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Two pieces of legislation have been filed in Tallahassee that would prohibit the sale, transfer or possession of military grade-weapons or large capacity magazines.

State Sen. Gary Farmer is one of the elected officials pushing for the bills to pass during the upcoming state legislative session.

“When you look at these weapons, when you look at the manufacturer weapon specifications, they were designed for one thing and one thing only: to kill large numbers of human beings in the briefest timespan possible. That’s it,” Farmer said. “There’s no sporting purpose to have an AR assault weapon.”

‘No Sporting Purpose To Have An AR’: State Senator Joins Gun Safety Advocates In Push For Assault Weapons Ban

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    • The font is still hard on the eyes as well. I can’t pinpoint the difference, but I’m guessing the weight needs to be increased. It seems a little thin and sharp.

      • Agree. I left TTAG for a bit due to this change last time. I probably will not be commenting even if I do visit. This format is awful on small screens and the comment thread is difficult to see who is replying to whom.

        • Agreed. I’ve been visiting TTAG for years, and regularly participating on a daily basis for at least two. If this confusing format and layout is the new normal here, then I’ll politely bow out and consider it the end of a good run.

          In light of all the complaints posted during other attempts at changing the site, I’m really surprised to see Dan pushing forward with this. The best thing to do would have been to make smaller incremental improvements to the classic format.

          Well, we’ll see how it goes. The splash page is horrible, but I’ll continue checking in to see if the classic format returns. If not after a couple of weeks, then TTAG will have become just another gun site, and I can get my news elsewhere (The Gun Feed, Armed Scholar, Reno May, et al).

          The classic format and comments section is what kept me coming here every day and kept TTAG on my top four sites to check each morning. Very sorry to see it go.

        • Jeff the Griz — The only format I truly appreciate is that used by Disqus, which clearly indicates who you’re replying to, but more importantly, allows comments to be edit at any time after they’re posted. Also, there is no mute feature for binning trolls.

          I added your name at the beginning here, so everyone knows who I’m addressing.

      • I agree – the font is “sharp” to the eyes. I think the bright white background makes it worse. Very harsh, like being under bright lights.

      • The new format is perfect, don’t change a thing except adding an up of down vote system instead of having to read through multiple redundant uninformative comments.

    • The correct counter argument should be: yes ar15s are capable of killing a lot of people. We own a bunch of them so stop being an asshole.

      • The whole “militia” part of the second amendment makes it abundantly clear that the right to bear arms primarily refers “military capable” weapons.

        Then again senator farmer is probably an enemy of “a free state”, and that is why he wants to disarm his victims.

    • One more time with feeling…

      (sung to the tune of any song)

      This new format suuuuuuucks.
      This new format suuuuuuucks.
      This new format, it really sucks.
      This new format SSUUUUUuuuhhhhUUUUUHHHHuuuuhhhUUUUCKS!!!

      TTAG has to do what it needs to do. However, I can choose after…7+ years?…to no longer visit.

    • Up next: which sucks more 9 vs 10 vs .45 . Quit complaining, Dan probably spent a good amount of time and/or money on this to make it better. It’s the content and all the comments that make me visit this site (with the exception of enuf, miner, and that other one i cant remember).

    • New format still sucks.
      I wonder how many Repubican’ts in Florida will back gun control this year?

    • I’ll offer some constructive criticism over “it just sucks.” Maybe we can make it not suck.
      1) The colors for text (black) and hyperlinks (dark grey) are too close. It’s difficult to follow links, which will lead to other TTAG stories or sponsor sites. You’re losing money by essentially hiding the links.
      2) The new categories seem ok for a casual visitor, but they don’t work well for those of us who visit daily or more often. We need to scroll through every category and think, “Have I seen that one?” How about adding one more category at the top for “Newest Stories,” which would doubly link stories in the other categories. It kind of exists with the 4 stories at the top, but 3 of the 4 right now aren’t reflected in their appropriate category. It also doesn’t have a “load more” button if more than 4 stories have been posted the last visit.

    • Same here, you’d think TTAG would have learned that this new format is, by a wide margin, unpopular to say the least. Not very organized, not user friendly, not mobile friendly, and an overall eyesore. Not to mention the very annoying subscription tab at every page change.

  1. And Iran’s nuclear weapons are designed to kill millions! Deal with that first, then maybe we can discuss ar’s. No, we wont!

    • Welp according to that cesspool of humanity twatter, the ayatollah is good to post whatever bullshit it wants to, but God forbid a former president wants to post something.
      Geez I’m getting whiplash trying to keep up with what these people do and don’t consider hate speech and incitement these days.

  2. A politician pushing his opinion on the electorate. He either has no concept or is scared of Freedom.

  3. Your crappy new format broke your website. None of the links at the very bottom of the page (about us, contact us, etc) work anymore.

  4. This format sucks, please switch it back. With the old style, it was very easy to see what’s new and what’s not. Now it’s just cluttered. Please, I’m begging you.

  5. Hey guys this new format is not the way to go! I’m on I’m sorry on my phone so I do not know how it works for desk top but it makes things hard to understand.

  6. This new Format is dreadful!!!,,,,, please stop toying with what was just fine. This latest rollout is like confusing confetti. I for one prefer the Original Formulation (and Font). “New and Improved” it isn’t.

  7. About the article in question the comments are linked to: When did AR15s become “military grade”?

  8. Military-grade?

    Lol, my AR’s are much better than the Army m16s issued us, but I bet the idiot politician thinks an M1Garand is ok cause it has wood and not black.

    I use Brave in Dark mode for non-work web stuff and new format is not bad, is pretty ok. However in Chrome it’s just all kinds of fubar.

    • The term military grade is a joke. Shows how much they know about quality, and freedom…

      Military grade pre wars: functional and volume.
      Military grade during war: it works, kinda. More volume.
      Military grade losing the war: hurry up and build, issue tool sets in shortened basic training.

      • There goes your Remington hunting rifle as they are used by the military as sniper rifles.

        And any other rifle made with opposing front (Mauser) or rear (Lee) locking lugs. All originally military designs.

    • Anybody using Chrome as opposed to defused Chrome clones with all of the Google spying code is just asking for Google to record and sell everything down to your shoe size.

    • The 2nd Amendment is specifically about protecting the ability of the citizenry to fight and win a war. Thus, it protects “every … terrible implement of the soldier”.

      “Sporting purposes” arms just get a free ride under that protection.

  9. “No sporting purpose” is a terrible phrase with a harrowing backstory. And these clowns call us Nazis.

  10. This format sucks, how many people have to literally tell you it is terrible. It is hard to navigate on a mobile device and sure the hell do not what is a new articles are.

  11. And I was afeard who guy’s were off the interwebz. This new old format is awful😖😕😞

  12. Semi auto rifles go back over 100 years. What, specifically, makes an “AR-15” an AR-15? There have been many variations over the years, but no matter what, they still end up getting labeled as one, like it’s a generic term, a subset of “assault weapon”. If you use a piston instead of DI, or change the location of the recoil spring ala the FightLite, is it still an AR? Is it an AR as long as it shares a common upper and lower receiver? Who knew that 2 metal forgings could have such malicious intentions?

  13. I think these idiots have AR15’s confused with thermonuclear weapons. But then we have COVID-19 that seems to have killed a great deal of people in a very short period of time. While our fearless leaders are so busy being preoccupied with their fascination with Trump, few if anyone at all seem to even care about dealing with COVID and who created it.

    This is so indicative of what happened on January 6th. These people WILL NOT do their jobs. They so obviously think taking everyone’s guns, getting back at Trump, and driving everyone crazy is their job.

    Trump came and went. Meanwhile things are not getting better in so many important ways.

    • “Not getting better” is a massive understatement.

      I’d rather have ten years of Trump doing his thing, chaos and bump-stock fiasco and mean tweets and all, than the one single month we’ve already endured with these lunatics in the driver’s seat.

  14. “they were designed for one thing and one thing only: to kill large numbers of human beings in the briefest timespan possible. That’s it,” Farmer said.

    Hmm, then why do most police departments use them? Is Senator Farmer claiming that police try “to kill large numbers of human beings in the briefest timespan possible”?

    Or could it be that the AR-15 is an extremely accurate rifle suitable for all purposes, including target shooting, competition, hunting, home defense, and police use?

    • More to the point, if they are only tools for mass murder, why do the people banning them specifically exempt police from the bans? Maybe they have plans for the police “to kill large numbers of human beings in the briefest timespan possible”.

      • This is what I was thinking. Either they want to kill us, or they’re lying through their teeth. Or they’re weapons-grade idiots; that’s possible, too.

    • Derringer Dave and CarlosT,

      This topic came up several days ago and I said it then: firearms were/are most certainly NOT designed to kill a large number of people in the shortest possible time. The evidence of this is crystal clear since people do not kill human beings (much less large numbers of people in “short” periods of time) upwards of 99% of the number of times that people use them.

      Rather, firearms have two primary design purposes:

      1) Launch a projectile in a predictable manner. Applications include recreational (target and competition) shooting, hunting, self-defense, and offensive attacks on people (both lawful/righteous/justified and otherwise).

      2) Compel another person’s compliance with the demands of the person who possesses the firearm. Those demands could be lawful/righteous/justified (a defender compelling an attacker to stop attacking the defender) or nefarious (an attacker compelling a victim to submit to the attacker).

      And the proof of my assertion is crystal clear since virtually all instances of firearm usage fall into either or both of those categories.

  15. The AR-15 has never had a sporting purpose. Its purpose is to shoot the representatives of tyranny. Like the Black Lives Matter zombies or the Antifa goons, when both of them commit Murder death kill, on the orders of Leaders like State Sen. Gary Farmer.

    And that day is coming as soon as the population is disarmed.

    • Accusing a state senator of ordering deaths.?
      You may want to check the fluid in your transmission.
      We’ve been warned.

        • AOC is a social media shit-stirrer and drama queen. She tells dramatic fake stories like the Capitol rioters were hunting her down because she has no respect for her followers. Everything is a means to an end because she has no principles.

      • The fake outrage over supposed racism (how was that proven in George Floyd’s case again?) and police brutality (Floyd died from an overdose) gave cover for a summer of looting, riots, and murder that I have never before witnessed in my lifetime. If the outrage was real, then they would be marching over the killing of Ashlie Babbitt. Instead of marching, the left is cheering her death because they view her as a political enemy. That’s how sick these people are.

        • Quit lying. It doesn’t help your argument. The coroner’s report did find traces of drugs, but not in concentrations high enough to be fatal, and the ruling was homicide. Drugs and pre-existing conditions could have been contributing factors, but so were the actions of Chauvin.

        • “The coroner’s report did find traces of drugs, but not in concentrations high enough to be fatal…”

          Wait a second, who’s lying? Floyd had nearly FOUR TIMES the level of of fentanyl (11 ng/mL) that results in death. Deaths have been attributed to a fentanyl overdose with levels of 3. Floyd ALSO had meth in his system and he ALSO tested positive for Covid-19. After a few days of having Covid, my daughter couldn’t sleep at night because she couldn’t breathe.

          We were fed a propaganda video of Floyd’s death. The entire video didn’t come out until the BLM flame was firmly lit. The entire video shows them trying to get Floyd to sit in the car as he constantly complains that he can’t breathe. Yes, he said he couldn’t breathe before anyone’s knee was on his neck. This isn’t a recent development. Where have you been?

        • Nobody here can pretend they are just now noticing this…. these people have been at this game for YEARS UPON YEARS….
          It’s just now they want you to know they are fully in charge and prepare to kiss your right goodbye..

    • Chris,

      Not true. I admit this is anecdotal, not “evidence”, but in my experience, the AR-15 is becoming the “weapon of choice” for hunting wild/feral hogs. For good reason, if you’ve ever seen a wounded, pissed off feral hog – accurate, multiple follow-up shots are NOT a luxury, they are a necessity. (And if you tell me you are so accurate that you will hit a kill shot on a charging boar hog, first time, every time? Pardon me while I laugh uproariously.)

    • Killing commies would be a sport in my book. Maybe not very sporting since they’d only have soy vanilla lattes, but as a great man once said: fair fights are for suckers.

  16. That is an F1 Firearms rifle in the pic. F1 Firearms make nice stuff (I have 2 chassis from them), but the customer service is not great. They are pretentious and annoying. Thankfully their stuff is priced so i high I rarely have to deal with them.

  17. Sicko gary farmer and his Gun Control ilk have something in common with murderers, rapists, thieves, bullies, kidnappers, perverts, tyrants, child molesters, etc. They all want people to be unarmed and easy to Control. They all know firearms are what stand in their way of Controlling you and yours. Looking down from his high perch gary farmer thinks everyone is stupid enough to bend over for his perverted sporting use line of crap.

      • lol….I never considered the use of the word “crap” to be ‘foul mouthed’. After all, the man that is said to have invented it is named Crapper.

      • “Imagine the plight of the poor geezer what lays down with this…”

        Yeah, he’s getting what you aren’t, tender intimate affection from a lover.

        You’re never gonna get laid if you keep trying to shove your opinions down other’s throats. I have a new flash for you – Some guys love it when a woman talks dirty. It makes the nookie *hotter*… 🙂

      • I assume you are talking about this Farmer (not a real farmer) nincompoop. his words truly are most foul. or, maybe you are replying to someone. I cannot tell because the site format is just painful.

  18. If President Biden thinks it best to ban assault rifles I support his decision. Support your local law enforcement. God bless America

  19. I have a left handed version of the Stag 15 Varminter that, with a 24 inch stainless steel bull barrel, that is anything but designed to kill large numbers of people. It will give you a second shot at a coyote or a shot at a second coyote you have lured in, but it’s too awkward to be any sort of battlefield weapon.

    • and the truth shall set you free! as a ffl07/sot2, I manufacture very high end firearms (a lot on the ar platform) for military/le use, AND very different versions for hunting, civilian legal self defense, and various competition uses. I also have been a multi-certified firearms instructor for many years. I can put more effective rounds on target down range with a good bolt action Remington deer rifle in .243 than I can a “store bought” standard ar-15 in 5.56 (standard round) in the same amount of time. military garde…the ar-15s this politician is talking about…they are not even on the same spectrum.

  20. Been following on a daily basis for 2 years and this is the first time I felt compelled to post. Great content. But for the love of god change it back to the old format. PLEASE

  21. Sir you sound like one of those foolish German Jews. Who said those Nazi speeches in the 1920s, really don’t mean anything serious. That is something I have noticed about the “gun community”. They are really afraid to accept the truth. When they hear it. So an elected congresswoman can tell democrat voters to go out and harass republicans in public, and its ok???

    If this had been a white Christian Politian telling their voters to go out and harass homosexuals, I would find 100 well written commentaries scolding that Christian. And the gun community would be telling gays to go get guns for self defense. But instead is was a democrat black woman. And all I heard was “crickets”.

    Any Politian who supports any type of gun control is a grave threat to your Liberty and a grave danger to your life. That Politian will order the police to stand down. Just when you need them the most.

    Rep. Waters on Trump administration: ‘Tell them they’re not welcome’ video 1 minute long.

    • A crowd of super woke (AKA brain dead) white left wing activists ran a young black girl out of a restaurant and began chanting F_k white supremacy! You can’t make this stuff up. I believe this was also pretty soon after Rep. Waters’ hate speech.

      • Brah, no one cares.

        We’re here to fight gun control by complaining about the comment section format because that’s how the interwebz work (you’ll understand when you’re… something).

        Get your priorities straight before you get canceled.

        • You’ll care at some point when you’re [something] and understand [something] about [something]! But by then it will be too late!

          Repent [not yet something], and cast aspersions on this new format!

          In all seriousness though, can you imagine some of these people trying to navigate the chans? ROFL!

  22. Far as I’m concerned, they are designed to keep despots at bay, whether its one or over 500 of them.

  23. The last time TTAG changed the format to this disjointed mess, many hundreds of readers showed near-universal dissatisfaction with it. I can’t understand how you missed the message that the new format:

    1. Was not asked for
    2. Is repugnant to nearly every reader that commented about it
    3. Has text that is less readable
    4. Is in a format that is difficult to follow, where the content is split into separate sections
    5. Completely discards the ease of use that the old site has when it comes to knowing if content is new, or has been read owing to it’s simple chronological format

    For the love of God, please put it back the way it was. It wasn’t broken.

    If you feel so strongly the need to implement changes to this website, follow Ars Technics’s lead. They introduced a design similar to this new format a while back and the backlash was equally as strong. Ultimately, they gave their readers a choice, and you should, too. On their website, users can select from various formats, and even has a dark theme on offer.

    Please show your readership you hear them, and that you respect how they would prefer to read this website and offer them a choice!

  24. TTAG PLEASE! New format is terrible. I cant navigate this site. Probably going to lose me as a reader. Sucks. Feels bad man when a good thing gets ruined.

  25. Mr. Farmer thinks the 2nd is about sports and hunting.

    It’s not. He’ll figure it out eventually.

  26. Well then we should ban all communists, communist thoughts, communist memes, communist teachings and teachers, and prosecute anyone who promotes communism in any way as an accessory to murder. There’s really no reason to tolerate them.

    Because communism has killed tens of millions more people than civilian ARs ever did. It is basically an entire societal system for state-sponsored murder.

  27. blah blah blah cars kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. clearly they have no further use

    that, and the new format is horrid on a scale i cant describe

  28. The idea that the AR-15, or even the military M4 carbine, was designed to inflict mass casualties is simply completely divorced from history and military doctrine.

    The use of the individual soldier’s service weapon to provide weight of firepower or inflict mass casualties was certainly a thing back when the redcoats lined up shoulder to shoulder for volley fire. But even in the Napoleonic wars, the role of artillery on the battlefield was changing, and by the Franco-Prussian War, it was the primary mass-casualty weapon. The introduction of practical machineguns only further sealed the end of the service rifle as a mass-casualty weapon. That was over 100 years ago, and much has changed, but the service rifle remains primarily a means for individual soldiers to defend themselves and those immediately around them.

  29. Well, State Sen. Gary Farmer of Tallahassee, guess I didn’t get the updated version of the Second Amendment. My copy must be the original cut version. Doesn’t contain any stipulations or restrictions regarding:
    –Suitable for sporting purposes;
    –In common use;
    –No full automatic operation;
    –Scary black color
    –Applicable to collective use only;
    –Only valid where no Liberals live;
    –Minimum age to keep and bear;
    –Stops where your touchy feelys begin;
    –If a Liberal doesn’t like it, you can’t have it;
    –Maximum purchases per month;
    –Limited to “x” number of cartridges;
    –Minimum barrel or overall length required;
    –No bump stocks;
    –No pistol grips;
    –No forward vertical grips;
    –Shall not touch arm brace to your shoulder;
    –No bayonet lugs;
    –No suppressors;
    –No collapsible stocks;
    –Maximum caliber;
    –Minimum number of USA made parts;
    It only says “…..shall not be infringed.”
    I’ll keep my original cut version.
    Of course they are made for killing…….paper targets, deer, coyotes, pigs, et el…….and…..tyrannical politicians. Of those choices, wonder why Farmer is feeling nervous?!?!?!?! Just like the feral pigs ruining our pastures, tyrannical politicians ruin our country…… soo-ee, soo-ee Farmer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Are you hinting that a senator needs terminated? And the very weapon that our legislators want banned is what would be used.
      ✅ ur transmission fluid, “they ” are

  30. Personally I’m coming around to the idea of banning AR’s.

    Old people have been telling more for more than a decade how much the AR platform sucks and obviously they’re right, because old people are never wrong and deY hAz moNieEZ. The only people with ARs are unemployed mentally unstable, heavily tattooed, snowflake millennials anyway, and fuck all those people not paying into Social Security, amiright?

    In that vein I also am starting to see the benefit to magazine capacity limits. No need for larger mags if you have the best pistol ever made!

    So, ban away! You’re just banning the crap guns anyway and we’ll all be better off for it when we get real man guns like 1911’s, 1903’s and M1’s (the Garande, not either of those detachable mag fed garbage guns).

    Then we can be free from the tyranny of Matel rifles and Tupperware pistols because plastic comes from China and is therefore Communist, just like everyone under 45, and also heart meds and antibiotics.









  32. new format SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant tell what is ‘new’ at a glance I have to SCROLL through all the the shit and try to remember….might leave if I cant find what is NEW at one glance!

  33. And now back to the subject of this article. The AR 15 can not be a military weapon as it has no “giggle switch”. It is no deadlier than any other semi auto weapon made by humans. As for “large capacity magazines”, then you must want to ban any firearm that takes a box magazine, as magazine size is interchangeable.
    For a congress critter, you are very ignorant about the very subject with which you are trying to craft laws against.
    When guns are fully banned, IEDs will become quite popular with those who are disgusted with the ruling junta.

    • The M92 pistol doesn’t have a “giggle switch”, and it’s a “military weapon”. The Mossberg M590 doesn’t have a giggle switch, and it’s a “military weapon”. For that matter, the Brown Bess musket didn’t have giggle switch, nor did any cavalry saber I know of.

      The problem is that the civilian disarmament crowd wants to pretend that the category of “military weapons” is a separate category quite distinct from what civilians should be allowed to own. Historically, that’s never been true. Sure, there have been strategic and crew-served military weapons that historically haven’t been commonly owned by private citizens, but it’s been commonplace for ordinary citizens to own arms substantively similar to the individual weapons of a soldier, most especially a soldier’s service rifle.

      The 2nd Amendment was specifically about ensuring citizens could have arms in order to serve as militia, which means having weapons suitable for warfighting. We need to push back against this idea that it was somehow about the right to hunt, enjoy shooting sports.

  34. The format for the web page sucks. Why are changes made when something is working just fine? Change is not always progress and in this case it definitely is not.

    • Change is always progress, just perhaps not in a direction that you like or is good.

      For example; If you walk towards the gates of Hell, you’ve progressed towards Hell. If this is good or not is up to you.

  35. This format is unusable. I will be back when this is fixed. By fixed I mean made to look like it did two days ago.

  36. Looks like they brought back that early 2000’s blog format look and feel – very amateur – extremely poor human factors – just bad all around. Light grey fonts that many people can’t read – bad layout – disorganized look – I find my eyes searching all over the page to find what I’m looking for. Very inefficient – wastes too much of my time. Nine years now. If they don’t provide a “classic look and feel” button in another few days, I’m out.

  37. What a bunch of whining little asses some of you are. It’s not enough that we have a site to visit where we can discuss 2nd amendment issues, you then have to nit- pick every f****ing thing about it; the font, the font size, the background…hell, half of you can’t even spell. Check yourselves!


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