of the killers. Or in Esoteric Inanity’s case, one who knew several people that it hit “close to home”.

  7. I don’t shock easily anymore, but this information has me taken aback. It was my opinion that AL was lost in some sort of fantasy world which drove him to his murder spree, but the indication his violent acting out was deliberately and, possibly, meticulously planned is beyond what I thought he was capable of. To find-out the Sandy Hook PD knew he was up to something so heinous, and did nothing is beyond the pale.

    • That’s like saying “DC ROCKED: CLINTON PAID FOR KREMLIN DIRT ON TRUMP” Like they didn’t know and/or assume.


  8. Democrat Party owned the Justice dept and Federal Baby Incinerators! Feds turned a blind eye
    under Obama’s and Holders Justice Department, Clinton owned the FBI, so they all hushed up
    and let it happen, so it could further the Democratic cause of Anti-American Gun control through
    children’s deaths! Wonder who paid the Local Constabulary probably Soros, Bloomberg etc
    The person who was in contact with this sicko could possibly have been his handler and encouraged
    a specific Plan of attack! (how to make maximum damage and destruction for sensationalism) thereby
    incurring public wrath and ensuring furtherance of Gun Control.

  9. And remember, at least two states used Sandy Hook to pass ’emergency gun control’ laws. That’s right, the police completely screwed up big time and the government responded by taking your rights.

    You know if the SAF really was worth as much as they claimed to be they would use this revelation in court to hammer at both NY and CT for their this crime. Use these documentation in discovery and go after the state directly!

    • Yes, agree. The interview with father was interesting. He seemed to be holding back a little. He knew his kid was jacked up.

    • Yup… I put this garbage squarely at the door of feminism. Funny how you never had mass shootings before feminists started brainwashing women into believing that they can competently raise children without a man.

      • Feminism is just one of the symptoms of the actual cause of the decline of our society morally. When the Bible and prayer were taken out of public institutions in the 60s this is what you get. Everything good declined and everything bad rose. It’s really that simple.

        • Is Esoteric Inanity then to assume that David is trying to convey a message akin to “The Devil made them do it”?

          Morality is not a concept exclusive to Christian societies. Various cultures throughout human history have exhibited similar tribal dogmas that prohibit certain transgressions against others, some even predate Judaism. Although, admittedly many Christian centric cultures tend to adhere to such dogma more stringently than others.

          Where does personal accountability factor in at?

        • Personal accountability comes in after the fact, which is useless when all the people personally at fault are dead.

          (Cannot receive follow up comments).

        • “Personal accountability comes in after the fact, which is useless when all the people personally at fault are dead.”

          This appears to be the real crux of the matter. When the one responsible for such transgressions is no longer around or able to accept penance, it is all too human to desire that the blame be foisted upon something or someone. This, rather than using such time and energy to accept the event. Oftentimes, though, it seems that a scapegoat is needed in order to move on, another all too human trait.

          However, blaming anything and everything but that which is responsible, be it God, society or even the Devil, seems just as infantile as blaming the “gun” or the atheists. So then, where does “Justice” lie when the guilty is beyond the purview of man’s law? To the devout, the answer is obvious: Final Judgement via God. To everyone else though, Esoteric Inanity does not know.

          “(Cannot receive follow up comments).”

          A shame, as this one values TX_Lawyer’s input. Although, no more really need be said than has already been stated. ”Tis a vicious and redundant cycle (In regards to certain aspects of human nature).

  10. Great take away, they have the guns themselves in their possession and they can’t even verify if they registration records for the Enfield are correct. Yet another piece of anecdotal proof that CT can’t keep their registry straight.

    However, nothing in these documents should be shocking. The report that released long ago by the department of children and families? (can’t remember the exact department) was the most glaring. It said the system failed him 100% at every turn and multiple points where intervention was possible were ignored. But its not OUR (OUR being the various agencies and departments) fault. That’s the biggest crock of shit out of all of this.

    Also still not getting comment updates/subscriptions by email.

  11. Leftists believe that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. These children and their teachers were sacrificed for a political agenda. Good to know that it only takes approximately five years to release heavily redacted reports. This is pretty sick.

  12. C’mon. These type of school shooting fantasy websites have to be well know to .gov. These websites have to be monitored.

    Five bucks says this kid was cultivated by Deep State.

  13. May this monster and every gun-reich supporter that encounraged this gun-obessed maniac to do his dark deed forever rot in the deepest pit of oblivion.

    I still weep for the innocent lives that to this very day didn’t deserve to have it cut short by the NRA’s call to genocide against innocent americans.

    Tell me hicks?, What if you nutbars lost your own loved ones to a senseless act of gun violence. I’m sure you nutbars would be singing a different tune. But your moonshine-adled brains refuse to see any reasoning whatsoever,

    Keeping lying to yourselves that the world is dangerous. These types of incidents don’t happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.

    • concernedamerican,

      At no point has the NRA ever called for the murder of any person or group.

      “What if you nutbars lost your own loved ones to a senseless act of gun violence.”
      I’d want to beat the sh!t out of the POS that did it and not blame a gun. And BTW I don’t drink.

      “These types of incidents don’t happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.”
      they don’t happen as much with guns, but they do happen. People can be killed with just about any thing, not just guns.

      And you can keep changing your screen name but I know it’s you, concernedamerican.

    • Dialogue is not effectively started by an array of accusations against one’s perceived opponents.

      Love and peace be with, and please try again.

    • Hey RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstConstitutionHatingProGunners

      do you know that gunless Japan has a suicide rate that is DOUBLE the US murder rate and suicide rate COMBINED? So statistically, an average Japanese is much more likely to die from violence than the average American.

      do you know that Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Jamaica, and dozens of other countries have stricter gun control and yet much higher murder rates than the US?

      You wanna compare apples to apples, compare the US to any other large country with similar demographics. Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia are NOT demographically similar to the US.

    • If I lost my family in a “senseless act of gun violence” I would be tracking down everybody who tried to politicize it and giving them a Walachian special on their own lawn with the words “I’m a worthless commie” carved into their forehead with a dull soup spoon. Fortunately for democrats, my family is unlikely to get involved in any such incident.

    • Maybe if you took into account the population of the US when comparing it to other countries, you would find that mass killings aren’t limited to the US. Mass killings by whatever weapon happen and are not limited to any one country.
      The media today will jump on any gun violence by a white individual and it will go over and over the same old BS. When it is black on black crime, like many gang shootings here in the US as well as Africa or in any bad neighborhood in Europe, it doesn’t get mentioned nationally and may not get mentioned locally.
      That is racist.

      • Let’s not talk about the fact that certain portions of Sweden have gotten so bad that the government is considering rolling in the tanks.

    • You sir are the weepiest person I have ever had to listen to while selling lies and deceit. You should have been a car salesman instead of a pansy internet troll. Razor focused on gun death, and yet you couldn’t answer what kills the most people in america….guess what, it’s not guns! Guns aren’t even in the top ten. Get off your mom’s teat and grow a pair and a brain while you’re at it.

      • According to the CDC deaths using guns falls at number 100 out of the myriad of other things responsible for death so guns are essentially a non-issue in this country.

        Medical malpractice, lack of exercise, and poor diets are the top 3 killers.

    • Why would gun owners hate the Constitution? It protects our right to keep and bear our guns after all.
      Seeing monsters like AL killing little kids and evil idiots like you trying to render us defenseless, how is admitting that the world is dangerous lying to ourselves?

  14. The takeaway here is that some people are capable of raising a wild tiger, and some people are not. The dangerous thing is when the people who “are not” fail, either they get eaten or someone else does, or both.

    We need to be more proactive about training and assessing parenting capability. Effectively, it’s “manufacturer” liability and quality control that needs to be considered.

    • Sure, ’cause restraining orders are so effective.

      If someone can be proven to be a danger to themselves or others, they can be detained and/or committed. A specific threat from a person who’s been diagnosed as mentally ill qualifies.

      IMHO the the people responsible for helping mentally ill people — including Lanza’s parents — should have helped him. The police — in charge of protecting the public — should have protected the public from Mr. Lanza as soon as they became aware that he posed an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death to innocent life.

      • You are placing foundation stones under RF’s idea that the kid should have been incarcerated based solely on generalized threats. How is that different from domestic violence pre-crime removal of guns? Fact is, there is no justification for one type of pre-crime confinement, but not another. If the threat had been detailed such as, “Tomorrow, I am going to kill my mother, taker her guns and go kill the first X number of children I see” might just be sufficient to take preemptive action. “I want to …..” doesn’t seem to rise to the level permitting pre-crime confinement.

        The point of my comment is that we seem to like that which we don’t like, when it seem reasonable to like that which we don’t like. It’s called “double-mindedness”, and indicates a person is unstable in his reasoning about a thing.

        • Well, said. “Mental illness” is a much too nebulous reason to deny anyone their constitutional rights. When government—even worse, when law enforcement gets involved—you cannot help but have less-than-competent gate-keepers making potentially damaging decisions about people’s rights. For instance: being clinically depressed in an of itself should never be used as a justification for confiscating someone’s guns or for prohibiting someone from purchasing a gun. Hell, at any given time about one third or more of the US population can be said to be clinically depressed. Moreover, you can just bet that gun-controllers and progressive government bureaucrats love to use any past evidence of mental illness as a justification for denying anyone future gun-purchases.

  15. This makes Sandy Hook all the more tragic. Knowing someone is “off”, and knowing so much about his inability to live successfully in the real world, and doing noting makes all who knew complicit. This is a most blatant example of why anyone taking psychotropic medications should be searched and unhanded of firearms, long before they can boil over. But gun owners run about with their heads stuck in a wastepaper basket, shouting “Shall not be infringed, shall not be infringed!” A caring lot you are. Your mothers should be proud.

    • “doing not(h)ing makes all who knew complicit”

      You’re right there. The other bit is our (sometimes kneejerk) reaction to being demonized and blamed for the evil other people do for so long.

    • Indeed, makes one wonder who can be trusted, let alone who is “sane”. Too many politicians running around with their armed details and popping SSRIs. Crazy bunch’a bastards, one would have to be completely nuts not to keep defensive measures within arms reach.

      BTW, this one has been reading up on 19th century English literature. Pretty interesting stuff. Before the prior conversation regarding son’s of empire and Shelleys, this one had no idea as to the impact that Percy Shelley and his wife had on modern works. Much appreciation for the insight. Although Esoteric Inanity still prefers literary works of a more apocryphal nature such as the Fornaldar saga. Although, The Federalist Papers are nice too.

      • Thank you for the civil discourse. If our discussions have brought you any new insights, interests or happiness, I am honored to be a contributor.

        • Not a problem, the honor is Esoteric Inanity’s as 2Asux is quite obviously an intelligent individual with a very diverse vocabulary and adroitness for the literary arts. This one finds his writing style to be quite intriguing. The way that he structures his sentences and idioms used are (In this ones opinion) slightly reminiscent of aspects of Elizabethan era English.

          While 2Asux’s intentions may be somewhat cryptic, his comments are often thought provoking. While such input may be easily disregarded by many here as being merely superficial due to the ubiquitous themes of emotion, morality, social responsibility and public safety. Such things merit consideration if for no other reason than these issues are ingrained within the human condition (Traumatization, altruism etc.) . While Esoteric Inanity would rarely agree with these premises, completely discounting them would in effect, be the obviation of the very human element at their core. Not to mention that diversity in thought is rarely a bad thing.

          While there is not likely to be a grand panacea to all of mankind’s issues, being able to view and respect one another as sentient beings with a very real worth, is perhaps a bare minimum to foster tranquility.

          Also, apologies for the oft sardonic comments that this one tends to espouse. It’s just one of those traits that comes natural when encountering what may be perceived as a controversial viewpoint. Esoteric Inanity is only flawless in one respect, and that is: That he is ever so perfectly human.

        • ” The way that he structures his sentences and idioms used are (In this ones opinion) slightly reminiscent of aspects of Elizabethan era English.”

          My apologies, it is the bane of a public school education.

    • Who should be the one who decides? These medications are prescribed by 99% of doctors to most of their patients. Many of these drugs are given to people to “help” pain control after surgeries or trauma. If you counted all of the people that have ever been prescribed these meds, you might find that as many as 75% of the adults in this country have.
      So is this the back door to confiscation?

      • Esoteric Inanity hasn’t been on meds in years, people tell him that it shows.

        Some individuals on psyche meds may be dangerous, either due to the meds detrimental side effects or their ineffectiveness. While some other people are victimized by the drug industry, being prescribed unnecessary pills with addictive and mind altering qualities.

        Indeed, why villainize the victims before they have done anything wrong? Sadly though, to some in society, both thinking and acting a tad unorthodox is a crime. A thought crime that is, and taking medication is percieved to be an admission of guilt or malicious intent.

        Meanwhile, those that legitimately benefit from such medications, are damned six ways to Sunday by such rhetoric.

      • “So is this the back door to confiscation?”

        Indeed not. If you carefully peruse the article again, you will find that besides medication, the people listed also displayed disconcerting behavior much prior to their murdering other people. I should think one could recognize that the combination of pharmaceuticals and actions, or expressed words, should be fair indication that someone requires a bit more than routine monitoring.

    • Nice to see you again after a long absence. I was assuming you were the shooter in Vegas. Martyring yourself for your beliefs would have been a good way to go (Aloha Snackbar and all that stuff), but we would miss your witty comments way too much. Probably confirms a lack of backbone and that you prefer the comfort of the internet and political activism to violent protest. After all, dying for a cause is just….too much work!

      I will say you are the best of all the trolls we have. At least you can put forth coherent thoughts.

      • Yet again, opposing opinion disrespected as being cluttered musings of the idle brained.

        Because it has not occurred to you (and many others), it becomes my responsibility to rudely point out that the term “troll” is not Kryptonite, nor garlic and silver. “Troll” doesn’t even shut the door to rational debate. “Troll” does advertise the accuser as being the troglodyte most on my side believe describes all pro-gun types as talking bollocks.

  16. “doing noting makes all who knew complicit”

    You’re right there. The other bit is our (sometimes kneejerk) reaction to being demonized and blamed for the evil other people do for so long.

  17. “false flag” conspiracy theories are ludicrous. the operations would be too complicated to pull off and not have credible leaks. Jesus, we can’t even do simple sh** like pass a budget on time or secure a SecState’s email, but people think we can pull off 9-11 and Newtown as “inside jobs”???? Or that incompetent gun-grabbers can pull those things off??

    the only conspiracies which I believe are plausible are the ones where the police or FBI or some other authority f***-up and then try to cover it up – and guess what: someone credible almost always leaks and reveals the plot.

  18. Most appreciative of your non-confrontational or needlessly aggressive response. Sometimes I approach these interchanges with hunched shoulders, anticipating vituperative doggerel flung my way.

    • Aw hell bro (assuming male in gender, if not then substitute sis or whatever is preferred), Esoteric Inanity is quite fond of 2Asux and the various other denizens of ttag. 1A principles need not be abandoned due to disagreement, and civil dialogue is always appreciated even when not productive but purely cryptic inane (Esoteric Inanity’s preferred past time as there is no risk but all gain, in good times that is).

  19. So “See something, Say something” doesn’t really work. Got it. Didn’t expect it would anyway. Just another liberal catch phrase as viewed through the utopic coke bottle glasses. But you know what would have stopped that little piece of sloth slime? A gun in the hand of Principle Dawn Hochsprung. But we CAN’T talk about that, oh no. And CA has just doubled down on that topic thus ensuring that when the next SH happens in CA, and it surely will, they can triple quadruple double down on some more gun control; for the children of course.

    • “A gun in the hand of Principle Dawn Hochsprung. But we CAN’T talk about that, oh no.”

      Granted, political corectness prevents this from being a part of the national discussion (mor or less, anyway), but it’s also impossible to deny the importance of gun-ownership demographics. Sooner or later, a spree killer will enter a “gun-free-zone” school thinking there’s going to be easy pickings only to find he’s (most spree killers a men) run onto an armed principal or teacher who, despite all the gun-free disclaimers, proceeds to dispatch a killer and save the lives of a bunch of kids and their teachers. Don’t think for a minute that there aren’t school people coming to school armed. They are and they just ain’t sayin’.

  20. So what did the elected officials in Connecticut know about Adam Lanza’s plans???
    And then they decided to take away the guns Civil Rights of the citizens of Connecticut based on what, the LIE they were trying to hide????

  21. Another “known wolf.” If they knew this one too, why do we need more of a paper trail on people who don’t shoot up schools.

    It’s almost like keeping kids alive is not the point.

  22. Not surprised by any of this “news” BUT how often do Asberger boys get violent and commit matricide and mass murder?!? Or act on their lunacy(or EVIL if you prefer)? There’s lots of crazies walking the streets without resorting to conspiracies…

  23. Adam Lanza, proof once again Democrats are not only mentally ill and mass murderers but pedophiles too, they really are “the gift that keeps on giving”.


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