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But then a strange thing happened. Right after issuing the most consequential ruling for gun rights in decades [Heller], the Supreme Court went dark on the issue. The Court has failed to clarify what it means for gun ownership to be an individual right.

In fact, it hasn’t issued a ruling on guns in more than a decade. Just this year, the Court declined to hear appeals on 10 separate cases involving gun rights, including a case about whether we have a constitutional right to carry firearms outside our homes for self-defense.

The Court’s inaction has allowed dubious gun-control laws to stay on the books in many areas, while emboldening radical activists to press for new restrictions on our rights in lower courts. This led Justice Clarence Thomas to lament that the Court was allowing the Second Amendment to become a “constitutional orphan.”

Gun-rights supporters can be hopeful about the future, however, because President Trump has selected a rock-solid Supreme Court nominee in Judge Barrett.

Barrett proved at her confirmation hearings last week that she has all the legal acumen and charm of her mentor, Justice Scalia. She’s also equally as strong a conservative, with a firm commitment to interpreting the law as written, not as she or anyone else would like it to be. That includes the Second Amendment.

– Sen. Tom Cotton in Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The Second Amendment is at stake

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  1. Rest assured stupid people who vote against their own self interest are showing up to vote biden/harris. Obviously the useful idiots are full of marxist media manure. Stop them with your vote for…

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • TTAG’s resident fluffer Geoff ‘the Goof ‘PR is lookin’ to hit it and quit it, Debbie W. Why don’t you take one for the team? You can be the first woman (well, close enuf) to lay with him!

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • yuck… It’s perverts like you is why women own firearms. I pity the the girly men you go down on.

        • Hey Debbie, I hear yuck has a “man bun” (twat knot?) that the “girly men” grab hold of whilst he provides them blowies.
          Too bad none of the soiboz have a sufficient length to give him the through “throat stabbing” he soooooo desires.
          He works out his sexual frustrations by trolling firearm owners on TTAG, like a true leftard. Enjoy that TDS loser!
          Trump/Pence 2020……. zero% micropenises, 100% competent leadership.

        • You’re all so civilized and reasonable. Really great that you’re the voices people see from the gun community. Love it. Fantastic.

        • TTAG can fix the problem in a minute. Manage this like a gun forum (where people ACTUALLY go for input from gun owners). TTAG is WWF.
          AR Forum, HK Forum, Walther Forum are Roman Greco. I’m on several and there is ZERO troll issues. Go to an actual firearm forum and you’ll see what I mean.
          Trolls are instantly removed like the rodent turds they are.
          Glad to clear that up for you.
          Trump/Pence 2020

  2. This is why Trump must win, so we can get more Amy Barrett’s on SCOTUS.

    Get that trash Roberts off the court next.

    • If ACB truly is a originalist,she should checkmate Roberts,he won’t have to be impeached to be replaced as his vote would be replaced, in a 6/3 court the vote will most likely remain a 5/4.

      • That’s just it – They are calling it a “Super Majority” when Roberts just proved how Leftist he really was all the while…

      • Why not? With all the hoopla about court packing, it got me thinking (always dangerous). So. Biden and the rampant Dems increase the court to 13, resulting in being thrown out of office en masse, but squeal with glee because their selected court will rule for decades. So the resurgent Trump 2024 takes over all 3 elements, and promptly reduces the size of the court to one (Chief Justice is defined in Constitution, not available for juggling), fire everyone else. Then, a week later, increase the size of the court to 9 and end up with at worst, a 8-1 court. See if anyone wishes to keep doing that, or pass an Amendment.

        • Unfortunately, once appointed to SCOTUS they are appointed for life, or until they retire, or until they are impeached. No option for the POTUS to just fire them.

          Best that can be done is not nominate a new one if one of the old ones leaves.

    • Trump also needs to win so that Thomas (though I love his opinions) can safely step down and allow a successor to be appointed. Preferably after a slew of 2A cases where he can author the opinion. We cannot allow ourselves to be Ginsburged into an activist majority.

      As for Edwards, I think he is a coward and a Democrat leaning statist at heart. Hopefully he is called to his reward sooner than later.

    • What Progressives are scared of is a reversal of Roe vs Wade, which will turn the USA into a theocracy that would make the Taliban look mild. They love their slippery slope arguments.

      I think reversal of Roe vs Wade would be very unpopular across the political and social spectrums.

      • Roe V Wade besides being poorly reasoned is just plain immoral. Even if it were over turned it would still be up to the states if they were going to continue to allow babies to be killed in the womb. Overturning Roe does not ban abortion.

        • Position Roe v Wade so that states can decide for themselves again. Live in commie land you can keep killing babies, I guess. If you ever get a chance in one if your legislative town halls, suggest to everyone born after 1873 that some night when you can’t sleep and you’re all alone you get on your knees and thank God that your mother didn’t choose her “right” to abort YOU. The bedwetters there will howl but I bet even the most progressive among them will think somewhere down the road.

  3. The Supreme Court is a fire break not the solution. We must elect representatives at every level that cherish freedom as much as we do.

    • Yeah but nothing will save citizens in the slave states except the courts. The Left is determined to hold on to their faux utopia and try to make the rest of the country pay for it, if they can’t take it all and destroy it.

      • Push on all fronts, legislative, judicial, and popular opinion without letting up. They have been doing that to us for decades and it is about time to reply in kind. Vote out the commies (or whatever they call themselves) challenge laws in favorable courts, and get as many new people tooled up and into shooting to reduce popular opinion for less liberty. Not going to have cheap or available anything for a while so may as well increase demand so liberty becomes too big to fail.

        • Heller-McDonald forced them to allow handguns in the home. Getting a ruling that the 2A covers carry outside the home forces them to issue permits in California and all of New York, including NYC.

          I have a cold, black heart. I want to see a referendum in the slave states *forcing* the citizens to choose between open or concealed carry. The letters to editor will be *priceless*. Out of sight, out of mind? or should the public “Have a right know who is carrying” by demanding open carry?

          That would put a *snicker* on my lips and a shit-eating grin plastered to my face for a month or more… 🙂

        • Pretty much what NYSRPA is/has been trying to do. Sooner or later something will get through. Till then just directing new gun owners towards whatever is still available with a form letter explaining why they cannot get what they actually want and who voted for it.

        • “Permits” are CLEARLY an infringement, see if you can imagine some other approach, which would not be.

  4. It’s so frustrating to see how many people are in virtually total agreement of Trump and the GOP policy-wise but will still vote for Biden because Trump is mean.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? The honestly have concluded through some sort of baffoonic reasoning that reversing job growth, increasing foreign entanglements, restricting at least half the BoR, increasing welfare dependence and permitting a technocratic oligarchy partnering with China to write our foreign and domestic policies is A-O-K as long as the person running the show is thought of as a “nice guy.” He doesn’t actually have to be a “nice guy.” People just have to think he is.

    • People are emotional and very susceptible to propaganda. The media, democrats, and intelligence “experts” lied for three years about Russian Collusion. What was the immediate response to evidence of Joe’s corruption? Russian disinformation campaign!! What logical person would believe that after the previous hoax?

      Intel “experts” that aren’t even currently working for government intelligence, put out a signed letter that says the Biden corruption evidence looks like the work of Russia. When you read their letter, they literally say we have no proof, but our experience tells us this looks bad. Keep in mind, these are the exact same people that pushed the fake collusion narrative. How dumb can people be?

      • I want to see Hunter perp walked in handcuffs.

        I want to see his dad quit his campaign out of total humiliation.

        Tech CEO’s and their minions too…Sgt.of Arms walking them, in handcuffs, out of the Congressional meeting.

        C’mon Santa!! I’ve been good for years..just this once and I wont ask for anything else……except the 6.5 Creedmoor…after that I mean.

        • Stay tuned.
          Rudy Giuliani sent the Delaware PD evidence (pics and emails off the laptop) showing methhead hunter was having sex and drug parties with girls as young as 14. What a total POS.
          Tons of selfies (pics and vids) on the laptop showing the methhead hiding in closets while smoking meth and crack, also liked to take pic/vids of himself similar to what Anthony Wheiner is famous for.
          Trump/Pence 2020…… zero% emailed d!ck pics, 100% competent leadership!

        • “I want to see Hunter perp walked in handcuffs.”

          The kiddy-porn on his laptop harddrive can make that a reality…

        • Crackhead hunter had his lawyers reach a settlement in the Arkansas child support case. This allowed him to NOT disclose his financial info.
          I would bet the POS is still holding funds for his senile dad.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Giuliani is literally on tape trying to have sex with a girl he thinks is 15 years old. But keep elevating him to high status, you 🤡.

        • Please stop pretending you have access to IP addresses, Cames. You’re embarrassing yourself (well, more than usual).

        • TTAG has put out the FACT (on several occasions no less) that almost ALL of the trolling is coming from only a few IP address.
          But you be you leftard, make believe that never happened.
          Enjoy that sweet TDS anonomous troll.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Perhaps daddy can make him a special envoy to Afghanistan. They don’t like alcohol but hashish, opium, and even meth are all fair game. And their attitudes to underage companions are more relaxed as well.

        • “Giuliani is literally on tape trying to have sex with a girl he thinks is 15 years old. But keep elevating him to high status, you 🤡.”
          The Borat stuff?
          So convoluted, scripted and edited that it was virtually unusable to even CONSIDERING using it to get an inditment, much less a conviction, even in the leftardistan state of NY!
          The crackheads pedo stuff is PURE GOLD, straight and unedited, DIRECTLY from the POSs laptop. Right next to the info where H is holding 10% if the China corruption deals for “the big guy” (slowjoe).
          Trump/Pence 2020 FTW troll!

        • “……Giuliani is literally on tape trying to have sex with a girl he thinks is 15 years old. But keep elevating him to high status, you 🤡…….”

          Literally no one cares about Giuliani.

          FACT-NYPost has a copy of everything.
          FACT-Delaware Police has a copy.
          FACT-The FBI has a copy that they can’t ignore anymore.
          FACT-Hunters signature on the repair order.
          FACT-Hunter/Biden lawyer asked for laptop back.
          FACT-DNI director said not a Russia campaign.
          FACT-MSM is trying to cover up everything.

          Deal with it…or not. The train wreck is coming!!

        • A German gent who I’ve purchased a few firearms from informed me the media in Germany has not said ONE WORD about the crackhead hunters’ laptop. The German media covered the Borat/Rudy G scriped BS ad nauseum.
          I guess we know who the international media companies want for POTUS.
          Taxpayer funded NPR has stated they will not say ONE WORD about the laptop. The US taxpayer $s being used to keep those same taxpayers in the dark.
          Just like the taxpayer funded program to teach “journalist” how to use online searches/metadata to doxx & destroy those who don’t support the demoKKKRats NWO vision.
          I guess we know what those weekly meetings between O’bummer and Zuckerberg were REALLY about now.
          Trump/Pence 2020

    • The right has to share blame. BLM has some very legitimate complaints that have not been addressed since the 1960’s. WTF is it with no-knock warrants, the war on drugs, and cops just rolling up on people to start shooting? Maybe if the right had taken the lead in addressing these issues about the time that Tamir Rice was executed in Cleveland, things would look differently today.

      The Second Amendment is one of the most important issues today, but it’s not the only issue.

      • Why blame “right” ? You are making many claims as though all the cops just go around shooting people. FYI, many of the methods and policies police use came from the typical behaviors of the criminals. They, (blacks police officers as white officers) didn’t just sit around and came up with policies for no reason. I do think there are some cops that have no business being a cop, but, overall I think most of them are decent caring people.
        You are trying to justify BLM’s behavior by blaming the “right” and “whites”. Out of all the races that are living in this country, I find the blacks are the worst racists. Blacks complain the most and loudest. Blacks aren’t the only ones that was mistreated. How about the Chinese ? Study up the Chinese abuse in 1800s on the building of railroads.
        Indians, Irish, Italians, etc… All other races seem to have progressed by getting education and working hard and making something of themselves…..but not blacks (some smart ones did) ! You need to stop blaming other people and races for your lack of ambition. If you have a problem with exiting system, why not try to change the law or procedures like everyone else does in this country….go to courts, attend city, county meetings. By promoting violence against society , do you really think that blacks will gain sympathy from anybody ? Did you know blacks are responsible for starting of Republican party ? What is wrong with this picture ? Democratic party have been keeping blacks enslaved with welfare system for nearly 70 years. Just so they can have your votes. Does this whole thing really make sense to you ? I hope I, at least instilled in you another point of view about BLM. BTW, I am not white.

    • I know evangelicals who are against dependency on government, criticism of self sufficiency, abortion, same sex marriage, drugs, crime, degradation of the traditional family, holding the innocent accountable for the crimes of others, attacks on Israel… Guess what? They HATE Trump because he’s “not a nice man” and they vote Democrat all the way.

  5. Breyer and Thomas are up there in age. The next President will get to replace them. We will be back to Roberts as the swing vote.

    Bernie will be the Finance chair of the Senate, and Harris will be in the WH (Biden wont last a year before they 25th amendment him). The Dems will eliminate the filibuster and with Breyer and Thomas retired, they only need to add 2 seats, which will be spun as a moderate compromise.

    People may hate Trump (I do), but people who are not at least splitting their tickets are absolute naive morons.

    • It’s very possible that a second term Trump could nominate a young Thomas replacement. I imagine Breyer will be another Ginsburg, hanging on until there’s a democrat president and senate.

    • In that event more people will conclude that third box is empty, and it is time to move on to the fourth box.

      As in soap box, ballot box, jury box, and finally cartridge box.

      • Because the jury box is so infrequently usable. I’ve been called to duty an average once every 6 years. I’ve never been seated or picked as an alternate. Of those, most were civil slip and fall/workman’s comp crap, and one criminal sexual assault and incest. Nothing was politically controversial.
        As for the judicial system in general, we’ve seen too much judge shopping and biased lib judges that rule using their opinion that have little basis in law.

        • Your problem is that you answer jury questionnaires honestly, and don’t raise your hand during general questioning when asked to do so by the judge if you are biased, prejudiced, or otherwise unable to render a fair verdict after weighing all of the evidence.

          Work on that; If you lie with authority, and can live with it, you can get on a LOT more juries. /sarc.

          The last time I was summoned for jury duty, it was a DWI. They kept asking really silly questions, such as did I have any experience with the criminal justice system, did I know any current or former police officers or prosecutors, had I ever been injured by a drunk driver, did I know any of the officers, or the dispatcher, or did having a chemical breath-test result matter. I foolishly kept raising my hand. When the judge asked me if I thought that I could render a fair and unbiased verdict anyway, I said no.

          The meeting with the judge, prosecutor, PD, and defendant was fun; I got to tell them that I was a retired cop, married to a retired cop, that I was an intoximeter instructor, that I knew at least two of the officers and one of the dispatchers AND the city prosecutor, and that I’d been badly injured by a drunk driver. I didn’t mention that the PD looked about 12 years old and was a PD, that the defendant hadn’t made any effort to ‘dress’ for court and was silently screaming, “I’m Effing GUILTY!” to all and sundry just sitting at the defense table.

          Damned if the judge wouldn’t let me serve.

        • That would be a true victory, indeed. I would very much like to be able to carry as I please, as the residents of 16 States may already do.

        • Well, yeah, Si, but what would you do about all the GUN VIOLENCE in those 16 states? Oh … uh … never mind.

    • We live with our choices and continue the effort by way of the system of government our Founders so brilliantly endowed us with. That is what we do. We do not turn chickenshit, we do not run amuck or threaten to move to another country as some lefties and even some righties like to claim every Presidential Silly Season.

      Representative Democracy (a Republic like US) ain’t ever meant to be easy. It is not an ideal where one side wins and remains the winner forever. It ebbs and flows, this way and that and averages out to be the finest example of natural human freedom and liberty ever imagined on the face of the earth.

      So, yeah, maybe Barrett won’t be all that she is fantasized to be. Maybe she will be more right wing or more toward the middle.

      It is supposed to be unpredictable and we are supposed to just keep on trying for whatever it is we want.

      That’s part of the ideal of Americanism, not giving up, not cheating, not pissing and moaning over every loss.

      You know, kind of “John Wayne” or “Theodore Roosevelt” 🙂

      • It should be nearly indetectable whether a Justice is “right wing” or “left wing”, even if their votes for candidates are way over the edge. *NO ONE* should be able to proclaim themselves superlegislators when they are appointed to a federal court. They are not supposed to make law, that is what we have legislators for.

  6. Three Lefty Judges and one Chief Justice don’t like guns. You know the great conservative Judge. Like most Republican appointees he has changed sides.

  7. And Trump must be re-elected, and the Republicans have to hold the Senate. Why? Because Breyer is 81 and Thomas may also retire. If biden is in office and replaces both of them, then the court is back to a left wing/Roberts, leaning court, especially on gun Rights.

    • I agree. It’s very important for this reason alone. People need to get off their moral high horse about scary words and think about real world outcomes. Big name conservatives like Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro wouldn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because they prefer someone that says all of the right things in public and stabs us in the back in private.

      • Plenty of so called conservatives and repubs are hostile to Trump for a lot of reasons. They don’t want Biden but there isn’t a viable 3rd choice. They prefer cultured politicians who say the right things but are not much different from the opposition.

        • Shapiro, like so many others, was simply not prepared for a candidate who was not continuously lying. Half the country has still not caught up. The way you are polite and welcomed into sophisticated society is to lie your ass off, and consider anyone stupid enough to believe you forever after beneath your consideration, just too stupid to live, much less enter discourse with someone as luminescent as yourself. This still seems to be the Bush attitude toward Trump, who has been so disrespectful as to actually accomplish many of the things which TWO Bush presidents claimed were their goals, but never attempted, despite 5 presidential campaigns which claimed they would.

  8. ‘Liking’ Trump is not required.

    Getting good judges is a very big reason to keep him as president.

    • And he presented a list and stuck to it, and 3 times kept his damn promises. We cannot forgive that, right?

  9. In my humble opinion, preservation of the 2A has come and gone. It’s time for a restoration of the 2A. Shall not be infringed means just that. No infringements by local, state, or federal laws. Of course, most anti’s and many pro’s think the 2A “grants” that right but it does not. The right to self defense was granted by our creator, and legally enshrined in the 2A. Loss of the 2A is not a loss of the right, but a loss of the legal protections to freely exercise that right. Most of the legal protections have ready been removed through legislation, activist judges, and malicious prosecution. I hope that ACB will help to restore the 2A, but holding my breath would be self defeating. It is up to us, We the People, to reclaim and exercise our rights, and not just the right to self defense. Our rights are not being being stripped because of poor policies, they are being stripped because WE are allowing it, period. At some point, hopefully not in the near future, we will have to show the marxist social-communists just what “Become ungovernable” really means. Ugly, soo damn ugly I weep when I think about what that will look like for future generations.

    • The public sentiment regarding the 2nd Amendment has changed drastically over the past few decades, bringing us to where we are today with a focus on self defense and a check on tyranny. I agree that the defensive posture taken for so many years (trying to limit the encroachments from the Left) should be moved to the offensive (the Founders’ original intent, and the clear text “shall not be infringed”).

    • There are precious few SCOTUS cases which even mentioned the second Amendment, I’m not certain there were any at all after Miller, 1939. Therefore the defense of 2A has not actually begun.

  10. We wouldn’t need 9 in black robes to save us if congress just followed the USC.

    President Harris will render her seat worthless in short order with 6 or more fascists.

  11. It is not the job or duty of the Supreme Court to Protect or Preserve the Bill of Rights. 2nd Amendment or any other. That responsibility falls upon the Citizenry. Standing around and waiting with baited breath for 9 Individuals to determine what ‘We the People” have a Right to do or own is Ludicrous. The Constitution and Particularly the Bill of Rights is not about what the Citizenry has the Right to do or own. They were enacted to define what the Government “Could Not” do or decide. A Citizenry that Fears the consequences of fighting for their Freedoms Rights…More than they Fear the loss of those Rights/Freedoms have become Subjects and allowed Tyranny to Prevail. Keep Your Powder Dry

  12. The potential for Barrett to be refused by the Senate is extremely small. This is practically a done deal.

    So, we will now have five and a half solid votes on the Supreme Court for applying Strict Scrutiny to strike down anti-American and unconstitutional gun laws.

    This is a good thing.

    • …Unless democrats take the White House and the Senate, in which case they’ve all but promised to kill the filibuster and pack the court. In other words, they are promising to govern like tyrants.

      • In which case the famous quote “Sic Semper Tyrannis” will be voiced aloud by millions. If you make laws numerous and torturous enough that no honest free man can avoid being ensnared, you create a population of outlaws.. and when a majority of the populace become outlaws, the law best look to it’s own home. It is likely to find it ablaze.

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. Strict scrutiny for 2A is the golden fleece. And such a court can slow down the “tyrant” motions pretty well, too.

  13. No SCOTUS rulings on the 2A in more than a decade huh? Never heard of Caetano vs. Massachusetts, 2016?

    “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding” and that “the Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States”.

    The ruling was unanimous, and affirmed Heller and Mcdonald. This was a huge win, and destroys the idea that modern weapons are not afforded protection under the 2A.

  14. Is no one going to talk about how this is an excellent once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to repeal all those hideous federal gun control laws (NFA, GCA, FOPA, Hughes, Brady) etc. To me, the 2nd is absolute. If I want an M249 from Walmart, and I want to carry it down my town’s main road, then I should get it. No $200 tax, no having to pay $25k for a freaking trigger group or sear, and most importantly, no questions asked. I hope Justice Barrett understands that.

  15. Looks like ACB gets voted onto the SC Monday.
    The lefttard ran way to their rooms crying, just like the little children they are.
    Trump/Pence 2020

  16. Since Roberts is infected with Libtarditis we need more progun judges b4 the virus spreads…..

    The Bill of Rights is for everyone and should not be a partisan issue…

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