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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has dropped another video regarding Mark Kelly’s (not so) stealthy stance on gun control and how he’s doing his level best to downplay the topic before election day.

This time O’Keefe found the an overly chatty member of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, data manager Alan Bederka, who was happy to talk about what he thinks Kelly really believes. Bederka yucks it up about the country’s ever-growing basket of deplorable gun owners, people who he says, “…want their guns in case the government comes to take their guns.”

Silly gun nuts!

Here’s Project Veritas’s press release:

Project Veritas Action Fund today released a second video from Arizona exposing Senate candidate Kelly’s campaign tactics.

In today’s video, Everytown for Gun Safety Data Manager, Alan Bederka, was recorded admitting that Kelly’s goal is to push for more gun control than he is admitting publicly.

Here are the highlights from today’s video:

  • Everytown for Gun Safety Data Manager Alan Bederka: “[Kelly] Just Doesn’t Make It a Main Focal Point of His Campaign.”
  • Bederka: Kelly Passing Assault Weapons Ban in the Senate: “Would Be Freakin’ Lovely.”
  • Bederka on Scheme to Skirt Federal Coordination Laws: “It is for the Greater Good and It’s Not Life and Death. The Problem Is That If the NRA Were to Find Out, We Were Doing That, They Would Make Hay Out. They Would Take Us to Court, And They Would Tear Us Apart.”

Watch the full video here:

Do Arizona voters elect candidates because of their propaganda? Shouldn’t the public know the truth about who they are voting for?

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  1. Tetra Cobb is the Upstate NY version of this………not that anyone with dem on the ticket is any different.

  2. Well if Biden wins the election, I think we’re pretty much SCREWED anyway,
    So commander Kirk , I mean Kelly don’t really matter much…

  3. “Would be freaking lovely”. So this is the kind of language our leaders have chosen to use. Used to be they were proud of their use of articulation of the English language, now there just ghetto talking. Is that supposed to make me think their one of me, or does it reflect how ignorant they really are? Next we will have Supreme Court Justices spitting Skoal in a coke bottle.,,,it’s hopeless…Personally I’m getting tired of the propaganda and manipulation from both parties.

    • Not Coke bottles – Dr Pepper! Everyone knows that, l’d like to think our own resident MOTG (Marsupial of the Gun) would too!

      • “(Marsupial of the Gun)”

        “Dumpster Divers Local 169 – We Dive at 5″… 😉

    • The 2006 Idiocracy film continues to prove prescient. “President Camacho stood before the world and promised everyone that Joe would solve all their problems”. In that movie the character Joe was the world’s smartest man so certainly not everything aligns with today’s reality.

  4. The media will never report this. On the contrary they will bury it. A very small number of AZ voters will see this and the vast number are already on our side.

    • We all know the MSM will never report this, but those of Us that can should. The Interweb is a Huge world and each of Us has our contacts and resources. Take the time a search out 2A Organizations in your area and state and pass the link along. The more people who see it the better. Keep Your Powder Dry and Fight on Every Front.

    • Roger J,

      Despite Arizona consistently being named the number one state for gun rights, the “vast number number” of Arizonans are not on our side. If so Sinema would not have defeated McSally two years back. I live in the most conservative city in the U.S. (According to Forbes a few years back.) Said city is in Arizona. The problem in Arizona is the number of California people moving here and voting blue. (Maricopa County is the fastest-growing county the past few years.) Along with the ever-increasing younger Hispanic population voting Democrat. I will be surprised if McSally pulls out the win.

        • Having much the same problem with Northeast democrats here in FL. They can’t wait to recreate the NYC utopia they left. They’ll trash this place and move on to destroy they last habitable place in N. America. Where ever that might be.

    • For what it’s worth I just sent the Kelly campaign a link to the above video. Requesting a clarification on his 2nd amendment stance. I don’t expect a reply, but everyone should do likewise. Even if you are not an Arizona voter as his Vote may take Your Rights away. Here is the address: [email protected]

      • I’ve also taken the time to send the Veritas link to every 2A rights Organization in Arizona. We must all fight together whether it is Now to defeat those who would take Our Rights or later once the War begins.
        Keep Your Powder Dry.

  5. The Marxist Left Bloomturd,his organization’s and Kelly what they are proposing is un Constitutional and is treasonous, that parched tree of Liberty is calling out for watering.

  6. A constitutional state is going to vote for a ChiCom supporting gun grabber? McSally must have Hillary Clinton level charisma.

    • Hillary Clinton charisma. Perhaps that was sarcasm? Or you have a Hillary Clinton Swimsuit Limited Edition® calendar like I do? Between late nights and that calendar the Vaseline company is getting rich off me. Oh yeah hubba hubba

    • A constitutional state is going to vote for a ChiCom supporting gun grabber?

      Why not? They elected Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, gun grabber, impeach him, free stuff for all slut muffin over McSally in 2018…. McSally was “appointed” when whiney ass Flake resigned…

  7. Project Veritas has been sufficiently smeared by the left to the point that most people think these videos are rigged or deceptively edited. The MSM has done their work. If there is a particularly sizable snow-block domicile, someone will hold them to answer. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    • I am still curious as to who “They” is. I know the local LE’s in my neck of the woods won’t be “They”. Because their families are more important and vulnerable to repercussions of such acts. I know this from many conversations on this very subject. I also know if the local LE’s don’t defend the Constitution as they swore to do. The same repercussions may well be in effect. Until such time that “They” show their faces. I’ll simply do as I’ve always done. Prepare and Keep My Powder Dry as All Should Be Doing.

    • This is why I’ve decided the Democratic Party is an arm of the news industry, and not the other way around, as it’s usually said.

      Think about it. There isn’t a single Democrat policy that wouldn’t be laughed at and dismissed out of hand if it weren’t for the media industry and its pet “experts” treating it seriously and running nonstop propaganda for it.

      The DNC surely knows this. They’d never win another election without their propagandists. And they know where their money comes from, too. The entire Democratic Party is just the political wing of Progressive Media and Technology, Inc.

  8. Watching the debate between Kelly and McSally the other night it was clear the Astronaut and Navy Aviator Mark Kelly is a number 1 Asshole. I wonder if the current trend of military officers both retired and active being left, and so far left on the scale they could be called communists is a growing trend. Or perhaps there were always Communists among the officer ranks.

    Kelly is a clear and present danger to the 2nd Amendment. His big lie of being a gun owner ( a Glock) that believes the 2nd Amendment must be controlled and is not a right. It shows he has no knowledge of what “ shall not be infringed means.


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