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That’s not what I call a ready position. And who can remember what shell’s in which tube and how many you’ve fired in the heat of battle? Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. “Who can remember what shell’s in which tube and how many you’ve fired in the heat of battle?”

    Kel-tec added witness holes to the magazine tube that allows a user to see when a tube runs down.

    As for which shell is in which tube, that’s simple enough. You start anticipating to use one type of ammo, and you switch over when you run out or need the other type. The magazine selector switch in the back is easiest to manipulate by pushing to the weak side (left tube, for a right-handed fellow like me) position; so you’d put your primary ammo–let’s say buck shot–in the right tube, and your secondary ammo–say, slugs–in the left tube. If there is a need to go to a slug, or if you run out of buck, push the switch over with the thumb of your shooting hand, and there you are. It’s not too difficult to remember when you look at it that way. You don’t really have to remember left/right. You just need to remember what you’ve got in the tube you’re starting with, and what you’ve got in the other tube.

    It might get confusing with tactical reloads. But if you’re having to reload your shotgun under pressure, I don’t think you’re going to care anymore what type of shell you’re using.

    • But if you’re having to reload your [14+1 round] shotgun under pressure, I don’t think you’re going to care anymore what type of shell you’re using.


  2. Label the tubes? Maybe make some tactical tactile labels (or would that be “tactile tactical labels”) , so they work in the dark of the night.

  3. Can’t be too much more confusing than a regular tube fed shotgun, actually should be easier (Because of the witness holes).

  4. What are the odds of being in a non-zombie gunfight with a shotgun (a bullpup no less) when you’re thinking, huh, I need to switch to slugs? And then think d’oh! I need to switch back to buck?

    Seriously. Someone paint me a picture where the KSG rules the world.

    • Shooting through a barrier? Doesn’t Shotzberger carry a different load within the same magazine of his 1911 for that very reason? Using his reasoning, it could be useful to have that option.

  5. If I shoot you with buck shot or slugs you’re screwed, so I don’t think it really matters. I’m with Magoo on the bayonet (I love the pig stickers), but I don’t think we need a compass

      • Corkscrew. The Swiss Army has been armed with corkscrews for 50+ years, and nobody has dared to invade them.

        • Cup holder for my beer.

          (I can’t believe I actually had to say it, it’s so obvious.)

      • I’d suggest a corkscrew but the demographic is all wrong. Here’s a wild, impractical thought just to throw out there: If the intended target purchasers for these shotguns (i.e., idiots) don’t buy them, there won’t be a market for them, Kel-Crap won’t make them, and then criminals can’t have them.

  6. I don’t see it being a massive problem for the basic unwashed masses, who’d primarily load it with buckshot. The switch could be a training point.

    If you get in to “fancy” (ie STUPID) situations where someone would load it with less leathal and lethal, that’s when your asking for trouble.

    But if you go 100% lethal in both tubes, i don’t really see how it’s any more difficult than a normal pump shotgun with 7+1

  7. This silly gun doesn’t rule anything, and I love Magoo’s (I don’t always disagree with magoo) new name for this cheap plastic shotgun wannabe. Kel-Crap describes all the guns they make very well.

    • The only Kel Tec’s I like are the knife, the PLR-16-(dead on one handed at 25 yards) and the violently recoiling PF-9. As for this shotgun, just give me my old Ithaca entry gun that has no disconnector. Pistol grip and extended tube-all I need.

  8. I’ll stick with my mossberg loaded with 000buck. If a situation arises that it isn’t enough gun to take care of…well, that’d be one hell of a situation, I’d probably shit myself while making a hasty retreat toward other guns (and ammo.)

    • I’m with you. I am not sure what threat is gonna walk in my door that can take 8 rounds of 00 buck magnum and keep coming. Armored or not people still have heads and legs. 15 large pellets per 8 shells is going to scatter and hurt either from physics or scattered aiming.

      • I have about 500 rounds of 00 buck-bring it on zombies! My Ithaca is ready…and my chopped 1100, my 870, the other Ithaca, etc.

  9. Train consistently, repeatedly, regularly.

    Then you’ll know which tube holds what kind of ammo subconsciously and you can focus on the threat and how to deal with it instead of wasting precious mental processing power on trying to figure out which tube is holding what kind of ammo.

    Or just load one type like someone above stated. I’d go all slugs personally.

    My shotgun has the first 2 shots 00, then everything else including the side saddle is slugs.

  10. The idea of switching between slugs and shot is just an excuse for why the magazine tubes are manually switchable. The real reason is that if they weren’t then this shotgun would not be able to be sold in places with a 10 round magazine limit. Because the magazines must be switched manually the thing counts as a 7 round.

    They are trying to pass off a legal restriction as a “feature”.


  11. As with many Kel-Tec products, the KSG is manufactured with 95% unobtainium… KSG’s, per Kel-Tec, will not be available until sometime in 2012. Given the company’s history over the past ten years regarding new product introductions I would wager more like 2014.

  12. Someone paint me a picture where the KSG rules the world.

    Wild boar hunting during dove season. 1 ounce slugs in one tube, and 1 1/8 ounce of #8’s in the other.

    • The same would hold true for a Mossberg with slugs loaded and a .410 so that you are not picking shot out of the doves all night. Smart is what rules the world.

  13. 14+1 or I can duct tape to 870’s, Benelli’s, Mossbergs, Winchesters, FHNs together with crazy cheap mag tube extensions. Load once, shoot lots. It is the 9mm of shotguns. If Kel-Tec improves their quality on this one – want!

  14. The author (of that single sentence article) seems to be saying that this is a silly, no-purpose gun, thinking that nobody could possibly figure the thing out. I say fill’er up with whatever you want – 14+1 of 00, #4, 1oz slugs whatever. It’s a gun that gives you options – if you want to mix it up, you can! Admit it – that KSG is Cool! If it works, then it’s a viable (and more capacious) alternative to 870’s or 590’s.

    Geez, for a minute I thought this website wasn’t about freedom.

  15. If your memory is so bad that you can’t remember which side you put something in, it’s time to stop smoking that grass.


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